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Found 13 results

  1. Hi. Still quite new to processwire and general web developement. After working on localhost for a while, I wanted to upload my site to my live server. But I forgot to remove processwire-master folder from the structure as I installed my processwire profile on my live database (I'm not even quite sure when I should have done that - just after unzipping processwire-master to my root ?). Anyway now I'm stuck with that and even though I could probably install again I feel like this could be somewhat of a learning experience. So how can I move cleanly and properly my site back to the root, and removing pw-master in the process ? I've done the obvious which was, well, just moving the thing back 1 step in the folder structure. But exepectedly, I couldn't access the admin anymore because the url was now wrong, and my ProForm was also missing from the homepage (404). I've tried looking into existing forum posts with little success as I'm not too sure of how to describe my issue other than the title of this post. Please excuse my poor level of technical skills, I come from the design side of things and many things are still black magic to me 😅
  2. I think I just made a shitty mistake. I'm a pretty beginner developer. It just occurred to me that part of the website (all the stuff ignored by git) I was working on locally was not backed up. So I sync'd it all on my drive just to be safe for now, until - I thought to myself - I would find a better solution, because it appeared very odd and uncharacteristic that I didn't think backing up this stuff before. Turns out now all my image & file fields are broken and I cannot save/modify pages anymore on the pw admin (even though everything is still displaying properly on the front). I am not sure what syncing did to my pw install but it certainly didn't enjoy it. Any help would be immensely appreciated. Thank you. EDIT: For now because I really had to get this project moving, I simply went for a completely fresh pw install and exported all the fields and templates from one to the other. Damage is controlled and I'll be fine, but I'm still very much looking for ways to fix the issue though, in case it happens again in the future. Also, I had a paid for a single site FormBuilder plugin on the previous install, and I'm not sure I can port to the new pw install without having to pay for the multi sites version of the plugin. If you have any answer concerning this that would be a great bonus. But I'll probably look into it tomorrow/create another post for that.
  3. I have already gotten a pretty good idea about how to utilize ProcessWire in the sites I make, but there is something nagging me. I see a button "Add new" next to the page tree, and when I click it, I have 1 option: Bookmarks. I have clicked it, and added a page to the bookmarks, but I don't understand what this actually does. I don't see anything different on that page, and I can't understand the explanation that is provided ("The pages you select above represent bookmarks to the parent pages where you want children added. Note that if a user does not have permission to add a page to a given parent page (whether due to access control or template family settings), the bookmark will not appear."). So, I guess the question boils down to: what do bookmarks do?
  4. Hello, i'm new to processwire, but not to php and all the LAMP Stuff. To answer all Pro's questions, yes i used the Search but found nothing that fits to my Issue. Current i try to build ym own Blog/news Page. I created ym own template file called news.php and pinned it at my Template in the Backend. For now all fine. I want to use twig as template Engine. I also found my testentry for nws with phpmyadmin in the Database. My Issue is that if use the $page or $pages i'll never get any Data from DB or Pages or else. Could anyone please tip with a finger on my false Code? <?php namespace ProcessWire; $urlString = $page->url(); $twigPage = ""; switch($urlString){ case "news_feed"; $pages->get("/presse/")->find("template=news"); echo $twig->render('pages/news_feed.twig', $tpl_vars); break; case "news"; $resultSet = $pages->find("template=news, news_id=1"); echo $twig->render('pages/news.twig', $tpl_vars); break; case "newsstart"; $resultSet = $page->get("template=news, sort=-news_created, limit=3"); if ($resultSet) { while ($row = $resultSet->fetch()) { $nachricht = message($row); array_push($rows,$nachricht); } } echo $twig->render('pages/newsstart.twig', $tpl_vars); break; case "newsarchive"; $resultSet = $page->get("template=news, sort=-news_created"); echo $twig->render('pages/newsarchive.twig', $tpl_vars); break; default: $resultSet = $pages->get("/presse/")->find("template=news"); echo $twig->render('pages/news_feed.twig', $tpl_vars); break; } Kind Regards
