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  1. Okay, I'm a noob to PW, as well as this module, and cannot figure out how to simply loop through a few videos that I have in a textarea field. Here's the code I'm using (that's probably wrong): <?php foreach($page->videos as $video) { echo '<div class="lazyload">' . $video . '"></div>'; } ?> I get this error on my page and can't figure out how to fix it: : Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in I'm a noob with PHP too and haven't quite figured out the foreach loop yet. I've looked at the PW documentation but haven't (quickly) found anything that explains it in detail. Any help would be much appreciated. FYI, I'm using the module TextformatterVideoEmbed as well to parse the videos from Youtube. I basically just have them listed in my page's textarea like this: <p>https://youtu.be/x0AHpsFVC9w</p> <p>https://youtu.be/x0AHpsFVC9w</p> <p>https://youtu.be/x0AHpsFVC9w</p> <p>https://youtu.be/x0AHpsFVC9w</p> Obviously they'll be unique links once the page goes live. The TextformatterVideoEmbed module requires them to be in <p> tags before exporting them to the page or I would just use the <p> or some other tag in the template file.
  2. Got it! Worked like a charm thank you! It has to be inside <p> tags inside of the Processwire admin page, not the template file (just an FYI for anyone else having this problem).
  3. I just started using this module and am getting nothing but a Youtube URL in my page body. I have a simple template and am only trying to display one video right now but have double checked all of my settings and cannot figure out how to get the video to embed properly. I have the text formatter set to 'Video Embed for Youtube / Vimeo', a single url in a textfield on my page, and content type set to 'unknown/text'. It's not to complicated of a setup, or so it seemed, so I thought it would work immediately. Any ideas would be much appreciated.
  4. Actually the code was fine. I checked the source code of the page and realized that the menu was being output from the php just as it was on my home page. I realized that it wasn't being displayed because Jquery was loading on my home page (through my billboard include file) but not on my back page, while I am using it (Jquery) to hide and show my menu.... LOL Thanks for all of your help anyways!
  5. My objective wasn't to be rude, it was to kindly ask people like him to not respond if his post doesn't help solve the question posted. I respond to questions if I don't know the answer and would appreciate the same from other people. It clutters up forums when people start responding with answers that aren't correct or don't fix the problem. I just tried your code on my one of my child pages and the menu still does not show up....
  6. Please don't chime in if you can't help fix the issue.
  7. That didn't help me at all. Like I said I'm new to ProcessWire.... I tried replacing that statement with yours, as well as the other references to $page (because they were "undefined variables" after changing the first statement) and the menu still didn't show up on my child pages.
  8. I'm having an issue where my navigation bar isn't showing up on the back pages of my site. I am new to ProcessWire and definitely don't have it all figured out yet. If someone could explain why it isn't working on my child pages and provide me with an updated snippet that will work on those pages I would really appreciate it. Here's the code I'm using on my home page: <?php function listChildrenTree($children) { echo "<ul class='w-full text-white lg:block lg:float-left'>"; foreach ($children as $page) { echo "<li class='relative w-full lg:w-auto'> <a href='{$page->url}'> <div onclick='showSub()' class='block pt-2 pb-3 pl-6 lg:pr-6 button'> {$page->title} </div> </a> "; if ($page->numChildren) listChildrenTree($page->children); echo "</li>"; } echo "</ul>"; } listChildrenTree($pages->get('/')->children); ?>
  9. Thanks @jacmaes ! The first step didn't do much but the second one did. It's keeping me logged in for hours now instead of minutes. It's absolutely an issue and not a feature if it logs people out ever two minutes. It also should be adjustable in the admin settings regardless. Requiring users, whether or not their IT professionals, software developers, or noob end-users to edit .php files to adjust these kinds of time-outs, etc. is bad, lazy software engineering. Not that the ProcessWire CMS isn't good because it is, but developers definitely need to start integrating these settings into more organized, user-friendly UI's. I personally enjoy coding but it isn't always the easist way to do things. XAMPP has the same issue, minimal UI with config files you have to edit each time you want to change the active site (httpd.conf ---> find "htdocs\site" and change it to the active folder you want to use). When that could just as easily be a list of sites you could switch betwen. Anyway, I really appreciate the help and quick responses. In general ProcessWire seems to be a very good and intuitive CMS and I intend to use it on most of my future websites (when possible) due to the low cost (awesome for non-profits work because it doesn't require a paid license) and because I'm able to quickly and easily integrate it into my designs. I was able to learn the basics of it in a matter of days and have a great workflow going with it now. Definitely happy to be using it instead of Wordpress, Drupal, or Joomla. There's no reason a CMS should be difficult to implement and manage as is the case with many of the others.
  10. I tried disabling my Firefox extensions, clearing my browser history, looking for settings in the admin panel along the lines "auto-logout after ... minutes", and looking for sessionFingerprint in the site/config.php file (there was no string was not in the file related to fingerprint at all). The last idea I found in this post but it didn't do me much good.
  11. After doing a Google search for the issue I saw several previous posts mentioning this same issue but cannot figure out how to fix it and shouldn't have to spend a half hour trying to. ProcessWire frequently logs out of the admin area after less than five minutes. It shouldn't time-out ever, and if someone wanted that option for security reasons they should be able to enable it through the settings in their admin panel. In addition to it not being the default setting, users also shouldn't need to edit your config files manually to change these kinds of settings. Please fix the major issue in a future release. It's absured imho that developers don't realize the inconvenience it places on other people if they have to login every time they switch back to that page. It has also logged me out without warning without any visual que that it did so. If someone was working on paragraphs of content they could easily lose their work do to this bug as well... Please don't refer me to a forum with a dozen possible solutions to the issue and fix it yourselves. I'm sick of looking at them. It's your job to troubleshoot your software, not your users!
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