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  1. kuba2

    Hi there I would like to ask how to create a dev server locally? I have a PW Website to test, because it runs with PHP 5.6. and I have to switch to PHP 7. I have the blog module installed and don't know if it will run smoothly with the php change. Is that with xampp? Last time i tried to open a website with xampp, it didn't work because of the php href ( href="<?php echo $config->urls->templates?>...). How do I get that to work? Thanks a lot Jakob
  2. Yes I did. I deleted my templates in the database. Most elaborate and unnecessary way to learn about databases i guess
  3. Hey thanks for alle the help. I rebuilt my templates. The site wasn't big fortunately. I have learned a lot. All the best
  4. kuba2

  5. Hello I have managed to delete my templates in my database. I am quite unhappy with myself. Now I have to rebuild them and I stil have the fields with content. Can I somehow restore them on my site? And how do I link them to right field in the database? The fields in the database have pages_ID....how can I Connect them? Thanks for any help
  6. Hello again I messed up. I have to remake my templates. The fields are stil intact. Is there a way I can restore all fields from my database?
  7. I installed a new PW on the server and liked it to the existing database. Could it be, that it changed/deleted something in the existing database?
  8. Thanks I have another issue A website I made has suddenly a "404 Not Found" message and I can't login to my backend. I changed only the password to the database, but put the new one into the config.php file. PW did an update....is it possible, that because of the update I can¨t login anymore? It is strange and I have no idea what is going on.
  9. Hello I installed PW on my server and linked it to an existing database. I copied existing templates on the server into site/templates, but when I login to the backend in PW the templates do not appear. I can add them ( add new ) , but I want to duplicate an existing website and usually when I copied .php files in site/templates they would appear as templates in the backend. Has something changed with the new PW? I am very confused right now Thanks for any help
  10. kuba2

    Hello Ich have made an new website which is identical to one already existing on the server I use. I have copied the sit/templates folder on to the new site and linked the database from the old website to it. Now my login, which I used in the PW istallation for the admin.php site doesn't work anymore. Can anyone tell me why? Did I change the login by copying the template folder? Is the login written somewhere? I have access to the server Thanks
  11. Thank You very much! Great answers! Have a great weekend.
  12. Thanks for Your answer. I have a follow-up question. The "new" website is on the same server/hosting...does this mean I can use the old database and "link" it to the new website? If I use the same site/config...would this new site use the existing database in the same manner as the old site does. Thanks for all Input. I have no experience with databases, but the idea above makes sense to me. hope this is doable like that. Thanks again
  13. Hello I have to move a website to a new adress because the URL changed. Can I copy all the templates and fields and contents in the fields from processwire and somehow install it in the new address/database? Or do I have to make the content all over again? thanks for all help Jakob