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  1. @adrian – I've released 1.5.64 which adds the safety net around CLI usage (as a general rule) and request_uri. Please let me know if that solves it.
  2. Guessing this should do the trick…?
  3. @adrian The only thing I can think of is an upgrade to PHP 8.1, as that's the only thing that can cause it. I guess I'd need to find a way to have the module not do anything when being executed via the CLI...
  4. Hi @adrian – very odd as $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] should never be null. Perhaps something is unsetting it? Imo, Jumplinks should actually be throwing a hard exception in this case.
  5. Thanks – completely forgot about the info.json file. Bumping to 1.5.63 to remedy it.
  6. @DV-JF Thanks for reporting. 1.5.62 released with fixes. Please test and let me know if all's good.
  7. Version 2 of this module has been published. It now has support for Composer (via composer-installers). PW >= 3.0 and PHP >= 7.4 is now required. Dependencies updated. Please let me know if you bump into any issues.
  8. Thanks @gornycreative I'll see if I can get a new version published this weekend.
  9. Hi all, I've released 0.9.0, which brings the minimum PHP version to 7.4, adds support for PHP 8, and adds support for Composer 2. Also released 0.9.1 which handles @gebeer's suggestion (thanks!). Note, however, that I've published these versions on a hunch that they will be ok – I do not have a PW setup for testing. If something is broken, let me know and I'll fix it.
  10. Hi guys, I'm afraid I don't have the time to maintain this module, and would prefer if someone took it over, along with Jumplinks. The simple reality is that I don't do website development anymore and, by extension, don't use PW anymore, and so I feel it best that these modules be handed over to someone who is active with PW and would be happy to take them over. If you'd like to do so, please drop me a DM and we can take it from there.
  11. Hey @adrian — surely it should be working as it's a recursive method-call that uses canBeIncluded to determine whether or not the template has access? I looked very briefly and that's the way I'm seeing it. On another note: wow, I have not looked at my modules in a looong time ?
  12. @patman Not sure how that's possible. The module simply hooks onto PWs page not found event to display the sitemap at that path. Not sure if something has changed in PW itself that might cause this to happen, or perhaps another module is somehow conflicting. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  13. @adrian Thanks, I'm surprised I didn't cover this (thinking back, I thought I did). Will take a look-see as soon as I can. The idea is that it should support it - because it is valid. @wbmnfktr Noted, I've replied to your DM.
  14. Thanks for reporting – 0.8.2 has been tagged with the fix.
  15. Hi guys, sorry about this – will push a fix up shortly.
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