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  1. @Ivan Gretsky thanks for the Repeater Matrix. This was the solution!! Works amazingly. Everyone, thanks for the help!
  2. Right, something like this would be good. I may try this approach. Any thoughts on my other approach?
  3. Hi Guys, I recently have received a client who has various page layouts. I wanted to give them the ability to simply add their HTML into a body field with CKEditor to allow HTML customization. However, the client isn't very familiar with HTML. This has left me to build a template that has multiple of the similar field types. The thing is, I cannot use the repeater since I cannot repeat lets say an image for repeated item 1 and only body field for repeater item 2. Therefore, I have to literally add 15 fields for them to totally be able to edit the page without issues. What are your thoughts on this approach? Also, I have to name the template according to what it contains, so I was thinking of using numbers instead of words. Reason being, numbers can describe the amount of title fields, body fields and images. Therefore something like, 3-3-2.php or three-three-two.php I have never run into a situation where the client needed so many fields. I was always able to get around it with repeaters etc. Thoughts?
  4. Was just thinking how Wordpress does it. Although I am totally against Wordpress their media manager is good.
  5. One centralized location for images. But I am running your blog module and latest processwire. Just didn’t want to break what I have built.
  6. How well would it work with your blog module on processwire 3.0?
  7. Love love love your blog module. I have used it multiple times on sites I have built for clients. Recently ran into a weird issue. I installed your latest version of your blog module on latest processwire. When I got to save the settings in the blog quick settings tab, they dont save. The fields reload blank. Any idea?
  8. Solved the issue: I had to delete the data that was in assets/cache/FileCompiler/
  9. Just tested it locally and it works, on the server its not working. So weird!
  10. I did see this when it came out and had updated the module. However I think this is a namespace issue or something because batcher works but when I try to uninstall it and Hanna code and other modules I get errors.
  11. I tried this just now and still no go. :-(
  12. I have had a weird error pop up. Any time I try to edit a users password or go directly to setup page in admin, I get a Error on the Process class. Any help? Its anytime a template or module accessed the process class. I attached a screen shot.
  13. Awesome thanks for explaining it. I never seen that. However, everything seems to be working. just didn't want to get 1000 pages in and bam it breaks. this is going to be a big site and already exceeding 500 pages.
  14. Hi Guys, I have been using Processwire for years now and have mastered enough to create some amazing sites and applications. However, recently I have been thrown a bit of a curveball and hoping some more veteran members can chime in. I recently ran into a weird issue. I had imported about 100+ wordpress pages into a new Processwire site using namespaces. I imported them under a parent page called /landing-pages/. However, I needed to move 20+ of these imported pages to a new parent page called /customers/. Since I was moving so many, I figured batcher was a solid module to run this task. Here are the steps I took: Located all the pages I needed using batcher Changed the pages templates Located the pages again after changing their template Made the pages hidden and then located them again using batcher Changed parent page from /landing-pages/ to /customers/ The issue that occurred is that not only did I change the parent page for these pages but apparently the pages also existed under /admin/repeaters/for-field-whatever which now changed to the new parent of /customers/. for-page-1625 admin /admin/repeaters/for-field-108/ So I reverted this by using batcher again, here are the steps I took: Located all the pages that were not supposed to be moved Changed the pages parent back to /admin/repeaters/ The issue is, after this was done, every time I clicked the new page under /customers/whatever-page I would get a 404. To correct this I had to delete all the pages under /admin/repeaters/ and /admin/repeaters/for-field-whatever and then go back and delete the pages under /Customers/ and create them all from scratch. My questions are: Why did Processwire create pages under /admin/repeaters for the imported pages? The steps I took to correct this issue, is this okay to keep building the site or am I better off starting fresh again?
  15. Was hoping for a quick solution but might have to rewrite some of this module to use a defined template. Might take a stab at it tonight.