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  1. Hi, I have this working line to find a specific image. $banniere = $pages->get(1)->images->findTag('banniere')->getTag($user->language->name); But now, I want to add getRandom(). I tried different versions $pages->get(1)->images->findTag('banniere')->getTag($user->language->name)->getRandom() $pages->get(1)->images->getRandom()->findTag('banniere')->getTag($user->language->name) but always received this error : Method Pageimage::getRandom does not exist or is not callable in this context. Is it compatible? How I can do that? Thanks! Mel EDIT : solved by myself. Error I commonly do, mixing up get() and find()... Sorry for the disturbance. $banniere = $pages->get(1)->images->findTag('banniere')->findTag($user->language->name)->getRandom();
  2. Hi, Thanks for your module. It works really, maybe too much! 😉 I'm wondering if there a way I can limit to the first occurrence of a link in a page by a hook or something. I like the automatic behavior of the module, however I have pages where I repeat the same word each 2-3 sentences, rendering the paragraph looks as a big link to the same page. Thanks Mel
  3. Hi, I'm not sure this will solve my problem. If I understand, your module will print og, but I want to do the opposite : grab og from a link. Correct me if i'm wrong, Mel
  4. mel47

    Hanna Code

    Hi, I know this module have not changed since many years, but could I suggest to add a description for each Hanna code? I come back to my setup page and have some codes that I didn't update since years and I don't know why/where they used through my website. I would like to have written a small description. Yes, you could tell me I should have written comments in the code itself, and it's what I would do starting from now... 🙄 But something on the setup page will be faster to read. Thanks!
  5. Hi, I have a really basic question, since I'm not sure in which direction I should search. I want to replicate the behavior we see on social media : the url preview of a website but on my PW site. I guess it should be related to opengraph, but in the other way around. However, I found a lot of information about implementation opengraph metatags, but it's always about adding metadata on your website, not scraping them and displayed them. Someone have pointers to help me to find how I could do that? (I also search for a module but didn't find, but I'm not sure I searched with the good keywords). Thanks!
  6. Hi, I have a strange question. I embed twitter link without problem, but the rendering is in spanish (and I tried many links with the same result). Believe me, I have absolutely nothing set to this language on my computer (either PW, or twitter cookie or anything). Have an idea how to revert back this to my language? Thanks Mel
  7. @adrian Forget that, I messed up. I was thinking pages shouldn't be created by API if this option was checked. I created a hook to solve my problem. But maybe you can help me. Which hook I should used? I tried different versions but the most working one is addHookAfter('saveReady'), but I need to re-save each page. I would like the hook worked either if I created a page via BCE or create/save from admin. My hook is to check if the page exist in the pageRef field, if so copy in an other pageRef field, if not do nothing. Thanks
  8. Hi, Question: when adding using BCE, is it attended behavior to create a page (in a pageRef field) even if this field doesn't allow it (unchecked like in image)? If yes, how I can prevent it? Thanks!
  9. Hi, Thanks for your module. I have a question. Does it have a way to sync already existing relationships? Just saving again the page doesn't seems to work, I have to remove and re-add the value. Thanks!
  10. Yeah, sure. $odd = ''; $even = ''; foreach ($page->plus as $key => $projet) { if ($key % 2) { $even .= "some html code : A"; } else { $odd .= "some html code (not the same) : B"; } } $content .= $odd; $content .= $even; But I end up with B, B, B, A, A, A I want B, A, B, A, B, A. I'm close, but not exactly what I need. I understand why, but I don't where add $content. Do I need an other loop at the end? Or it shouldn't be a if/else? Thanks
  11. Hi, I need to print in alternation a different markup such as : Markup1 for item 1 Markup2 for item 2 Markup1 for item 3 Markup2 for item 4 I tried different versions since I was thinking having found solution on previous posts, but it didn't do as I want. Or it print a class odd-even in a div or print the same markups but reordering as item 1, 3, 5, 2, 4, 6. Thanks! Mel
  12. Hi, I just wanted to update to 3.0.168 (from 3.0.156). I get this error. I'm not enough into core's code to know if the problem is related to the module or the core. I also found this issue that seems similar. Thanks! Mel
  13. Hello, I use this the Menu builder module. Easy and works very well. I'm also using bulma and was able to it without problem.
  14. Hello @MoritzLost Found a bug. If you let empty "body" in config, I get this error. Put any text and problem solved. Except that, everything working fine so far! Thanks.
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