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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all I've built a website that contains 3 OnePagers. The structure is: - home (landingpage with links to sites a, b and c) -- site a -- site b -- site c -- other pages... Home has the main domain, let's call it main.com. the three pages are main.com/site-a, main.com/site-b and main.com/site-c. I'm looking for a way to have site a to c with their own domains, like site-a.com, site-b.com, site-c.com. these domain names should be visible in the url-bar of the browser (not main.com/site-a). Is there a way to do that? I want to keep it a single Processwire installation, not having three different ones (I know how to do that). Your help is very much appreciated. Thanks
  2. I know it is possible to have a different domain name for each language of a site. For exemple: monsite.com (for French) mysite.com (for English) I know also that we can have several sites in one installation with the help of Soma's Multisite module. I have a company who has four independent sites (four different companies under a same umbrella). The new design and structure of those sites will be practically identical. There will be different administrators for each site, but a lot of data will be shared, so using Soma's module seems to be a good idea. The problem is that those 4 sites have different names for the French and English version. compagnieUn.com (for French) companyOne.com (for English) compagnieDeux.com (for French) companyTwo.com (for English) etc. Will we shoot ourselves in our feet to develop with just one installation? Would it be preferable to make those sites able to talk to each other instead? Your input would be very much welcome!
  3. Hi all, Just a quick question, when using the multisite module is there anything different that needs to be done in order to setup HTTPS for each of the domains its serving? Would a single SSL certificate for the main domain be enough to cover the others aswell or would you need multiple ceritficates one for each domain the mutlisite setup uses?
  4. I would like to create a language switch using Multi-language page names, but I have for each language a different domain. For example: domain.com instead of domain.com/en/ domain.de instead of domain.com/de I was finding various approaches and explanations, outdated and brand-new, but I think It would be great to gather everything in one place. So there are basically two questions: A) How to autodetect the browser language and redirect to the specific domain or default when not available. My approach would be to direct all domains to the default, in this case domain.com, and then let processwire redirect depending on the browserlanguage. B) How to create a manual switch with flags, to choose the language for the current page you are viewing, changing the path from: domain.com/about/ domain.de/ueber-uns/ Thanks a lot and I will update this post with the code we together brainstorm. Starting with connecting the domain to the language in processwire. <?php // Redirect to language fields of processwire if($config->httpHost == 'domain.de') { $user->language = $languages->get("deutsch"); } ?>
  5. teppo

    .pw domains

    Just out of interest, has anyone already registered / considered registering a .pw domain? I only just found out about these.. currently available for copyright holders etc. but available for the general public in a month or so
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