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  1. I don't think you need to use a Hook for this. Since ProcessWire does not output any markup, you can echo whatever you want to be your content, whether it is from another page or another field or hard coded, or whatever. A couple of examples $out = $page->title; $out .= $page->summary;// some text field; if($page->name == 'my-different-page') { $page->body = 'Some custom Content';// @note: overwriting body field content // or if grabbing from some other page //$settings = $pages->get('/path/to/other/page'); //$out .= $settings->extraContentTextField; } $out .= $page->body; echo $out; Written quickly, pseudo code, etc...
  2. Please see the 'default_title' option as documented here.
  3. I see. The change type might not be easy to pull off but will have a think. The en/dis-able, please file that as a request here. Thanks.
  4. OK. Would have loved to get to the bottom of this though. Comments seem to work for some but not for others...
  5. Glad you like the module @cjx2240. Do you mean if disabled menu item does not show in the frontend? What's the use case? Why not just not add that menu item? I don't follow. Please explain.
  6. I guess you are using ProcessWire 3.x? Make sure you have the Comments field module installed. Try refreshing (recompiling) modules.
  7. Hi @Nukro, I am afraid not. It's on my todo list though. Hope you can wait a bit longer, thanks.
  8. @Alex L, Welcome to the forums. Please note that for modules that have their own support forums, we do not start other threads but rather post in those support threads. OK, to your question. If you want to use Blog's demo template files and styles, it is easiest if you install ProcessWire with a 'blank profile'. What is happening is that the profile you are using (I think it's called 'site-default') is conflicting with Blog's template files. I am in a bit of a rush so cannot explain further.
  9. I doubt if ProcessWire will do that for you (unless ASMSelect's JS actually does this, which would be news to me). Data Attributes are not form elements so will not be submitted with the form. You will need JS to grab those attributes and submit them along with the form, e.g. as hidden elements created on the fly on submit.
  10. I'm sure lister can handle it just fine . The keyword is 'limit' (pagination) .
  11. Users are 'just' pages. Looking at the 'pages' table structure/schema, the id column is of type INT unsigned. So, unless you will have more than 4,294,967,295 pages in your site, you will never experience any issue. https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.7/en/integer-types.html
  12. I'm hoping maximum 2 weeks, 3 at the most before an official release. It will be priced similar to my other modules (but could be subject to change). Thanks for your interest.
  13. Hi all, Quick update. I finished the first release of this module nearly two weeks ago. However, I have not yet had the time to finish the documentation and clean it up a bit nor produce a demo. I'll see if I can squeeze something in this week, but doubtful. Current features are: Fully integrated with Padloper! This was easier than expected. Thanks to Hooks, I didn't have to lift a finger. Please note that you will have to write the Hooks code yourself. We'll give you examples (very similar to this in Padloper docs). Dynamically add or remove subfields. Price is no longer the default; there is no default. When creating the a Variations field, you create the subfields/columns you want (e.g. Price, SKU, Remarks, Price 2, Discount Codes, whatever...! Attributes are created separately from the variations. For instance, you can create the attribute Colour and add as many colours to it as we you want. Colour will then be selectable (add one or all, remove one or all) when creating a variation configuration. Once you select colour, all the colours in it are auto-populated in a dropdown, ready for selection. This means that you can choose some colours for one product and choose different set of colours for another. The above will be clearer in the demo. Just wanted to let you know that this is ready....
  14. Guests should be able to upload. I am not sure what's happening in your case. Just to be sure, I've double checked in PW 2.7, 2.8 and 3. Guests (meaning frontend users not logged in [anonymous if you like]) can upload just fine. There's no issue with the module nor with ProcessWire (I believe) in this case . There's something else going on in your install I suspect. Some setting or hook or similar?
  15. I've tested in PW 3.0.42 and it works as expected. Unpublished pages are not returned, whether I am logged in as a superuser or not. Seems there's something else going on in your install.