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  1. I made changes in the upgrade function. Please upgrade to version 1.1.7.
  2. Please give me 24 hours. I have another work too.
  3. Ok. I don't know what you doing. The upgrade shold work. I guess you changed the database manually.
  4. I made a change in line 389. It seems that getenv('REMOTE_ADDR') doesn't work with local IP addresses. Please upgrade to version 1.1.6.
  5. Why "no ip address"? Where you know this?
  6. There are not a single ERROR MESSAGE in your post! These are Warnings and Notices which you get when you run ProcessWire in debug mode. And why they not appear? Because your ProcessWire DON'T run in debug mode.
  7. You will see "PHP notices" if you run your ProcessWire in debug mode. Please read the description for the debug mode. The debug mode is not intended for productive usage. Please turn off debug mode and you will see that everything works fine.
  8. Yes, the Debug Mode Tools-Panel is available. Please see the 3rd arrow in the last screenshot. But not all debug information seems to be available. I cannot see any PDO-Query or AutoLoad. Sorry.
  9. What's new in ProcessWire 3.0.163? See: https://weekly.pw/issue/324/ I created this module before ProcessWire 3.0.163. I thought it's time to publish it. If it is not desirable, I remove it again. Just tell me.
  10. This module for ProcessWire enables the debug mode to bypass the restriction to install modules. This is useful if you are tired to manually set the debug mode in the configuration. Note Please note that this module doesn't replace the real debug mode in the configuration file /site/config.php. With this module you will not receive any errors/notices/warnings like in the real debug mode. It serves only to bypass the restriction to install modules. Installation To install this module you have to enable the real debug mode. After installation you should deactivate debug mode again. To enable the real debug mode, download /site/config.php via FTP and open it in a text editor. Look for a line where you can find $config->debug = false; change it to $config->debug = true; save the file and upload it again. After module installation change it back to $config->debug = false;. For all future module installations, you just have to enable the debug mode in the module settings like described below. After module installation, you should deactivate it in the same way. Settings The settings for this module are located in the menu Modules=>Configure=>DebugModeSwitch. Enable or deactivate debug mode Set the checkmark (1) and click the submit button (2) will enable the debug mode (3). The debug mode can be also restricted for superusers only (4). Links ProcessWire module directory: https://processwire.com/modules/debug-mode-switch/ Github: https://github.com/techcnet/DebugModeSwitch
  11. The link doesn't work because the site-profile is still waiting for approval. Please note that a thread in this forum here is required to submit a new module or site-profile. Please be patient a few days. Thank you!
  12. This site profile for ProcessWire offers a simple, multilingual and responsive blog which doesn't require any module. It works exclusively with some template files. See: https://processwire.com/modules/site-simple-blog-multilanguage/ Installation This site profile is intended for use with a new installation of ProcessWire. Download ProcessWire, extract all files and folders and upload it into your web server folder. Download the site profile, extract the simple-blog-multilanguage folder and upload it into the same folder. Start the installation. When prompted for Site Installation Profile select Simple and Multilingual Blog Profile for ProcessWire 3x and continue with installation.
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