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  1. Hi @alexm. Pete is currently helping me with this. Hopefully this week, we'll have a 'pre-sales' forum that anyone can access. We'll use that for issues, wish list, etc. Ideally, we could have done issues in GitHub but Padloper is not an open project. Both pagination and lazy-loading have not yet been implemented. They are high on my todo list, especially the latter.
  2. Since you cannot get access to your developer and since it seems you will not be getting a replacement developer for this, I would suggest, albeit with caution/caveats, that you take over the current superuser account. This will mean changing the following: The current superuser password The current superuser email If needed, the current superuser username 1 and 2 are more important. 1, since you need to be able to log in and 2 since you want ProcessWire to send messages (when needed) to an email account you have access and control over. The above requires that you have access to the ProcessWire files. This can be either via FTP or CPanel. In any case, you need to be able to edit at least a template file. Please let me know. Please don't post your FTP/CPanel details here 🙂. At this point, we just need a yes or no response if you have access to files. By the way, if you'd rather discuss via PM, please feel free to message me here in the forums.
  3. I don't think this is a fair comparison. You can easily create a form, have it submitted (including uploads -> to some tmp folder), create a page if happy with the uploads, save it, move your uploads to the file/image fields, then save again. No orphan pages. I believe your issue is because you are calling $page->getInputfields(). This calls all the fields on that page's template, including your image field. Being a new page, you cannot add (as has been pointed out) to that field unless the page is saved. One reason is that ProcessWire stores a page's files in the page's assets folder (site/assets/files). E.g., site/assets/files/1234/some_image.jpg. Without saving the page first, there is no folder 1234, hence there is no destination for your image. Unless I've forgotten something, this is one of the explanations. Above means that to get around this, create your own form with your own file upload field instead of relying on $page->getInputfields(). This way you can handle the uploads yourself and only create a new page when satisfied with the sanitisation and validation. Alternatively, call $page->getInputfields() with the $fieldName argument (in your case an array) that exclude your image field. I haven't tested this approach, but I think it should work.
  4. Excellent! Thanks for this one! Thanks @dotnetic!
  5. Maybe you'll convert the UIKit 3 template to Tailwind 😉.
  6. Hi @Andy. Thanks for this. I have seen it before. It was recommended to me by @Jonathan Lahijani a while back. Two reasons why I didn't select it: I needed a simple template for the demo. I am more comfortable with Tailwind compared to UIkit etc 😁.
  7. Thanks @Andy. I'll have a look at your PR.
  8. Hi @AndZyk. You are right. Thanks for your thoughts. I'll have a talk with @Pete. Currently, Padloper has a VIP support forum. However, not everyone who is interested in the module has access to that forum. Thanks.
  9. Hi @Malinda. Welcome to the forums and ProcessWire. We have a jobs board here, in case you need it in future: https://processwire.com/talk/forum/22-jobs/ Yes. That is to be expected. For YouTube, you have three options at least: 1. Tell CKEditor to stop stripping your iframe, as explained here: 2. Use Hanna Code. An example can be found here: There are simple Hanna Code examples but I cannot find them at the moment. 3. Use one of the available Video embed modules: https://processwire.com/search/?q=video&t=Modules You would need to be a superuser (the higher up level [highest in fact]) to be able to access ProcessWire templates. However, the files that go with the templates (template files) and styles are stored in your directory/folders where your ProcessWire installation files are stored (on your webhost / server). Access to them is usually via FTP or a CPanel-like dashboard. The template files will be under /site/templates/. The location of styles is a matter of choice for your developer but the usual locations are /site/templates/styles/ or /site/templates/css/ or similar. By head area I assume you mean the <head></head> of a template file or an auto-appended file like _main.php (/site/templates/_main.php). The JavaScript would be picked up, yes. However, the code does not (shouldn't even, I would argue) go into CKEditor. It would be stripped out anyway by CKEditor. I am not sure what you mean by code in this case as well. Usually, that code would go into your /site/templates/scripts/main.js or /site/templates/js/main.js. The main.js is usually a custom file created/amended by your developer so it could be named something else, even scripts.js. I hope this helps. It would be helpful to know the what version of ProcessWire you are using. All the best 🙂.
