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  1. Hi there community, I'm new to this site. Basically I just discovered processwire. I was always a fan of Joomla but recently I came across a site which was designed by processwire. I looked at some of modules on processwire website but couldn't find the module I need. I want to create a website that does the custom configuration of a product and provides product filtering. Something similar to this site but not exactly the same. Is there a module that can do that? Basically the product configuration is done by checking the compatibility values between the categories, so the module need to support product tagging or some sort of value check to only display compatible products.
  2. Announcing the current status, planned release, roadmap and preview of Padloper 2. Status Feature freeze. Full multilingual support. Only PHP 7.2+ supported. Support for ProcessWire 3.0 only. Backend support for modern browsers only (that support JavaScript ES6 modules). Current Work Finish work on admin/backend. Work on installer and uninstaller (including configurable availability of some features). Work on UI/UX improvements. Start work on documentation with special focus on technical documentation. Continue work on Padloper API and data/model component. Roadmap Please note that these ARE NOT hard and fast targets. The roadmap may have to be adjusted to accommodate technical and non-technical constraints. Q1 2021 Inbuilt support for (latest) PayPal (full rewrite, no external modules required). Additional work on Padloper API. Invite a limited number of early alpha testers (fully-priced product). Soft and closed release of Padloper 2. Q2 2021 Start work on relaunch of Padloper website. Inbuilt support for Stripe (no external modules required). Future Plans Support for more Payment Gateways. Support for order, customers, etc imports and exports. Support for AdminThemeReno and AdminThemeDefault. Separate fully-featured frontend shop module. Consider support for multiple currencies. FAQ 1. Have you abandoned this project? No. 2. When will Padloper 2 be released? First early alpha release is scheduled for Q1 2021. This target may change depending on circumstances! Access will be by invite only for this first release. 3. What is the pricing model of Padloper 2? Three licences: Single Site, Developer and Agency licences (12 months’ updates and VIP support). 4. How much will Padloper 2 Cost? No price has been set yet. It will cost more than Padloper 1. 5. Can we upgrade from Padloper 1? No. 6. Will existing users of Padloper 1 get a discount for Padloper 2? No, this will not be possible. Apologies for the earlier announcement. It was unrealistic and unworkable. 7. Can we pay for Padloper 2 in advance? No. 8. Does Padloper 2 render markup/templates in the frontend? No. Access to all data you need to build your shop’s frontend is via the Padloper API. 9. Can we keep sending you ‘Are we there yet’ messages? No, please. Preview Here is a video preview of the current state of the backend/admin of Padloper 2. Please note the following: This is early alpha. There are bugs! It even includes WIP/notes!! FOUC, misaligned things, etc. The video shows the near-raw implementation of Vuetify UI. The UI/UX improvements work is yet to start. What you see here is the development version. Some of the incomplete features may not be available in the early releases. Most of the features you see will be optional to install.
  3. Hello Fellows, I have a wonderful webshop, using PL and Padopt, a module developed by Julien Vaubourg and highlighted in ProcessWire Newsletter. Here is our shop: cheval-ami.fr I am looking for a new developer, helping me to keep the shop smooth and up to date. We would like to improve automated invoicing and worldwide shipping, getting DHL integrated and give people the possibility to create their personal accounts and be the nicest shop in the equine industry. We are still a young company, working all in german, english and french. We are very interested in a long time, kind and friendly relationship without any stress, but reliable reactivity in case of urgency. We are based in Hamburg and near Paris and would prefere to work with somebody who is available to catch up around a table, at least sometimes. Contact: mail@cheval-ami.fr or +33 626 22 1000 or +49 170 20 28 215 Thank you, Have a beautiful day, Jeannette
  4. Hey everyone, Max from Snipcart here! We just published a full tutorial showing how to use ProcessWire + Snipcart (our dev-first HTML/JS shopping cart platform) to enable e-commerce. It was pretty much my first time playing around with the Apache/MySQL/PHP stack, so I'd love to get some feedback on the demo code. Oh, and also, if you feel like the Snipcart integration could have been done in a different/better way with ProcessWire, let me know! > Blog post tutorial > (Very) simple live demo > GitHub repo Cheers folks.
