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  1. I think you should be able to move the offending module directory/file out of the site/modules folder into a temporary directory. That might restore your site's operation enough to go into the admin interface where you can clean things up if you need to.
  2. Just bumped this to version 0.5.0 which adds the ability to have a sandbox server token that gets used if the site is in debug mode.
  3. I think Roland's excellent Admin on Steroids module can help you. There is an option to display the template of pages along with the options button in the tree menu. Look for this option and turn it on; Then you should be shown the template as you hover over the items in the page tree. Here's the correct template (client_index) being shown for a page on my local site; Hope that helps!
  4. Yes, you can do that, or you can use an alternative user template as well. LRP supports collecting these additional fields as part of the registration process and/or allowing users access to these fields in their profiles.
  5. If I had to guess what's happening here, I'd say that when you supply the file from your normal html, the server may not be sending an content-type header so the browser downloads it, as the server hasn't told it what type of data it is. When PW sends the data, it's probably setting the content-type header - and the browser, now knowing what it is, takes action to play it.
  6. Hi There, Welcome to the forum. There's a discussion about this (though for PDFs) over here.
  7. Sorry that your experience of PW wasn't good but having your site running is obviously the most important thing at the moment.
  8. Ok, so when you look in the error log (Admin > Setup > Logs > Errors and/or Admin > Setup > Logs > Exceptions), what does it say the error was? If it happens you can no longer log into the admin interface, then look at the file system on that machine and go to the site/assets/logs directory and look at the last few lines of errors.txt and exceptions.txt.
  9. Hello wonderful Caddyphiles, Do any of you have an updated config for PW and Caddy? I wouldn't mind trying this out now Caddy has matured somewhat. Never run it before though so will start acquainting myself with the docs.
  10. Hi @creativeguy Sorry to hear you lost your dev partner, and now have to recover a site from a hack on top of that! I suggest you PM Ryan regarding the license questions. If Anthony billed you for the price of the modules, I suspect you own them anyway - but that's just my take - please talk to Ryan. As some of those messages are pointing out, suggest you start off with a refresh of the modules from the Modules > Refresh menu option. I suspect the 36 module changes will go away or can be ignored, as you'd expect a bunch of modules to have changed. Please post again with updates and hopefully someone more skilled at fixing these kind of issues may jump in to advise as well.
  11. Maybe you are hitting the max execution time for your script. Check the docs for set_time_limit(), they may help.
  12. Hmm, are you sure it's working as you need it to? I would have thought you'd do an intersection and then just check if the intersection is empty or not - which makes me think I've not understood what you are trying to do here. I'm imagining something like this: you have some set of titles like [0 => "Alpha", 1 => "Beta", 2 => "Gamma"] from the explode and you get the following session data ["Delta" => 'whatever'] To see if any of the values from the titles split were in the session keys I'd do something like this... /** * $titles is the array of exploded titles. NB The title strings must appear as values in the array * $session_vars is the array of session variable names => session variable values **/ $intersection = array_intersect($titles, array_keys($session_vars)); if (empty($intersection)) { // Non of the $title values appeared as keys in the $session_vars. } else { // At least one of the $title values appeared as keys in the $session_vars. } If you're happy with the result though, all's good.
  13. @kaz If you are sure that you are looking at the correct template in the admin then I'm out of ideas. The code in the MarkupPagerNav class may have a subtle error that I can't spot, but I'd expect to see the url you are actually seeing if that "Allow Page Numbers" setting was not set. Here's the code on Github. Is there anywhere else in your code or modules that might be clearing the allowPageNum setting on that template?
  14. Hi kaz, so does it work if you remove the custom link styling?
  15. Have you tried setting the whitelist separately? $input->whitelist('q', $q); $pagination = $mypage->renderPager(array( 'nextItemLabel' => "next", 'previousItemLabel' => "prev" ));
  16. Hi @kaz please check the settings for the template you are using this on. I think you need to turn on the "Allow Page Numbers" option in the settings. I've not tried it, but I hope that helps.
  17. Something else that might stop a match is if there can be some kind type or formatting match in the titles. So if your session say, has the key 'foo' but the title you are pulling in that explode gives you a 'Foo' then you won't match. Hang on, just spotted that you have two arrays here - the result of the explode and the array of session items. In that case, I think you doing an array intersection of some kind if you want it so any of the values in the set of exploded titles occurs in the session.
  18. Hi @jds43 I can't remember now, but I think the items in the session come back as key => value mappings. In that case you might want to use the array_key_exists() function instead of in_array().
  19. @tires Have you tried using the selector field's .count property? I haven't tried it for sorting, but it may work.
  20. Hello wonderful people, I've recently started using devdocs.io as my go-to reference for various programming languages and libraries; it's a great resource. Would be nice to see PW's API documentation in there too, but I don't yet know what needs to be done for this to happen. In the meantime, enjoy the docs :)
  21. Looking forward to testing this if I ever get the time, @LuisM I've not used Symfony for a long time though.
  22. I'm not aware of an official one, no, but there have been several packagings of PW for stacks. Here's one from bitnami for example. There are also various vagrant and docker offerings.
  23. Hi @Glen Ulmer This might help. Also, were there any warnings (non green notices) during the install process? Sounds like mod_rewrite might not be turned on (or configured correctly) on you server.
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