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  1. No... it simply does not work.
  2. As I do not really understand how to use this module: is there any working documentation? On your site I only see "Coming soon" or "Planed", which makes the module pretty useless for me.
  3. I use method D because there is no other way to style the select elements. Ok, I will check everything again!
  4. First, a million thanks. The only thing is that neither this works, as the HTML datepicker seems to ignore the value and shows all dates. I wonder seriously why Ryan decided to cut this function from the datepicker (at least with the paid FormBuilder module), as with Javascript it would work...
  5. I have a (Formbuilder) form that contains two datefields, each of them with a datepicker. The first datefield should have today as the minimum date (no date selectable before today), the second one should have the date from field1 plus 1 day as a minimum. Any ideas how I could achieve that? Thanks!
  6. I solved the problem by myself. Seems that the CSV file was corrupted.
  7. Hi to all, as I need to translate a huge website in five languages, I tried Ryan's Translation export/import module. I installed it and everything works fine but when I try to reimport the translated strings, I only get the error message: 9 (i.e. all) rows skipped. I does not make any difference whether I use json or csv, it simply does not work as it skips all the translated values. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
  8. Actually that was no solution for that problem as the data get deleted at another site, too. It is a simple AJAX POST, works, when I send it directly (I tried it with get) and all the data is deleted when I do it inside a Processwire templates directory. I made a new directory outside and now it works perfectly, so there cannot be any problems with my code.
  9. Hi @monollonom, thanks for the great module. I just have a strange problem: when I try to preview the rendered page as a guest user, I can only see <h1>title</h1> and the rest disappears it seems the module cannot be used to create a "view in browser" version, right? Ok, just saw that the editor says that "align is illegal", but it works perfectly with the normal MJML app...
  10. Actually, the answer is much simpler. I had the same problem with another script. When I call the page with "url: '/ajax/captcha-verify'", the data gets deleted, with url: '/ajax/captcha-verify/' it works. Thanks to everybody!
  11. With method D No, I did not touch it.
  12. First, a million thanks. I tried it that way, too, but without success. GET, POST, everything. The only thing I mentioned is the fact, that when I use get the /?name=value part gets deleted. When I use a page outside Processwire, it works perfectly...
  13. it looks like print_r($_GET) and the result is an empty array. The problem occurs only if I use a Processwire page to handle the request.
  14. Hello everybody, I try to send data from a formbuilder form with ajax (to verify a mail address). Everything works fine, but as well $_POST as $_GET are always empty. Any idea what I am doing wrong? $("#Inputfield_email").on("blur", function (e) { e.preventDefault(); // Get the form data as an object var postdata = $("#Inputfield_email").val(); alert(postdata); //Works fine // Send an AJAX request to the server to retrieve the selected format $.ajax({ url: "/ajax/ajax-is-newsletter-subscriber/", type: "GET", data: {daten: postdata}, success: function (result) { // Works fine to, but result (print_r($_GET) is empty alert("OK" + result); } } }); }); EDIT: When I use my own php file which is outside Processwire, everything works fine. So the problem seems to be that the GET and POST data gets deleted on the way.
  15. I talk about the useless additional <p>content</p> wrap. 🙂
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