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  1. No need to be . Although this feature has been, relatively, around for a while, it's not easy keeping up with all the new stuff. That selectors page has been updated several times with new stuff so it's good to have a fresh look at it.
  2. http://processwire.com/api/selectors/#or-groups
  3. Been there, done that. Btw, just had a quick look and wondering if there's any reason you are not sanitizing values in wakeupValue() and sleepValue(), unless you are doing it in some other place?
  4. Get ready for a face palm On line # 145 public function __processInput(WireInputData $input) { the method processInput() is missing one underscore at the beginning and should be public function ___processInput(WireInputData $input) {
  5. Great catch. Existing modules better watch out then.
  6. That's crazy! Wild guess: does giving them custom names or IDs change anything?
  7. So potentially affecting any (process?) module that renders two button inputfields in a single form?
  8. Hi @psy. Please request @apeisa to give you access. He has the 'keys' :-).
  9. kongondo

    ...from the link provided above . So, yes, it is like NB Navigator. The advantage is that Visual Studio Code is our editor of choice for various reasons (now, I hope this does not lead to a NB vs VSC debate; that really is not the purpose of this thread).
  10. Yes, you are right, my apologies! I forgot about that one
  11. Currently, you can only do it using the API (hooking), not the GUI. See custom price here: https://www.padloper.pw/documentation/custom-pricing-for-product/ Edit: See correction in next post. There is a basic discount codes module
  12. kongondo

    Hi @zoeck, Thanks for your interest in Media Manager. I can't give a definite date but it will be in the autumn.
  13. kongondo

    Thanks Adrian. This got me more curious because I vaguely remember having a talk about lower case vs upper case. So, I went back and checked, all the way from 2.2 up to and including 2.7.3. It was only lower case in those versions. So, this must be a 3.x introduction.
  14. kongondo

    @Karinne Cyphers, Thanks for the screenshots. They've helped clarify issues. I suspected as much given the error MySQL was throwing. The error itself is originating from ProcessPageLister (a core module) which Media Manager extends and uses to fetch and display media pages. As far as I can remember, ProcessWire only allows lower case letters for field names. Going by your screenshot though, it seems this changed sometime back. Back to your issue, the error is a ProcessWire error and not Media Manager's. I'm not sure whether it should be filed as a ProcessWire bug (specific to your server environment, maybe) since it now seems upper case letters are allowed in field names. I'll try and find out.
  15. kongondo

    Hi @Karinne Cyphers, I don't remember ever seeing this error in respect of Media Manager. A couple of questions: Do other fields, either in the same template or a different one work OK? For instance, text fields, etc Is the problem with this one template or have you tried a different template? Maybe there is an issue with the name of your field. Try renaming it to something else and use lower case letters only MySQL and PHP versions? If possible, please post a screenshot or animated gif of the error, thanks.