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  1. @nbcommunication Thanks for this module. But I'm having a hard time to understand how to implement srcset in my websites. I have been using PIA (Pageimage assistant) to serve images with fixed width and then using Bootstrap 'image-fluid' class to fit the image. I have been experimenting with your module: I have 2 Mac laptops (a new MBA M1, and an old MBP no retina), using defaults rules (320, 640, 768x480 960w, 1024, 2048 2x). 1.- When I inspect the served images I get the same image in both laptops, in my understanding I should get different images based on pixel density of the device. 2.- Served images end up being bigger. for example, I have this blog section: In this layout, every image is 320 * 200 px (weight 21 kb), but the image being serve is 2048 * 1365 px (weight 438 kb) it fits beause it has width: 100% in CSS. So the question is, what benefit has the user in this scenario? Or I'm doing wrong?
  2. Hi @Gideon So, I tried that but for reason is not working for me.
  3. Hi, I'm having the same issue with bootstrap 4.5, I need to apply "active" class to the <li> element of the active link, but it's not working. How did you solve it?
  4. Krlos


    Hi, I'm having and issue when sharing webpages using Seomaestro on WhatsApp. When I share a webpage copying the url to WhatsApp on desktop or mobile, I get no OG preview. If I remove the image field from Opengraph I get the preview of Domain and page title without the og:image. I have tested Opengraph on facebook and is working fine, I also tested on https://iframely.com/ and is everything seems ok. Has anyone had this issue?
  5. Hi @adrian, I can confirm this issue using your steps to reproduce. PW: 3.0.165 CK Editor: 4.14.0 Safari: 14.1
  6. Hello, I'm following your video, but apparently the code in the gist is not the same as the video?
  7. I am very interested in learning Tailwindcss, but I have no experience with the latest tools. How can I integrate Tailwindcss into my processwire projects and use postcss and purgecss to remove unused css.
  8. Hello, this module is great! I see that the image upload button is not available, I need to add an image, is it possible?
  9. Hello, I'm trying to integrate an external library, but when I try to call the library I get this error: Deprecated: Non-static method ProcessWire\WireData::get() should not be called statically in /Users/xxx/xxx/xxx/wellnessup/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/templates/resultado.php on line 23 Any help is appreciated.
  10. You could create a generic user and distribute the access password to everyone.
  11. Hi, you can try this module, it can be used for your case. http://modules.processwire.com/modules/protected-mode/ I have used it while the website is in development so that only my clients can access the frontend.
  12. Hello, anyone know how to find the latest version number of Pro modules, I have some clients who want to update their websites and they want to renew the subscription to access new versions. Thank you
  13. Following my last post, in the end I had to use htaccess redirect because I could never solve the problem.
  14. Hello, I have a problem that I could not solve. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or jumplinks is not working for me. I need to create a 301 redirect for a page I'm deleting on my site and I want to redirect this page to the home page. Original page: https://mydomain.com/my-page/ My jumplink is: Source: my-page Destination: (using the pagetree to select my homepage) Home when I visit the url https://mydomain.com/my-page/ I still can access the page, is not redirecting to my home page. If I unpub https://mydomain.com/my-page/ I get a 404 error. I have been using Jumplink to redirect old pages (pages that don't exist in my processwire website) from legacy cms and they are working fine. I appreciate any advice Thank you
  15. I made it work with the instructions in Github. $config->MarkupSocialShareButtonsServices = array( "example" => array( "example_url" => "http://exampleurl.com/", "example_params" => "?url={url}&description={text}", "example_icon" => "<img src='{themeUrl}png/example.png'>", ) ); Using: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?text={url} Thank you!
  16. Hi, Is it possible to add share on WhatsApp?
  17. I am really interested in this discussion as I have multiple clients who want to implement stores.
  18. I have successfully tested at Webfaction hosting, everything is working perfect. PHP Version 7.4.5 Processwire: 3.0.148 CroppableImage: 2.0.0-RC02 (beta) I just noticed a bit of slowness when generating the thumbnail before making the crop. The image was 5.1 mb
  19. @Gadgetto thank you for your reply, Do you plan to update Snipwire to version 3? In the meantime, I am testing your module to see if I can use it in any project in the near future. Everything is working fine except when I try to place an order in test mode I get this error in the last step of the check out: Everything works perfect, except when I'm placing an order and in the last step the payment throws this error: We have not been able to validate your order. Looks like some product prices might have changed since you added them to the cart. Please review your order and try again. I changed the payment currency from Euro to CLP and snipwire was able to correctly read the change from Snipcart dashboard. I removed snipcart_item_price_eur field from snipcart-product template and added snipcart_item_price_clp. Then it gives me the following message: It looks like this item is not available anymore. You may need to contact the merchant to get this resolved as it may be a configuration problem. By continuing this item will be removed from your cart. When I check the Snipwire log file I see this: Snipcart product with SKU [BEER-10001] could not be fetched. 500 Internal Server Error: I'm testing in my local machine. Processwire 3.0.148.
  20. I got this error: [InvalidArgumentException] Project directory "/Users/keiichi/Documents/Sites/tienda/." is not empty .
  21. Hello, I want to benefit from this lockdown to learn new things. I am trying to learn how to use processwire with composer to use external libraries in my projects. I have followed the documentation to install processwire using composer: composer create-project processwire/processwire but composer is installing processwire inside another processwire folder. I usually start my projects downloading processwire zip file in to my Mampro project root. Can I move all the files up? or I'm doing something wrong?
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