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  1. kongondo

    I have never gotten round to adding custom ignore ones.
  2. kongondo

    Moderator Note Following @Jonathan Lahijani's request, the WordPress vs. ProcessWire videos have moved to their own topic here.
  3. There is no connection between the pages table and the fieldgroups and templates tables. You can name your page identically to a template and there shouldn't be any conflict. However, fieldgroups and templates are twins. Creating a template creates a fieldgroup with the same name. Maybe you already had a template called nav, hence the conflict. Alternatively, you may have had a fieldgroup called nav that was not deleted when a similarly named template was deleted?
  4. kongondo

    OK, I now get what you are saying. However, I don't want to introduce confusion regarding terms. Custom items are not ProcessWire pages. Also, the include children feature you currently see in the backend is for influencing what happens in the frontend. It's not about including children in the backend. Here again, I don't want users to get confused. There is no default menu in MenuBuilder . I get your point though. I'll think about making it possible to select a ProcessWire page and have all its children added to the menu, hierarchically, according to their position in the ProcessWire tree. Please add this as a feature request in the module's project page. As for customising links of ProcessWire pages that are part of a menu, I don't think that's a good idea so I will not be heading in that direction.
  5. kongondo

    You are right. The 'Include Children Feature' only works for natural menu items, menu items that are ProcessWire pages. Your BMW (as per my example), are not ProcessWire pages but custom menu items. There is no way to tell what their children are since they are external items. Where would you be getting the 1000 items from? From my understanding, these 1000 items are not ProcessWire pages but external links. Maybe this is the bit I am not understanding. I have a feeling that your 1000 items are also actual pages in ProcessWire (part of the ProcessWire tree) and you want to include only their parent and have the children automatically added. If that's the case, that is not how MenuBuilder works. We currently don't support such a feature.
  6. kongondo

    @bud, You can already do all the things you've mentioned. You can add 1 or 2 or 3 or 1000 or whatever number menu items in one go. You can delete them before OR after adding them to the menu. You can reorder items after adding them to the menu (drag and drop). You can nest items after adding them to the menu (drag and drop) You can rename menu item and also change its link (custom items) See this example... Maybe you mean copy and paste custom links rather than entering them one by one? I think with a little JavaScript magic, that can be done.. If I'm still not getting you, you'll have to make a screengrab/video to explain what you are after, I'm afraid.
  7. kongondo

    I'm still not sure I follow. Custom menu items are ones you create yourself and are external to your ProcessWire site. E.g. www.google.com, etc. I'm also not sure whether you are talking about the backend or frontend of Menu Builder. There's tons out there. Please Google 'accordion menu' OR (CSS only accordion menu). Once you've found what you like, let us know here and we can help you implement it.
  8. OK. I'll have a look. Could you please file it as a request on GitHub? It will help remind me, thanks.
  9. kongondo

    Hi @bud, Welcome to the forums There is no auto-collapse option. You would have to code that yourself, e.g. using JavaScript. Maybe using the getMenuItems() method is best in this case. I don't understand this question. Please elaborate and/or illustrate I don't understand this question either.
  10. kongondo

    Maybe includes some private repos afraid MS might snoop around their code...
  11. Works fine for me here with the dev version, but should also work with the master version (IIRC - sorry, it's been a while since I touched this). Tested in PW 3.0.85. Here's my copy pasted PHP code: // both of these work /*namespace Processwire; return wireRenderFile('runtime-markup-wirerender-test'); */ return ProcessWire\wireRenderFile('runtime-markup-wirerender-test'); The above allows you to have your code inside PHP files. This is the pasted PHP option. It is supported in both front- and back-end. It also allows you to use PHP files, but indirectly. It is not to be confused by the other (currently dev) option of directly rendering PHP files (i.e., just stating name of the PHP file and its path. Are you getting any errors? Tracy? In the template file I echo the field's value like so: echo $page->runtime_markup;
  12. Is this question directed to me? Welcome to the forums.
  13. kongondo

    @MarcoPLY, Moderator Note I would have thought you've been around long enough to know that module related questions need to be posted in their respective support forums, if such do exist . I've moved your post to Media Library's support forum.
  14. kongondo

    I hope this doesn't happen... if($context == "GitHub" && $owner == "Microsoft") { str_replace("Chromium","Edge", $electron); } Lately, I've been loving Electron.... I think Atom will be surplus to requirements though. No need for in-house competition with VS Code.
  15. kongondo

    https://www.theverge.com/2018/6/3/17422752/microsoft-github-acquisition-rumors What's your take people? My first reaction was literally Nooooooo! Mind, I haven't looked at the details yet, but I feel like it doesn't matter what GitHub's reasons were; this should have been a no, no! I've always considered GitHub as the face of open source. With MS taking over, I feel something sacrosanct has been 'defiled' irreversibly. Anyway, just my subjective 2p. ps: I love and use MS products