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  1. Media Manager version 010 (released 28/04/2017) Happy to announce the latest release of Media Manager. Changelog As per this request, added option to confirm duplicate media overwrite on upload. This, obviously, only works when the setting Duplicate Media is set to overwrite existing media with the one being uploaded. If you have that option selected, you will see a new option 'Always confirm when replacing/overwriting duplicate media' in the Duplicate Media sub-section. Tick that and save if you want to use this option. On the Uploads Tab you should now see a 'Confirm Overwrite' checkbox toward the top right of that page. Unless that checkbox is ticked, you will not see 'Start' upload buttons. Made various strings used in success/error messages in JavaScript translatable This latest version is now available for download Screens 'Always Confirm Overwrites' setting 'Confirm Overwrites' checkbox unchecked 'Confirm Overwrites' checkbox checked
  2. Moved to Dev Talk as this is really about Pocketgrid and not ProcessWire.
  3. Hi @Tyssen, Thanks for your interest in Media Manager. No, not at the moment. The module creates its own fields for the 4 media types (audio, document, image and media). Each media item is a hidden page in the admin under respective media manager parent pages. I have been mulling adding this type of scanning functionality but haven't made a decision yet. Having said that, the module can currently scan /site/assets/MediaManager/uploads/ Please let me know if I can be of further help.
  4. Not sure if you can use these, but this, to the best of my knowledge, is the home of PW Tips and Tricks: https://processwire-recipes.com/
  5. Module

    @adrian, Aah, my bad. The culprit is where I grab the respective row and column pages in order to get the friendly rowLabel and columnLabel respectively. Would uncacheAll do the trick (to clear memory)? If not I could get titles using raw SQL... Thanks for catching this.
  6. Module

    That's strange. Where did you see that? The module does not return Page or PageArrays anywhere . A single entry is a Matrix object (a WireData) and groups of entries are MatrixArray objects (WireArray). Maybe I haven't looked at this in a while but I am pretty sure about this .
  7. Module

    Hi Adrian. Glad you found a solution. I haven't looked at this module in a while. I will have a think. Ditto .
  8. Nice catch Chris. You are right. I was missing one Zero. Corrected in version 5. Update: Jquery File Upload Version 0.0.5. Changelog Fixed a typo in the default setting of maxFileSize. Thanks @Chris Whissen
  9. Check your PHP ini for these settings: post_max_size upload_max_filesize
  10. I don't think you need to use a Hook for this. Since ProcessWire does not output any markup, you can echo whatever you want to be your content, whether it is from another page or another field or hard coded, or whatever. A couple of examples $out = $page->title; $out .= $page->summary;// some text field; if($page->name == 'my-different-page') { $page->body = 'Some custom Content';// @note: overwriting body field content // or if grabbing from some other page //$settings = $pages->get('/path/to/other/page'); //$out .= $settings->extraContentTextField; } $out .= $page->body; echo $out; Written quickly, pseudo code, etc...
  11. Please see the 'default_title' option as documented here.
  12. I see. The change type might not be easy to pull off but will have a think. The en/dis-able, please file that as a request here. Thanks.
  13. OK. Would have loved to get to the bottom of this though. Comments seem to work for some but not for others...
  14. Glad you like the module @cjx2240. Do you mean if disabled menu item does not show in the frontend? What's the use case? Why not just not add that menu item? I don't follow. Please explain.
  15. I guess you are using ProcessWire 3.x? Make sure you have the Comments field module installed. Try refreshing (recompiling) modules.