  5. Hi everyone, a year ago we had put online a first version of our website, which didn't satisfy me much and had several bugs. This year I started working on a complete restyling, both in terms of functionality and graphic. I am very happy with the result obtained. Finally, last week we put this version online that I am proud to show you! Site EU: https://www.playwood.it/ Site USA: https://www.us.playwood.it/ It is an eCommerce for a small StartUp, the PlayWood, based in Reggio Emilia, Italy. The site is multilingual, has two areas of purchase and has two levels of registration. Redirectory based on the source IP for the USA customer and preferred language in the browser for the others countries. It has systems for use registration and sending emails dependent on specific actions, like: registration, purchase, request for quotes, information request, etc. Through the API the site communicates with external platforms such as the management software, Mailchimp and other systems to support marketing and company operations. The site is constantly evolving, in the future we intend to add new features. The site was created with these modules: Padloper Login/register Media Library ProCache PayPal Checkout Subscribe to Mailchimp Tracy Debugger Cookie Management Banner Continent and country names ImagePicker Field Map Marker External libraries: Spectre, scss framework Swiper slideshow verlok/lazyload fancybox Creating this site with ProcessWire represented a moment of strong professional growth. When I started I had little knowledge of some types of language, but Processwire and its APIs give me the ability to easily build pages, manipulate data and integrate any external library easily. Thus, I was able to deepen my knowledge more and more. So I wanted to thank the creators of the cms, who keeps it and who implements it, obviously all the people in the forum for the help they gave me, was very important. Thank you!
  6. Not new, but a website I've worked on for a year or so in continous development. http://supercarownerscircle.com/ I originally inherited the site from another web design company - upgraded PW and over the year added ecommerce using the Stripe module and a custom integration, revamped the frontend and added lots of new templates. Also did some frontend work on the shopify shop.
  7. Hello I need to make a small, easy Webshop for a friend. He is selling 4 music albums. What would be the best way to go? Is there a sensible solution for a webshop within processwire? Thanks Jakob
  8. Hi folks, I have a marketplace site built on PW which I'd like to tie to a subscription payment system for those selling. The user accounts currently use specific PW user accounts. I'm looking closely at PayWhirl to manage payments and subscriptions as it looks ideal for subscriptions. Their API seems to work well too from initial testing. I wondered if anyone else in this super forum had used PayWhirl and had any advice or tips & tricks? Thanks. https://app.paywhirl.com/
  9. Hi all, I'm working on a small shop for a client. I have all the product info in ProcessWire (of course) - no problem there. I'm looking for some recommendations on a simple cart setup. I've tried plum.shop but I'm not that jQuery-literate. When it comes calculating taxes and shipping based on country (really just Australia & Rest of World) I fall over. I'm not that interested in splitting the site between PW and say, shopifry, it's just not that big a store. Has anyone done something like this before? Has anyone done anything this simple in PW where PayPal is the end destination? I'd love to keep it in the PW family if possible. Regards Marty More detail: Products added to a cart need GST added if the purchaser is based in Australia - if they're from overseas no tax is added Shipping is calculated differently based on the purchasers location - AU or overseas - either a flat rate for each or a percentage
  10. Hi everyone, Does anyone know how I could insert an add-to-cart button (of a product from Prestashop) onto a Processwire page? The add-to-cart button should then lead the user to the checkout page of a Prestashop installation. The user should be able to select the product quantity before adding-to-cart. I am aware of simplecart.js but I do not want to use it because of its security flaws which I've read about. I'm also aware of Padloper but it doesn't really suit my needs. I saw a thread about this topic posted in 2014 but it is a bit older now and provides no conclusive answer : Thanks for any help Kass