  10. Hi @Stefanowitsch, Very quick response. There is no best practice really. ProcessWire is blocking access to form-submit.php because it is not a template file. There are different approaches to handling ajax requests, including: Creating a dedicated page (it doesn't have to be visible) and calling that Home page to handle all requests. You can then include your form-submit.php and let it deal with the response and send it back to your home template. Same page the form was called in (1-3 are similar). Using the new URL Hooks.
  11. I realise the demo site README was not clear enough, apologies. Did you create the pages products and categories under /home? Have you enabled URL segments on the templates products and categories? Edit: I notice even your /about/ page is not working. Do you have that page?
  12. Depends on what you guys want me to prioritise. I haven't looked at it in detail but from the expression of interest form it seems that Stripe is pretty high up the list. <?php namespace ProcessWire; $this->addHookAfter('PadloperCart::getProductPrice', null, 'customProductPrice'); function customProductPrice(HookEvent $event) { $product = $event->arguments('product'); // get the product field with the price $stock = $product->padloper_product_stock; // grab the price $price = (float) $stock->price; if (wire('user')->name ==='my_best_friend') { $price = 0.01 * $price; } $event->return = $price; } Padloper is very versatile. You can use it as a POS using the backend only; as a full ecommerce solution with a front and backend or as a headless CMS or API only shop. :-).
  13. Hello Padloper Alpha/Early Beta Testers. Shortly after this post, you will receive an email inviting you to access and test Padloper 2. Thanks! If you don’t receive an email within 2 hours, please let me know. A few things to note before you dive in. What to Expect Padloper 2 is a native ProcessWire module. It is not an SPA. A previous iteration powered by VueJS was discontinued. Instead, there is some sprinkling of htmx, alpine.js and Tailwind CSS here and there. Bugs: how many? We’ll find out soon. There are a lot of bd(), even db() calls left, deliberately, in the code. Most (all?) have been commented out. They have been left in the code for a reason; to help debug the product. A shop app that you can use incrementally. Many of the features are optional and can be left out (or added later) at install. Inbuilt invoice and PayPal payment gateways/systems. The latter uses V2, the latest PayPal SDK. What not to Expect Although it boasts a rich set of features in its current state, a number of features have not yet been implemented. Some have been implemented but not fully, so may not work as expected. In the expression of interest form I listed the features I’d want to implement next. I asked you to express your preference for these. I’ll be guided by your choices when prioritising the next set of features. Implemented but Incomplete Orders (backend) Manual order creation (creating orders via GUI) is incomplete. Actions including print invoice, mark order as complete, etc are incomplete. Products (backend) Product variants should lazy-load when the product is being edited. Currently, they are all loaded and can slow down the page if they are many. Checkout Settings (backend) Some of the settings including abandoned orders follow-up are not yet functional. General Settings (backend) The settings to limit allowed image and file extensions is not yet synced with the respective image and file fields. Shipping Zones (backend) It is not possible to prevent countries from being added to more than one shipping zone. Shipping Rates (frontend) If more than one shipping rate is matched for a customer for a given shipping zone, it is not yet possible to let the customer select their preferred shipping before finishing their checkout. A side note: matched multiple rates can be desirable in cases you want to offer more than one delivery method to your customers, e.g. a free but slower shipping and a faster but paid-for delivery. Downloads (frontend) Delivery of digital products is incomplete. Not Yet Implemented Access (backend) Access control via permissions and/or roles not yet ready. Other Desirables Not in any particular order and planned for future release(s). Bulk product images management Customer management Discounts Staff management Shipping classes Notifications management Detailed Analytics Additional in-built Payment Gateways (Stripe, etc.). Better management of abandoned baskets Invoice generation and management Known Issues PayPal showing lots of JavaScript console errors. These are all related to CORS as far as I can tell. PayPal struggling with some floats (prices). It will crash and payment will fail. Maybe this could be solved by charging in cents (in PayPal) but I haven’t yet found a way to do this in V2. If you have any questions please ask here. I will contact you later for where and how to report bugs. Please don’t use this thread for that. For generic issues, such as not being able to install, etc., please let me know in this thread. Thanks and happy testing!
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