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  1. I was impressed by their response time actually. I thought I'd have to wait a while but they managed to resolve it via a live chat (took about 30 minutes).
  2. Indeed they have! They say it was a one-time glitch in their system that caused the domain not to point to the IP address (or something along those lines). Just waiting for the propagation to finish globally but I can already see the site is working here. Thanks for your help as always @teppo. I'll mark this as solved.
  3. Just tried. These cannot find the domain. They do find the sub-domains though. I'm chatting with namecheap. Let's see what they have to say.
  4. @teppo, thanks for chiming in. I forgot to mention that I had already tried this as well as https://www.whatsmydns.net/. It doesn't work in these places. As far as I can tell yes. I've also checked reverse DNS Lookup and it points back to my domain name. I don't think so. Besides, they don't manage the domain for me. That's done by namecheap. Only thing Linode have are the value (hostname) of the reverse DNS. I'll try and report back. Thanks.
  5. Quick update. MB version 026 and 027 have now been merged into master. Please see the linked posts and the extra fields section of the docs for the changes. Thanks.
  6. @Ivan Gretsky Thank you for reminding me about this! Not only are there new features, but the dev version already has fixes for the issue you filed recently! I note that I added these features way back in January 2020! For now, I'll just blame the pandemic/isolation for my forgetfulness πŸ˜€. I'll merge to master asap. Thanks.
  7. Hi all, I have a site that suddenly is no longer reachable via its domain name. It can only be reached via its IP Address! The message the browser displays if you try to access the site is: server IP address could not be found. Funny thing is that its subdomains and other domains on the same server work just fine, reachable via their domain names. I have Googled and tried a few suggestions such as confirming the site is not getting blocked by my local network, to no avail. The site sits on a VPN server (Linode) but the domain names and dns are with Namecheap. The only recent change is Linode upgraded the VPN, to offer more storage. Sometimes back, I cannot remember how long, I upgraded the server to PHP 7.2 (I know, I need to upgrade again), but I didn't experience any issues. Any ideas where to look, what to try please? Thanks.
  8. Exactly what you caught me typing, i.e., if you declare one and not the other, the other value gets automatically and proportionately resized. So, if you declare height, width will be auto and vice versa. If you set both height and width and have this setting 'post_small_image_size' => true, then you will get exact dimensions. Currently this is only explained in the code, e.g. here but the language can be improved. For instance, the 'no manipulation' is not exactly true as that dimension will be autosized..
  9. I am afraid I don't understand the question. Do you mean editing an image, e.g. your 'welcome-waving' image by clicking on Edit, then the crop icon? Which settings are these? Maybe send me a screenshot of what you are trying to do? Thanks.
  10. Excellent! Glad you got it sorted πŸ˜€.
  11. Edit the field blog_images Go to its Details Tab Scroll down to the bottom to the Use Tags section. Enable tags using one of options 2 - 4. I normally use 2 (user enters tags by text input). Save
  12. Sorry about this. The documentation can be improved (even completed! πŸ˜ƒ). You need to add the tag to an image in your blog post. These are the images in the blog_images field in a blog-post template. See attached (zipped) animated GIF (it seems I cannot upload GIFs anymore). featured-image-blog.gif.zip
  13. Thanks for reporting this @DV-JF. Incidentally, @Ivan Gretsky reported the same warning yesterday in the GitHub repo πŸ˜€.
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