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  1. @Richard Jedlička Hi Richard, first thanks for the wonderful module which I use on many sites. On one site I now have the problem, that when trying to edit a template I get the error message: No Template specified. Any idea what I am doing wrong?
  2. Hi all, since I updated to the laste dev version of PW I cannot save the "presentation / visibility" of any field on a per template basis. PW pretends to save the changes, but actually they don't get saved. The same the changes do not appear any more in the "Overrides" section. Any idea what I doing wrong? Thanks in advance, Bernhard
  3. Remains actually one more question: as at least me the documentation on that function is simply useless as I do not understand how to use it, could anyone else give me a working example, please?
  4. Hi to all once again with a very strange problem: I have an identical configuration on two live-servers (no localhost). On one of them (which I use for testing purposes) everything works fine. On the other one I get the error message: Exception: Method Pagefile::first does not exist or is not callable in this context (in /html/wire/core/Wire.php line 563), what is especially strange as the image field is set to be an array. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Found the mistake. For whatever reason the field on the production-server was set to single.
  5. @bernhard That looks perfect, thanks!
  6. Hi to all, I would need to create a pagelist with the children of one parent page, but exclude some of the children. I found ProcessPageList find but have no clue how it works (it either lists all the children of home or only shows the page itself). Could anyone help me with an example? Thanks in advance, Bernhard
  7. Thanks for the quick answer! Actually I want to display silbling pages but not all of them…
  8. First, thanks for the lovely module! Is there any possibility to select the pages for the PageList with a selector instead of their parent? I would need for example to show only newsletters that have not been sent now ("checkbox_sent=0").
  9. @Robin SThanks a lot, that was the solution! For whatever reason I had activated access control for that field...
  10. Hi to all, I have a very strange but annoying problem with a checkbox. It usually works fine, but on one page I get different results whether I call the page with Safari or with Google. That means that when the checkbox is checked Safari would return a value of "1" but Chrome would return a value of "0". In the screenshots below you see the value for a checked checkbox in both browsers. How ist this possible?
  11. Whatever I do, it does not work (it shows only the link). I have only this textformatter and the video is public: <p>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciyEItodGOw</p> I have no idea what else could be wrong…
  12. By the way, it looks as if the module would not even touch the source code. There is just the link, exactly like I put it. But I got an entry in the log file, which says: Retrieved embed for: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=… [page:241698, field:bodytext_ck] So the module seems to work (I replaced the v= with dots as otherwise the video appears here.) Any idea what might be going wrong?
  13. I uninstalled an reinstalled everything, but the problem remains. I only see the link, even if I configure the module to hide it…
  14. Yes, I did at least ten times. But after hitting the Refresh button the module appeared as installed again (and even the textformatter was active in the textfield). Till now I was not able to uninstall the module to do a clean reinstall…
  15. I did, yes. I reset it and set it again, but with no result. I also tried to delete the module to reinstall it, but it immediately reappears after deinstallation so I cannot delete it. When I deleted the files it was shown missing and PW asked me whether I wanted to delete it from the database (what I did) but then I got an SQL-error when trying to reinstall it. Seems as if something is broken with the module…
  16. Hello to all, I just installed Ryan‘s video embed module but I cannot get it to work. The videos appear in the cache, but regardless what settings I have, only the text with the URL will show up (it does neither hide the url if I set that option in the module‘s options.) On an other site it works with the same videos and settings but I have no idea what I am doing wrong. Any idea? Thanks in advance, Bernhard
  17. A million thanks! :)
  18. PS: When I link to another page the modal remains blank...
  19. Bernhard, thanks for the quick answer! If I want to open the page I am actually editing, what would be the url?
  20. Hi to everybody, In my backend I have a markup table that lists some information via a Runtime Markup field. Now I would like that on click on of the items the details appear on a modal. I succeded to open the modal an to display a complete page, but how do I only display the content of another runtime markup field on that modal? Thanks as always, Bernhard
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