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  1. I figured it might be a bit of work to add additional git services so I've mirrored the repo over to GitHub and released v1.
  2. Ok that seems to have been due to caching - the module system heavily caches frontend pages, which it shouldn't really be doing for pages that require authentication... Anyways, I have a new problem now. It seems that PW no longer accepts projects that live outside GitHub (it used to, as the current module points to the GitLab repo). @ryan – would it be possible to allow non-GitHub repositories?
  3. Hmm, I'm trying to release v1 but the module system won't allow me to. I'm signed in, and the module is listed, but clicking on edit takes me back to my module list... Can somebody help me out with this?
  4. Hi Phillip – I'm so incredibly sorry for neglecting this. I noted in the merge requests that I'd get to it, and then never did. I'm going to go ahead and accept both and release, however I have no reliable way to test without configuring dev-environments for it. So if there are any issues, we can deal with them on an as-and-when-needed basis. Edit: Managed to test. Very strange. Seems like something that would need to be fixed in the underlying package. Updating to v6.6 now as part of the above merge request at least. 🙂
  5. New Maintainer Needed Sitemap is in need of developer to take over the project. There are a few minor issues with it, but for the most part, most scenarios, it works, and it works well. However, I'm unable to commit to further development, and would appreciate it if someone could take it over. If you're interested, please send me a private message and we can take it from there. Thanks! 🙂
  6. New Maintainer Needed Jumplinks is in need of a new maintainer, as I’m simply unable to commit to continued development. As it is, Jumplinks v2 has been in the pipeline for around four years now. Whilst v1 is stable (after so long, excluding a few minor issues here and there), there are features that people would like in v2 that are not in v1, and so the idea is that a capable maintainer takes over and breathes some life back into the project as I'm unable to due to work commitments. Current state of v2: backend is mostly functional, and the frontend was being re-written in Svelte (though whomever takes over is free to change this) after having been partially done in jQuery (I no longer use it for anything). As discussed previously, the backend side of things is powered by some Illuminate (Laravel) components, making it easier to interact with the DB and perform tasks on different models. Again, whomever takes over the project is free to change this, or even start from scratch if necessary. If you are reading this message and are interested in taking over the development of Jumplinks, please pop me a private message and we can take it from there. Thanks all! 🙂
  7. JL2 uses FastRoute to do what's being done here, although it obviously needs to hook into the 404 process in order to work. The reason I picked FastRoute was because, at the time, I simply didn't like the approach in current v1, and wanted something a little more robust, feature reach, and fast. JL2 could use this new feature (which is a great addition to PW), though some additional work would need to be done to make the URIs transform to the regex approach being used here, which is quite different. That aside, I'm afraid JL2 on hold, once again. Simply don't have the time to take it on right now, and doubtful that I will any time soon. In all honesty, I would be much happier if someone were to take the project over and give it new life. It's been in the pipeline for a long time now, and it's really come down to me making promises I uninentionally couldn't keep, much as I wanted to be able to. So, if anyone is able and willing to take it over, please feel free to pop me a DM.
  8. Apologies guys, I seem to have skipped 0.6.0, which was sitting on develop for quite some time. That's fine though, because if there are no issues, I'd like to bump it to v1.0. Given that it's not there yet, I've marked the module as Beta. If anyone does bump into funny stuff, let me know and I'll get it sorted as soon as I can.
  9. I'm about to release 0.7.0, which has the following changes: Bumps PHP minimum version to 7.1 (should be 7.2, but I'll do that next year) Bumps PW minimum version to 3.0.16 Fixes an issue with regards to null configs Sitemap cache policies Sets the correct installer directory for Composer
  10. @Sascha Nos You're very welcome! 🙂
  11. @bbeer – if you are getting URLs with the encoded %23, then I think that htaccess would be your best bet until JL2 is ready (working on it as I write this). It must be that the CRM is encoding the hash when storing the URL (bad move, CRM), which the browser then sends to the server, which sees it as part of the actual URI. The browser will never send it if it is not encoded. If htaccess is too messy, then you could perhaps append the source with {all}, which would catch everything after the last 'segment' – the destination could then just ignore this. Not the best solution I know, but seems like it could work for the time being…
  12. @teppo @Jason Huck – In JL1, this unfortunately requires two jumplinks – one for including the query string, and the other for excluding it. I know, it really sucks, but JL2 solves this problem by using optional parameters and a little bit of internal trickery. I do still need to add in a boolean flag on jumplinks to indicate whether or not they should even care about the query string. I would prefer to not implement this flag, but sometimes it's useful when you don't care about it so much that you'd rather not even make mention of it in the source.
  13. Hi @Marco Ro – Thanks, I'll need to look into this. It isn't the first time it's happened. Internally, I use a package that generates the sitemap using a 'fluent' interface, and this issue has crept up with that package a few times in the past.
  14. @gebeer It'll likely be executeCommit as executeEntity returns the view. However, the 'routes' will be split out in v2 (namely, executeStore, executeUpdate, executeDisable, executeEnable, the first two of which will probably be used to trigger a cleanup).
  15. @PWaddict – Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. From looking at the lines affected there, it seems like the sitemap configuration saved for each page vanished. Note entirely sure what could have caused that, though. Will give it a look-see on Sunday.
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