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  1. Ye. Looks like Sky News watched that before coming up with a similar analysis...or maybe just a coincidence.
  2. Hi all, hi @Chris B, Sorry you haven't received your purchase link yet. Please note though that this thread is not intended for Padloper support (old or new or upcoming versions). Until specified otherwise, please direct all such inquiries to Antti via PM or via the email in the invoice. If you still haven't heard from him after a reasonable amount of time, then PM me instead. Thanks.
  3. Hi @ottogal, Thanks for catching this. I have a feeling there are other similar gotchas! I'll search for and resolve (if need be) these at a later date. For now, please change line #1685 from: $authorPhoto = !empty($author->blog_images) ? to: $authorPhoto = $author->blog_images->count ? Thanks.
  4. Hi all, Apologies for the very loud silence! I hope to elaborate more on this a bit later. However, rather than keep people guessing, I'll write something short. I have been working my fingers to the bone to release a beta by spring 2020. I suppose it hasn't gone unnoticed that I rarely post in the forums at large these days. This is because I am dedicating nearly all my time to Padloper. The plan was to start early beta testing in mid-April 2020. This was largely on track. Like many of us, maybe most of us in the forums, we have all been affected in one way or another by the current situation in the world. This has thrown a monkey wrench in the works. I have had to readjust how I work, albeit my productivity taking a hit. I wish I could properly 'guesstimate' how much delay this is going to cause but it will just be futile. On the other hand, I appreciate that you have been waiting for a relatively long time for this release. I want to reassure you that I am not just kicking the can down the road. Maybe I should have been showing you more screenshots of progress but currently, that would just eat further into my limited time. Thanks for reading, and hopefully, your patience. Cheers.
  5. Sorry all, I haven't yet found time to act on this. I need time to investigate it properly.
  6. See the two posts above yours 😀. Currently, this is not possible if using the render() method but I have added it to my todo list.
  7. Actually, this is not true 😀. I don't know what version you are using but there has always been a save as unpublished or published during menu creation and an unpublish/publish action that can be applied to existing menu items in the menus list/table. See the big green shiny buttons 😁. Create menu before version 027 Create menu version since version 027 Unpublish/Publish post menu creation Am I missing something?
  8. Hi @Orkun, Yes it is just a temporary folder. It should. It works fine here. Could you please tell me about your setup? (ProcessWire and PHP versions, etc). I am not sure whether it is a file permission issue. Are you on a Windows machine? Alternatively, maybe you are trying to upload very large images and the system does not finish and you are trying to re-upload? Please let me know.
  9. Sorry for the late response @Orkun... No, that wouldn't be a good idea. One, it would just get overwritten on an upload and secondly, that is not a correct mimetype for mp3s. Glad you got it sorted. It seems PHP will sometimes misclassify the the mimetypes of some mp3s. Here's a discussion about it on SO. This might also be of relevance (corrupt ID3 tags)
  10. Hi @Stefanowitsch, Sorry for the issues you are currently experiencing. This is a strange one. It might mean Media Manager was not installed correctly and the settings page is not found. It might be the cause of your other issue. Via email (using the email in your receipt) or PM could you please: Send me a screenshot of the open tree at Admin > Media Manager. Confirm that these fields were created: media_manager_audio, media_manager_document, media_manager_image, media_manager_settings, media_manager_video. Confirm that these templates were created: media-manager, media-manager-audio, media-manager-document, media-manager-image, media-manager-settings, media-manager-video. The version of ProcessWire you are using. The PHP version your server is running. Any error messages, in the console and in TracyDebugger (hopefully, you have this installed) Thanks.
  11. Hi @montero4, Moderation note: I have moved your topic to the General Support forum as the gist of your thread is about seeking advice. Hopefully here, you will get lots of advice. However, if at any point in the future you decide you want to hire a developer, please start a topic in that regard in the jobs board and cross reference this thread, if you wish.
  12. You go away for a minute and this is what happens...😀 TL;DR From Device-centric to App-centric development: ambient computing Dart and Flutter ranked #1 and #2 for fastest-growing language and open source project respectively over the last twelve months - GitHub’s 2019 State of the Octoverse report. Flutter is now one of the ten most starred software repos on GitHub. Flutter described as “the fastest-growing skill among software engineers”. LinkedIn, 2019. Flutter for web is in beta. Flutter for desktop is in alpha for mac-OS. You can edit Flutter code, run it and view the rendered UI online in DartPad. See the samples drop-down on the top-right. Adobe XD, Supernova, etc: flutter plugins. Full announcement here. Videos here (Flutter Interact 2019).
  13. Update: Blog 2.4.5 Changelog Added new option (see example use below) to MarkupBlog::getArchives() that allows to specify if archive months should be sorted descending (Dec - Jan). Default is ascending (Jan - Dec), thanks to question by @montero4 Fixed bug in template blog-archives.php that caused illegal offset warnings. Module has been updated in the modules directory. Example usage of new getArchives() option getArchives() now accepts a third parameter as an $options array. If you want archive months to be sorted and rendered in descending order (December - January), you will need to pass this as an option in the $options array and set the value 'descending' to they key 'archives_month_sort_order'. Since this is the third parameter for the method, you will need to pass options for the first and second parameters as well. If you want the default ascending order of months, you don't have to change anything in your code. Just call getArchives() as usual without any parameters. Otherwise, read on for descending order of months. <?php $blog = $modules->get("MarkupBlog"); // options: if we want to sort archive months in descending order $archiveOptions = array('archives_month_sort_order'=>'descending'); // get archives: order months descending $archives = $blog->getArchives(0, 1, $archiveOptions); // if you want to render the archives $content = $blog->renderArchives($archives);// order months descending Please test and let me know. Thanks.
  14. Hi @montero4, Welcome to the forums and ProcessWire. This seemed like a nice feature to add so I have gone ahead and added it as an option to getArchives(). I'll release over the weekend. PS: I have moved your thread to the blog support forum.
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