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  1. Hi @Entil`zha. I am afraid this will not be possible. Earliest release date is late Autumn.
  2. I have tested again, this time adding items one at a time using ASM select, creating a two-level deep menu with 93 items. Some of the items were repeated though. I also added a number of custom menu items. Are you able to show me screenshot, or, preferably, a video of the offending menu? The video would need to show the bit about the 89th item please. Ideally, have Tracy Debugger on to catch any errors as well. Is this a local or remote site? Single or Multilingual? Third-party modules in use?
  3. I've just tested and it works fine. I have created a menu with 93 items. I started with 87 then added more. How are you adding the menu items? Asm select / Auto complete / Page List / Selector? Are the menus nested?
  4. Hi @uiui. I am afraid I don't follow. Could you please explain what page number 89 is? Also, your ProcessWire version please.
  5. OK, but before that, since another user has experienced some issues with the Utility Class, I think I'll just move the class to its own file and require it. We'll try that first to see if it solves your issue. Thanks.
  6. Glad you like it. Thanks for testing and reporting back. I guess it doesn't make much sense to have a draft media (i.e. using ProDrafts). However, if you have added other fields to your Media Manager templates, you might want those to work with drafts. Hmm. I've never used ProDrafts before but you've given me something to think about.
  7. I'll have a think. We'd want to preserve backward compatibility. In respect of the seat mapping, yes. However, you would need to do the frontend logic yourself, i.e. the JavaScript bit of a user making selections. However, using a module for something 'as simple' as that may be an overkill?
  8. Thanks @MarcoPLY. Yes, I was already aware of it but it is great of you to bring it up like this for the benefit of everyone else.
  9. Upgrade Path: Padloper 1 to Padloper 2 I have been getting a number of enquiries regarding upgrading from Padloper 1 to 2. I would to reiterate that whilst there isn't a direct upgrade path, it is still possible to import products from Padloper 1 (or any other shop system for that matter) to Padloper 2 using either the API ($padloper->importProducts($imports);// array/json/csv) or the GUI. However, please note the following: You will have to export products from Padloper 1 yourself. No script will be provided for that. You will have to do any manual cleanup of the data as well as additions to the data yourself. Documentation will be provided about the fields required for the import into Padloper 2, e.g. Product title, description, etc, and any optional fields. Supported import formats are JSON, CSV or arrays. Importing into Padloper 2 does not have to be a one-off exercise. Import will have the option to overwrite/update/skip existing identical products. I hope this clarifies things.
  10. Sorry, rookie mistake on my part :-). I had them both with identical titles. Corrected in 007. Hmm. That's very strange. By 'overwrite editor modal', do you mean the one where you can overwrite a field's 'original' label, description, notes, etc for a specific template? Are you able give me more details please? Which field values did you try to edit? Did the error crop up after saving or as soon as you opened the modal? ProcessWire version Thanks.
  11. I don't think this is good design. You can do it, but there are better ways. Do your different scenes have different scripts or just different variables but using the same script? If the latter, what you can do is store the unique properties of the scenes in the text field. A common approach is to use JSON with key:value pairs. You would then pass those to your script. There are two approaches to pass the data to your script; using $config->js() or echo'ing the JS variable in your template file. Please see these threads for more details: If you scenes have completely different scripts, you can either handle that in your JS code, if this scene then this, if that scene then that. Alternatively, you can have one template for all scenes that includes different other files based on the scene.
  12. Update: Blog 2.4.4 Changelog Fixed bug that caused blog settings not to save in blog admin. Thanks @Troost for reporting. Module has been updated in the modules directory.
  13. Glad you like it! :-). You do that by passing $options to renderPosts(). I can only apologise that I've never completed the documentation for this module. Please have a look at the options here, in the method processPostsOptions(). All the options that can be passed to renderPosts() are there. For instance, 'post_date' => 1,// display post's date: 0=off,1=top(below post-headline),2=bottom(in post-foot) The string is on this line. Is it not appearing in the translation screen? I've never done translation myself so, I wouldn't know how to help beyond this. If you are still experiencing issues, maybe one of your multilingual members could help out. You caught a bug! Thanks for reporting. I've fixed it in the latest version (2.4.4). I've updated the module in the modules' directory.
  14. Maybe OT: I have been thinking of using Dart or TypeScript to write my JS for me . Vanilla JS can be a pain at times. Using Dart or TypeScript, I can write in familiar OOP style (yes, I know about ES6, but that's another story) and have them transpile the code into JS. For small projects it's probably not worth the hassle, but the strongly typed nature of Dart or TypeScript alone is compelling reason enough to steer away from vanilla JS if I can. OK, I'll now crawl back under my rock...
  15. My mistake sorry. It is definitely related to this identical issue reported for Media Manager . I'll sort it out ASAP. Thanks for reporting.
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