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  1. I just updated to version 1.0.6 which should solve the problem.
  2. Sames to be a bug in PDO in some PHP versions. Please open ProcessPageViewStat.module and change line 771 from: $query->bindValue(':rowlimit', $rowlimit, \PDO::PARAM_INT); to: $query->bindValue(':rowlimit', (int) $rowlimit, \PDO::PARAM_INT);
  3. If someone doesn't want to see the IP addresses, they can hold their hands over them. Over and out!
  4. Nobody except you can see the IP's! Where is the problem? If IP's stored with xxx in the database then it's no more possible to count the visitors and this would make the whole module worthless.
  5. Thank you too! I was assuming that it's the database driver.
  6. No, this are single quotes: '' I guess you uploaded the files in the wrong transfer mode. Otherwise, the stored int variables becoming strings. I don't know why. Or it has to do with PDO.
  7. It seems to be the row LIMIT. But I cannot be reproduce it. Try to change the row limit in the configuration to another value. Please also search the problem in your PHP/MySQL environment. Did you uploaded the files with FTP in the right transfer mode?
  8. Today I've tested VSCode. It's MBS! M stands for Mega. Anyway, project is on GitHub now. But it's probably the last time. For updates and new features check my blog. Thank you!
  9. Version 1.0.1 doesn't have namespace. I couldn't reproduce it without namespace. But I can reproduce it with namespace. I've made changes now.
  10. I'm pretty sure that I can live without GIT. I've been doing very well without GIT for 20 years now and I won't change that. I usually work with VC++, Java and Pascal. PHP for me is just a kind of hobby.
  11. WAIT! $dt = new \ProcessWire\datetime(); This is NOT my code!!! Line 532 is: $dt = new DateTime();
  12. I'll try it next week. Only for this module. Sure!
  13. For some reason, GitHub/git will never be an option for me. Don't laugh, but for PHP I only use a text editor with highlighting. I'll try VSCode next week. Thank you for your explanation.
  14. I don't use any versions controlling. I just created an account on GitHub a few hours ago. See: https://github.com/techcnet/ProcessPageViewStat But file oploading with browser don't work in GitHub. It's not a problem with the browser. I tried Chrome and Firefox. It's a problem with the upload on GitHub. I also tried GitLab. When I click the + to create a new project I get a white blank page. My browsers are ok. Seems to me they don't want any users.
  15. Sorry. I tried it. But cannot upload on GitHub.
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