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  1. Having the same issues here with Jquery 3.2.1 / Bootstrap v4.0.0 on PW 3.0.148
  2. Hi Larry, did you manage to get this setup work in the PW 3.x branch? I'm getting 'Error: Class 'Environment' not found'
  3. Another thing; what to do when I've to retrieve a ajax dialog with some HTML from a view-template. At this point, the api_controller.php is called but this file doesn't allow $this->render like controller.php does.
  4. Thanks for the update Another thing: I'd like the ability to render a template from the partials-folder (or newly created dialogs-folder) from a controller. This is useful in some cases, eg loading stuff with ajax. Is this possible at the moment or should I edit some things in controller.php and view.php? thx again!
  5. I’m hoping to get some advise and/or ideas on how to approach this evaluation application: companies each company has it own organization structure and people (employees). departments a multi-level tree where the whole organization (or optional multiple) can be managed. For example: • Organization name - [Organization]§ - Marketing - [Organization department] - Sales - [Organization department] - Sales team A - [Organization department] - Sales team B - [Organization department] - Logistic - [Organization department] • Other organization (optional) employees each employee can be added to a department (see above) and one of these roles: - Employee [most basic role. can update own profile and fill in evaluation form] - Moderator [this role is being assigned to one or multiple organization departments and can manage the employees within this department and edit the evaluation forms which are used here] - Administrator [this role can manage everything above the moderator like company information, all employees/moderators and assign moderators to departments] evaluations a Table field will store evaluation data for each employee once a year. Each employee will be a user account assigned to a specific role and organization department. User Groups for managing permission per role. I’m not very familiar yet with PW and would like to know how you would setup this structure. I’m not quite sure how to store and manage the organization structure tree for example. What are the pro’s and con’s for using this page tree as structure (combination of different templates): companies - company a - organization - marketing - sales - evaluations - evaluation john 20140101 - evaluation john 20140701 - company b - organization - logistic - transport - evaluations - evaluation john 20140101 - evaluation john 20140701 Thanks in advance for any advice on this!
  6. Update: I've found my own solution, but please do tell if this is not the best approach In core/controller.php after: $func = 'page_'.f8\Strings::snake_case($this->page->name); if (!method_exists($this, $func)) { $func = 'index'; } add: $func = 'page_'.f8\Strings::snake_case($this->input->urlSegment1); if (!method_exists($this, $func)) { $func = 'index'; } somewhere on the 86th line so the controller looks at the first 'function'-segment
  7. Hi Larry, Thanks for putting this together and sharing! One question: I've added the following files: - a root page 'tasks', - a template 'tasks', - a controller 'tasks_controller' and the url /tasks/ is responding fine, but I was assuming that the url /tasks/action/update/ could be controlled with the following function in the controller: function page_action(){ if($this->input->urlSegment1=='update' echo 'update function'; } } Or is it still necessary to add the page /tasks/action/ and so on?
  8. Hi Ryan, well in this scenario (multiple sites with the same backend), it's more convenient to have them stored and maintained in one place so when we add some 'core functionality' which should be available for all sites, it would be more time consuming to update all of the different language-folders instead of just one. But I'll look into a way to use the symlink-option, thanks
  9. I have one question about method #1; Is there an easy way to keep all of the backend translation in one place (wire folder?). I have multiple sites, installed as written in method 1, which have their own (json) language files for the backend translation but they seem to be saved seperate within each site-folder. In my case this isn't necessary so I'm curious in which file to change the location where the language variables are retrieved.
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