  5. Simple example for loading template specific CSS file. This example asumes that you have your CSS file in a directory relative to template root. Like: templates/css/my_template_specific.css Also i use in the template a simple text field to hold the name of the CSS file i want to load. I call this field 'css_file' Use what you feel comfortable with. So in your header section of the DOM notice the "page specific CSS" part? Thats were the magic happens. What happens is that we check to see if the file exists in the CSS dir relative to template root. And if it does we load it. Simple and effective. I load all other CSS that is used all over the site in global_styles.css first. And make sure you load template specific last, because then you can easily override CSS in global. DOM header example: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset="utf-8" /> <title><?PHP echo($page->title); ?></title> <!-- main CSS --> <link rel="stylesheet" href="<?PHP echo($config->urls->templates); ?>css/global_styles.css"> <!-- page specific CSS --> <?PHP /* Use relative path in file_exists() */ if(file_exists('css/' . $page->css_file)) { echo("<link rel=\"stylesheet\" href=\"{$config->urls->templates}css/{$page->css_file}\">"); } ?> </head> <body> Thats my way of doing it. I am sure there is plenty of more ways to do it. This is for the newbies or anyone that wants more options. Good luck with your CSS out there in Cyberspace. Cheers from EyeDentify
  6. Hello PW-ers, I'm a newbie to this CMF, and totally fallen in love with this sexy framework. I knew that ProcessWire documented very well, but nothing is faster to handle a new framework than building a new project. The application (reading online book) I want to build will be same like normal CMS but, It should have fields / entities like this: Books Books > Chapters (a book may have over thoudsand of chapters) Authors Publishers Posters (Book may be uploaded by any registered members) Images (Thumbnail, it should be picked and uploaded via input type=files) Rating (a book can be rated by readers, like any forum software rating system, in social networking world this aka Likes) Date created / updated Please suggest/guide me how to create and maps fields (or what is this call) in ProcessWire like above description. I still don't understand the connection between fields (in backend) between variables (how to use it) in template, please give me few example if possible. Any help would be appreciated, Hector.
  7. Hello fellers, I've just arrived to this adorable and beautiful CMF. I tried to find a section which contains all general settings like admin themes, site name, site timezone..etc.. for 15 minutes. Could anyone else here please tell me how could I find it? And is there any resources like ebooks, video I need to dig-in? Thanks.
  8. Hi I'm new to PW so please be nice I've an existing site that I have backed up from previous host. Trying to move it to new host presented some errors so I decided to start fresh. I've a fresh install working OK but I'd like to import the old site to the new site. What's the best process to do this? Thanks for your help R
  9. Hi, I'm new to processwire so please be gentle. Just migrated from one host to another, followed the directions but getting a 500 error ( Have checked my apache error logs... [Tue Sep 15 10:01:55 2015] [error] [client MY IP ADDRESS] File does not exist: /var/www/vhosts/wackiki.com/httpdocs/cgi-sys, referer: http://www.wackiki.com/ On the config file the previous host had a url in here that wasn't the main URL. I'm not sure what this does? $config->httpHosts = array('wackiki.com'); Help!
  10. Hi i am just trying to get to grips with processwire so i apologise for the newbie question. Can i do this to prevent output from specified pages because its not working, i assume im doing it wrong. if(!$page->id == 10){ echo "blah blah blah"; }
  11. Hello I am a new comer in processwire. I am not a dev but I am really impressed and I wish to take my chances with this fantastic cms/f with the minimal ui. I need to know if anyone could assist me and sorry if this request has been already replied in another thread but obviously I did not manage to find it.... on how I could translate the admin interface in Greek! Thank you in advance for any welcome replies and advices
  12. Hey guys, just installed PW 2.3 on a new Server. The Website works fine but the backend (/processwire) drops this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /var/www/vhosts/seo-wiesn.de/httpdocs/process/wire/modules/Process/ProcessPageSearch/ProcessPageSearch.module on line 176 What can it be? Thanks a lot.
  13. Hi everyone! I've been lurking for a few months. I discovered ProcessWire when a Google search on the "vim" editor led me to Ryan's personal site. Good thing I wasn't searching for "emacs", I might have never found PW! I'm an artist, musician, and baker. Recently I've gotten into web design and computer programming. I work at a large bakery company where I somehow became the in-house data-wrangler. We have a combination of two proprietary database systems and an ungodly array of MS Office documents. I'm hoping to start grabbing whatever I can from the databases--XML, CSV--and put it onto a simple intranet for spec management. I made a site for my grad school program using SquareSpace. It was a good way to start, but it's whetted my appetite for a system with more control and no mysterious, magically-created markup. I really like the way PW feels--powerful, modular, extensible, with an elegant simplicity that's rare in the PHP CMS world! Also the documentation is great, as are all the helpful people on the forum! I saw the "Skyscrapers" site profile available for download a few months ago. Any plans on releasing it again? I'd love to see the template files. I have some ideas for cross-referencing my art/music in a similar manner. Ryan--your site profile says you were involved in the tracker/demoscene back in the day. Any recordings you can share? Dunno if you're in touch with electronic music these days, ReNoise is a brilliant modern tracker.
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