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  1. @entschleunigung That's correct - it doesn't give consideration to multi language. That said, /en/old/page should throw a 404, and so the redirect should still take place...
  2. @entschleunigung To make sure that jumplinks is working, go into the module settings and turn on debug mode. When you hit the old URL, you should see a log from the module, showing what it's doing. Feel free to post that log here so we can take a look :)
  3. @Lance O. Looks like it could well be a case sensitivity issue with the license field, where yours is using an upper case "L", it is actually expecting it in lowercase. Are you able to rename the field and try again? Whether or not that fixes it, I'll need to push an update that converts the casing appropriately.
  4. You're welcome @teppo :) Ah, good to know, thanks :)
  5. The module has been published to Packagist, under rockett/sitemap. :)
  6. Oh, it's under rockett/jumplinks. Will update the opening post and readme as well.
  7. @teppo I've published Jumplinks on Packagist – please let me know if all's good :)
  8. @coxharrison - Not entirely sure what's going on here. Would have thought it to be a caching issue as well… Second guess is a header problem (incorrect status code for some reason), but that doesn't make sense as the module hooks into the 404 event and throws a 301/302 if a jump is needed. Given that it's been half a month since your last post, is this still happening?
  9. Aside: Is it me, or is this text editor broken? I've been battling to navigate using the arrow keys, it's double posting as adding replies on a the second last page doesn't take me to the last page, and deleting mentions and emojis is not working properly. Tested on FF and Chrome on Mac... Weird.
  10. @teppo - sure thing, will sort this out for you 🙂
  11. Hey @teppo - sorry for the delayed reply here. This can definitely be done. Good work with the composer installer - haven't been around for a while now, so didn't see it pop up. 🙂 Hey @Lance O. - You're very welcome - glad you like the module! 🙂 I don't think your issue is related to the URL validator, as the filter does say that URL is valid, as expected. This leads me to think that it's a spelling issue with the field name, though that seems unlikely. Would you mind doing a little debugging and checking to see if the URL does indeed get knocked out at https://gitlab.com/rockettpw/seo/markup-sitemap/blob/master/MarkupSitemap.module.php#L447?
  12. And done – was a simple case of me forgeting I've switched to tag-based releases.
  13. Ah, my apologies - will sort this out. 🙂
  14. @elabx Also, v2 will support the optional trailing slash by default (configurable).
  15. Under normal circumstances, contributions to OSS help out with continued development – issue on my side is exactly that: slammed with work. With that said, there are several public holidays coming up (four-day weeks for two/three weeks), so I think I can slot in some time to get things going here and at maybe even put up a testing version of sorts next month. Further on down the line, when it's stable, we'd definitely need to look at getting someone onboard to assist with maintenance.
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