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  1. Hi, New problem but I'm quite sure it was not there before, but I don't know since when. I upgrade to last version 1.1.1 but didn't help. I get this error. The grids (more than 1 with different queries) appear with "loading" but nothing happens. Error is from Chrome, but same one in Firefox. (index):2 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token W in JSON at position 1 at JSON.parse (<anonymous>) at XMLHttpRequest.xhr.onreadystatechange (RockGridItem.js?t=1550464515:271) Thanks
  2. mel47

    Hello, Thanks for your module, it does exactly what I wanted without complication. However, have 1 question/suggestion. Since I will not be the one that will fill the documentation, I gave permissions to modify help-doc to my admin users. It works well, if they created the page from the tree hierarchy. However from admin menu, the "create doc" button and "edit" link will not appear. Looking to your code, only superuser will saw those. Could I override ride this without modifying directly in code? I guess adding a permission "admin-helper" could solve this? Thanks Mel PS For now I commented lines 91, 108, 127 in ProcessAdminHelp.module and solved my problem but I guess it's not the better way...
  3. Hi I have a very basic interrogation about admin. I started to build my own module for users to manage the website (for example export or email sending), via a specific menu. Works well. But now, I wanted to add a config page (currently under home tree, using a settings template). This page contains fields for text, checkbox and images, and have to be edited by website users frequently. Searching around forum and different admin config modules, if I understand correctly, I can't save images, since they are not pages. Do I'm right? Do I should only use a link to harmonize the feeling and find everything under the same menu? How, you, experienced people, manage this kind of settings page? Thanks!
  4. mel47

    I found a workaround, related to an other issue. I ended by moving the order of fields. BTW, no error in console. Thanks
  5. Thanks. But I tried to debug a lot in the last days, and tracked down the problem today, but I can't explain which kind of interference is involved. It seems to be related to fields' order in this specific template! Changing imagefield to last position (or at least after 2 pagesfield) solve the problem. Not ideal but working. Strangely, the problem was not on new pages, just those already created (months ago). I changed some fields in the template since then, but never touched to this imagefield. Furthermore, the same field is used in 2 others different templates, it doesn't show this behavior. I don't think yet it's related to modules (I used disabled all modules by Tracy), but didn't solve. However, I kind of solved my 2nd problem that seems to be related, moving also mapmarker field at the end of template, also solve the geocoding problem. Mel
  6. mel47

    Hi I have a problem that I didn't have before (not sure when was "before" though...). However all last year' pages displayed a correct localization. If I typed an address, it will not localized until I check/uncheck the geocode true/false. However, saving the page doesn't retain the "ok rooftop" result, and return to "request denied". After a couple of saving pages, I eventually get lat/long saved but the status is still "request denied". Furthermore, I discovered I can't modify addresses on certain pages (those created by guest (form builder)). It may be related to my similar problem about image undeletable. Under 3.0.123, both local and production. Google API is enabled for billing. Anyway, address with a previous correct localization are displayed fine. Thanks!
  7. Hi I have a really strange problem. I have a images field on a certain template with a maxfile=1. Normally I could replace the image by a new one without problem. However, now, when I drag the new image, it seems to replace. However after saving the page, both images are there. And it's impossible to delete any of them. But the notification mentions the image is deleted! I discovered it happens only under a specific template, and on page created by "guest" (which are Form builder). Those created via admin act normally (meaning image replaced). Modification of other text fields in the template are correctly saving. On 3.0.123 (but since a couple a dev version), both on local or production server. Permissions is 755 for folder and 644 for file. Deactivated all hooks in ready.php to be sure. If someone could point me some directions to search... Thanks Mel
  8. Hi I discovered ag-grid documentation (since I solved all my Rockfinder problems, thanks!). I have really general questions. How I should decide what to put in BeforeInit vs AfterInit? For example, why the visible/hidden column are in AfterInit? I want to have a modified version of YesNo plugin. How I can do that? For now, I rename with a slightly different name and add it in /assets/Rockgrid folder. Is it the good way to do it (it works BTW)? Where I should put CSS file? I added in /assets/Rockgrid/style.css and link into my PHP file. However, for some reasons, I'm not able to use row classes. The class is well added in html but CSS classes's are overridden. However If I used instead inline CSS directly in the JS file, the row is correctly styled. I have many Rockgrid fields, sharing some columns. How I can define some common column headers (definition, style, etc..) instead of re-write on each field.js file? Thanks! Mel
  9. mel47

    Wow, thanks so much @PWaddict! I saw this post by chance this morning. Those hour differences on my server always annoyed me but I never searched to solve them. And you just give the perfect solution! Mel
  10. Thanks. Effectively working, I messed up titles of fields. Feel a little bit noob...
  11. Thanks! Was able to successfully display children/parent pages. Looks like this : $contact = new RockFinder('template=contact', ['title', 'parent_id']); $org = new RockFinder('template=organisme', ['title']); $contact->join($org, 'contact', ['id' => 'parent_id']); return $contact; However, I can't add any other fields like I normally do: $contact = new RockFinder('template=contact, include=all', ['title', 'parent_id', 'nom', 'prenom']); I guess it have to be done after the join or have to be written in a different way? I couldn't find any example on your documentation similar to that. Thanks again! Mel
  12. Hi, I use a slightly modified version of to achieve this task. I'm not sure if it's exactly the same mechanism, though. I will eventually test yours and see if it suits my needs. Mel
  13. mel47

    ah ok, it's strange. I forgot to mention, but it was already set as required. But I get full length on frontend. Anyway, it's not the most important thing...
  14. mel47

    Hello, Just a quick question/confirmation. I set a maximum length for textarea to 200 characters. However, I was expecting some kind of warning to user before saving (else the red color of the counter). But it seems not, and the page is saved without problem. Is it the expected behavior? Thanks Mel
  15. Hi, Still digging in the module. I have 2 questions: Does it have a limit of columns to be added? For now, I have 22 columns + 17 columns added with ->addField. It's probably too much: it works but it's really, really slow (minutes) and freeze everything else. Strangely I just remove a couple of fields (~5-10) and it's appear rather quickly. All those fields belongs to 1 single template (so just left joins). I have ~200 rows. In fieldtypes supported there is a file named "pagestable". I guess it's not "Profields: Page table"? Anyway it doesn't work with ->addField, it just print id. I search for another syntax, but I couldn't find it. Thanks again Mel