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  1. Great! I have a feeling Windi CSS might have been a wakeup call 😉.
  2. Not on a site, but I have noticed something similar (If I recall correctly), when approving comments sent to me by ProcessWire for approval with respect to comments left on my modules' pages in the modules directory (hope this makes sense...Friday, tired and all that 😄).
  3. Aha! The tut I intend to write will explain what all those options do (although the WordPress tut has some good explanations as well).
  4. Just think ProcessWire page reference fields 😉.
  5. Same here! This one. Hehe. Tell me about it!
  6. I see. Have you tried with the Custom PHP Code options? I haven't touched this in a while but (in my head) it seems like it is doable.
  7. I didn't, until earlier this week! I managed to get hotreload inside a ProcessWire Process Module that displays a Vue JS App in development mode, running under a different port from ProcessWire! I also threw in live reload in the mix for changes to my .module, .php files, etc. I'll do a writeup when I get some time. FYI, this only worked with vanilla Vue JS. I couldn't make it to work with Nuxt or Gridsome.
  8. Hi @3fingers, I don't understand the question I am afraid. However, you cannot define anything inside the CSV. Are you talking about different tables from different pages or different tables from a single matrix on a single page?
  9. Hi @RyanJ, No, unless they have access to the settings or set the setting themselves or have been informed about the setting. The image they are replacing is one that has an identical name. The image name is is used to create the media title.
  10. Hi @maddmac I haven't tried but I don't think so. Dynamic Selects works with Fieldtypes and I don't know if Formbuilder is a Fieldtype.
  11. Hehe 😁. Yes, it's the first and only thing I disable by default whenever I install Tracy.
  12. Not sure if it is the TracyDebugger one, to indicate site you are on? I could be wrong. I cannot remember if that feature is still supported
  13. Hmm, for some reason, I cannot see your post @theoretic! I am just seeing navigation buttons <next page> etc! I can see the post when I edit it (as a moderator - I didn't actually edit it). I am not sure whether it is my computer or my eyesight, or age! Anyone else seeing this? @Pete??
  14. Hi @Confluent Design, This issue has already been fixed in Media Manager. Re-download Media Manager and copy over your current install. Please let me know if you still need help. Thanks.
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