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  1. Thanks. Can I pass this data to a rockfinder-instance, and use rockfinder dump-method? <?php namespace ProcessWire; /** @var $rockfinder RockFinder3 */ $rf = $rockfinder->find("template=dummy"); $q = new DatabaseQuerySelect(); $result = $q->select('id, class, created') ->from('modules') ->execute(); //dump($result->fetchAll()); // how do pass $result->fetchAll() to $rf-variable? $rf->dump();
  2. Would it be possible to dump this result to Tabulator (like $rf->dump();)?
  3. Thank you for building this awesome module. Is to possible to do custom sql-queries with RockFinder like this? SELECT id, class, created FROM modules
  4. I expect the answer to be negative, but I still need to ask. Has any managed to make Lister or ListerPro display in front-end?
  5. I agree, normally the database will be running. But I just want to make sure, that if for some reason the database is down (e.g. server reboot/maintenance), then the site will still be up.
  6. Thank you for the reply. I have tried to run a site with ProCache on, and shut down the database-service, and the pages stopped working. But let me try to test it again. Maybe I did something wrong the first time.
  7. Is it possible to setup a Processwire page/template that uses caching, so that the page can be displayed without creating a connection to PW-database?
  8. @teppoThanks, you nailed it! 😁
  9. Have you installed all the Multi-Language FieldTypes on both sites?
  10. I have experienced this happening, when there is some issue creating new session-files on the server. It could for example be caused by low disk-space or some permission-issues.
  11. Hello, I get "internal server error" when clicking on edit pages for all pages in the back-end. Tracy gives me this error: "Missing format specifier". We use PW 3.0.217 on PHP 8.0. Any idea what might be causing this?
  12. Thank you for building this module. What is the minimum required php version?
  13. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I agree. I find it a bit hard to find use-cases for unpublished pages, and also most often end with creating an additional boolean status-field.
  14. When building various templates such as webpages (or something else), do you usually add an additional boolean-field to be able to toggle the page to be "active" or not? Or do you just use the built-in "Publish/Unpublish" status-field to control if the page should be active/visible? I know it depends on the use-case, so this question is meant in general-terms best-practices how to use the status-field.
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