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  1. After setting the pagination in default language to p from page. The PW admin pagination still uses page in url and throws an error. Can someone point me in the right direction on how to solve it?
  2. In my case clearing ProCache would be more than enough. This can be achieved in two ways in my opinion: 1. Clear ProCache cache button in admin bar. Will clear the caches for current edited page in all active languages. The downside of this can be that not everyone is using ProCache and they might have a useless button in the bar. 2. Alternatively and probably the easiest way would be to insert/display “Save” button In admin bar. By pressing Save will have the same functionality as option 1. Thanks for considering this!
  3. I would love to see the button Clear Page Cache action on this wonderful plugin. It is really useful when used in combination with Front-end editing functionality. Especially when you do a lot of onpage SEO. Thanks!
  4. @FireWire Do you think you can bring an update to module to translate from secondary language to main language? Eg: Site Main lang is DE and sec lang is EN , but the article writer writes the text in english and the client would be able to translate from EN to DE (main language)
  5. It seems like the the issue is popping up even with smaller text form, around 800 words even on the pro version of the API. It would be nice if you can take a look and see if it can get fixed. Thanks!
  6. Thank you for your quick reply and fixes! I just sent you a paypal donation.
  7. @FireWire awesome work! Currently i'm having some shortcodes [[city]] and seems like i'm getting a strange result https://cln.sh/IztOtO Do you think it can be fixed to maintain the [[city]] tag? Probably it can be solved by adding the glossary option as the desktop app https://cln.sh/tRCCzV 2. for longer text (over 5000 words it seems like the translations is getting stuck on the green screen https://cln.sh/1TObKx
  8. It seems that my colleague came up with this solution. It seems that it works just fine. Thank you for your answers!
  9. Currently I have an html Age verification modal that doesn't allow the visitor to browse the website until he confirm his legal age. What would be the best way to serve the visitors and to robots the procache generated page and get rid of the annoying age confirmation that pops up on each page reload? Thanks!
  10. Cs-cart is my favorite. Really flexible, scalable and reliable. Exact as ERP and Akeneo as PIM
  11. I currently manage a webshop with 225k products from around 60 suppliers and few millions of euros in yearly sales. I will share a bit from my experience, the issues I encountered and the facts you will want to consider before you start picking your solution. Self or Client Questionnaire 1. What is the max number of products your shop will have in 5 years from now? based on that you will need yo explain and educate the client why he will need an erp or pim software. 2. How many supplies you estimate that you will have and how they deliver the data. how often the product data is updated? 3. Whats is the monthly /yearly marketing budget? (Looking for only long term partnerships, I usually avoid signing a DEV& SEO contract with someone who has no idea of their marketing budget. It might sound crazy... but there is a clear view that your client will have enormous SEO expectations with No or limited budget. Main Issues : - each supplier comes with their products in a different template, filetype and the way they notify their resellers about the price updates. - for a big shop you will always want to work with a product information management (PIM) software. Are you ready to build your own PIM? - in order to increase your sales you will always want to send your products feed to site like amazon, google shopping etc... are you ready to invest and develop those solutions? - most of the shops are required to be connected with an ERP solution and at the end of the day you will need to make those systems to work together as much as possible. SHOP-ERP-PIM and resellers websites if any. My advice is to choose the only solution that is stable, capable and really secure. The multitude of plugins in store its always a plus and i will always like to pay 200$ on a good plugin than to develop it from scratch with a final cost of 2k. Please don’t try to reinvent the weel !!! Give yourself the luxury to work on marketing and SEO. Increasing your sales and google rankings are the only things that really matters at the end. Good luck!
  12. Processwire and the whole community is AMAZING, but the only thing that I think is missing... is the part where developers start to create, sell and maintain their plugins. By creating a premium PW plugin marketplace the following scenario will probably happen: 1. @ryan will/can receive a comision on each sale. This will be a well deserved token of appreciation for all his amazing work invested to build and maintain PW. 2. Plugin creators will be constantly motivated to build, maintain compatibles and improve the quality of their plugins. 3. The developers that will pay and use the premium plugins and they will save thousands in development time. Probably their clients will be happier with smaller project fees and shorter delivery times. I’m suggesting this since I’m always looking in Craft cms plugin marketplace and I have the feeling that they have a plugin for everything. Some are silly some are amazing... i know.. But in the moment you browse it, you always have the feeling that the only thing you have to do in order to create a big project is just to put the puzzle pieces together. If PWmarketplace would be a real thing... What would be the premium plugin that you will want to buy RIGHT NOW?
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