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  1. Martijn Geerts

    Updated ACF to make it compatible. (Hope this fixes it.)
  2. Martijn Geerts

    Thanks @Macrura, I will update the module to make it backwards compatible with old PHP soon....
  3. Martijn Geerts

    Actually I don't understand the error, the only thing I can imagine is that ext is not there... Are you willing to replace the isset line with the code above?
  4. Martijn Geerts

    @Macrura What is $ext at that moment? Could you try to replace the isset line with: if ($ext !== 'js' && $ext !== 'css') return false;
  5. Martijn Geerts

    Thanks @NorbertH issue has been fixed.
  6. Martijn Geerts

    Hi Guys, AdminCustomFiles received some well-deserved love. (an update to version 0.9.61) There were several bug fixes and some major changes. I did break compatibility on several aspects of this module but after this update everything should be fine. - You can upgrade from 0.8.7 and below. (we take care of all settings) - The JSON output is now fully customizable. Previously I hooked *ProcessController::execute* and inserted the files to the config->scripts and files but with ProcessWire 3.x these were not the last files. Now we use Page::render to insert the files that should fix it. For the config.AdminCustomFiles javascript object we now have a base class that can be extended easily. When you created the class, you can select the class and save the module configuration. More info in the module configuration and in the example class below. /** * AcfConfigCustom * * Create a file in your AdminCustomFiles folder and start the filename with * ‘AcfConfig’ then ‘a custom name’ and add ‘.php’. * * In this file create a class with the basename of the file without the * extension. This class should extend AcfConfig and implements Module. * * Properties of the subclass * * @var AdminCustomFiles $adminCustomFiles Instance of AdminCustomFiles may you need it. * @var Page|NullPage $editPage In processPageEdit it would be the page you are editting. * @var Template $editTemplate Template from the page above. */ class AcfConfigCustom extends AcfConfig implements Module { /** * Optional ready method * * - Use it or leave out. * - We call ready() before calling jsConfig(). */ public function ready() {} /** * Required jsConfig method * * Return a PHP array ready to be used for $config->js * * @return array */ public function jsConfig() { $process = $this->wire('process'); return array( "activeProcess" => $process->className(), "editPage" => $this->editPage->id, "editTemplate" => $this->editTemplate->name, ); } }
  7. Martijn Geerts

    Sorry to hear!
  8. Martijn Geerts

    @netcarver Thanks for lookin' into this. I will take a little time this week to update the module. Thanks steve.
  9. Martijn Geerts

    Awesome!!!, just what I need today!
  10. Martijn Geerts

    I wouldn't use a formula for this I would use a 'pecentage value' and use HSL color. hsl(0, 100%, 50%) is red, hsl(100, 100%, 50%) is green the color traverses over yellow.
  11. Martijn Geerts

    Thanks @adrian, issue should be fixed right now.
  12. Martijn Geerts

    @matjazp If you need the old AdminCustomFiles: There's so much changed in the admin of PW3 so AdminCustomFiles (the old) would not fully work in PW3 without a lot of extra code. Thereby I think we should move on and drop non namespaced PW. Then there's the reason I have/had ~~almost~~ no spare time this year. We restaurated our old house (stripped bare & build up), next I had a job, for 40 hours a week plus the insane driving hours to the job.
  13. Martijn Geerts

    Thanks @bernhard, think I will rty that route. Hopefully have some spare time this week to manage that.
  14. Martijn Geerts

    @PWaddict I think i'm locked in... don't know how to solve this one. $config->scripts and $config->styles are echoed before those admin scripts are echoed. I don't know what I can do about that.
  15. Martijn Geerts

    @PWaddict Thanks for your report, I've added an extra hook (after AdminTheme::getExtraMarkup) and updated the version number. Changes are uploaded to GitHub.