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  1. @matjazp If you need the old AdminCustomFiles: There's so much changed in the admin of PW3 so AdminCustomFiles (the old) would not fully work in PW3 without a lot of extra code. Thereby I think we should move on and drop non namespaced PW. Then there's the reason I have/had ~~almost~~ no spare time this year. We restaurated our old house (stripped bare & build up), next I had a job, for 40 hours a week plus the insane driving hours to the job.
  2. Thanks @bernhard, think I will rty that route. Hopefully have some spare time this week to manage that.
  3. @PWaddict I think i'm locked in... don't know how to solve this one. $config->scripts and $config->styles are echoed before those admin scripts are echoed. I don't know what I can do about that.
  4. @PWaddict Thanks for your report, I've added an extra hook (after AdminTheme::getExtraMarkup) and updated the version number. Changes are uploaded to GitHub.
  5. Hi PWaddict, I see. There're changes in the way themes are handled. I gonna investigate.
  6. ProcessWire's database abstraction is the best of all CMS systems I know.
  7. Hi Martijn,

    Thriough Diogo's recommendation I wrote to you (on the form on your website) about a PW job we started and needs further development. Are you somewhat available? We are in Berlin, and I know that you don't want to leave the Netherlands, so it'd be remote. Can be a short stint or a full-time engagement.



    1. usillos


      Hi Martijn,

      Not sure you have received my messages here or on your website. You may well be on vacation. But in any case, if you could respond briefly it'd be great.



    2. Martijn Geerts

      Martijn Geerts

      Hi Jose,

      Haven't been very active on the forum and I completely missed your message. (sorry)

      I've work again, and still working with ProcessWire. let me know If I can help you out with something.

    3. usillos


      Hi Martjin,

      Great to hear back from you. If you have availability and would be interested in working on, even if very part time, I'd love to talk. Right now it's Diogo, Stan, and me, all very part time, but I think that a few strong guys part time still can form a good team and get lots done. Diogo and me are talking about whether he would want to join fulltime in 2018. 

  8. Don't know if it still functions:
  9. @Peejay there are some more little improvements coming up but there are still a few annoyances. But there will be updates soon, sorry guys for the delays, but free time is sparse these days.
  10. Hee PeeJay, I will see if I have time soon and if I can reproduce and fix it. Thanks for the report.
  11. You could take a look at
  12. To be fair I haven't test this field with together with a matrix field on the page or within a matrix field. Is the Issue in the Admin, or in the front-end, doesn't it return anything or something else? Can you tell me more about your specific issue ?
  13. @PWaddict, do you use the dependencies or the default injection method?