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  1. Karinne Cyphers

    We've had some issues redirecting urls that include a tilde (~/media/) in it. We are moving over a site that makes heavy use of urls like that from the previous version. Is this something we can handle with jumplinks or do we need to try to do that in the .htaccess? We can get the URL to show in the list, but Jumplinks will never register a hit against it. Do you have a recommendation on how to handle urls like this? Thank you!
  2. Karinne Cyphers

    Yes, agreed. Thanks for the update.
  3. Karinne Cyphers

    Thank you for replying @adrian - I appreciate it. Unfortunately we have a small team here without resources to take on extending the migrations module. We will explore various options, but we do want to keep using the Matrix Repeaters as it really improves the content editing experience for our content team.
  4. Karinne Cyphers

    We did some more testing and found that the problem seems to stem from the fact that we use Matrix Repeaters from Ryan's ProFields extensively. If we remove pages that have those fields we can migrate ok. What would a good workaround to this be? We are trying to use this to migrate template and content changes between 3 different environments. Without Matrix repeater support we can't really migrate the bulk of our content.
  5. Karinne Cyphers

    We're trying to migrate content/fields/templates between environments using the Migrator module, and we ran into this error today: Recoverable Fatal Error: Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string (line 235 of /var/www/html/wire/core/PageArray.php) Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this... I've tried a full dump of pages (large file) and just recently modified pages (small file) and run into the error both ways.
  6. Karinne Cyphers

    good to know... we were using mixed case just to make it easier to read the slew of fields that we were working with...
  7. Karinne Cyphers

    Thank you for replying... we've identified the issue occurs when we create a Media Manager field with mixed case. When we create a field that is all lower case the error does not occur and the media manager functions normally. Everything about the templates function normally, and we can make the media manager field function correctly f it is all lower case. We've tried different templates and repeaters and the issue always occurs if the field is mixed case. Our environment is running PHP 7.1.17 and MariaDB 5.6.10. We had been using mixed case fields as it made it easier to read. The error occurs whether or not the Manager Manager field has been added to a template or not. I'm attaching a couple screenshots. Thank you!
  8. Karinne Cyphers

    We've been working on adding the media manger to our new project, but when we create a field to add images/videos to the page, we get the following error in Media Manager: {"error":true,"message":"SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'cmsdev01.field_Product_Assets' doesn't exist"} When we remove the field from the template (actually we have to delete the field entirely) then the Media Manger will load again and not display that error. Is there something additional we need to do when we want to start adding Media Manager fields to pages?
  9. Karinne Cyphers

    Does this work with ProcessWire 3.x?