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  1. mel47

    Hi @Mike Rockett Sorry, I forgot to mention. I updated last week to the last dev version 3.105. It should be related to either PW version or PHP version, since on my production website, with the same settings and same data, it works fine. I was able to delimited to a specific part : I received error for the "congress field". I tried to change the data or even empty, but it didn't change the error. Even deleting "<div class='title is-6'><a href='{$c->url}'>{$c->congress}</a></div>" doesn't help. Everywhere else in the website where it uses this field, I get the same error. Thanks! EDIT: I refine more the issue by comparing my different fields, problematic or not. This field have some <sup></sup> (I export data from a other software, and it's difficult to remove them). Could it be the problem? It wasn't in previous version of PW.
  2. mel47

    Hi, I currently updating my website, and run with problem with Typographer. I use version 0.4.0 on local 7.0.30-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 Strangely I have this problem only in my home page (other pages seems to work), so I guess it's a specific setting but no idea which one. Can you see it? Thanks! Mel
  3. mel47

    Hi, I guess I found a side effect of your last update (I suppose because of the hook). The "New" link now appear on front-end when pagefield is used in formbuilder. It's not that I don't want even if it's contradict module's name (!) (in fact, could help me), but the link doesn't work anyway. Give a strange url : /undefinedpage/add/?parent_id=1050&template_id=46&modal=1 For now, I will downgrade, because I need this functionality in admin. Thanks
  4. mel47

    Hi. I'm eager to present you my website, officially released last week. It's multilingual website about a science&techno event (science popularization) which be held in May, in Québec, Canada. Organizers can register their events with Form builder and those events are display on front-end. I take the opportunity to thanks everyone who answer my questions, update their module or even create new one! I will not name people, because I will for sure forget some... I still have some issues with the website, but it's a work-in-progress, and I still have a lot of features I want to add for next year. By the meantime, comments and suggestions are welcome (just take in account it's not my job, but I volunteer for this organization for many years and suggested them to rebuild the website which was 12 years old (!)) Thanks again for PW and this community. I learned a lot of new knowledge (forms, hooks, svg more php and css, just naming some) along this journey... Mélanie
  5. mel47

    ah, fell dumb, found it: $uniques = array(); foreach ($page->date_rp as $date) { foreach ($date->date_gp as $d) { $uniques[$d->id] = strftime('%e %h', $d->getUnformatted("date")); } } foreach ($uniques as $id => $date) { $out .= $date; } Thanks
  6. mel47

    Hi, I need to find unique date. With help here, I'm able to filter to unique results. However, I'm not sure if I stored the date as datefield, so I can manipulate it after. $uniques = array(); foreach ($page->date_rp as $date) { foreach ($date->date_gp as $d) { $uniques[$d->id] = $d->date; } foreach ($uniques as $id => $date) { $out .= strftime('%e %h', $date->getUnformatted("date")) ; //Exception: Call to a member function getUnformatted() on string } } date_rp is a repeater. date_gp is a PageArray containing a page with the field date (datetime field) Thanks!
  7. mel47

    Ah, didn't know that. Many weeks to don't understand what happens... Thanks!
  8. Hi Does someone see problem with those translation? Only the first ones (évenement and partenaires) are picked up by the translation file. $out .= "<p class='column border'>". __('Évenement') . "<br />" . __('présenté par') . "</p>"; $out .= "<p class='column border'>". __('Partenaires') . "<br />" . __('majeurs') . "</p>"; Thanks
  9. mel47

    Hum. Doesn't work all the time. I still have the error message "please add script in your document head" even if it's there. Does something else could interfere? Because in some pages it's works fine.
  10. Thanks, but responsive tooks too much space in desktop version, even if it's was fine in mobile version. I found a way to specify some CSS rules. Thanks.
  11. mel47

    Oh... Don't know why but I was sure it didn't work if not. Thanks!
  12. mel47

    Hi I have frequently error : "initMap is not a function" But the map is generally displaying correctly. Sometimes I have to refresh the page to get it. I have this in <head>: <script async defer src="" type="text/javascript"></script> Chrome inspector: js?key=AIzaSyAXQ3WeU…callback=initMap:96 Uncaught Kb {message: "initMap is not a function", name: "InvalidValueError", stack: "Error↵ at new Kb (…QnQ_ThTMb8XNFMZaOHo23Ya04&callback=initMap:146:49"} message:"initMap is not a function" name:"InvalidValueError" stack: "Error↵ at new Kb (↵ at Object._.Lb (↵ at ih (↵ at↵ at (↵ at↵ at" __proto__ :Error Thanks
  13. Hello, Found a solution via css, but I don't know how to apply to it since this iframe have no id neither class. (I have others iframe which I doesn't want to center). So how I can apply an id or class to the video iframe? Thanks
  14. Hi How do I center the video? If it's embed in <p>link<p>, it's display. But if we do <p style="text-align:center;">link</p>, the video doesn't display. I just have 2 formatters, this one and Hanna. Thanks
  15. Hello, Got a simple need but couldn't find solution. I just want to check if a multiple checkbox have any value checked. For sure this doesn't work because it's an array, but what it will be instead? if ($page->date_sco == "1") // this but for multiple Thanks