  11. hi all, new PW site launch: http://www.ohmspeaker.com/ some of the modules that were helpful or essential for this: cropimage formbuilder fredi importcsv minify piwik analytics procache batcher redirects version control template decorator modules manager page link abstractor sitemap xml admin custom pages markup simple navigation (for the sitemap) forum topics related to this site dev: Legacy Site URL redirects: http://processwire.com/talk/topic/3641-redirect-legacy-url-to-new-pw-page/ Clean up spelling: http://processwire.com/talk/topic/3519-use-api-to-spellcheck-whole-siteclean-up-spacing/ hashes in URLs on change selected product http://processwire.com/talk/topic/3496-help-with-url-param-change/ FormBuilder http://processwire.com/talk/topic/2904-how-to-redirect-by-id/ http://processwire.com/talk/topic/2821-3rd-party-send-conditionally/ http://processwire.com/talk/topic/2820-use-session-to-remember-form-selections/ Custom Menus http://processwire.com/talk/topic/2787-custom-menu-not-related-to-page-tree/ other notes: The skyscraper profile provided the example for how to get started with the advanced product search, a.k.a. the speaker finder. The standard search has been extended to show results in different categories. there is some use of Soma's word limiter for the news teaser text, and for making meta descriptions out of body fields, from this topic: http://processwire.com/talk/topic/3429-how-to-set-text-linecharacter-limits-in-templates/ the design is built on twitter bootstrap framework Fredi proved to be totally essential for the client, in being able to rapidly edit things without having to find things in the admin. This site is going to replace an existing site on a different domain (ohmspeakers.com). At some point we weren't sure if/how we would be able to handle the shopping cart element, and then found foxycart, which proved to be the best choice, very flexible, and easy to implement for this type of site. FC is hands down the simplest and easiest way (imho) we could achieve things like the legacy product pages, where there are various parts and upgrades displayed on 1 page. this version is sort of a "v1", and will be expanded/improved a lot for a v2, which would happen in about 4 months.. BTW - these speakers are really good; i now own 3 pairs ... they look great and do sound totally amazing...! -marc
  12. Hello all ! Just because I'm proud to be featured by Snipcart (js ecommerce solution) about my integration on my Processwire based website ! This post talks about Processwire and how I've done it : https://snipcart.com/blog/case-study-ateliers-fromagers-processwire If you wanna take a look at my website : https://www.ateliersfromagers.com/ (french & english) Have a good day everyone ! S
  13. Hi guys, I have built a website with pw and now my client wants to add ecommerce. For me being a frontend dev, pw is amazing because it gives me full control of the output just using basic php, but now that I want to add more complicated functionality I am not liking it so much. Is it possible to add ecommerce to a pw powered website without diving deep in php? Stripe and paypal integration, coupons, shipping tables... I have seen padloper... it seems basic and not very actively developed. Thanks in advance.
  14. Still very fresh, but I thought... what the hell... spread the PW love and give you guys a first look... https://music-room.com This was a huge project. Still lots of debugging to do, but early feedback most welcome! Don't look at the code (particularly the js)... it's a bit of a garbled mess! Ha ha! Need to, ahem, refine it over the coming weeks and months. Haven't made the jump to PW3 yet as I'm using a few modules which don't work out of the box. Thanks again to Ryan for everything. Also, big thanks to Antti for his wonderful PadLoper module. Cheers and happy browsing! Douglas.
  15. New programs are constantly added to the website as they are developed and we need a talented & creative developer to help us implement the same, Location NY. Please PM or call / text to +1 929 266 5936 (929 266 5ZEN google voice, its safe and secure )
  16. I have two basic text fields called Product and Price. According to FoxyCart docs, I can manually create a URL as follows which will add a Picture Frame worth 100 dollars to my cart. <a href="https://YOURSTORE.foxycart.com/cart?name=PictureFrame&price=100">Add picture frame</a> Is there a way to swap out the product and price for the values in my fields? I've tried the following but it never converts my fields into actual data <a href="https://YOURSTORE.foxycart.com/cart?name=<?php echo $page->product; ?>&price=<?php echo $page->price; ?>Add picture frame</a> I There are some errors in the formatting above but you get my thinking. Typing on ipad
  17. I have a PW site which is integrated with Snipcart and now the owners want to add stock management. Because each item comes in different sizes and colours, I'm using a repeater field with each row containing a size column. The guys at Snipcart have written a blog post on how to achieve basically what I need in a plugin for Craft CMS. I need that converted into a module for PW and instead of updating an individual field, it's updating a column in a repeater field. Anyone able to help me out with that?
