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  1. Hi, Still digging in the module. I have 2 questions: Does it have a limit of columns to be added? For now, I have 22 columns + 17 columns added with ->addField. It's probably too much: it works but it's really, really slow (minutes) and freeze everything else. Strangely I just remove a couple of fields (~5-10) and it's appear rather quickly. All those fields belongs to 1 single template (so just left joins). I have ~200 rows. In fieldtypes supported there is a file named "pagestable". I guess it's not "Profields: Page table"? Anyway it doesn't work with ->addField, it just print id. I search for another syntax, but I couldn't find it. Thanks again Mel
  2. @bernhard Thanks!!! I should have written before... Anyway, I can continue my exploration!
  3. Hi. I'm searching since a couple of days why I get this behavior. I follow your example for pages but it never display with separator (in my picture id=1284 or 1286 or 1290). I have no idea why, maybe an expert eye could spot something. $finder = new \ProcessWire\RockFinder('template=activite', ['title']); //really simple example $field =$finder->addField('discipline', ['title']); $field->separator = "|"; return $finder->getSQL(); SELECT `rockfinder`.* FROM /* original pw query */ (SELECT FROM `pages` WHERE (pages.templates_id=58) AND (pages.status<1024) GROUP BY ) as `pwfinder` /* rockfinder */ LEFT JOIN ( SELECT `pages`.`id` AS `id`, `title`.`title` AS `title`, `discipline`.`discipline` AS `discipline`, `discipline`.`title` AS `discipline:title` FROM `pages` /* --- join title --- */ LEFT JOIN (SELECT `pages_id` AS `pageid`, `title`.`data` AS `title` FROM `field_title` AS `title`) AS `title` ON `title`.`pageid` = `pages`.`id` /* --- end title --- */ /* --- join discipline --- */ LEFT JOIN (SELECT `discipline`.`pages_id` AS `pageid`, `discipline`.`data` AS `discipline`, GROUP_CONCAT(`title`.`data` ORDER BY `discipline`.`sort` SEPARATOR ',') AS `title` FROM `field_discipline` AS `discipline` LEFT JOIN `field_title` AS `title` ON `title`.`pages_id` = `discipline`.`data` GROUP BY `discipline`.`pages_id`, `discipline`.`data`) AS `discipline` ON `discipline`.`pageid` = `pages`.`id` /* --- end discipline --- */ ) AS `rockfinder` ON `pwfinder`.`id` = `rockfinder`.`id` /* end rockfinder */ Thanks!!
  4. mel47

    Hi, Thanks for this module, it's quite useful, and it's work very well. However, I still wondering which icons I can use? I can't find anywhere a list or a reference to an iconset used by the module. Mel
  5. mel47

    ok thanks for answer. I will think if I should or not change my structure.
  6. mel47

