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  1. Try the "Refresh" button on the module page. Maybe it will fix your problems.
  2. This is not related to the module it's self. Therefore no support here.
  3. I just released version 1.2.3. Upgrade and the problem should be gone.
  4. Ok. I found the problem. You using MySQL 8?
  5. It means that you deleted columns from table process_pageviewstat_cache. Reinstalling the module might help.
  6. Or you could use another module... Or you can spend some money and let developed a module which fit your requirements.
  7. But, I've not so much time at the moment.
  8. Please be realistic! With this module, the user can create his own PHP file and get access to everything. As I wrote in the description: This module is probably the most powerful module.
  9. The module records requests which being processed by ProcessWire. Make sure if ".../zoomin.cur" exists. I guess not. This might be a 404. Check if you have "Record 404 pages" activated in the module settings. I guess you have.
  10. I replaced str_starts_with() with substr() to support PHP7. Please upgrade to version 1.2.2.
  11. This module has several bugs. Line 113 must be: if($archive == '1') { Line 159 must be: if($this->archive == '1') { Line 295 must be: $field->attr('name', 'bytes'); Forked here: https://github.com/techcnet/LogMaintenance
  12. It seems that the upgrade function don't get called after an upgrade. This might be a bug in ProcessWire. This can lead to an error message ("Unknown column...") if you try to open the statistic page immediately after an upgrade. There are two ways to avoid this error message. Click the "Continue to module settings" button directly after the upgrade or open the Modules page and click the "Refresh" button.
  13. I updated the module to 1.0.4 and added an option to specify the Return-Path in the email header. This option is blank by default.
  14. Thanks for this info. But I by my self encountered the opposite on some systems. Not adding this line won't send the email.
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