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  1. Thanks! Not using a lot of cache on this particular site, maybe 30 is normal and i just need to simply cache more...
  2. Hi there, On one site (on tsohost.com) i get this error message that I'm using too many db connections. The site will hang for half a minute then work again. I wonder, is max 30 low, or normal? It's the first time in a decade I encounter this issue in PW. I'm doing some custom logging so i do new Page() and ->save() for some pages, could this mess with the db connection pooling? Do i need to explicitely close any connections?? I would imagine I don't need to do anything like that, or? many thanks J
  3. Relevant discussion: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=28838132
  4. Yes, this helps for deployment and updates. I use git-ftp which is similar in philosophy, perhaps. Was hoping to find a more robust solution with docker, where I can swap containers at deploy perhaps, for easier rollbacks and also maybe quicker to reproduce? But I'm not sure if I actually need this, or I'm making it too complicated.
  5. Was looking into this actually, but then you'd want to isolate the sites from each other which means php-fpm etc. I got it running recently, so its not impossible, but it feels way less robust than some docker based setup. If something is up with apache/nginx ALL sites go down, etc.
  6. Thank you . Had a look and it looks great, however I was hoping to avoid tying up my entire professional life to some service with a subscription model and tiers. I might rather try and go the longer route I think, whatever that means...
  7. Dear everyone, I've used PW in probably, at least, 100 project the last 10 years. I've been wanting to quit shared hosting since at least five years but I don't have a good idea exactly how yet (as a 1-man company) and I was hoping to get insights and inspiration in your workflows. I've prepared by moving over entirely to Linux, and I'm runing a bunch of VPS's for some personal projects. I also do all my dev work remote, on a VPS. I can set up debian reasonably okay, I think. My biggest issues are: 1. Every shared hosting has a different interface and different constraints 2. I can't easily copy live -> staging -> test, working with updated data is a manual hassle 3. I currently have no shared hosting that ticks all boxes (in the Netherlands) 4. Since PW is a CMS I have to update the live data-model manually (there is no 'migrate up'). I don't think I can solve this problem through any devops magic, but still worth mentioning as one of the biggest pain points. The answer to this problem might be to step over to Laravel, or similar, I assume. My goals and hopes are: -1. (Edit): **FOSS**. I would want to avoid tying up my professional life to any service with tiers and a subscription model 0. **Have the same basic architecture for all projects** 1. Automate backup and restore, and streamline it across all projects 2. Streamline replication from live -> staging and -> test, so I can work on a fresh copy of data without having to use phpmyadmin 3. Have a more robust and portable and setup where I can spawn vps's with a click 4. have a more robust deployment process (better than git-ftp) that is easy to reverse. I realize this is a very wide devops question, but I'm curious about how you do it - the ones who who took this step away from shared hosting. I know someone who runs a rails shop, and hes using docker/kubernetes - that is probably the answer, I think. But I still wonder exactly how this would apply to PW. jg
  8. And the answer is to install this plugin: https://github.com/ClaudeSeo/ckeditor-fontweight seems to work fine!
  9. Hello! Does anyone have a good idea how to enable light, regular, medium, bold (font-weight 100-700, or so) in ckedit? thanks!
  10. Hi there, Is there a more elegant way to check if there is at least one item in an image array, currently do if($page->images && $page->images->first) - too long! tx!
  11. This is exactly it, thank you! In this case I needed the editor to be warned when no value has been selected. It needs to be required so that you get that red banner when no choice has been taken
  12. Hi there, Sometimes I find myself wanting a simple dropdown in the backend with some static options like "Yes, No, Don't know" or similar. It's a bit long winded in these instances to setup custom pages for this. Is there something like this as a plugin, or similar? Startpage says 'no', but worth a check here, I thought.
  13. After some introspection I think I know what might have happened, I probably made the error to '=' instead of '==": if($page->template->name='xx') { Hope this helps someone else 🙂
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