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  1. Hi @bobbit6k Welcome to the forums . MySQL INT (unsigned) can store up to 4.2 billion. I think ProcessWire uses signed INT for integer fields, so, you get about 2.1 billion. If you need something bigger, there is MySQL BIGINT. If you need to manipulate the data as numbers, one solution is to create your own custom Fieldtype that extends FieldtypeInteger and uses BIGINT in its database schema. We can show you how if you wish...Otherwise, if you just need a "number", you can go with a text field. FYI https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.7/en/integer-types.html https://planet.mysql.com/entry/?id=13825
  2. FYI, sometimes it is simpler to do an in-memory search of the WireArray. E.g. $oneItem = $myWireArray->get("id=20");// id is a property in the WireArray if($oneItem) echo 'we got the item folks!'; $multipleItems = $myWireArray->find("price>500");// price is a property in the WireArray if($multipleItems->count()) echo 'We got several items';
  3. 3 more lists (there will be duplicates, certainly) - haven't checked them all out, so be careful. http://mentalfloss.com/article/61003/10-funnier-alternatives-lorem-ipsum https://www.buzzfeed.com/saraboboltz/18-lorem-ipsum-alternatives-for-design-nerds-af7c?utm_term=.dtLA3o6mO#.tqQLJyEBK https://www.sitepoint.com/10-lorem-ipsum-alternatives/ I like filerati but their website seems to have been hacked?
  4. Yes, please. Some of my modules extend ProcessPageLister, for instance.
  5. Thanks for reporting @zkriszti. I'll have a look.
  6. Update: Jquery File Upload Version 0.0.6. Changelog Added support for SVGs (to be recognised as images, etc).
  7. Hi @Tom H, Sorry for the delay in resolving this. Changes had to be made to Jquery File Upload module and not Media Manager. I have done that. Please upgrade to version 6 of Jquery File Upload.
  8. The links pasted by others above should help with this. To be more specific have a look at this post: from the sub-section /site/templates/includes/hooks.php as also discussed here.
  9. I recently switched to VSCode from Sublime Text and I haven't looked back since. Was hoping to make a demo of how I'm using it in my development...but haven't got the time...yet. I'm getting intellisense, step-by-step debugging (including CSS debugging!), terminal, grep, diff checker, push to Github, JS/HTML/CSS/PHP documentation, phpDocs, etc...the works!
  10. Thanks for reporting @Zeka, This line is the problem. The array index gets overwritten (since duplicate). I'll see what to do.
  11. Just to clarify to those that might be confused by this line. This module is not a multi-site solution. It is a multi-site helper. You will still be using the official ProcessWire mulit-site solution. The module only helps you to auto-mate some of the manual tasks. The only notable difference is the how index.config.php is structured. I am not keen on splitting the module like this since it can, with a little tweaking, already achieve a standalone(single) installation. The only differences between a multi-site and single site are: multi-site location of site folder - located in same folder as the main site folder (e.g. /www/main-site/site/ for the main site and /www/main-site/site-something/ for the installed site site folder named site-something uses the existing wire folder (/www/main-site/wire/) needs index.config.php single site location of site folder - located in its own folder (e.g. /www/another-site/site/) site folder named 'site' uses its own wire folder (/www/another-site/wire/) does not need the index.config.php This means that all we have to do is (like you suggested earlier) tell the module in which directory on your server you want to install the single site, do the htaccess.txt renaming and copy over the wire folder as well as its index.php, LICENSE.txt, etc. That's all there is to it. The database stuff routines remain the same. So, I am thinking of a radio button to choose whether you are installing a single versus multi site, blah blah. Edit: In respect of selecting ProcessWire versions, the module could check if you have a zip file in a designated folder to unzip from and if not, download the ProcessWire version of your choice, or something along those lines. What is a standard setup ? I am a bit jittery about the module communicating with any URL. I would prefer all that such setups are loaded locally. Maybe I am just being paranoid here . I was thinking of saving this locally. That's what I was intimating by this:
  12. Yeah, I had similar thoughts when drafting the module. This is quite easy to accomplish. Actually, one other reason the module is alpha is that it could end up being more than a multi site thingy, hence I would need to change the Class name. Cool idea. I'll have a think.
  13. No, they are not different. I have not used ProcessExportProfile (but I've been thinking, how nice we have it; it will play nicely with ProcessMultiSites). I assume though that it exports the same type of profiles that ship with ProcessWire (the site-default, etc). so it should work. What I meant is that, say, you have a blank profile. You want to use that to install several sites. Those sites have different module needs. When creating a site you will be able to paste or select module class names to fetch (live) and install along with the site creation. I haven't thought it through properly and it would mean a delay while the modules are being downloaded.
  14. Created a Process Module for this .