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  1. Facepalm! How long have I been around here for? I didn't know Repeater Matrix allows different types of repeater items in the same repeater! Thanks @Ivan Gretsky!
  2. Yes Bad idea, IMHO. I've never heard anything good come out of letting clients dabble in the HTML. Not sure if PageTable Extended can help in your case. I don't think there's any module that will allow you to repeat fields 'unevenly', i.e. in repeater 1, let's repeat title and headline but in repeater 2, let's only body field, etc. Maybe you can use repeaters with some showIf? or inject your own JavaScript and markup to toggle visibility of fields as per need? E.g. tick a box for use this field...will display the field for editing....Just thinking out loud here. It might seem like the easy way out, but honestly, will you remember what these mean when you need to edit something in the future? What if you add or remove a field, do you head back to the template file to rename it? I'd be more descriptive in my naming. Just my 2p. Edit: Btw, ProFields will give you both Table and Repeater Matrix. Take your pick! Also..what Robin said! Inputfield Dependencies! Edit2: I didn't know repeater matrix allows different types of fields in one repeater!
  3. Hi @dst81, Welcome to ProcessWire and the forums. I don't have a direct answer to your queries. I have found some topics though, that may be of interest to you. Deployment Docker Git Quote from ryan
  4. Thanks @adrian. I'll have a look. I currently have up to PHP 7.0. It seems I'll need an app that enables me to easily switch versions. I've tried several in the past but none of them worked well so I settled for UwAMP which does have its issues to.
  5. @adam1002. Welcome to the forums. It seems your intention was to reply to some specific post but things went awry and you created a new thread instead? If you can point us to the original thread you were posting to, we'd be happy to merge this answer to that thread .
  6. I haven't looked at this in detail. As you await better responses than mine , why don't you just do what the error is instructing you to? Save the whole page. If that works, then work on fine tuning so that if new page, save whole page, else, save affected field only. Instead of... Save the whole page.. $page->save();
  7. I can't find this 'add new image'. Could you please post a screenshot? Thanks.
  8. I've sent a couple of you the latest VPS to beta test please before the official release. Thanks!
  9. Hi @Sebastian. What's the difference between your local and remote servers? I have also not tried Blog on PHP 7. I'm hoping to move Blog fully to PW3.x sometime soon (maybe early 2018). Maybe then I can test on PHP7.
  10. I can confirm this (PW 3.0.84). Must be a bug. To get around this, like you said previously, just choose the one under Multiple Page Selection (sortable). It will still work with your Single Page field.
  11. Interesting idea. I'll have think. Maybe we can include and option in blog to specify the image field to use, including Media Manager field and similar.
  12. Hi @quickjeff. I'm not sure I follow. What sort of collaboration between the two modules are you after?
  13. I use PicPick. Open your select menu and then use the keyboard shortcut for tasking a screen grab (region, whole screen, etc)
  14. Unless it was changed recently, AsmSelect and PageAutocomplete are configured to return 50 results. Could that be the reason why some results not showing up?
  15. Glad you like the module. I'll have a look when I update the module to support ProcessWire 3 only. Meanwhile, you could try saving the settings directly via their respective pages. Some live in the comments page, etc. Gotta run, so can't provide more info, sorry.