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  1. Hi, I think there is a typo on this page that will really mess up people who are trying to do processwire backups from code: https://processwire.com/api/ref/wire-database-backup/ The very first example, instead of $database->backup(); I think it should be: $database->backups();
  2. Awesome solution just what I was looking for! For a little more flexibility, instead of hardcoding to allow robots if debug is false, I added a checkbox field on the robots template so I can turn SEO blocking on or off from the backend.
  3. thanks everyone, @adrian it was indeed permissions issue. happened because I had copied the assets/files from old site to new using root user, but apache configured to run as a different user per site. To help anyone who finds this, I ran: cmod -R 775 on the assets/files folder, as root.
  4. Site works great on staging, moved to production (different folder/user on same server), site front-end works, but trying to create a new page on the backend gives this error: DirectoryIterator::__construct(../releases/1548970736/site/assets/files/1140/): failed to open dir: No such file or directory (in /wire/core/Pageimages.php line 134) The database is an exact copy. Only thing I didn't copy over was the backups/cache/logs directories from assets. (I did copy the "files" directory). The folder it is referencing "site/assets/files/1143" ...that directory never existed on staging or production. Don't know why it's trying to call that directory from the getAllVariations() method in wire/core/Pageimages.php??? It gives this error no matter where in the tree i try to create a new page. EDIT: Just realized that the "1143" in the error message "site/assets/files/1143" is the id of the new page I'm trying to create.
  5. @teppo AAH! I can't believe I wasted so much time looking into namespaces and scope context yesterday!!! How embarrassing. Thank you.
  6. @LostKobrakai Sorry for noob question, but after installing Migrations module and creating my first migration, my IDE gives an error because the variable $this is unexpected... It seems like no one else has encounter this...is something wrong with my pw setup? Any hints on where I can look for answers?
  7. Installed fresh processwire from scratch on identical hosting setup. When going through installer, everything checks out as normal, except on the final review page after install, these errors appear: I can still continue on to login page, but original error is still present and prevents login.
  8. In site/config.php if I set: $config->protectCSRF = false; Then 3 different things happen: A wires_challenge cookie is now showing up in my browser (wasn't there before.) The error "appears to be forged" no longer shows up. ?login=1 is added to the url string Still does not login 😞
  9. I also changed the permissions of the /tmp folder to 777 just to see if that would fix it. Still not working.
  10. I tried the methods in that stackoverflow question and they did not work. As you can see in my posted screenshot, I was able to get phpinfo() to recognize a different save_path by using .htaccess. However that did not keep the "appears to be forged" error from showing up when logging in. The app is using the docker configuration based on standard php apache image as seen in this repo: https://github.com/Azure-App-Service/php/tree/master/7.2.5-apache Please if anyone has any other ideas of what can be keeping me from logging in, this is preventing us from bringing our ready website to production. Thanks!
  11. I changed my .htaccess file to successfully get the session.save_path to change to a local directory that I am sure I have full ownership permissions on: I restarted the site, cleared all cookies, and still get the error. Any ideas?
  12. The following is my session.save_path from phpinfo(). I found someone who showed how to change the session.save_path with this code: session_save_path(realpath(dirname($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']) . '/../session')); But that didn't seem to make any difference.
  13. @Pixrael I'm not very experienced with linux but I thought that if PW is creating new files in site/assets/sessions directory, it has permissions to write there? Or is the php session path a different thing than the PW session path?
  14. I'm having this issue after moving to production. I'm hosting on a Linux web app on Azure. All permissions are set as rwxrwxrwx for all folder and files in the webroot. I have plenty of free space. I tried deleting the site/assets/sessions directory...a new one gets created properly automatically upon next sign in attempt. Session files are being created in the site/assets/sessions directory, so I know that processwire is able to access that. What else could be the issue if it's not permissions or storage space?
  15. With Microsoft Azure recently releasing proper Linux and native Mysql hosting, it is becoming very easy to get processwire hosted on that platform. By default, they force SSL connection to the managed Mysql server. This causes processwire to fail when trying to connect. I can turn off SSL for my MySql server, but I wish there was a $config setting like $config->useSSL = true that would allow processwire to include the appropriate property in the connection string (like ssl=true or whatever). Here is the Azure link that explains what I would like to do: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/mysql/concepts-ssl-connection-security Am I missing this config setting somewhere? Or would it be easy to add? Thanks.
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