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  1. Hey @Guido, Just realised I did not get back to you with a final proposed solution! Sorry! Glad it worked for you! As mentioned above, order statuses are now fully implemented. In Padloper 009, there is a hook that is called when an order status is changed. You can hook into that to generate your CSV. However, there is no bulk edit of order statuses. Currently, it has to be one at a time. Do you save the CSV to a fixed location or you want it to be downloadable when viewing the order? Thanks.
  2. Hi @cpx3, Thanks for the purchase. I would never do this. I am sorry that this is how you feel. Could you please, via a PM, let me know what your email address is? I check my emails regularly and try to respond as soon as I can. It could be that I somehow missed your email! Yes there will be. I would never do this, I promise. For queries that I cannot resolve via email, here or PM, I usually ask for remote access to the site to debug the issue. This is not an excuse for the currently unfinished documentation though! Some of it (the basics) is still there. I admit, it is in a terrible state as @cpx3 has mentioned. My plan is to get MM Next out first, then work on the documentation. It is not ideal though as I would have wanted these to be ready simultaneously. This is a good shout! Will ensure so.
  3. Hey all, Quick update. I have made some good progress with the re-write. However, I have run into some critical money issues so I have had to pause this work until that is resolved :-). Thanks.
  4. Hi all, Sorry for the delay. I found a bug that related to prices include tax, specifically in relation to shipping and discounts. Still sorting this out. Thanks.
  5. Hi @alexm, <?php namespace ProcessWire; /** @var WireData $shopBankDetails */ $shopBankDetails = $padloper->getShopBankDetails(); $shopBankDetails->bankName; $shopBankDetails->bankSortCode; $shopBankDetails->bankAccountNumber; $shopBankDetails->bankIBAN; $shopBankDetails->bankBIC; // @note: same as BIC $shopBankDetails->bankSWIFTCode;
  6. Hi @Spinbox, Sorry for my slowness! I should have updated you earlier. I ran into some issues. In the end, I decided to stop trying to reinvent the wheel and use a well-tested library. I have now implemented the Money for PHP library. It is a great little library. I wish I had done this sooner. The delay is due to the many places in Padloper code that need changing. The bulk of these are in order line items and I have finished that bit. The rest is in whole order values (totals, subtotals, etc.) and discounts. I am hoping to be done by the weekend. Thanks.
  7. Hi @Spinbox, Yes. What @alexmsaid. There is a fix already, thanks to @alexm proposals above. In summary: Both 'calculating tax on a unit item and multiplying by quantity' versus 'totaling quantities first then applying tax' are acceptable approaches. One approach gives the taxman a few more pennies and the other saves the customer a few more pennies in taxation. I might make this configurable in the future but for now, I have adopted the latter per @alexm's suggestion (using bcmath). The rounding error mainly occurs in cases where tax is included in the price. I run around 10 million tests and all passed. There's two bits remaining. I need to implement this approach in Padloper discounts and do final test before releasing. I hope to have this ready by tomorrow. Thanks.
  8. Thanks man! Finally, I did a brief write-up about Customers and Customer Groups.
  9. Hi, I have updated the 009 release. In summary: Add method to PadloperDiscounts Class to remove all discounts applied to an (in session) order - removeDiscounts(). Thanks @alexm for the suggestion. Fix for missing 'padloper-customer' role that is given to Padloper customers for easier identification, etc. Thanks @alexmfor catching this. Fix for missing 'other optional settings' in the installer modal in list of actions to be applied when configuring Padloper. Thanks @alexm for catching this. Thanks.
  10. Hello, I have updated the 009 release. In summary: Fix for a customers issue that did not play nicely with ProcessWire users. Thanks @alexm. I hope to write a bit about the customers feature later today. Compare price field now only shows an error if there is a non-zero value in it and that value is less than the 'price' field. Thanks @Spinbox. Activated a 'Live Stock Checker' feature I was working on with @Pete. I will create a new thread for this to explain how it works. The Live Stock Checker allows you to check certain specified products stock levels' before allowing them to be added to the basket. It checks both available amounts since last completed order (inventory) and also the quantities currently held in baskets across sessions on your site. ps: Emails now work on the shop. Thanks @alexm Have a nice day!
  11. @Spinbox, also check if the frontend works. Padloper uses virtual URLs in other places. E.g. to add items to the cart, downloads, etc.
  12. No worries. I'll PM with details of the changes I made to your func and template files that were throwing errors.
  13. Nothing wrong with ready.php I think this is what is happening: Padloper is using virtual URL hooks. It means it needs to handle the 404s in the backend for the requested URL. On your site, something is preventing this from happening meaning ProcessWire returns 404s for those virtual URLs. I don't know what that 'thing' is on your site ...yet?.
  14. Yep. The hook is not even firing. Something else is handling the request. I'll check ready.php and similar.
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