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  1. Thats fine with me. If I use Mamp with PHP 5.6 this issue is solved. No worries! Keep up the good work! Looking forward to use this one day I still have no clue what stops the markup regions from working though.
  2. I changed the PHP version to 5.6 and these errors are gone now. However my markup regions seem not to be working. But when logged into the admin everything on the frontend works fine. When logged out I get an error saying "no regions" and the site is messed up. Iam about to give up on this and just use the site profile exporter for now
  3. The installation worked that way. But Iam still getting errors on the frontend saying Warning: preg_replace(): JIT compilation failed: no more memory Any Ideas, what is causing this? When I use the site profile exporter and install the profile everything is working fine.
  4. I had the same problem a couple of times now. For example when I try to install a backup of a live site on my localhost (Running on Mamp) or an a web server I always get the error config file cannot be found. The issue happened in the installation process after entering the database data and proceed. Maybe this is happening when the website is in another subdirectory and not the web root? The duplicator always makes a subdirectory when unzipping the files and then looks for the config in the root folder. After I manually change the config file, the site was showing up and I could see all the content in the admin, but had some strange errors on the frontend.
  5. Take your time. Maybe release it as a commercial profile/module in the future. I wouldn't mind to pay for it, at a reasonable price Cool! Swiss graphic design kind of invented the idea of a grid system
  6. This looks very cool!! If you find some time, it would be nice if you could share your new version (the one shown in the video). I would also be happy with a duplicator/site profile to install. No rush. in which city do you move? You are also german right?
  7. Iam generally not a huge fan of css frameworks, because they often feel bloated, so I usually code the complete css myself. With CSS grid Iam not talking about a framework but the CSS grid specification. Jen Simmons from Mozilla has some great videos explaining the benefits of using it for layouts. Anyway I would also be very happy with the bootstrap version you made! Do you have any plans for releasing this as a module? Or maybe even a release date?
  8. This looks very nice! I was working on a similar thing using the css grid specification with page table extended as a pagebuilder. But your approach is way superior because it supports inline editing, resize and better drag and drop (thought, this could still be improved, as it sometimes don't work as expected). I think this could be a very nice addition to PW, and something a would use a lot. Anyway it would be super awesome if you could release this as a module at some point! I would offer to adapt this for css grid, as I think that would be a nice option for some people and has more possibilities than bootstrap. Iam a frontend developer and designer so this might be out of my abilities, but I would try
  9. Thank you for this module! It works great but I have some problems with the options not getting recognised. (Iam using the dev version, because of the geocoding issues with google maps) Since I use the map as a fullscreen background I need to disable the zoom on scroll feature for usability. The option for the marker are working but the leaflet options scrollWheelZoom and dragging are ignored. This is my code: $map = $modules->get('MarkupLeafletMap'); $options = array('markerIcon' => 'flag', 'markerColour' => 'red', 'scrollWheelZoom' => false, 'dragging' => false); echo $map->render($page, 'map', $options); another option would be to disable this after init with map.scrollWheelZoom.disable() But this is also not working, because map is not defined. Whats the name of the map instance in js?
  10. I just tried page table extended with my new setup using markup regions. But found out that its not outputting anything. If I disable markup regions in my config file it renders just fine. any Ideas or similar experiences? I would love to use this module with markup regions. here is the code in my template wich uses pte: <main id="content"> <?php //Content (with pagebuilder) if(count($page->pagebuilder)>0){ foreach($page->pagebuilder as $l){ $l->render(); } } ?> </main> And than I have a _main.php file wich is also loaded in my config, with all the markup and the <main id="content">. Why is this not working?
  11. That worked! Thanks for your help!
  12. @Robin S Thanks you are the best! works great!! Edit: While these pages now redirect to a 404 page, all pages using my pagetable block with the redirect stopt showing up in admin. showing a red error message saying The process returned no content. And the whole page is empty with nothing to edit. ––––– The next cool addition would be a way to clone block items. Even nicer if these could be cloned to different pages as well and still be able to get edited on every page. this is also discussed here: But Iam not sure if I understand where to put LostKobrakai code or how to adapt this.
  13. I have managed to build a pagebuilder with blocks using PageTableExtended. Its working well and the customer is very happy with the look and usability. All the pages that are created with my PageTable are living under admin–>siteparts Now I tried to make the blocks reusable on other pages using the PageReferenceField. The problem is, the parent, where the pages from my PageTable are living, is set to not be viewable by guest users to prevent these pages from being viewable on the frontend. Now they only show up on the Frontend when Iam logged In. How can I prevent those pages to be accessed by URL, but still be able to include these pages with the PageReferenceField?
  14. I have the same problem when resizing images with the api. Doing this, did not solve it for me: $item->block_image->first()->size(100)->url edit: it works when I set the image field as an array and loop through it. but this is not ideal in my use case. I would like to keep the field as an single image field, so the client can simply change the image by replacing an existing one. This was also a suggested solution, but Iam not sure where I have to put this (inside my template for the pagetable items?): <?php namespace ProcessWire; if ($page->pageReference) { $refPage = $page->pageReference; $img = $refPage->image; echo $img->url; }
  15. Hey! Thank you for this great module, I use it as part of a repeater item (for settings, to save some white space and grouping the settings). Now I tried to echo the Value of a select option (Dropdown) like this: {$item->grid_settings->gridsize->title} gridsize is the name of my select field. And grid_settings is the name of my ConfigurationForm field (which contain multiple select fields). Item is the repeater item. But this is not working. What Iam missing here? Also is it possible to preselect an option?
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