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  1. @SlackMcKracken, Welcome to the forums πŸ˜„
  2. I couldn't go through all the cope you pasted but I'd suggest this simple test. In each .inc file, do this: echo 'Hello from INSERT_INC_NAME';// replace INSERT_INC_NAME with respective inc's name Then look at the output. It may be that there are no child pages to display, hence no output.
  3. kongondo

    Fatal Error

    Yes. A DB search revealed the name in template_bak
  4. kongondo

    Fatal Error

    Um, nope. There is no user-hunt2 template πŸ˜„ Just hunts (modified 5 hours ago) and user-hunt (modified 2 days ago). I had a look and nothing obvious jumps at me. All I can see via debugging (and the error), that somewhere, a user instance (ProcessWire\User) is being converted to a page (ProcessWire\Page). I am pretty sure it has to do with a change made to the settings rather than a change at a template file level (since I don't have your template files and I see the error). I'll have one last look and if I can't get it to work, I'll pass it to you with the details on how you can get in and undo your previous changes.
  5. That's not how it works πŸ˜„ ProcessWire does not just read files on your system arbitrarily Templates have to be 'registered' with ProcessWire Templates do not need to have a template file (some of the files you are seeing in the ftp) Template file names do not need to match the name of the template (i.e., default is that they match, but this can be changed) Some developer uses the templates folder to store PHP files they can include in their template files or modules Hooray! We have (partial) lift-off πŸ˜„
  6. kongondo

    Fatal Error

    OK, I got in (admin) with a bit of a hack πŸ˜„. Would you like me to show you how so you can go make changes yourself? i.e., undo the last 'user template' thingy. Or would you like to outline what you did so I can try undo?
  7. kongondo

    Fatal Error

    No, not here πŸ˜„ PM How big is it? You might not be able to attach it if it bigger than some set size.
  8. kongondo

    Fatal Error

    I'm not sure how this multiple users template works but there's possibly other references to the template you deleted. I can't set up a test site now to check. Are you able to set up a duplicate remote test site (or send me a db dump of such a site) that we can have a look at? Backup your db before making any changes.
  9. kongondo

    Fatal Error

    Yes. Via the database. Was site working before this change?
  10. kongondo

    Fatal Error

    Most likely related to what you were doing here?
  11. @Pip, Moderator note: Hi. I moved your question here, the support forum of MarkupSimpleNavigation.
  12. https://processwire.com/docs/start/install/upgrade/
  13. $news = $pages->find("template=news-article,sort=-publish_date, publish_date<$today,id!={$page->id}"); PS: if publish_date is a datetime field, then ProcessWire already knows 'today' (string) πŸ™‚.
  14. @horst, if you have a chance, please look at the above? Sorry for pinging you like this.... πŸ™‚
  15. No Your 'Our Sessions' page needs to have children for this (and the other similar) code to work: The children will be titled Huddersfield Eagles Junior Badminton Club, etc. In addition, those children: Need to use a template named session. That template (session) needs to have the following fields: session_type, session_day, session_venue, session_time and session_area
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