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  1. After some introspection I think I know what might have happened, I probably made the error to '=' instead of '==": if($page->template->name='xx') { Hope this helps someone else 🙂
  2. Hi all, I just had something scary happening (on my dev server luckily). I was working on an old project that has comparatively lots of data. ~1500 "event" pages, the event template has 30-40 fields. And I added another one, a repeater for a gallery. Then suddenly, while working on some unrelated front end stuff the 'event' template had been rename to '1', and everything stopped working obviously. When looking at the '1' template it had all fields listed as strings, and not the usual draggable list of fields. I tried renaming it to 'event' again, but I got the prompt that 'event' was already taken. I then renamed it to 'eventa' - that worked, and could then rename it again to 'event' Now things are back to normal, but I wonder - what happened? It can't be a keyboard slip since renaming a template needs a confirmation.......??? thanks for any insights in this mysterious matter, j
  3. Hi, I'm working on a project that I'd like/hope will become a public open source project. I wonder - what is the best way to check in PW in git so that it's easy to install for others? I'm leaning towards checking in everything (including /wire), except /site/assets/file, /site/assets/cache and such. My hope is that someone could just git clone the project and copy the database to get going. However, I know PW needs to go through the installer sometimes to work properly. I had instances where I needed to install it and then copy over the content/templates afterwards. Is there a way to automate an installer export after a git-hook perhaps? How would you go about this? Thanks!
  4. Edit: No sorry, it works totally fine. I did something wrong before probably! It searches the current language and default, just as expected. I think I'm looking for the opposite than that thread. I have EN (default) FR NL If current language is FR the search does not include EN (default), but I want it to do that tx
  5. Hi, After looking through the forums it seems that field*=foo bar should look for the phrase "foo bar" in all languages, but it doesn't for me. It only searches in the current language. So, for example, if a phrase only exists in the default language, and you current choice is French, it's not returned. How can i search all languages? PW 3.0.165 thanks!
  6. Yes! createdUser, thats the one I was looking for. Thanks!
  7. Hi, how do i display the created by user name in the list of the backend, together with the page title? I tried title, created_by.title title, createdby title, createdby.name title, created_by.name ...etc thanks!
  8. @Robin S Update: seems shaky. Gives error " Notice: Undefined index: quality in .../CroppableImage3Helpers.class.php on line 207". Then, uploading doesn't actually work (never ends). But thanks anyway!
  9. @Robin S YES! Thank you! This is exactly it. Not sure how I missed it?! ...!
  10. @ZekaWhat I'm looking for is that the editor is able to do custom named crops. I'd like the editor to be able to manually decide how a 'mobile' crop should be cropped. So not just automatically cropped from the center, and also not cropped from a focus point (which is mentioned elsewhere) but a custom named crop where the editor decides exactly what crop is going to be "portrait" for example. I'd like to be able to define named variations such as "portrait, square, landscape" and the editor can make manual crops for each of these three named crops (but based on the same image), and save them as separate variations. Then again, perhaps I'm over-complicating things. I should just stick to using focus point. It's slightly less flexible in that you have to choose one single focus point, but easier to reason around perhaps. I have a client with images that has some quite specific requirements, like top-right crop for mobile, center for desktop and center-right for tablet (for example) - you can't do this with focus point. thanks again
  11. Yes, If I have an image, then would like to store different crops - possibly to be used together with the <picture> element
  12. Hi all, What would be the best way to maintain different crops of the same image 'desktop', 'mobile', or perhaps 'landscape', 'portrait', 'square', etc? And perhaps with some fall back, that if mobile is missing, it falls back to desktop, or similar? I was hoping to avoid having to make separate fields for variations, if possible. many thanks! J
  13. Hi, I recently found out about the page-edit-created permission. That's amazing. But is there a way to get it to work for parents. Lets say user P created the page A - is it possible to let P edit all children (and grandchildren) of A but not children of B, that P didn't create? Lets call them AA, AAA, ABA, ABB (children of A). and BA, BAA, BBB (children of B). And, furthermore, I have now a case where I would like to change the owner of A to P, and let P edit AA, AAA, ABA, ABB without having to individually change each page to owner P. Possible? Put differently, what I'd like is to make P owner of a node in a tree, and that all pages under that sub-tree belongs to P, but nothing else outside this sub-tree. From what I understand page-edit-permission only works per page or template - but not children? Or is there a better way to tackle this? Again with examples: project1 (project template) event1 (event template) event2 (event template) project2 (project template) event3 (event template) event4 (event template) if I give P ownership of project1, i cannot prevent P from adding events under project2, right? Also, if I change owner for project 1, i have to change owner of event1 and event2 for P to be able to edit those - I was hoping i wouldn't have to do that. Is there such a thing as page-add-child-created :)? thanks!
  14. Hi there, Is it true that ProTable can't have images or or files, or did I do something wrong with my setup? thanks!
  15. two good suggestions - thanks! Media manager looks particularly impressive
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