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  1. Hi @kongondo long time since we spoke, i am in the process of going live with another padloper shop as the first we started is still on hold on customer side... i just developed a custom payment module for klarna hostet payment pages. two things did not work as expected: in the __construct method i had to put (array $klarnaConfigs = null) instead of just array $klarnaConfigs as parameters, because when it instatiates the module the first time on padloper - addons page, it wont be able to, as it does not pass configs there. the second issue is more important: in PadloperUtilites the methods getNonCorePaymentProvidersIDs, getNonCorePaymentProvidersNames, getNonPaymentCustomAddonsIDs, getNonPaymentCustomAddonsNames will not work if i am not logged in as a superuser (so being able to access all pages). I had to add check_access=0 to the processwire-selectors there. this should be fixed for future updates.
  2. thank you @bernhard god, i still didn't find the time, but i WILL check it out in depth soon!
  3. thank you @Denis Schultz simply adding it to sass uikit which i compile anyway makes a lot of sense
  4. @ryani like tinymce alot. What i'm coming across that some stuff is not inline-css but classes like "align_center" now that works in the editor but my uikit-frontend does not know about this. I didn't figure out how to set it up that the align center entry uses uk-text-center instead or additionally? or do i have to remove the original align menu in the settings and set it up as my own "uikit-align" or is there a frontend css file i can simply add to frontend?
  5. @kongondofor me this can be closed with padloper 2 version 8, latest pw 3.0.213 and php 8.2 i have no more issues here. so i am assuming something that was done in pw core fixed it
  6. on php 8.2 i have the same errors: for a temporary fix until it is updated i just added these lines to Padloper.module: public $padloperDownloads; public $outOfStock; // added for 8.2 public $productNotFound; // added for 8.2 public $checkYourOptions; // added for 8.2 public $session_id; // added for 8.2
  7. @kongondo 1. yes, i just install blank profile for start usually (not sure about newest dev, if there are any profiles anymore, but it doesnt matter just a minimal pw-install with no language support) 2. in module core-modules just install/activate "Languages Support" 3. in setup-menu in addition to fields, templates and so on you now have languages with only one language (default) which is english 4. in setup for default language on the bottom there is a file field to upload core-translation files (there is also a link to the available language packs). Just upload the zip file for Deutsch right here, your backend is now translated to german. optional 5: in order to be able to navigate as you are used to you can add another language (english) just add english and dont upload a translation pack there. so it will be english as in default. You can switch in your user profile.
  8. @kongondoits been a while sorry. so i just added language english and switched my user profile to it. and .... it works with english. so it is in fact a multilanguage issue. to reproduce -> activate language support. Have only default-language in place and import the translation files: https://processwire.com/modules/german/ EDIT: Additional info. Once i had a property on the product, set my profile to german again, edited the same product, the search works fine for the existing property. But when adding another one, it does not work on the new one. So very specifically, it does not work on newly added property-line when the language is not english.
  9. hi @Jan Fromm thanks for sharing. so the obvious difference is that i have pw 3.0.201 will try with older version.
  10. @kongondo More debugging: i changed the core InputFieldPageAutocomplete.js - init Method like this: init: function (id, url, labelField, searchField, operator) { var $value = $("#" + id); var $ol = $("#" + id + "_items"); var $input = $("#" + id + "_input"); alert("changing"); console.log(document.getElementById(id + "_input")); var newId = "testCsam" + Date.now(); $input.attr("id", newId); console.log(document.getElementById(newId)); return; When i open the product page i get the alert "changing" two times (once for Brand and once for Type in Classifcation tab) When i then add a line in Properties tab I also get the alert two times as expected (once for Property and once for Dimension) See the console output in the screenshot: for the classification fields everything works, the id is changed to my test id afterwards and the element is found. if i inspect the element i also see my test-id for the two properties-fields you first see that the console-log output allready looks different. and most importantly the element with the test-id is not found. It is also not changed when i inspect it. i dont know enough about htmx and its afterSwap but whatever is done in the triggered init-method is obviously not applied to the final dom-elemnt(s) (including eventlisteners) and does not work.
  11. @kongondo it is in fact a JS issue: when i klick the little x on the right in order to clear the field, also nothing happens. It looks to me as if there simple all event-listeners missing for the input. EDIT: also the trash icon on the very right (to remove the whole property line) does not react on click.
  12. /processwire/page/search/for?template=padloper-dimension&limit=50&status<8192&get=title this is the link, the autocomplete has in his attribute to search. if i past this manually i find my properties. so they are definitly published and would show up if only the search would start.
  13. They are activated in the sense of beeing published. Can i see somewhere in the database if activated by Padloper? But i dont think thats the issue. As mentioned i monitored Networking in Debug Tools when typing in and there is no Ajax Request happening so it does not even try to find something.
  14. Hi @kongondo sorry for delay was on vacation. i have just retried with padloper 002 but still no search happening when i type. Language Support is installed but only default language exists (we have imported german translations) PW is latest DEV (3.0.201)
  15. Yes exactly for 1-3 4. i am not entirely sure but i think it actually did work at some point when i was playing around with it after first installing it. cant tell 100% to be honest. I also tried again with product settings to variants -> YES and even tho the markup js gets loaded, still nothing happens when i type the Property Name
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