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  1. Hello Suggestion for a new one if anyone thinks it would be useful : change values of a checkbox. For now, unless I'm wrong, only text fields could be setORreplace. Thanks!!
  2. Will be willing to test anytime!! I have tons of pages with repeaters to export in CSV...
  3. Nothing special. Just a concatenate from values like this: $page->map_lieu->address = "{$page->no_civique} {$page->rue}, {$page->ville}, {$page->codepostal} {$page->pays}"; Data were entered from FormBuilder, with fields similar to yours. I'm now at ~150 adresses collected and I just have a couple which didn't geolocalize (generally a typo). Status varied to "rooftop to geometric center". My only concerns is if you get a "Zero results" status, on front-end, the square map appears but with nothing. I'm planning to display the map with a "if status>=1", just to be sure.
  4. Hi! Look repeater. It's already installed in core. Good luck!
  5. Too late for me since I did that in my /ready.php. But would certainly use it in another project! ;-)
  6. ah, yeah, could move the console but not the output. Too late, should go to sleep I guess... Thanks for ->each, didn't know. ;-)
  7. Hi @adrian Just wondering if it's normal that even in full screen mode, the console output is so small? I can't resize also. Thanks Firefox58, Ubuntu 16.04, Tracy4.9.13, PW 3.0.91
  8. Hi, I'm trying to display the title of a page on the map but I can get it. Ideally I want to display both $page->lieu->title and page->map_lieu->adress. I couldn't find the way to write it. The only one working is 'lieu' but it display only id page. Can I use a variable in the array? 'markerTitleField' => 'lieu', // $page->lieu->title ?? Thanks Mel
  9. @adrian It's not that it didn't work, in fact we use it temporarily until I find a more complete solution. The problem is the shifting cells because, I guess, it didn't calculate how many repeaters have to be inserted as rows. I found this, but I suppose it's too old because it didn't do anything (or I didn't understand what it was supposed to do). I try to do it on my custom export, but I'm really bad with arrays and loops...
  10. Thanks. To be honest, I was completely exhausted to have fighted all weekend with custom CSV export, due to repeaters. This is why I was looking for something else. I will check this. But having the possibility to choose fields to export via a form in admin would be the Graal... ;-) Melanie
  11. Hi, I request an advice from experimented users! It's my first time for developing for someone else, so I have to take in account her needs and capabilities. She used to work with a CSV file to sort/copy data mainly because the old website was strangely constructed, with only one table in database and I suppose it was easy to create a CSV file. But now, with the new PW site, I used many templates with many repeaters etc and I don't know how to export all these data in CSV file. Using existing modules for export CSV don't work, since I have to append different pages together. How you manage to export data? She needs things like export all emails or phone number to her documents, she also sorted and others basic queries like this etc... Do you use exclusively admin interface to display data to user? But how export? Which format else than CSV could be more convenient for end-user in a "normal" desktop (good chance to be Office suite)? Looking forward for ideas! ;-) Thanks Melanie
  12. Hi, I normally don't express myself on those kind of discussions, but as a newcomer, and a also as non-professionnal developper, I want to emphases about simplicity of PW. I really liked the fact I was able to construct something even with my basic knowledge of PHP, and the system could sustain more complicated things, with my knowledge growing. IMHO, it should stay like this, open to everyone. In the previous CMS I used, I started like this, simple and understandable, but with years become so focused to developers than it was impossible to follow developments if you don't used it on day-to-day basis (maybe because me and other people like me didn't feel included and never participated to roadmaps discussion!!). I understand those having different needs than me, but I don't know if it's possible to find a way to activate/install more advanced features without impacting a simple core. I agree with latest posters, small issues should be fixed. Furthermore, I still wondering why really small useful things are not included in the core (and already existent). Just 2 examples: I put on forum my wish to have a button to save+add new field (as already existing in pages). @Robin S created this module in couple of hours. Second example : PW upgrade : who don't use that? Why it's not included in core? There is many small things like this. Thanks everyone for your work AND your answers to my naïve questions. Mel
  13. Hi, It's drive me crazy, I'm turning in round since days. What means this error? How come the page have no parent when first created (either by admin or form Builder)? It probably come from my hooks, but I don't where. I put my file but it's messy, I move things around too much often. Template : activite Template : organisme Activity is organized by 1 organisme (via pageRef inputfield) and is located in 1 organisme (pageRef InputField). Submission could be done either by FormBuilder or admin. In case of forms, I need a specific number to be created before email is sent to submitter. This number contains information concerning location. So I think, the problem is that location is not save before the number is created. But I'm not so sure... However if someone could just explain what means the error, maybe I could refine where I should search for the error. Thanks ready.php
  14. Hi Does it exist a way to debug why my page get locked after saving? Could be my hooks or field dependencies but not sure? Tracy? Something else? Thanks
  15. Oh, so simple, but so efficient. Thanks!!