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  1. Hi @zkriszti. Seems you installed blog with the option 'blank template files', hence there is no demo content. Blog's documentation, found here, should help you along. It's incomplete but sufficient to get you started.
  2. Hi @Jan Fromm and @oma, Sorry I have been away. I'll have to look into Padloper and get back to you. Thanks
  3. Hi @bernhard, I'll have a think. If you have the time, could you please add this as a feature request in the project page? Thanks.
  4. I realise this was a one-off but just wanted to point out that calling the get() inside the foreach loop is not very efficient. It is better to do that (once) outside the foreach since it is the same template you are retrieving each time.
  5. Module

    Thanks Adrian, I'll have a look. Sorry for the late reply Longtom. Here's a code snippet:
  6. Moved to Module/Plugin Development forum since these are work-in-progress and do not yet have support forums.
  7. Hi @Juergen, Thanks for this. I have moved your topic to Dev Talk as I don't think it meets the criteria for a ProcessWire Tutorial.
  8. Hi @Robin S, Thanks for the suggestion. Will consider it.
  9. Variations 001 has been released! Please see its official support thread here. Thanks for your patience! This thread is now closed.
  10. Variations Released 29 May 2017 Variations is a simple yet powerful commercial ProcessWire module that allows website editors to create attributes and their values and from those generate variations of any entity, most notably products. The module consists of FieldtypeVariations and InputfieldVariations as well as a ProcessVariations for managing variations configurations and attributes. Setting up the field is quite easy. First, create a field of type Variations. Define some custom inputs that will need to be directly edited on the page containing the field, for instance a product price, SKU, etc. Secondly, via the Inputfield, create a couple of attributes. Thirdly, create a variations configuration and add the attributes and values you want in the configuration. Link that variations configuration to your page and the module will automatically generate all possible combinations (variations) of the attribute values in that configuration. These, together with the custom inputs you created when setting up the field will be displayed on the page (e.g. a product page), ready for editing. This makes this module quite unique; variations are defined at the page-level rather than at the field level. This presents lots of possibilities such as infinitely reusable attributes and variations configurations. For those using Padloper, integration with the e-commerce platform is quite simple as demonstrated in this tutorial. The module consists of 4 modules ProcessVariations FieldtypeVariations InputfieldVariations VariationsCustomTableManager (autoload module, working behind the scenes) Video Demo: https://youtu.be/T93nn96UL8o Documentation: https://variations.kongondo.com/ Shop: https://processwireshop.pw/plugins/variations/ Requires: ProcessWire 2.5 or newer Features Easily create variations of anything, including products for e-commerce websites, etc Create an attribute once, use it everywhere, multiple times, picking and choosing all or only the attribute values you want Bulk editing of variations configurations and attributes Reusable variations configurations Works with Padloper out-of-the-box with minimal coding User-friendly, intuitive and easy to set up
  11. PM or email @ryan
  12. Hi @fredmv, Welcome to the forums. If you have an active ProCache licence then it is best to post your question in that module's VIP forum. Ask @ryan for access if you don't have one yet.
  13. Glad you got it sorted .
  14. Hi @SebastianP, Thanks for your purchase. There is no external API to do this. You can have a look at the file MediaManagerActions.php to see how we do it internally, specifically the methods actionInsert() (adding media to a Media Manager field on a page) and actionCreateMedia() (for creating media from uploaded files). What is your import process? Do you have all the files available in some directory? Are you not able to import them using Media Manager upload feature?
  15. Hi @Macrura, Sorry for the very late response. Currently, VPS cannot do that. However, if you want a custom solution based on VPS, we could discuss that separately.