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  1. Hey Guys, I got one more question about foxycart: How did you get your quantity value into the foxycart link? Do you have a best practice for the &quantity=XX ? Thank you!
  2. Hey Guys, here is another website we made at WPWA back in 2013, for the German luxury home accessorie brand "Twillow". The page is quite puristic and based on PW V2.3.0. We build in some cool features like the 360deg slider on the product pages. http://www.twillow.de/ Latest projects coming soon!
  3. Hey guys, here is a page we made back in 2013 for the SEO department car rental SIXT. Since then we updated the page every year with a new version. It is based on PW V. 2.4.0. This was one my first projects with Processwire. http://www.seo-wiesn.de/ Have fun!
  4. Soma was absolutly right. Thanks! Uploaded the file once again -> fixed!
  5. Hey guys, just installed PW 2.3 on a new Server. The Website works fine but the backend (/processwire) drops this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /var/www/vhosts/seo-wiesn.de/httpdocs/process/wire/modules/Process/ProcessPageSearch/ProcessPageSearch.module on line 176 What can it be? Thanks a lot.
  6. Hi Ryan, thank you but it still simply dont work. It takes always the last value (in this case "none"). The Problem are not the IDs. I always get the right IDs if I let them show in the Frontend. Tab #1 = 1006/1007 Tab #2 = 1007/1007 But the class is still "none" ...
  7. Hi Pete, thanx for the response but it still didnt work. "belongs_to" is a single page field (so a page ID) ... does it make a difference?
  8. Hey Guys, seems to be the right thread for my problem. This is my code for two tabs that should show or hide the subpages. <?php $tabs = $pages->find("id=1006|1007"); foreach($tabs as $t){ $active_tab = $page->belongs_to; $class_tab = $t->id; $a_class = $active_tab == $class_tab ? " class='active'" : " class='none'"; echo "<li$a_class><a href='#{$t->tab_value}'>{$t->title}</a></li>"; } ?> The comparison and the output are correct but the class of the "li" is allways "none"... Anyone an idea?
  9. Thank you sinnut! My structure was really crapy. Got it fixed allready. But thank you guys anyway!
  10. Hey Guys, thank you for your replies but my Problem is a bit more complicated. My structure is like this: /stores/ /store-1/ /store-12/ /store-13/ ... /cities/ /berlin/ /munich/ /cologne/ ... /store-category-1/ /berlin/ /munich/ /cologne/ ... /store-category-2/ /berlin/ /munich/ /cologne/ ... Maybe it seems stupid but my thoughts behind this where: I need a domain structure like ".../store-category/berlin/..." So the Idea was to take the children of "cities" for filtering the stores and the city pages under the Store-Categorys just to show the results. I hope you understand my Problem now a little better.
  11. Hey guys its me again, I'm looking for a solution to show a List of Pages that have the same value in "fieldset-x" as the current Pages "title" e.g. . My hardcoded Solution looks like this: <?php $homepage = $pages->get("/stores/"); $stores = $homepage->children("location_category=1065, city=1010"); $children = $stores->getRandom(2); foreach($children as $child){ ... echo ... } ?> Now I need to check the title of the current page "{$page->title}" and check if it is equal to the value of fieldset "city" of a child Page of "Stores" ... Any ideas?
  12. Great, thank you guys! I know the API site and allready tried to read it. But sometimes its just nicer to ask and =)
  13. Me again, but what if I want to find two ore three different templates? Something like: $location_cat = $pages->find('template=location_category, spot_category'); ?
  14. If it would be more complicated it wouldnt be processwire ... Thanx a lot!
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