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  1. Indeed, I haven’t realized that Craft works on PstgreSQL too. The good news its that they have plans for it in the future, according to their github response on Github. https://github.com/hasura/graphql-engine/issues/1035
  2. Probably someone with experience in graphql can build a similar connector plugin for PW like https://github.com/jasonmccallister/craft-hasura Do you think that it would be a good idea?
  3. B3ta


    Great work Wanze! I think this functionality will be useful and a real time saver for most of the users. The easiest way to achieve this, is by allowing the user to select the templates that requires the SEO tab. Like in the Markup SEO plugin
  4. I had my hard drive full and clearing the servers /temp folder solved the issue.
  5. I'm also interested in your padloper/mollie. I would like to know if you plan to release the code to the public...
  6. @adrian Hi Adrian, thank you for the awesome updates and improvements. I would suggest to take a look on the Canonical link field and make it ready for multi language websites . Meaning that he can detect if there are any other languages present and canonicalize them properly according to the languages.
  7. Looking forward to check the plugin. Put me on the beta testers list please... I will need to import few thousands images and this small plugin will save my life.
  8. Hello, I'm using PW 2.7.2 Before admin link change https://www.dropbox.com/s/szh3891bbzyj8au/Screenshot%202016-01-23%2019.03.39.png?dl=0 After admin link change https://www.dropbox.com/s/2tbamin6t58di5b/Screenshot%202016-01-23%2019.06.21.png?dl=0 Please investigate further... all i can say is that I have installed the PW a couple of times thinking that I screwed up somehow.
  9. UPDATE: It seems that processwire has a bug and in the moment you rename the admin link from /processwire to /anothername the language settings are missing. Maybe somebody can give it a try and submit a bug to the responsible person. Thank you for your help guys !
  10. Yes everything is installed but after i added the language i wanted the sitename.com/newlang throws a 404 error. Seems like that last step it's killing me.
  11. Strange ... I'm searching it for a quite long time and seems that it's not there. Can you give me the actual link to it without your site name? Thanks
  12. Hello guys, I'm new in the PW community and seems like i have a small problem.. I would like to know how can i reach to this page to activate the newly added language.... Thank you for your help....
  13. Hi Arjen, can you tell me where do i find the Nl language pack for the 2.6 version? I added the NL language and your files but seems that i cannot get why on the Dutch language i don't have the /nl in urls. What i'm trying to acheive is to keep the admin in English but the frontend to have in in EN NL DE
  14. Hello, I have some problems loafing the 3rd language in the empty multilanguage profile. EN and DE is working ok, but when I'm adding Dutch or FR the permalinks are not changing /fr or /nl Can someone help me with a quick answer?
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