  18. I moved to Berlin in April and left behind the graphic design studio I co-founded in Basel to get myself more into digital product design. Last week one of my old clients from Basel approached me because they are currently thinking about implementing an own web shop on their website (run on PW). Now I’m looking out for a Berlin-based PW dev with experience in implementing web shops (external platforms or/and PadLoper) in a PW environment who would be interested in collaborating with me on this. I’d mainly work on the design and provide support with the project/code structure on implementation. If this sounds interesting to you, get in touch! If you are very interested and not based in Berlin, don’t hesitate to reply anyway. Thanks in advance!
  19. tuxy

    My first PW site

    This is my first site I made for a client with PW: http://www.springbeestjes.be It is a simple online shop used (for the moment) PayPal. It is expandable for the future. Modules: - Maintenance module http://modules.processwire.com/modules/maintenance-mode/ I want to thank all the PW-people who helped me learning and understanding PW, also for the fast and good support. I like this CMS!!! Now I preparing the next project Regards, Christophe
  20. I recently created an ecommerce website, iBuildMacs, that I built with ProcessWire. Given that there's been quite a bit activity on combining ecommerce with ProcessWire, I feel many people would be interested in the approach I took. Feel free to visit it at: http://ibuildmacs.com/ The requirements for this site were: a computer configurator, much like the Apple website; example product page here cart checkout payment methods: paypal or check/cash shipping methods: the cost of shipping is based on a fixed cost that is related to the country being shipped. no live quotes The requirements did NOT include: tax rules inventory management coupons, gift certificates different product types: simple products, variable products, digital/downloadable products, etc. user accounts, address management a fancy ajax driven checkout So, I had a bit of flexibility for this site given the specific feature set. I then thought about how I wanted to develop the site. The options I considered included: WooCommerce: I've built several intricate websites with WooCommerce, the most recent being caviar.com. It was good fit that website, but for iBuildMacs, which has less requirements and a very unique product configurator, which WooCommerce could do but with a tremendous amount of overrides and working backward, I decided this wouldn't but the right fit. Plus, I'm trying to become as WordPress-free as possible. FoxyCart: A ProcessWire favorite, however I wanted to challenge myself a little bit with this site, and also keep things under one roof. Magento, Shopify, (insert some specific heavy or cloud-based ecommerce system you like): No. Overkill and making a product configurator would be a pain. After considering my options, I felt just rolling it entirely with ProcessWire and programming the catalog, payment methods, shipping methods and checkout tailored to the site's specific needs was the way to go. This would definitely reduce the time and headache needed in bending anyone of the above systems I mentioned to behave exactly the way I wanted it to. Products This was one of the complicated parts of the website, but ProcessWire, with its infintely flexible custom fields, made this a breeze. I have a product template (product.php). It has some general fields like Title, Body, Image and Base Price. It also has a PageTable field called Features. These features are child pages of the product and use feature template (feature.php), so the Features PageTable field just grabs its data from there. Then, the feature template has some general fields like Title, Body, Image and PageTable field called Feature Options. These feature options are child pages of the feature template using the feature option template (feature_option.php). So, what I ended up having is a 3 level deep structure, with two nested PageTable fields. Here's a video of what it looks like, which is quite slick is very easy to manage: https://vid.me/kjDW Cart When a user adds a configured product to their cart, it must be stored somehow and I thought of a variety of ways to do this. Ultimately, I decided that cart data is handled as a page (using the order.php template) undernearth /orders/. This order.php template has a page name that is based on the session id of the user, so it'll remain unique and not cause a conflict with other people's carts (as well as obscure from people trying to guess it's url, which is used for the order confirmation page). One of the fields in this