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  1. Nice single page website. Any chance to send a pull request for Template Engine Twig module. I think many users will be interested in the Twig 3 compatibility.
  2. Nice site. Thanks for the insights about how it was built and what are the modules involved.
  3. OH MY GOODNESS !! This thing is a beauty 😍 Well done sir.
  4. @dragan Indeed nice catch. @bernhard Thanks for the RockSkinUikit module. Will use it in an upcoming project.
  5. Hi Zeka, I was wondering how easy/difficult it has been to style the back office to black & white theme ? Any hints on how you achieved that ?
  6. +1 for the ingredient template allowing to create a ingredient database.
  7. Hi, From the top of my head this could do it this way : a template with a title and body (recipe) field and a repeater field to hold the ingredients list : a text field to hold the ingredient name a text field to hold the amount of ingredient a select field to hold the amount unit (tsp, l, ml? etc..)
  8. Nicolas

    ED works new site

    Great job ! Well done. Really love the sliding effect and typography.
  9. Great write up Guy, thanks for the post You've mentionned Twig. How did you implement that ? Is there any chance to have more details about the programming architecture?
  10. Nicolas

    So happy :)

    Bravo 👏 !! I'm thinking about using ProcessWire as a foundation for a marketplace. Glad to see ProcessWire works very well for you. Without selling your company's trade secret it would be great to get some insights about how you use ProcessWire.
  11. Can you elaborate on "other tools that allow separating admin and frontend to different servers". Do you mean tools like Gatsby and the likes ?
  12. No luck by turning off the dynamic loading.
  13. What i want to achieve is to be able to add an remove pages from the repeater fields. When saving the page holding the repeater field on creation everything work as expected, but later on when updating any field in the repeater the changes are not save and an error occurs. My version of ProcessWire version 3.0.36.
  14. Hi, I'm experiencing error on saving a page with multiple repeater fields. Any clue on a solution is welcome. Updating to the repeater field pages under the Admin work as expected though. NIcolas
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