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  1. Hi all I need to export all the texts from a website to a translation company (as json or csv or txt...). How can this be done? Of course manually, but this website is huge and it would take me years... Also, as a second step, importing the translation ... Any ideas anyone? Tutorials? Plugins? Thanks for your help.
  2. No, I meant rather some list-like thing. I wouldn't need a thumbnail preview for an excel file. A line of info, next line of info.. what you have there only kinda suits images.. I guess I'll find it in the CSS files then.
  3. by the way, is there a way to show a more "dataTables" kinda look? I find the thumbnails quite big for the file load we'll have..
  4. No, I uploaded the zip file by using the modules installation uploader. just upload, install, didn't work. hope that helps.
  5. Hi Just installed the Media Manager. It seems that I cannot make any changes to the settings. When I save, it won't save my changes. Any ideas?
  6. Is there a demo version i can try? would love to play around and find out if it works for me..
  7. Actually, I thought this could be an option. Include a folder structure somewhere in "templates" and have them synchronise with something like Cyberduck. yes. Their customers need to access this page front-end and filter by type, classes, keywords, whatever. Jquery Data Table looks good at first glance. I'll definitely check that out. Could the Media Manager work here for the batch processing? Something else that would make things even more complicated: is it possible to index the filex by keywords in a batch upload? Could you specify this a little? Sorry for all the questions..
  8. Hey @kongondo, thanks for replying. 1. no, displayed on a front-end page 2. Links to the files, the files should be downloadable by the visiting user 3. not sure how to store them best. it's a load of files, and it would be great, if they shouldn't be uploaded one by one. More like batch processing or a folder with the files on the server. I guess it would be great if PW could manage the files, but the customer does not want to go to the backend to upload the new versions of the files individually. rather some sort of folder synchronisation. if possible. does that make sense?
  9. Hi all I need help with something. Situation: We have let's say 2'000 Files (Excel) that should be displayed (list with links) on a page. We'd need to filter these files by given Keywords or a tree structure or both. Now, I'm looking for a solution whereas our customer can synchronise the files from his local computer with the folder on the webserver. They will update and upload files on a daily basis. Therefore, it would need to synchronise rather than load the files manually in pages or repeaters. Maybe indexing would be an idea, too. Are there any modules for Processwire that would help achieving this? Could anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.
  10. Oh wow, this is really cool. Didn't know you could do that. Thank you all, I'll try a few things and come back for more questions later..
  11. Thank you @bernhard and @rick I was thinking front-end, actually. What i have so far is a table with the products and an input field for the order amount and an order button. When clicked, the order button adds the article to a cart and adds the details to a formbuilder field. So I would receive an email saying "brochures, 10 Ex.". So far so good. But how could I write something back to the backend? Is that something that needs to be done by hooks?
  12. Hi All I have the following task to solve and don't know if this is doable with Processwire: Parties: Admin, Customers (with individual Logins) Customer opens the Website and has to log in. Then he/she will be directed to their list (Table) of their products we have on stock for them showing the current quantity. On each line there should be an empty "order" input field, where they can enter the amount of goods they need. When they click on "order" an email will be sent to the administrator and the available amount of this product should be updated in the backend (!). Any suggestions? Thanks and best, Roli
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