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  1. Hi Martijn,

    Thriough Diogo's recommendation I wrote to you (on the form on your website) about a PW job we started and needs further development. Are you somewhat available? We are in Berlin, and I know that you don't want to leave the Netherlands, so it'd be remote. Can be a short stint or a full-time engagement.



    1. usillos


      Hi Martijn,

      Not sure you have received my messages here or on your website. You may well be on vacation. But in any case, if you could respond briefly it'd be great.



    2. Martijn Geerts

      Martijn Geerts

      Hi Jose,

      Haven't been very active on the forum and I completely missed your message. (sorry)

      I've work again, and still working with ProcessWire. let me know If I can help you out with something.

    3. usillos


      Hi Martjin,

      Great to hear back from you. If you have availability and would be interested in working on totemcode.com, even if very part time, I'd love to talk. Right now it's Diogo, Stan, and me, all very part time, but I think that a few strong guys part time still can form a good team and get lots done. Diogo and me are talking about whether he would want to join fulltime in 2018. 

  2. I don't care if there's only 4 of us. We can still have a meetup. I offer my company offices to host it. If we make noise at the PHP meetup, we may get more people. Diogo is working with me on a project, we can have him remote. And actually registering a meetup.com could bring more people. Any takers? Dates? Before Xmas
  3. In my experience, tech decisions that you make early on may come back to haunt you. In CMSs in particular, the first 80% is definitely easier than if you had used no CMS. But the last 20% of the project becomes a huge struggle with the 'world view' of the CMS you picked. The farther this view is from what you are building, the worse the struggle. Now, PW is kinda a framework and a CMS, and it may well be far more flexible than most. Having said that... Ever felt sorry about picking a CMS (ie processwire) instead of a more general platform (ie Rails, Django, laravel)?
  4. Hi guys, This is the site: http://codekitt.com/for-candidates/ This is the job ad: https://dsr.recruitee.com/o/backend-full-stack-developer I posted it before as a short-term freelance job, but thinking about long-term now, maybe this could turn into a fulltime gig for someone.
  5. Thanks @netcarver. Wow, this forum looks like is going to be a keeper. People say good things to random strangers. Am I on the internet? For a preview of the Work-in-progress landing page: http://codekitt.webflow.io I would love to know if the idea is communicated ok. This Mario idea may fail to get the point across. Ignore alignment, designy things... this is a live mockup.
  6. Would you be available for Freelance work on a Processwire site? Starting ASAP, about one week work estimated by me (that is, someone who is not very proficient at processwire, but has 15 years experience programming). We have a pretty good spec. I'm very tempted to do it myself because the API is so damn nice, but I know I would be slower than a decent processwire guy. I don't even know PHP. The site is on a vagrant box, proper version-control, etc. Ideally, you should take care of deploying it too (we have SoftLayer, but we could go anywhere else if it's any easier). If you see yourself more of a designer, but know someone who can deal with the deployment, feel free to ping them. Deploying PHP is also something I would rather not do. It looks easier than pretty much any other tech stack, but I'm sure the devil is in the details. Details on the site: It's a two-sided platform, where devs meet companies, similar to hired.com but with a big difference: training. I want to combine plain recruitment with education. Companies don't have budgets for training (or have say 500eur/person/year)... this is scary because the fast-changing tech world will leave you behind, unless you spend time improving yourself. If the company doesn't spend money on training, then you have to find ways to catch up, probably over weekends and evenings. But companies do have big budgets for recruiting. Everyone assumes that you have to spend money to get good guys, and recruiters charge a good chunk of the first year salary for the hire. Companies budget for this. I want to get around the fact that there's no budget for training, by taking it from where the companies do have budget: hiring. So it's mostly budget relocation. But there's a clear benefit for the company: they get training 'for free'. And they get onboarding partially solved. It's common to hire someone and the assume that the first month is wasted, with the person getting used to the tech stack the company uses. We remove a big chunk of the problem. The core 'pages' are Dev, Company, and Course. There are user roles to limit access of companies to developers (for example devs that work for the company logged in). There are courses and devs can pick courses. It's a bit more complex than that. Please contact me only if you can start immediately on this project. The steps: - You contact me (on this profile, with a pm). - I will look you up, and if I like what I see, I will send you the spec. - You review the spec and send me a quote, both in time and in money. I may well be off thinking this is a week of work - We sign a contract, and you start work. No NDA silliness. You can open source any part of the site that you consider valuable as a PW module. We are in Berlin. Timezone : CET. Ideal if you are in town because we could work side to side, but remote perfectly ok.
  7. I'm new to processwire, but have some decent experience in Scala, python and others. I was the typical guy making fun of php. Processwire changed that, the api design is very elegant and convinced me. I can host the event in Berlin, so we have big monitors for everyone, projectors, etc. Ping me if you are interested. We can make it a mini conference, with speakers etc.
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