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    Thank you for the reply. I was also coming to the conclusion just to use the "regular" profile, so I am happy to hear that you also say that.
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    What module do you recommend for a news/blog-website?
  3. Thank you all for your helpful comments. I think I will go with the solution building the new site in a sub-directory. The old site is quite large (100+ pages), and therefore I plan to merge some content from the new processwire-subdirectory via the fantastic API that processwire provides into the old site, during the conversion-process. Quite messy, I know. But with such a complex-reducing system as processwire, I think it is doable. Thanks again!
  4. Hello. I just found ProcessWire and I am very impressed. It fees like Christmas Eve digging into the system. I would like to use it right away in some of my old websites that are built by custom-made code. Is it possible to rename the main "index.php" to some other name, e.g. "processwire.php", and modify the .htaccess accordingly? I ask because currently the old system is occupying the filename index.php (when the whole website has been converted to Processwire, then I will delete the old system).
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