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  1. Mike Rockett

    @rareyush - what is the legacy domain you have set in the module’s config?
  2. Mike Rockett

    @rareyush — Thanks! looks like I'll need to do some checking there, or maybe I should use curl. Will open an issue for this and try sort it out today.
  3. Mike Rockett

    @elabx Were you not redirected to the new docs site when trying the old URL https://rockett.pw/jumplinks?
  4. Mike Rockett

    I've updated in the modules directory. Don't have time at the moment to look at this – if its needed urgently, please submit a merge request.
  5. Mike Rockett

    The module has been moved to GitLab: https://gitlab.com/rockettpw/seo/markup-sitemap I have tagged 0.4.1-RC3, but have not yet updated it in the modules directory. Need to fire up the old laptop to get credentials for that.
  6. Mike Rockett

    Hey @adrian - thanks for pointing this out. Both are valid points, so I'll try look into it this weekend.
  7. Mike Rockett

    Hi @mel47 Seems odd as the vendor directory is included, and autoloaded. I'll need to take a look at this, but I'm afraid I'll only have time to do so this coming weekend. I'll open up an issue on Git in the meantime. Which version of PW are you running?
  8. Mike Rockett

    Thanks @Robin S, I'll give that a try.
  9. Mike Rockett

    @rash You're quite right. I did think about it earlier, but not 100% sure how to go about it... Would be awesome if we could do something like find('extends=FieldtypeImage').
  10. Mike Rockett

    I've bumped to 0.4.0 RC3 on the repo.
  11. Mike Rockett

    @rash Great, I figured it might be that. I'll push the change and bump as soon as I can.
  12. Mike Rockett

    @rash, the module checks to see if any image fields are available to your installation. To be more precise, the check is specific to FieldtypeImage, which might be where the problem is coming in... I'm not sure if there are other Image modules that extend FieldtypeImage out there (and if so, if you're using one). On my side though, a fresh install of PW with the latest MarkupSitemap and an image field added in results in the config showing the applicable selector:
  13. Mike Rockett

    Hi @rash -- did you add the image field in via the module's config? This is basically a way to globally add specific image fields in one swoop, and then the exclusion options are available at page-level to override.
  14. Mike Rockett

    No problem, and thanks. I'm going to stick with my original solution as I need it to only be set once... This also gives a level of customisation, which I like.
  15. Mike Rockett

    @ngrmm - if you're wanting to redirect /old-dir/* to /new/*, then you can use the following: Source: old-dir/{all} Destination: new/{all} {all} is a smart wildcard (https://rockett.pw/jumplinks/smart-wildcards) that equates to {all:all}, which matches anything and everything, until another wildcard or marker. So, /old-dir/child-a/ will be redirected to /new/child-a/. If you need the path after /new/ to be omitted, then just use new/ as the destination, and then /old-dir/child-a/ will redirect to /new/.