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  1. Hi I have version MarkupLeaflet 3.0.2. I finally succeded to get the map on frontend (see my previous post). However, the marker still doesn't show up. It works on backend but not frontend. It works *before*, but I don't know what cause this disparition. Upgrading leaflet version from 0.7.7 to 1.2.0 results to a no-map, so I kept 0.7.7 for now. Thanks
  2. Hi I will try to be clear. I need to create a selection field getting pageRef data from another pageRef inputfield. In real words, admin will choose event_date (will be used site-widely). Those specific dates will further then use in event's template to choose the date of the event. I need (I think) a page because, dates will be changed every year and need to keep track of past events and avoid retyping those dates constantly. Dates page - Date1 page contain a field datetime input - Date2 page Settings page - field: Date_selection (PageRef on Dates children) Event page - field: event_date (PageRef on Date_Selection) Is it possible? How come I could set up a selector to find selectable pages on the subfield event_date to use in my inputfield? Thanks Melanie
  3. Thanks, it's exactly what i was looking for! I don't know how I miss it!
  4. So I create a new entry, like this. But I want to notice, even force, users to go this new created page to fill data. How I can achieve that?
  5. Hello, I need help to solve my problem. In a template (event), I have 2 pageRef fields (organizer and location). Organizer's template contains address and something else. Location is mostly address. I have 2 cases: OrganizerA+location B or OrganizerA+LocationA. How I could avoid to duplicate data in case 2 (since address details are already found in organizer's page)? In the case 1 where I create a new entry. Unless I'm missing something, it created only title. Where (and how) I should add a hook like : after saving, if new location, redirect to this location's page? Or any other solution to be sure that other fields will be filled by the user. Thanks! Mel
  6. Thanks for the efficiency! Come back of my preferred panel! ;-)
  7. Yes exactly : "/24h/" (5)
  8. Hi, I don't understand why request info panel is not displaying correctly. If I remove server request and Input cookie, there is nothing in the panel, so I guess it kind of working correctly. Thanks PW 3.0.48 Tracy 4.6.12
  9. Hi Does upgrade to PW 3.x is planned? Thanks
  10. Unfortunately, nope.
  11. Hi, Just discovered selectize. Sounds quite interesting! However I have a small problem; title of multilang pages give [object Object] /** display fine $data = array( 'title' => $page->name, 'ville' => $page->ville, 'region' => $page->region->name ); /***error: printing [object Object] $data = array( 'title' => $page->title, 'ville' => $page->ville, 'region' => $page->region->title ); Thanks
  12. Hi Is it possible to get all countries and not only by continent? Currently if I let empty "choose continent to get countries from", the field is empty. It works only if I choose one of the continent. Thanks!
  13. Hi I tried to add AIOM to my website but I can't figure why I have this error message : Class 'ProcessWire\AIOM' not found <script src="<?php echo AIOM::JS(array('scripts/jquery.unveil.js', 'scripts/jquery-popup.js')); ?>"></script> What I did wrong? Thanks Mel PW3.0.75 AIOM 3.2.3
  14. Solved. Found why. Url segments was activated on home template. Thanks!