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  1. Ohhhh jeeez that might have been it. I ended up just installing PW again because I had to move on with the project. But I was moving the files using cpanel's file explorer (where .htaccess is hidden) and not filezilla (where it's visible). I'll mark this as solved because this is 99% it even though I moved on and can't fully confirm.
  2. Hey @Gideon So, thanks for your answer Well I thought that's what I had done in the first place, but I did it again following more precisely what you described and it produces the same result : 404 not found on the the domain-name/processwire admin, and 404 on the form (embed). I downloaded the processwire-master folder entirely, then deleted it from the public_html webroot, then reuploaded only the contents it (site, wire, etc). I also tried just moving the processwire-master to the ...I guess server root ? (1 folder up from public_html) then moved everything inside back to public_html. Same result in all cases. Did I misunderstand your directions ?
  3. Hi. Still quite new to processwire and general web developement. After working on localhost for a while, I wanted to upload my site to my live server. But I forgot to remove processwire-master folder from the structure as I installed my processwire profile on my live database (I'm not even quite sure when I should have done that - just after unzipping processwire-master to my root ?). Anyway now I'm stuck with that and even though I could probably install again I feel like this could be somewhat of a learning experience. So how can I move cleanly and properly my site back to the root, and removing pw-master in the process ? I've done the obvious which was, well, just moving the thing back 1 step in the folder structure. But exepectedly, I couldn't access the admin anymore because the url was now wrong, and my ProForm was also missing from the homepage (404). I've tried looking into existing forum posts with little success as I'm not too sure of how to describe my issue other than the title of this post. Please excuse my poor level of technical skills, I come from the design side of things and many things are still black magic to me ?
  4. Hi, did you end up fixing that ? I'm encountering a similar issue.
  5. I think I just made a shitty mistake. I'm a pretty beginner developer. It just occurred to me that part of the website (all the stuff ignored by git) I was working on locally was not backed up. So I sync'd it all on my drive just to be safe for now, until - I thought to myself - I would find a better solution, because it appeared very odd and uncharacteristic that I didn't think backing up this stuff before. Turns out now all my image & file fields are broken and I cannot save/modify pages anymore on the pw admin (even though everything is still displaying properly on the front). I am not sure what syncing did to my pw install but it certainly didn't enjoy it. Any help would be immensely appreciated. Thank you. EDIT: For now because I really had to get this project moving, I simply went for a completely fresh pw install and exported all the fields and templates from one to the other. Damage is controlled and I'll be fine, but I'm still very much looking for ways to fix the issue though, in case it happens again in the future. Also, I had a paid for a single site FormBuilder plugin on the previous install, and I'm not sure I can port to the new pw install without having to pay for the multi sites version of the plugin. If you have any answer concerning this that would be a great bonus. But I'll probably look into it tomorrow/create another post for that.
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