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  1. You might want to inspect the ajax upload request through the network tab of the browser dev tools. The response there might shed some light on what's wrong.
  2. You might want to take a look at this or other resources on the topic: https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2011/11/how-to-set-up-a-print-style-sheet/
  3. The most taken way to do that is probably using Amazon's S3.
  4. I've used all sorts of different styles in my projects, so really it depends on how flexible your markup does need to be and how you want to pass data to your partials.
  5. Can you show us the code where the images are used in your template and/or the markup, which does get rendered?
  6. Only the native include() function does implicitly share variables with included php files. Any userland functions/methods cannot do that, which is why $files->include() cannot do it as well. $files->include() is there, because it's aware of processwire's filecompiler, if you don't need that you can simply use include() as well.
  7. Adding the setlocale statement is not a hard requirement, but you'd need to live with the pw notice each time you log in. It's been added not because of anything related to multi-language sites, but because of issues with file handling of processwire involving utf-8 characters like cyrillic ones. These can happen on all processwire sites not just multi language ones.
  8. Advanced mode is mostly meant to be toggled on just to edit the named settings and disabling it again (or at least for the live version).
  9. https://processwire-recipes.com/recipes/resetting-admin-password-via-api/
  10. These are such micro performance improvements, that I doubt these causing the cpu spikes.
  11. There are various topics around this exact use case on the forums. The short version: there's no obvious solution, but things you can do.
  12. The thumbnail generation does run when this code is executed and the file corresponding to the thumbnail does not exist at that time.
  13. If you mean "per individual email" then it works like that for all WireMails $mail->header("Reply-To", $emailAddress);
  14. You might want to use this instead of a hardcoded id: $config->http404PageID
  15. That's not correct. It's not populated by json data – which by the way is not really a standard or alike – but only by data formatted in application/x-www-form-urlencoded or multipart/form-data. Both is what a <form> can send, but ajax can also send data in that format. It's just that ajax libs nowadays favor json (, it's not like it's name would include xml :D).