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  1. quickjeff

    Using latest version of PW and loading the bootstrap 4 scripts in top and bottom. I tested both ways and it doesnt work. I think its the .slim.min.js file thats breaking things. However this is needed for the toggle drop down and other menu/navigation drop downs in Bootstrap.
  2. Hey guys I am using the front end editor for people to be able to edit a custom page they created. However, bootstrap 4 is being used as the framework and it seems to conflict with the editor. Any suggestions?
  3. quickjeff

    Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for. I’ll modify to work how I need it to work but thank you so much!!!!
  4. quickjeff

    Unfortunately I am not. I am using the comment module from core modules with the ratings enabled.
  5. Hey Guys, I am using the https://processwire.com/api/fieldtypes/comments/ to allow users to comment and rate. Whats the best approach to get an average of all the star ratings for the page? Any direction is greatly appreciated!
  6. Hi Guys, I am currently testing the Login/Registration Front End Module. https://modules.processwire.com/modules/login-register/ I see it only supports standard fields and not image fields. I wanted to give the ability to a user to add a profile pic and one more image field that will most likely be used for a background image. I have built something like this strictly using the API and PHP inside of templates. Any light on accomplishing this by modifying the module? Thanks.
  7. quickjeff

    Thahnks Ivan! I am just trying to find the best plugin for the cookies.
  8. quickjeff

    Hi Guys, I wanted to start this thread to see what others are doing to make sure they are compliant with GDPR. Basically, a ton of websites are built on WordPress and I am seeing tons of plugins being rolled out to help with cookie compliance etc. Processwire however, doesn't have anything available. Also, if we are using FormBuilder, do we need an opt-in checkbox?
  9. Hey Guys, Looking for Best Approach to Allow Created By Changes to Non Superusers. Any ideas on the best approach?
  10. Hi, I am also having this issue. Only with 1 form. The other forms I have are not doing it. Any idea?
  11. quickjeff

    Does anyone know best approach to including the featured image in the post itself? Let’s say below the rendered head of the post? I already have it setup as an option in the blog home page but not the post. Thanks!
  12. quickjeff

    @Ivan Gretsky thanks for the Repeater Matrix. This was the solution!! Works amazingly. Everyone, thanks for the help!
  13. quickjeff

    Right, something like this would be good. I may try this approach. Any thoughts on my other approach?
  14. Hi Guys, I recently have received a client who has various page layouts. I wanted to give them the ability to simply add their HTML into a body field with CKEditor to allow HTML customization. However, the client isn't very familiar with HTML. This has left me to build a template that has multiple of the similar field types. The thing is, I cannot use the repeater since I cannot repeat lets say an image for repeated item 1 and only body field for repeater item 2. Therefore, I have to literally add 15 fields for them to totally be able to edit the page without issues. What are your thoughts on this approach? Also, I have to name the template according to what it contains, so I was thinking of using numbers instead of words. Reason being, numbers can describe the amount of title fields, body fields and images. Therefore something like, 3-3-2.php or three-three-two.php I have never run into a situation where the client needed so many fields. I was always able to get around it with repeaters etc. Thoughts?