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  1. Module

    @PWaddict, do you use the dependencies or the default injection method?
  2. Nice post and I love coffee!
  3. That's correct. Doc & do are used for %1$s and %2$s.
  4. Never used it with text domains but probably something like this would work. sprintf(__('Hello %1$s how do you %2$s?', '/path/to/'), 'Doc', 'do')
  5. @LostKobrakai It's dirty: Unless you write to a file... I even had running progress bar with that...
  6. I've done a thing like this: Here (not in this part of the script) I test for all variables, when oké, I'll post to the same URL with an added URLSegment called 'curl'. So the the script will be executed again, but then over shell_exec an out of the session. You should note that all output even errors will have a nice journey into /dev/null so they are gone. For error handling you're on your own. // Success if (!count($this->errors)) { $query = http_build_query($this->postArray); // point output to /dev/null/ shell_exec("curl --data '$query' " . $this->page->httpUrl . "curl/ 2>/dev/null >/dev/null &"); $this->json['success'] = true; // Show errors, abort } else { $this->json['errors'] = $this->errors; }
  7. Just to chime in: Fantastic Module @adrian
  8. Module

    Thanks Guys... I like @tpr's suggestion...
  9. Module

    A brand new AdminCustomFiles! That's what I have, but it's NameSpaced, and I'm not keen to make it compatible with ProcessWire2.8 or lower. Essentially it looks like the same Module, but it's rewritten, nothing of the old have survived, although all features work foor 99% the same. I don't want to loose the name, but don't want the older version gets lost. So, now I'm in trouble I'm not sure how bring this version up to the public. What do you guys think... Should I zip the old and put it in to the Module, of create a new Name...
  10. @renobird We planned to do a view things with it: Put the field a 'repeater like field' to allow a user to set the columns for ListerPro. Build stylesheets for the visuals for listerPro. Changing Field labels within ListerPro. The Fieldtype will be used inside other Modules, where you want to give the user some 'controlled access' to field properties.
  11. FieldtypeFields Fieldtype for storing field references with various filter possibilities. See Modules directory Download at GitHub
  12. Hi @szabesz, looks like it's working with the default ProcessPageLister (not much testing over there.)
  13. ProcessPageListerUrls Create links to specific ListerPages with predefined selector, column and sort settings. See GitHub for more information. Download ProcessPageListerUrls on GitHub
  14. I have a slightly different pattern as @adrian & @Macrura, this way there are no un necessary whitespace characters in HTML $out = "<div class='uk-grid uk-grid-large'>" . "<div class='uk-width-medium-1-3'>" . "<div class='uk-panel uk-panel-box prodotto__panel-mod'>" . "<div class='uk-panel-teaser'>" . "<div class='uk-cover-background' style='background-image: url(" . $page->product_image->url . ");'>" . "<img class='uk-invisible' src='" . $page->product_image->url . "' width='600' height='400' alt='Placeholder'>" . "</div>" . "</div>" . "</div>" . "<a class='prodotto__panel-links prodotto__panel-links-blue' href='" . $page->url . "'>" . "<span>Discover more</span>" . "</a>" . "</div>" . "<div class='uk-width-medium-2-3'>" . "<div class='prodotto__descr'>" . "<span>" . $page->product_options->title . "</span>" . "<h3 class='shadow-blue'>" . $page->title . "</h3>" . "<p>" . (truncateText($child->product_description)) . "</p>" . "<p>" . "<a href='" . $page->url . "'>" . "<i class='uk-icon-chevron-circle-right uk-margin-small-right'></i>Link". "</a>" . "</p>" . "</div>" . "</div>" . "</div>";
  15. Awesome tips that solves your dot filename issues, I want to throw in an other approach so you won't have that issue that often. When you change the user that runs apache, the ProcessWire install wil handle the renaming of the htaccess among other things. I only recommend this when you are the only user on your mac that uses the internal apache. Changing the user is quite simple: Go to /etc/apache2/httpd.conf, find the block that looks like the block below, and change the user and the group to your short username and the group. In the example I already did that with my name. After changing that name, restart apache and apache will run with You as user. this will solve a lot of user right issues. <IfModule unixd_module> # # If you wish httpd to run as a different user or group, you must run # httpd as root initially and it will switch. # # User/Group: The name (or #number) of the user/group to run httpd as. # It is usually good practice to create a dedicated user and group for # running httpd, as with most system services. # # User _www # Group _www User martijn Group staff </IfModule>