    Hello! Do you think it's easy to convert a Repeater -> PageTable ? I don't know enough to see if the existing action PageTable->repeater could be inverted. Thanks!
  7. Thanks, looks pretty amazing even for my very small testing. I generally learning by reading other's code examples. Since there mostly anything, I have a quick question. I could display really easily page and repeater independently. But is it possible to display the title of page found inside a repeater ? For now I only have id. I tried many ways, but without success, but I'm not sure if I'm trying to do something impossible or not. Thanks!
  8. OMG @jmartsch and @bernhard, success!! I tried the new version on my production website and it's working!
  9. Same result, juste a name change. ReferenceError: RockGrid is not defined edit:578:7 initGrid_rockgriddemo http://localhost/24h/admin/page/edit/:578:7 <anonyme> http://localhost/24h/admin/page/edit/:589:7 <div class="RockGridWrapper backend InputfieldIgnoreChanges" id="RockGridWrapper_rockgriddemo"> <div id="RockGridItem_rockgriddemo" class="RockGridItem ag-theme-balham" data-id="rockgriddemo" style='height: 300px'></div> <div class="init"></div> </div> <script> // translation strings for this grid var RockGridStr_rockgriddemo = { } // grid settings object var gridSettings_rockgriddemo = { grid: 'rockgriddemo', dataColumns: ["id","title","created"], data: "ajax", js: {"settings":{"initPageSize":10,"pageSizes":[10,25,50,100],"height":300}}, }; // function to init the grid var initGrid_rockgriddemo = function() { RockGrid.init(gridSettings_rockgriddemo); //////ERROR IS HERE RockGrid.getGrid('rockgriddemo').str = RockGridStr_rockgriddemo } // load the grid automatically or manually? if(typeof onLoad_rockgriddemo == 'function') { // load grid manually // sometimes this is needed when we have to wait for other grids to be loaded onLoad_rockgriddemo(gridSettings_rockgriddemo, RockGridStr_rockgriddemo); } else { // load this grid when dom is loaded initGrid_rockgriddemo(); ///////ERROR IS HERE } </script> If I don't put the .js file I have no extra error. If I add it to /site/assets/Rockgrid/fields/ I get error (404) : I try add to frontend, but same result, a white space, with same errors than below. For the tester, don't exactly what means "work" since I never used. But there nothing in "result", but the "resulting sql" is updated accordingly of changes done in "code to execute". I certainly do something wrong or don't have something activated correctly. Will give up for now, since I have other things to do. I will continue to follow the thread in case a solution eventually come out. Thanks for you time. Mel
  10. Hi Sorry for the delay, was too sunny to stay inside... So to recap. I tried on 2 installations (one with my current site and one empty, ie no module). Both are local, running php 7.0. I'm using firefox. Install rockfinder via module repository install rockgrid by url ( create a "projects" rock-grid field and add it to home template Go to home template; see an empty white field with this error: ReferenceError: RockGrid is not defined[En savoir plus] edit:118:7 initGrid_projects http://localhost/wire/processwire/page/edit/:118:7 <anonyme> http://localhost/wire/processwire/page/edit/:129:7 Add to /site/assets/RockGrid/fields/projects.js and project.php (copied from usage instructions. Now see this error Échec du chargement pour l’élément <script> dont la source est « http://localhost/site/assets/RockGrid/fields/projects.js ». edit:61 as mentioned earlier it's not the good address, it missing the domain, in this case : http://localhost/wire/site/assets/RockGrid/fields/projects. Hope it helps. Mel PS No error during module installation. Debug info display under the field seems ok (default mysql query): 0.4ms getSQL SELECT `rockfinder`.* FROM /* original pw query */ (SELECT FROM `pages` WHERE (pages.status<1024) GROUP BY ORDER BY pages.created DESC ) as `pwfinder` LEFT JOIN ( /* rockfinder */ SELECT `pages`.`id` AS `id`, `title`.`title` AS `title`, `created`.`created` AS `created` FROM `pages` /* --- join title --- */ LEFT JOIN (SELECT `pages_id` AS `pageid`, `title`.`data` AS `title` FROM `field_title` AS `title`) AS `title` ON `title`.`pageid` = `pages`.`id` /* --- end title --- */ /* --- join created --- */ LEFT JOIN (SELECT `id` AS `pageid`, `created` FROM `pages` AS `created`) AS `created` ON `created`.`pageid` = `pages`.`id` /* --- end created --- */ /* end rockfinder */ ) AS `rockfinder` ON `pwfinder`.`id` = `rockfinder`.`id` 0ms executeClosures 1.2ms getObjects Includes executeClosures 1.3ms Overall Inputfield Render
  11. Why I'm always the one who still have the error. I did install via upload of zip and I have /modules/RockGrid. However, I still have errors: 1)The path is wrong for js, it should be : localhost/24h/site/assets/RockGrid/fields/test_grid.js 2)error mentioned earlier Also, not related, but playing with the Tester, I wrote some wrong code which gave me a red error page. The problem is that I didn't know how to reset. (finally I reinstalled since of error above). Thanks!
  12. mel47

    Both are front end. I think I will go with my first idea. Seems more complicated than is it in fact...
  13. Hello! The kind of thing I will really like to use!
  14. mel47

    Zone is maybe not the better word, sorry. To simplify, let's say section: internal (for the people from the organisation) vs website (for general public). On home page, you choose between those 2 sections by a button. It's per-page (parent and its children) and it's mutually exclusive (meaning pageA will not be in the 2 sections). But I don't know the better way to assign a page (and its children) to the section.
  15. mel47

    Hi Need advices before changing everything on my website. I need to add a different "zone" on the website. This subset of pages have a independent menu and banner. How I can distinguish pages from zone 1 to zone 2? It couldn't be by template, since some are common. I was thinking adding a simple checkbox to manually allocate the parent page, but I'm not sure what will happen to the hundred children pages. If I select the parent pages, does the children will also be selected? Or do I will to checked the checkbox for each of them everytime? Home Page1 - checkbox:zone1, templateA Page 2- checkbox:zone 2, templateB +++children ?, templateC Page3 - checkbox: zone2, templateA ++children?, templateA Or does it something else? Something similar to field tagging but for pages? Thanks!