order.php template is called "products_ordered", which utilizes the Table fieldtype (a Profields table). Video: https://vid.me/MIRl Checkout The checkout is a straight forward form with the basic questions. However, the shipping section is where it gets tricky. The requirements for this site were that each computer has a fixed shipping price depending on the method being used to ship. The shipping methods available to a customer are dependent on their country. I think WooCommerce could manage rules like that, but directly coding it wasn't that difficult. I create an array that stored the 2 payment methods, and another array that stored the 6 total shipping methods. I also have an array for all the countries. I then wrote some JavaScript that managed the relationships between the country chosen and the shipping methods available for the chosen country. When choosing a method, it will update the Shipping cost line item on the car to the right. Just basic JavaScript going on here. All nice and on one page. When the submit button is pressed, it will run through some logic and validate all the data and save it to the same page that stored the cart data. An order confirmation email is sent to the customer, and one is also sent to the admin (SwiftMailer). If Check/Cash was chosen, the user is then simply forwarded to the order confirmation page, which is at /orders/whatever-their-page-name-was-saved-as/. The email they are sent also has a link referencing this page. If PayPal was chosen, a URI is built and the user is taken to PayPal complete payment with PayPal Payments Standard using the Cart Upload command. Documentation here. After they complete Payment on PayPal, they are then taken to the order confirmation page as described previously. Video: https://vid.me/hwfB I will eventually be using ListerPro for a nicer admin orders list display and build a few custom actions to allow administrators to quickly send general emails from the system (like, when the order is shipped). Modules Used Admin Template Columns: http://modules.processwire.com/modules/admin-template-columns/ Markup Simple Navigation: http://modules.processwire.com/modules/markup-simple-navigation/ Maintenance Mode: http://modules.processwire.com/modules/maintenance-mode/ Batcher: http://modules.processwire.com/modules/process-batcher/ Form Builder (for the contact form only): https://processwire.com/talk/store/category/2-form-builder/ Swift Mailer: http://modules.processwire.com/modules/wire-mail-swift-mailer/ PageTable field type ProFields Table: https://processwire.com/talk/store/category/7-profields/ ListerPro (eventually): https://processwire.com/talk/store/category/9-listerpro/ Enjoy!
  21. I don't now if this is already possible to build with one of the available modules/fieldtypes. I so far tried Table, PageTable, Repeater and Multiplier but couldn't get them work exactly as I want. I'm looking for a way to create a matrix/table that uses the children of two pages to build the row and column headers. In my case (an online shop), I want it to take the children of the page product variants and the children of the page currencies. In the end, it should render a matrix/table, where I can enter a fixed price for every variant in every currency. Has anyone ever done something similar? Is there a fieldtype for this?
  22. just wondering if anyone has any good examples of sites using Shop-for-ProcessWire module? as i was looking of using it. thanks
  23. Hi, I'd like to share the new version of my website, http://bowtieduck.com It's an online delivery service of fine foods, in the Philippines. Your thoughts are welcome ! Julien
  24. The eCommerce software (Foxycart) I am using is asking for unique code for each item I add. So I will need a way to auto-generate a sky/code/whatever that the client can see in Processwire and then input into Foxycart. This is for the sale of music tracks and complete albums. The way I have it setup in Processwire is like this: Artist Name - Albums - Album Name - Track 1 name - Track 2 name - etc .... I was thinking of using just the ID of each track / album, but the ID isn't shown to the client using Processwire so that's a no-go unless I can find a way to have this displayed. What would you do? Ideas? I don't want the client randomly putting SKU codes in in order to avoid duplicated entries, etc.. So it would have to be unique. Thanks!
  25. I have build an online shopping store, but would want to give away a promo code or Gift coupon to some of my customers so that they can avail discounts while they check out. Please tell me what coding should I do or what addition should I do for this feature.
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