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  1. @nbcommunication Thanks for this module. But I'm having a hard time to understand how to implement srcset in my websites. I have been using PIA (Pageimage assistant) to serve images with fixed width and then using Bootstrap 'image-fluid' class to fit the image. I have been experimenting with your module: I have 2 Mac laptops (a new MBA M1, and an old MBP no retina), using defaults rules (320, 640, 768x480 960w, 1024, 2048 2x). 1.- When I inspect the served images I get the same image in both laptops, in my understanding I should get different images based on pixel density of the device. 2.- Served images end up being bigger. for example, I have this blog section: In this layout, every image is 320 * 200 px (weight 21 kb), but the image being serve is 2048 * 1365 px (weight 438 kb) it fits beause it has width: 100% in CSS. So the question is, what benefit has the user in this scenario? Or I'm doing wrong?
  2. Hi @Gideon So, I tried that but for reason is not working for me.
  3. Hi, I'm having the same issue with bootstrap 4.5, I need to apply "active" class to the <li> element of the active link, but it's not working. How did you solve it?
  4. Krlos


    Hi, I'm having and issue when sharing webpages using Seomaestro on WhatsApp. When I share a webpage copying the url to WhatsApp on desktop or mobile, I get no OG preview. If I remove the image field from Opengraph I get the preview of Domain and page title without the og:image. I have tested Opengraph on facebook and is working fine, I also tested on https://iframely.com/ and is everything seems ok. Has anyone had this issue?
  5. Hi @adrian, I can confirm this issue using your steps to reproduce. PW: 3.0.165 CK Editor: 4.14.0 Safari: 14.1
  6. Hello, I'm following your video, but apparently the code in the gist is not the same as the video?
  7. I am very interested in learning Tailwindcss, but I have no experience with the latest tools. How can I integrate Tailwindcss into my processwire projects and use postcss and purgecss to remove unused css.
  8. Hello, this module is great! I see that the image upload button is not available, I need to add an image, is it possible?
  9. Hello, I'm trying to integrate an external library, but when I try to call the library I get this error: Deprecated: Non-static method ProcessWire\WireData::get() should not be called statically in /Users/xxx/xxx/xxx/wellnessup/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/templates/resultado.php on line 23 Any help is appreciated.
  10. You could create a generic user and distribute the access password to everyone.
  11. Hi, you can try this module, it can be used for your case. http://modules.processwire.com/modules/protected-mode/ I have used it while the website is in development so that only my clients can access the frontend.
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