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  1. Krlos

    Hello, I'm trying to make this module to work but It seems that my Processwire knowledge is not enough to make it work. I have a user profile with some pdf files that I need to be secured for every user. Only the owner can dowload his/her own files. So, I added the custom field 'profile-contract' to the system user template, so far so good. The secure file module is saving the files outside of the document root. Now I have created a new template in the front end (profile.php) so users can download their files and access other information about their profile. I have been using this: $user->profile_name, $user->birth_date etc to access custom field data from the user template and printed to the profile.php template The question is how can I make a link to download a secured file stored in the user system template?, in this case a custom field named $user->profile_contract in to the profile.php template Thank you.
  2. Krlos

    Hey @adrian, what is that Console window? looks really usefull
  3. You are absolutely right about this, you can build the same or better with PW api, but the views module in Drupal makes so easy for people with little or no technical background to build or modify query of content with no code at all.
  4. IMHO this is the fundamental element in this discussion. In my first discovering of Processwire I did not understand how it really worked, since I came from more trational CMSs. I have always thought that there is a lack of information on how to do "things" that are easy in other CMSs. I know that the power of Processwire comes from the freedom of doing things "your way", but sometimes someone needs just a functionality. In my case I came from Drupal and from time to time I miss a module like Views in Processwire that makes so easy to build any type of queries from simple list to complex building blocks . Maybe we need more documentation on "how to do common things".
  5. Krlos

    @SamC I'm working on a project of this nature, but its an Intranet with profiles and custom fields for storing information about differents kind of user. How did you do it in the end, which approach did you use?
  6. @adrian I never resolve this because it was not a bug. I was pasting some html code inside a Ckeditor field (from another project) that had src img tags with absolute path, so I think when Processwire evaluates the html code in a ckeditor field tries to match the img tag to images uploaded to the image field. Removing the src img path fixed the problem.
  7. Hi, I'm using Formbuilder to build forms in my website, I have different forms to track Google Adwords Conversions but I have like 20 differents forms. I was wondering how do you guys handle conversions in Google Adwords
  8. Hi, I just want to thank to flydev and everyone else who has contributed to this wonderful module. For me, Duplicator It has worked flawlesly to make backups and bring those backups to my local machine to test new functionality. Sincerely a fellow Processwire developer.
  9. Hi, have this php script that does a lookup in an external database. I tryed to insert the script using an iframe , but the query is not validating the input and the script is not working. I tried to paste de code inside a template in processwire but is not working either, I copied the script files to the root folder of the site where the processwire .htacess resides. The script has a call to an external databe and output a pdf file. What can I try to make this work? Thank you in advance.
  10. Thank you guys, as always It's a pleasure to be part of a wonderful community dragan, iank and FrancisChung were right on the spot, the problem was on my .htaccess file. iank Got the solution, My Cpanel was adding those lines to the end of my .htaccess file, as my server uses multiphp and I have other websites that run on different php versions. Thank you again for your priceless help
  11. Hi, I'm just installed this module to try a new way to do my backups, and I have a question: where is stored in Google Drive the backup file?
  12. Hi, I have a weird problem with this site: I have a working pw 3.0.85 installed on a Cpanel VPS, everything is working fine. Now I need to make some changes, so I compressed the files with cpanel compress tool and downloaded to my local mackbookpro mamp server. Here is the weird thing, when I try to visit the home page for this local installation the browser prompts to dowload the index.php file instead of executing. I can log into Processwire admin backend, and everything is working fine, if I browse a page of the site that is not the home page everything is working fine too. So only the home page is not working What could it be? I'm out of ideas. Thank you
  13. Krlos

    +1 to this question.
  14. Hi, I'm having problems to insert images on a Ckeditor body field. The images are uploaded to a image field and the page is saved. When I do clic in Ckeditor Image button I get: Failed to init module: ProcessPageEditImageSelect - No page specified The requested process does not exist The process returned no content. I'm using the superuser account. Processwire version: 3.0.79 This is the first time I get an error in Processwire... Thank you.