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  1. How do you go about, if you have an existing database table, that you would like to maintain (edit data) from the ProcessWire back-end? I know it is possible to do with Adminer, but I am hoping for some more integrated PW-solution. Thanks.
  2. Thank you for making this module. It would be good to be able to upload svg-files as Media Images.
  3. One minor thing: when I choose to use "from-folder" as image-source, then it is not possible to upload new images into the folder within ImagePicker. Is this planned behavior, or can it be solved? Thanks. This upload-icon is missing, when picking image from folder.
  4. I finally tested the branch version, and it works great! 😃
  5. Hello @gebeer Great work, and thank you for two much needed modules! I second the idea to merge both modules into one killer-module, if it is possible? (the name ImagePicker would be a good and suitable name for the combined module). But this is of course for you to decide 🙂
  6. I have this code in ready.php: <?php namespace ProcessWire; $this->addHookAfter('ProcessPageEdit::processInput', $this, 'apiFunction'); function apiFunction($event) { die("testing"); } When I run it, I get this error: Any advice is appreciated?
  7. eydun


    Thanks for the reply. I have actually seen most of those templates, but I find them a bit dated. I will post back, if I find some good resources.
  8. eydun


    Can you recommend any html-templates, free or commercial, to use as a starter for building new templates/site-profiles with ProcessWire?
  9. I has been my experience that Microsoft's mail-servers, such as Office365 and Hotmail, are the most aggressive to filter out incoming e-mails that are suspected to be spam. Often they even do not make it to the spam-folder in the user's mailbox.
  10. Is the school perhaps using Microsoft Office365? Then it is possible that the emails get blocked by Microsoft's spam-filter.
  11. I would use " summary" as meta-description. If you do not want to do that, then you can create a new field for meta-description.
  12. It can possibly be related to some faulty configuration in the .htaccess file.
  13. Impressive site! Which "page hits"-module did you use?
  14. Hi iipa Does the user use the "Paste from Word"-button?
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