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  1. +1 its a cool module, uncommenting works for me too, but i wonder if the module is still active.
  2. Hi @Sebi kann you confirm that the latest PW (3.0.173) breaks AppApi (404 on the routes) or is it something on my part. EDIT: confirmed it myself, Downgrading to 3.0.172 with no other changes solved the issue Thank you!
  3. Thanks for the addition of Decimal-Field. Do you think it would be easy to add a setting for using a "," instead of a "." as decimal-seperator. (this is the common notation in the german-speaking countries)
  4. Great news @Sebi will test in the next couple of days!
  5. Hi @adrian great module, thank you!
  6. I think custom path wont work because of this line in the init method: $customPath = self::checkPath($this->wire('config')->paths->root.$this->field_storage_path); if ($this->field_storage_path && $customPath) $this->backup->setPath($customPath); As the custom path is concatenated to the root-path checkPath will return false and the $customPath will never be set.
  7. We are using ProCache with nginx on multiple sites. Out of the box it generates rules for .htaccess but those obviously can be translated for nginx. there are also configuration examples in ProCache support (accessible once you bought ProCache)
  8. Hello @Wanze thanks for the great Plugin. I am Using a template with segments. Im able to overwrite the canonical url just like i needed. But in og:url i cannot overwrite when i try it like this: page()->seo->og->url = $canonical; am i doing something wrong? the url field seemingly is not part of the changeable fields but just generated. i think in this case canonical should be used when it is overwritten (like in this case i overwrite canonical before og:url thank you for your feedback 🙂
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