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  1. Thank you for a very nice module. I am using a panel-list like this: $panels->add([ 'panel' => 'collection', 'title' => 'Clients', 'data' => [ 'collection' => 'template=client, limit=10', 'sortable' => true, 'pagination' => true, 'columns' => [ 'title' => 'Title', 'url' => 'URL', 'modified' => 'Modified' ] ] ]); There are 50 client-pages, but the limits it to 10 records. The pagination shows like this: Is it possible to have the pagination show "forward" and "back" links to navigate to next 10 records?
  2. Would it be possible to add the Config class as a variable? I have tried: /** @var tpl_config $config */ But it does not work.
  3. I saw this slide on Twitter : Apparently PHP8 will throw Errors instead of Warnings for many instances. So perhaps it is adviceable to already start preparing your code for the upgrade.
  4. How does the standard Processwire InputfieldForm (https://processwire.com/api/ref/inputfield-form/) compare to a Formbuilder form? Do they share the same API, or are they two completely different modules?
  5. Thanks for the replies. I use PW 3.0.148 and PIM2 0.2.9. Here is my code: $imgWidth = 255; $imgHeight = 312; $imgPadding = 5; $image->pim2Load($product->title)->setOutputFormat('png')->canvas($imgWidth, $imgHeight, array(255, 255, 255, 0) ,'center', $imgPadding)->pimSave(); Actually @ak1001 suggestion of a endless loop, sounds more plausible than it is caused by a too large image. I use a function to selected random images to display, so currently I do not know which source-images are causing the exception.
  6. Thank you for this great module. In the log I find multiple of these exceptions: Error when trying to resize watermarkLogo to fit to the MemoryImage. (in /site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/PageImageManipulator/ImageManipulator02.class.php line 1986) My guess is that some of the images that I am trying to resize are too large (but I am not sure). Any suggestion how to fix this, so I can avoid fatal exceptions?
  7. Is that not how Wordpress does it? I expect that an additional table per field is more scalable. Even if you have 100 or a 1000 fields-tables, that will not have any negative effect on performance.
  8. How do you go about, if you have an existing database table, that you would like to maintain (edit data) from the ProcessWire back-end? I know it is possible to do with Adminer, but I am hoping for some more integrated PW-solution. Thanks.
  9. Thank you for making this module. It would be good to be able to upload svg-files as Media Images.
  10. One minor thing: when I choose to use "from-folder" as image-source, then it is not possible to upload new images into the folder within ImagePicker. Is this planned behavior, or can it be solved? Thanks. This upload-icon is missing, when picking image from folder.
  11. I finally tested the branch version, and it works great! 😃
  12. Hello @gebeer Great work, and thank you for two much needed modules! I second the idea to merge both modules into one killer-module, if it is possible? (the name ImagePicker would be a good and suitable name for the combined module). But this is of course for you to decide 🙂
  13. I have this code in ready.php: <?php namespace ProcessWire; $this->addHookAfter('ProcessPageEdit::processInput', $this, 'apiFunction'); function apiFunction($event) { die("testing"); } When I run it, I get this error: Any advice is appreciated?
  14. eydun


    Thanks for the reply. I have actually seen most of those templates, but I find them a bit dated. I will post back, if I find some good resources.
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