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  1. Maybe the issue needs to be sorted from intelephense side? If it is provided file associations, it should, theoretically, work.
  2. Maybe if you could explain your use case a bit more. What do you do with the uploaded file? If you are adding it to a ProcessWire Page, ProcessWire will not allow you to have your 'human-friendly' file name . It will be sanitised. I am guessing that is why you wanted to save the original file name in the description? Secondly, who is uploading the files? The general public? Registered users? Site editors?
  3. I don't quite understand. Do you mean you want to save the non-sanitised file name as a description rather than adding a description to the file later yourself?
  4. Great. Give me a few days please to update the dev branch to include a few changes first, including the recent suggestions by @adrian. This way, we can work on one clean (dev) base. I'll also namespace it. Moving forward, we only support PW 3. I missed the memo it seems. Which ones are these?
  5. I wouldn't call it a bug. That's the sanitizer at work. For custom things like that, I suggest you use getMenuItems() method to create your menus. See the examples in that link.
  6. Hi all, Sorry, I'm late to the party! Interesting conversation here. I am not a fan of duplicating modules, if what they offer are very similar. I would prefer to try a PR in the first instance :-). Interestingly, the other day when @adrian was reporting some issues with the module and suggesting changes, I had a rethink about your suggestions and decided it was worthwhile going with your suggestions, especially the auto include. I didn't mention it since I didn't have the time then to work on the module. So, my take is, we can improve the existing module, with new features and/or hooks. All PRs will be duly credited. I suggest we try that first. That's my opinion :-).
  7. Sorry I wasn't clear. I did not wish to dual boot .
  8. Thanks for this Adrian. I have used the extension before but to run Python code. Thanks for the example code!
  9. I like the productivity of this lazy man who is in a hurry ! You are on fire mate! .
  10. I followed the instructions to the letter, except for using my home directory, I used a different drive. At first I was getting 403s (maybe because disk had to be mounted first?). Now am getting this site cannot be reached.
  11. Excellent! Thanks much!
  12. Yes, I do, thanks! That would be awesome! If I can skip setting these up manually, even better :-).
  13. So I tried Midori and it rendered ProcessWire website all funny. The Firefox that shipped with BunsenLabs (BL) seemed to be fast enough so I thought, what the heck, maybe Chrome will run just fine as well? We'll, what do you know! Of course it's eating up RAM like it's Google's Birthday but I reckon @OrganizedFellow was right about Solus being 'slow' on my machine due to the visuals. Since BunsenLab has a very light footprint, Chrome still has enough to chew on. I then tried Sublime Text. I've always loved Sublime but after using VSC, going back was difficult. I decided to install VSC to see if it would run OK in BL. Surprise! So far, it seems to run just fine. I haven't opened multiple files (and I don't need to in this machine). I'm just happy I am able to use the tools I am used to without hiccups. One other thing I liked about BL (yes, we are on first names now ;-)) is that it has a post-install script that runs and asks you if you want to install useful tools like a LAMP stack, etc. I let it install the LAMP stack and here I am, up and running. Apache2, PHP 7 with many useful extensions, phpMyAdmin, etc. ps: @OrganizedFellow, was that you who made the request to BL to port the CB welcome script to BL? :-). If it was, thanks!
  14. I tried it when the machine still had Windows 10 and it didn't fare much better than chrome (memory) Worked! Thanks. I've had a quick look. Will investigate more, thanks.
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