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Found 7 results

  1. Where I am: Edit Page -> Settings -> Parent -> "+Change". Edit Field -> Page Reference field -> Input tab -> "Selectable pages (Select the parent of the pages that are selectable)" -> "+Change". ... and possibly other locations where the Page Tree is used. Quality of life improvement: When modifying Parent Pages (Edit Page) or Selectable pages (on a Page Reference field) and I press "+Change" to change the Parent Page, it would be nice if the current Parent Page came into focus without effort. Current solution: As an editor, I am required to find the Parent Page / "Page Reference parent page" manually which makes me think ("where did I put that page?"), takes a bit of time ("click, click, click"), and is hard on a larger site with a deep structure. The unmet goals are: I instantly see the context for the current Parent Page. I can effortlessly select another Parent Page. Constraints: Large website makes it hard to navigate and get a view of the Page Tree. I don't want to pick an incorrect Parent Page. It's sometimes difficult to see if I choose the right parent. The Parent Page must be in the current "Page Branch" ("/foo/bar/baz/" -> "/foo/quz/baz/"). I don't always need to see/browse the full Page Tree. Sometimes a lot of parent pages are unnessarily shown (larger websites with 4-5 levels of pages). Better: When I open the Edit Page / Edit Field page and click "+Change", I want the tree structure to expand (in a modal?) and bring the current Parent Page into focus. It's one of those small things that help create a smooth user experience. Additional thoughts: The displayed Page Tree only shows the current Page Branch; this might optionally be specified on the Template. Hide "unneeded" parent pages in a larger websites with 4-5 levels of pages (how?). Perhaps you have additional ideas that might improve working with Parent Pages when editing a page or a field?
  2. Hi Guys, I have been debugging a site for the last 2 hours and cannot solve the issue. I have a site running on 3.0.148. I installed the Kongondo Blog module and was updating the templates to include the website style. Once everything was set and done, I checked the page tree to see an error appear. Template must be assigned a name before 'filename' can be accessed The same error appears in templates. Debugging Steps I checked the templates in the server to ensure I didnt accidentally delete the namespace. Deleted cache in browser and server under assets Still no go. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Hi! I have lots of blogposts in my pagetree and I want the pagelabel to include the value of the post’s datefield (only the year). Adding date | title in the template settings results in something like… 1536012000 | my blogpost title Is it possible to convert the timestamp to a readable date?
  4. Hey! I just finished working on a website for a client. To restrict the use of PW for the client (so he can't brake the website), I created a new User and asigned some permissions. The problem is, that the link to the page tree is missing, when I login with the new user (see screenshot). Only the "Add New" shortcut works. When Iam logged in as admin, everything works fine. I never had this problem before. Iam using PW 3.0.25 Any Ideas? THX!
  5. When logged into the admin as the superuser, the 404 page appears in the page tree per usual. When logged in as a "site administrator" (a custom role), the 404 page is missing. The 404 page uses the basic-page template and hasn't been edited or altered in any way. Under "who can access this page", it shows the expected permissions (site administrators can definitely edit basic pages), and in fact, if a site administrator navigates directly to the edit screen for the page, it works fine. So it's not a permissions issue per se, it just doesn't show up in the page tree for users in that role. It is a multilingual site, and English is not the default language, in case that's relevant. Any thoughts?
  6. Hi guys, Just a quick one which I imagine someone has come across before. I don't feel like it warrants a module and might be as simple as editing a method in the admin module but can't see where to start. Is it possible to customise the titles that you see in the page tree? At the moment it displays the title. Which is absolutely perfect for everything apart from one thing which i would like to customise the page title display. I have a page called properties with children which are the properties themselves. I have renamed the title field to House Number/Name for the property template context and then separately I have a street field. I would like to concatenate the street field onto the title so you would get. the "House number" "Street name" as the title you see for these pages in the page tree. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  7. Please read the following before looking on the big picture ) Here's an idea i got, while experimenting with PW: A lot of cool icon fonts are avaible, on the other hand the page system of pw can be used verry flexible. why not bring these together to improve customized backend usabillity, version a (more complicated to build, i guess): when creating a template you choose the icon of your choice for this kind of content. in the page tree, based on the template that you've choosen for every page, the pages uses an little icon. version b (i guess, maybe simpler): based on the choosen template, the page <a> get's a css class with the name of the template. so you need to attache an custom css in the backend that styles your page list with icons using the :before/:after css-technics, i've seen that each page list item already get's a unique class, but it doesn't look like every page list item gets an class/id based on the used template. i think version b of my idea is nicer, and would bring up more flexibilty so style the page tree, additionaly to the icon solution. however, i did a dirty mockup of version a for better illustration. what do you guys think about the draft? writing something like this myself with php would be a realy big and scary task at the moment, since i'm a young padawan, but maybe some of the jeddai masters like it? <- i did an mistake..on the mockup i mean with "<-*click* a click on the picture symbol, not the pencil >.< EDIT: another "sourcecode mockup" to illustrate what would be cool the get with version b of the draft, so page list items get automatic an template name based icon , styleable with div.basic-page:before { content: "a"; } div.sitemap-template:before { content: "k"; } link with more infos about the css part etc,
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