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  1. I found the culprit. I commented out the RewriteBase / line in my htaccess... # ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # 11. OPTIONAL: Set a rewrite base if rewrites aren't working properly on your server. # And if your site directory starts with a "~" you will most likely have to use this. # ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RewriteBase /
  2. Thank you Adrian, The problem resides on my prod site, hosted by Greengeeks. I have changed nothing there. Perhaps they? I use MAMP Pro on local and everything is fine.
  3. It is so mysterious. When I am logged, I notice that the session is not preserved. For example, if I click on a module settings, I'm just returned to the module page with this message : No module specified...
  4. Hello, I am not sure what you are talking about. I have done nothing special except trying to create a new page, and suddenly, this problem. I think the DB is corrupted some way.
  5. Hi BiyPoet, this is the same problem as I can't see the Page tree. This happens when I log into the site... The official call is then for which I receive: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) Here what I receive in the console No Ajax call seems to be allowed, on every page. For example, I cannot see the logs... or refresh the module page. Nothing works while, the same installation works in local...
  6. I have the same problem here, only on prod site. On my local machine, I have no problem. I deleted the cache folder entirely, made PW up to date, even with the DEV version, removed ProCache, but to no avail. I get this network error : Unknow problem, please try later. The console tells me this: ?id=1&render=JSON&start=0&lang=0&open=undefined&mode=actions 404 xhr JqueryCore.js?v=1507602825:2 9.1 KB 284 ms And I repeat, the local installation which is exactly the same has not this problem.
  7. Ok, got it. $french = $this->languages->get("francais"); $page->of(false); // page->setLanguageValue($french, 'title', $columns['Titre']); $page->setName($columns['Chemin'], $french); $page->set("status$french", 1);
  8. I have create a module base on Cramer's Import Pages From CSV in order to be able to import bilingual data. I based my code with the help of this page. While the title, the body (page_content) field are saved, I cannot save the french path (this is an import of previous blog entries from another CMS. I must keep the URL. The english URL is saved). $p->of(false); if($columns['Titre'] != "") { $french = $this->languages->get("francais"); $p->of(false); // $p->title->setLanguageValue($french, $columns['Titre']); $p->page_content->setLanguageValue($french, $columns['Corps']); $p->name->setLanguageValue($french, $columns['Chemin']); $p->status->setLanguageValue($french, 1); } I get this error
  9. My mistake... a simple typo...
  10. I am trying to implement a Repeater Matrix which contains a Page field (there are four fields, an image field, one text field and two page fields). The example given in the readme.txt is self-explanatory. However, this seems not to work with a page field. Say my page field is called "attached_ceramic_skus": <?php foreach($page->test_matrix as $item) { echo " <h3>$item->headline</h3> <=works <img... $item->image->url </> <= works foreach ($item->attached_ceramic_skus as $skus)... <= throws an error "; } } } When I debug this line, I see my image and text fields in the $item array, but not the page fields. But these fields are there and working when I enter data. I have understood how they are kept in the database. What is the method/hook to read this type of field?
  11. I resolved my problem by adding a new crop setting in the my field and changing in my template to the new one... It does not explain why the previous crop setting still works on my local machine... Anyways...
  12. I have a serious and mysterious problem with CroppableImage3 module since I upgrade to PW 3.0.62. Since my local copy of the site works perfectly well, I uploaded it to the production site, along with the database. But, I get this error when accessing a page using CroppableImage3. Exception: There is no crop setting for the template 'promenade' called 'miniature' (in /home/guyvervi/public_html/site/modules/CroppableImage3/FieldtypeCroppableImage3/FieldtypeCroppableImage3.module line 209) The miniature crop setting IS set. I really does not understand what is going on.
  13. The previous CSV file could indeed the base of the comparison. The site will not be a store and the stock inventory will be accessible on demand. We will have six months to see the extent of daily changes. There will be site administrators in charge of completing the missing information of each product (the external database contains only prices, and basic information, SKU, numbers of items in a palette, etc.) Thank you for your input!
  14. I just made a test with Phamton.js. It works like a charm. The script below is incomplete, because you have to stop the server once the script is done, but you can get an idea. My local script resides at http://example.local/script-ajax, the same script I can fire from a browser. To make it run from a server, you create another little script below: "use strict"; var page = require('webpage').create(), system = require('system'); if (system.args.length < 2) { console.log('Usage: loadurltest.js URL'); phantom.exit(); } var address = system.args[1];, function(status) { if (status === 'success') { console.log('The script goes here'); } else { console.log('Unable to load the address!'); phantom.exit(); } }); Where you see console.log('The script goes here'); is where you should wait for the script to finish (because you must exit phantom). So, the crontab just call this: phantomjs yourscript.js
  15. Hi, The data changes daily (mainly prices, but also additions or subtractions of products). A cron route would mean to run a lengthy PHP script. To preprocess the data, I would have to read from PW to get the information. I don’t have a created/modified date in the CSV file, which is a build of many sources, so I have to read everything, hence compare with a bunch of fields in the PW pages. Making a quick dump of the 50000 products and preprocessing would be an option, but PW is not that fast (i tried to get a $pages->find of every product… ). Since we test Elastic Search, it would perhaps be a way to get it done. The actual script is based on the Import CSV module from Ryan. It does essentially the same thing with some extras: read a line, compare with a page, if that page exists, check if such and such data is the same, if so, continue to the next line. If a new sku is present (it’s not at the end of the CSV file…), create the page, etc. Going the cron route would require a stepping mechanism… I know already that 6-7 entries are read per second… The phantomjs way is elegant because I can test on a browser anytime without porting anything.