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Found 4 results

  1. Processwire and the whole community is AMAZING, but the only thing that I think is missing... is the part where developers start to create, sell and maintain their plugins. By creating a premium PW plugin marketplace the following scenario will probably happen: 1. @ryan will/can receive a comision on each sale. This will be a well deserved token of appreciation for all his amazing work invested to build and maintain PW. 2. Plugin creators will be constantly motivated to build, maintain compatibles and improve the quality of their plugins. 3. The developers that will pay and use the premium plugins and they will save thousands in development time. Probably their clients will be happier with smaller project fees and shorter delivery times. I’m suggesting this since I’m always looking in Craft cms plugin marketplace and I have the feeling that they have a plugin for everything. Some are silly some are amazing... i know.. But in the moment you browse it, you always have the feeling that the only thing you have to do in order to create a big project is just to put the puzzle pieces together. If PWmarketplace would be a real thing... What would be the premium plugin that you will want to buy RIGHT NOW?
  2. Hello everyone! I decided to develop a marketplace for Processwire. What do you think about that? It should be a centralized place for modules and profiles! Who wanna to collaborate with me?
  3. I'm quite new here and as you can imagine very attracted by ProcessWire. I'm intending on building a directory website where I have two types of users, more like airbnb if you want a more clear picture. Some make the listings, some pay for having the listings, or the services, while i get a percentage. Initially I was looking at Expression Engine as it had a flexible approach to building your website and then discovered PW. Now my question is, can I build such a directory website with PW where users can transfer money in return of some goods or services from other users? I'd also have to get some recurring payments for their membership later on when I have users. A map implementation is also needed, but I've seen some modules that do the trick. Expression Engine has much more plugins from what I've seen and probably also due to it's bigger community, but anyway PW seems attractive because I can start playing with it without having to buy, as in the case of Expression Engine. Just to mention that I'm a beginner to both of them, so at-least if I invest time in any of them, I want to know that what I need is possible. Thanks in advance!
  4. Would you be available for Freelance work on a Processwire site? Starting ASAP, about one week work estimated by me (that is, someone who is not very proficient at processwire, but has 15 years experience programming). We have a pretty good spec. I'm very tempted to do it myself because the API is so damn nice, but I know I would be slower than a decent processwire guy. I don't even know PHP. The site is on a vagrant box, proper version-control, etc. Ideally, you should take care of deploying it too (we have SoftLayer, but we could go anywhere else if it's any easier). If you see yourself more of a designer, but know someone who can deal with the deployment, feel free to ping them. Deploying PHP is also something I would rather not do. It looks easier than pretty much any other tech stack, but I'm sure the devil is in the details. Details on the site: It's a two-sided platform, where devs meet companies, similar to hired.com but with a big difference: training. I want to combine plain recruitment with education. Companies don't have budgets for training (or have say 500eur/person/year)... this is scary because the fast-changing tech world will leave you behind, unless you spend time improving yourself. If the company doesn't spend money on training, then you have to find ways to catch up, probably over weekends and evenings. But companies do have big budgets for recruiting. Everyone assumes that you have to spend money to get good guys, and recruiters charge a good chunk of the first year salary for the hire. Companies budget for this. I want to get around the fact that there's no budget for training, by taking it from where the companies do have budget: hiring. So it's mostly budget relocation. But there's a clear benefit for the company: they get training 'for free'. And they get onboarding partially solved. It's common to hire someone and the assume that the first month is wasted, with the person getting used to the tech stack the company uses. We remove a big chunk of the problem. The core 'pages' are Dev, Company, and Course. There are user roles to limit access of companies to developers (for example devs that work for the company logged in). There are courses and devs can pick courses. It's a bit more complex than that. Please contact me only if you can start immediately on this project. The steps: - You contact me (on this profile, with a pm). - I will look you up, and if I like what I see, I will send you the spec. - You review the spec and send me a quote, both in time and in money. I may well be off thinking this is a week of work - We sign a contract, and you start work. No NDA silliness. You can open source any part of the site that you consider valuable as a PW module. We are in Berlin. Timezone : CET. Ideal if you are in town because we could work side to side, but remote perfectly ok.
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