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  1. fbg13

    Send the id of the page you want to save in the ajax request, then get the page based on the id.
  2. fbg13

    Your problem is not with PW since you're not even reaching PW, from what you said. Your problem is most likely with pointing the domain to the new server. So take it slower, instead of moving PW just put a index.html (this eliminates most steps) file on the new server and try to access that. Once you reach that index.html start moving PW.
  3. fbg13

    Your problem is unrelated to PW. You can read here how to move a PW site, but the steps apply to most CMS's, just step 5 is specific to PW in that the file name and its location differ from cms to cms. That's why i said it's unrelated to PW, there is nothing special about moving a PW site compared to moving any other site. Have you actually contacted them? And as I said before no one can help you with the little info you provided. What kind of hosting do you have (shared, vps etc)? Do you have a control panel? Do you have phpmyadmin? Who handles your domain?
  4. fbg13

    @henri This is unrelated to processwire. There are many possible reasons why it doesn't work. We can't know what it is by the little info you provided nor is this the place for this questions. Ask your hosting provider if they can help you move the site, or search for guides on how to move a site to a different host.
  5. fbg13

    Move files to new server, import database, point domain to the new server, wait for the domain to propagate.
  6. fbg13

    Checkout _main.php Uikit 3 Regular site profile uses markup regions
  7. fbg13

    @Lenz https://github.com/processwire/processwire/blob/643c9d3a87ddd8d579c4879c2382a9170466344b/wire/modules/Markup/MarkupPagerNav/MarkupPagerNav.module#L675 $_pages = $pages->find('id>1, limit=10'); foreach ($_pages as $p) { echo "{$p->title}<br>"; } echo '<hr>$config->pagerHeadTags: ', \htmlspecialchars($config->pagerHeadTags), '<br>'; echo $_pages->renderPager(); echo '$config->pagerHeadTags: ', \htmlspecialchars($config->pagerHeadTags), '<br>';
  8. fbg13

    Checkout https://github.com/cytopia/devilbox
  9. fbg13

    According to the image above. // loop over repeater items // repeater is the name of my repeater field foreach ($page->repeater as $r) { // person is the name of my page ref field for selecting persons // can hold a single page (can be set in field's settings, details tab) echo $r->person->title, " "; // skills is the name of my page ref field for selecting skills // can hold multiple pages so we have to loop (can be set in field's settings, details tab) foreach ($r->skills as $s) { echo $s->title, " "; } // or use eq echo $r->skills->eq(0)->title, " "; echo $r->skills->eq(1)->title, " "; } // outputs // Jim Programmer Designer Programmer Designer
  10. fbg13

    One way to do something like that is with the repeater field. You have a repeater field and the repeater has two page ref fields (people, roles). And you repeat the fields for every person. The way i described in my first comment the roles field would go to the people template, so on the video page you would only have the people field. You add a person and then click on it, a modal opens to edit the persons page where you can set the role.
  11. fbg13

    @neosin After you select asmselect as your input field type, check the "Settings specific to “asmSelect”" below. There you have "Link selected pages to page editor?" that lets you open the selected page in a modal and edit any fields that page has. You can also create new pages from the page ref field (check the "Allow new pages to be created from field?" option).
  12. fbg13

    phptherightway.com hackingwithphp.com developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn/JavaScript
  13. fbg13

    $first = $selectWatch->eq(0); $second = $selectWatch->eq(1); $third = $selectWatch->eq(2); https://processwire.com/api/ref/wire-array/eq/
  14. Why are there two modules? Can the main module be used without the "Packages Manager" module? Why the "sort by name" button and not use the table header? Delete all button goes all the way to the right because no "position: relative" on parent. You could also float it to right. Sorry if these were already discussed.