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  1. mel47

    Hi, Thanks for this module, it's quite useful, and it's work very well. However, I still wondering which icons I can use? I can't find anywhere a list or a reference to an iconset used by the module. Mel
  2. mel47

    ok thanks for answer. I will think if I should or not change my structure.
  3. mel47

    Hello! Do you think it's easy to convert a Repeater -> PageTable ? I don't know enough to see if the existing action PageTable->repeater could be inverted. Thanks!
  4. Thanks, looks pretty amazing even for my very small testing. I generally learning by reading other's code examples. Since there mostly anything, I have a quick question. I could display really easily page and repeater independently. But is it possible to display the title of page found inside a repeater ? For now I only have id. I tried many ways, but without success, but I'm not sure if I'm trying to do something impossible or not. Thanks!
  5. OMG @jmartsch and @bernhard, success!! I tried the new version on my production website and it's working!
  6. Same result, juste a name change. ReferenceError: RockGrid is not defined edit:578:7 initGrid_rockgriddemo http://localhost/24h/admin/page/edit/:578:7 <anonyme> http://localhost/24h/admin/page/edit/:589:7 <div class="RockGridWrapper backend InputfieldIgnoreChanges" id="RockGridWrapper_rockgriddemo"> <div id="RockGridItem_rockgriddemo" class="RockGridItem ag-theme-balham" data-id="rockgriddemo" style='height: 300px'></div> <div class="init"></div> </div> <script> // translation strings for this grid var RockGridStr_rockgriddemo = { } // grid settings object var gridSettings_rockgriddemo = { grid: 'rockgriddemo', dataColumns: ["id","title","created"], data: "ajax", js: {"settings":{"initPageSize":10,"pageSizes":[10,25,50,100],"height":300}}, }; // function to init the grid var initGrid_rockgriddemo = function() { RockGrid.init(gridSettings_rockgriddemo); //////ERROR IS HERE RockGrid.getGrid('rockgriddemo').str = RockGridStr_rockgriddemo } // load the grid automatically or manually? if(typeof onLoad_rockgriddemo == 'function') { // load grid manually // sometimes this is needed when we have to wait for other grids to be loaded onLoad_rockgriddemo(gridSettings_rockgriddemo, RockGridStr_rockgriddemo); } else { // load this grid when dom is loaded initGrid_rockgriddemo(); ///////ERROR IS HERE } </script> If I don't put the .js file I have no extra error. If I add it to /site/assets/Rockgrid/fields/ I get error (404) : I try add to frontend, but same result, a white space, with same errors than below. For the tester, don't exactly what means "work" since I never used. But there nothing in "result", but the "resulting sql" is updated accordingly of changes done in "code to execute". I certainly do something wrong or don't have something activated correctly. Will give up for now, since I have other things to do. I will continue to follow the thread in case a solution eventually come out. Thanks for you time. Mel
  7. Hi Sorry for the delay, was too sunny to stay inside... So to recap. I tried on 2 installations (one with my current site and one empty, ie no module). Both are local, running php 7.0. I'm using firefox. Install rockfinder via module repository install rockgrid by url ( create a "projects" rock-grid field and add it to home template Go to home template; see an empty white field with this error: ReferenceError: RockGrid is not defined[En savoir plus] edit:118:7 initGrid_projects http://localhost/wire/processwire/page/edit/:118:7 <anonyme> http://localhost/wire/processwire/page/edit/:129:7 Add to /site/assets/RockGrid/fields/projects.js and project.php (copied from usage instructions. Now see this error Échec du chargement pour l’élément <script> dont la source est « http://localhost/site/assets/RockGrid/fields/projects.js ». edit:61 as mentioned earlier it's not the good address, it missing the domain, in this case : http://localhost/wire/site/assets/RockGrid/fields/projects. Hope it helps. Mel PS No error during module installation. Debug info display under the field seems ok (default mysql query): 0.4ms getSQL SELECT `rockfinder`.* FROM /* original pw query */ (SELECT FROM `pages` WHERE (pages.status<1024) GROUP BY ORDER BY pages.created DESC ) as `pwfinder` LEFT JOIN ( /* rockfinder */ SELECT `pages`.`id` AS `id`, `title`.`title` AS `title`, `created`.`created` AS `created` FROM `pages` /* --- join title --- */ LEFT JOIN (SELECT `pages_id` AS `pageid`, `title`.`data` AS `title` FROM `field_title` AS `title`) AS `title` ON `title`.`pageid` = `pages`.`id` /* --- end title --- */ /* --- join created --- */ LEFT JOIN (SELECT `id` AS `pageid`, `created` FROM `pages` AS `created`) AS `created` ON `created`.`pageid` = `pages`.`id` /* --- end created --- */ /* end rockfinder */ ) AS `rockfinder` ON `pwfinder`.`id` = `rockfinder`.`id` 0ms executeClosures 1.2ms getObjects Includes executeClosures 1.3ms Overall Inputfield Render
  8. Why I'm always the one who still have the error. I did install via upload of zip and I have /modules/RockGrid. However, I still have errors: 1)The path is wrong for js, it should be : localhost/24h/site/assets/RockGrid/fields/test_grid.js 2)error mentioned earlier Also, not related, but playing with the Tester, I wrote some wrong code which gave me a red error page. The problem is that I didn't know how to reset. (finally I reinstalled since of error above). Thanks!
  9. mel47

    Both are front end. I think I will go with my first idea. Seems more complicated than is it in fact...
  10. Hello! The kind of thing I will really like to use!
  11. mel47

    Zone is maybe not the better word, sorry. To simplify, let's say section: internal (for the people from the organisation) vs website (for general public). On home page, you choose between those 2 sections by a button. It's per-page (parent and its children) and it's mutually exclusive (meaning pageA will not be in the 2 sections). But I don't know the better way to assign a page (and its children) to the section.
  12. mel47

    Hi Need advices before changing everything on my website. I need to add a different "zone" on the website. This subset of pages have a independent menu and banner. How I can distinguish pages from zone 1 to zone 2? It couldn't be by template, since some are common. I was thinking adding a simple checkbox to manually allocate the parent page, but I'm not sure what will happen to the hundred children pages. If I select the parent pages, does the children will also be selected? Or do I will to checked the checkbox for each of them everytime? Home Page1 - checkbox:zone1, templateA Page 2- checkbox:zone 2, templateB +++children ?, templateC Page3 - checkbox: zone2, templateA ++children?, templateA Or does it something else? Something similar to field tagging but for pages? Thanks!
  13. mel47

    The problem, IMHO, is the absence of mention in description of config. If it's written somewhere than these settings while appear in tab settings of a configurable page, I will not have search that much for it. But I don't blame, I have myself problems to well documenting my own code... At least someone else can now find the information if they search the thread.
  14. mel47

    OMG I finally find it! A little bit not user-friendly, unfortunately. So after activating this configurable settings page, I finally discovered under "settings" a "Batch child editor setting". After going back to my BCE tab, the page selector is now there. Strangely when I removed this specific page from configurable pages (just for testing), the settings section disappear, however the page selector/fields to export are still sticking to my export CSV in BCE tab. Thanks for your patience!
  15. mel47

    Hum, I really feel stupid. It's not there either. But to answer your question, nope for me it does make sense. Sorry... The description mentions only separator and stuff like this, nothing about page selector. I would never have activated this option since I don't really need/want to modify those options. But I guess if it works, I will be fine with that!