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  1. Typically two choices if you want a custom 'view' in the admin. If custom view per page, i.e. as some sort of field / inputfield: have a look at the growing number of runtime markup fields in the module's directory A dedicated admin page view: You will need to create a custom module. More specifically, regarding data, and lots of it or spreadsheet-like data, have a look at @bernhard's modules and work in the forum. Looks like he has done extensive work in this respect. I am in a bit of a rush so cannot be more concrete. Hope this helps you get started.
  2. Hi @CarlAllen, First, congratulations on your upcoming marriage. Wishing you every success in that and your move to the Netherlands. The board you have posted in is meant for job postings, i.e. people looking to hire posting about available jobs and their requirements. As such, I will have to move your post to a different forum for general talk. In addition, I would suggest you post your interest and/or resume in dedicated job portals as it seems your requirements are not necessarily specific to ProcessWire. In any case, I wish you the very best of luck for the future.
  3. Yes I noticed this as well, especially with respect to Python. I almost glossed over it thinking it was a Python-only tech πŸ˜„.
  4. Thanks for responding @ryan. No, the error was triggering later, on line 41, at the JSON.parse(). I just found it strange that removing the class .InputfieldPage made the error go away. No, I didn't try this. Next time. That's what I was thinking at first. However, if I added multiple fields, it would reload the first one OK then trip on the next one. Yeah, me too! πŸ˜„.
  5. Output formatting is off when in ajax mode...
  6. I have got this sorted, but I don't think it will help you @AndZyk. In my case, after adding fields to an inputfield (similar to a repeater), I was manually reloading a pagefield inputfield that uses InputfieldTextTags like this: $myInputfieldTextTagsSelectItem.trigger("reloaded") That was throwing up the JavaScript error I posted above. My remedy was to let ProcessWire Inputfields trigger the reload, like this: // @note: reload() is a method in Inputfields.js Inputfields.reload($myInputfieldTextTagsSelectItem) Error gone! πŸ˜€
  7. I did, only like a a hundred times 😁. Maybe I was refreshing the wrong site! I'll give this a go. Thanks for sharing! And the pointers as well.
  8. I have managed to find the code that is causing the issue. In InputfieldTextTags.js, at the end of the file, the css class '.InputfieldPage' was added, changing the code from this (GitHub 3.0.183 ) // InputfieldTextTags.js ProcessWire 3.0.183 jQuery(document).ready(function($) { InputfieldTextTags(); $(document).on('reloaded', '.InputfieldTextTags', function() { InputfieldTextTags($(this)); }); }); to this (GitHub 3.0.184 ) // InputfieldTextTags.js ProcessWire 3.0.184 jQuery(document).ready(function($) { InputfieldTextTags(); $(document).on('reloaded', '.InputfieldTextTags, .InputfieldPage', function() { // <= '.InputfieldPage' addition causing error(?) InputfieldTextTags($(this)); }); }); I have no solution at the moment πŸ™‚.
  9. Just confirming that for me, the issue is not present in 3.0.183. Will now try to narrow it down to changed files in 3.0184.
  10. @AndZyk, @ryan I can confirm this (?). I have been having a similar issue since I upgraded to 3.0.184 when it was still in dev. Back then, I just assumed the issue was the code in my module. I have since confirmed that by downgrading to 3.0.181, the issue goes away. I'll dig further to find out when it was introduced and what is causing it. In my situation, I am trying to reload/init a fieldset that has been added to an inputfield via ajax. The fieldset contains a multi page field that used Text Tags as the inputfield type. Here's the screenshot of the error: The 'u' token comes from an 'undefined' string in what was supposed to be the JSON response. The use ajax options is not enabled under Text Tags for the page field. I am on WAMP. Thanks.
  11. Just noting that I managed to resolve this (non-Tracy-related) problem. My script was getting sucked inside the pw panel markup due to loading order. All I had to do was to move my script markup before my pw panel markup. No more warnings, unnecessary ajax calls, etc πŸ˜€.
  12. Great! I did the same and it refused to work. No errors, nothing. Nothing in the nav is getting picked up and nothing in the markup. How did you go about this? Thanks.
  13. Hi @adrian, I've debugged this further and the issue has nothing to do with Tracy (was just caught in the middle!), sorry. The issue persists even with Tracy disabled. It is a jQuery issue. No idea how I'll get around this. I have to load Alpine.js inline since (AFAIK) $config->scripts() does not support 'defer' which Alpine needs. Thanks.
  14. Correction. This actually seems to be the issue, sorry. I am calling alpine.js in an inline script. All that code lives inside a pw-panel. When I use the code outside a pw-panel, I get no warnings. When used inside a pw-panel, I get the warning, unless I don't refer alpine.js. So, it seems alpine js and jQuery are clashing somehow. I'll try set up a test environment, but it might take a couple of days. Thanks for looking into the matter.
  15. In my case dev tools says the initiator is JqueryCore.js, so that could be it, although I have no <script> tags in that part of the code. JqueryCore is calling alpine.js in this case. Sorry, no joy.
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