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  1. I use Gitlab since 2014. Gitlab -> great for private repos and organizations Github -> great for open source and tools integration. Github is more known in the open source and many tools (like kanban tools or similar project management type tools) are tailored to Github. The good news is that Gitlab can easily mirror github repos in both directions
  2. Thank you teppo!. Now the app is fully working with the latest news
  3. This is a joy to read congratulations
  4. Great work!. Hope you make many sales and spread the word about professional processwire uses!. As a side note I find odd that the page selling processwire site profiles and templates is made with wordpress.
  5. Thank you
  6. Maybe enabling test mode in the installer could bring more data
  7. Maybe is the browser thats blocking something. Have you tried using different browsers?
  8. Hello, maybe Xampp have some problems in PHP or Apache config. try using something different like
  9. One idea that may work is having a base branch with all the customizable and not customizable templates. here you make any changes that should be propagated to the other branches. Then when you need to customize a file you simply change to the desired branch, merge the changes from the base branch and then modify any specific configuration for the file needed in the branch. See gitlab flow for more details 😉
  10. Haha I mainly use them for the PW App RSS seems old, but it´s gold for a news app 😉 I hope @teppo could see this issue. I´m currently using a cached version of the rss. Thanks Teppo for your help! 😄
  11. Ok Now iOS version is ready!
  12. It seems that is having troubles with rss too! :C (is rendering with html, not xml)
  13. Maybe this can help too
  14. It just a generic concept approach, so instead of using the unique terminology that every cms or system uses (that is totally valid for their use case and target audience). you can explain things to clients like this and create standard meanings. If does not make sense to you it's fine. It's just another way of understanding concepts. For beginners I would recommend to understand ProcessWire core concepts the way they are by doing small projects and asking here in the forums. And then try to represent the same concepts in a more generic way like this or other form @Jonathan Lahijani provided a super awesome link and go here for a more visual representation of the concepts
  15. Good read, thanks. I will change the templates and pages analogies in the atomic design because it could mess with ProcessWire terminology. So you could separate a system in three main layers: # Presentation Layer (Frontend) atoms => basic html, css, js tags molecules => combination of different atoms (search bar, navigation menu, etc) organism => combination of different molecules (header : logo molecule + menu molecule + search bar molecule) artifact => combination of different organisms (wireframes, mockups) unit => an artifact in its final form (mockups are implemented with final looks and data) (ex: an static html page with static data) # Logic Layer (Backend) phenotype => Define what and how information is stored and represented in the storage system (username:Text, email:Text, password:Text, profileImage:Blob, etc). genotype => Define the group of phenotypes that a cell should fill. (an User needs the following information: username and password) cell => It's a representation of a genotype (User) with all the phenotype information filled (username:clsource, password:1234) # Execution Layer (Runtime, Final Product) entity = a unit that interacts with cells. (ex: a page with dynamic data)