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  1. Mike Rockett

    @Karinne Cyphers I've pushed up 1.5.52 which attempts to fix the change that PHP 7.3 made to preg_*, where hyphens need to be escaped if not at the end of a character set in an expression. Not able to test on my side, so please could you update and let me know if it runs? Thanks!
  2. Mike Rockett

    Don't have a chance to look into this right now, but is anyone having issues on PHP 7.3? Saw a comment on the module listing from Alex Capes about it breaking. In the meantime, I've opened up an issue over at GitLab: https://gitlab.com/rockettpw/seo/jumplinks-one/issues/1 @Karinne Cyphers - only saw your note now, sorry about that! It's likely due to rules 16a/16b in htaccess. 16a limits the characters allowed in a URL, so hits would never even boot up ProcessWire. Try changing to 16b (and adding the tilde if it's not there). ——— Future Development / v2 I profusely apologise for how long it's taken to get things done for v2. As some of you know, my daily responsibilities have taken over, and committing time to open-source projects is not there as it once was. I'd love to be able to say that I can try find some time to get to it, but it's simply a promise I can't make or keep, unfortunately… The way I see it, there are two options on the table. First is to wait it out (I know, I know…) – I do have a project board on the old repo, so I know what stands where and what I'd envisioned for the module, and can pick things up where I left off last (phew, haven't touched jQuery in forever – that might be a challenge), when the time avails itself. Technically, I'm about half way there but there's still quite a bit of work to do in terms of frontend. Second option would be for someone to take over the project. It'd definitely need to be someone who can commit the time to its development, and develop in line with the way in which the module has been built so far (there's a decent amount of SoC going on, and the module is built up using packages such as Eloquent, FastRoute, etc.). Alternatively, as a third option, we could take a multi-contributor approach. So, if anyone is interested, feel free to send me a DM and we can chat about it.
  3. Mike Rockett

    Haha, if only the site site was PW-powered. It's just a lander running on Netlify. Might add in some sort of wildcard redirect to the new docs home.
  4. Mike Rockett

    Hey! Wow, what a throw-back – can't believe it's been so long, haha! Those files saved by Craig are the right ones (thanks!), except for the last one.
  5. Mike Rockett

    Indeed - 1.5.50 has the correct links.
  6. Mike Rockett

    Hey @Peter Knight – weird, the redirects should be working… Will take a look, thanks Edit: Hmm, the links appear to be correct on the latest version…
  7. Mike Rockett

    @bedak Thanks for your suggestion – happy to implement, but am stuck for time… Will open an issue on the repo in the meantime. Edit: If you feel you can add this in from your side, feel free to submit a merge request to https://gitlab.com/rockettpw/seo/markup-sitemap
  8. Mike Rockett

    @cb2004 – https://jumplinks.rockett.pw/features/smart-wildcards.html – you'll probably want to use {segments} or {all} here.
  9. Mike Rockett

    @DarsVaeda – Thanks for bringing that up. I did indeed plan to move it some time back, but then decided to only do it for v2, which, hasn't been under active development of late. I'll try find some time to sort this out on v1 soon. Sorry for the issues caused here. @gr00__ (sorry, not sure why it's not tagging you) – That would likely be due to PW’s htaccess rules, as the error is coming from Apache. As that's where its coming from, you'd need to create a rule that will strip out those characters. Haven't worked with htaccess for a long time now, so not confident that I can assist accurately…
  10. Mike Rockett

    @panx - looks like there might be an encoding issue with the RewriteCond directive there... Not sure how it would have happened, but my best guess would be to type the directives in manually. Also, the second RewriteCond line in that state won't apply to you. You'd likely need a catch-all of sorts to match the different types. I'm not able to test this as I no longer use Apache, but this could work: RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^\/index\.php [NC] RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^(.+)$ [NC] RewriteRule ^ /index_php/%1? [R,L] From there, you'd be able to create a jumplink for index_php/reference={reference:segment}&object={object:num}, which could then be directed to reference/{reference}/object/{object}.
  11. Mike Rockett

    @adrian I'd actually assumed that hidden included unpublished (). Will sort the changes out in the coming days (public holiday here today, back to work tomorrow).
  12. Mike Rockett

    @adrian – I see what you're saying now; thought about it the wrong way around. With that said, surely include=hidden is enough?
  13. Mike Rockett

    @mel47 – Hmm, I migrated the site to my newer dev environment, and the issue’s no longer showing up. That said, the Typography package appears to have been updated considerably, so I think it might be an idea to do an upgrade there...
  14. Mike Rockett

    @mel47 – Sorry for the delayed response here. I noticed this is happening on one of my own sites. Will investigate.
  15. Mike Rockett

    Module moved to GitLab: https://gitlab.com/rockettpw/tools/typographer