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  1. @Roope Nice module! This is an standard install on all the websites I control. Lately I had to insert al lot of MSTeams chat links on school websites, that look like this: https://teams.microsoft.com/l/meetup-join/19:cf8e53b5711b487@thread.tacv2/123456789012342540?context=%7b%22Tid%22%3a%22e957100c-9b8a-4b7f-b945-fbxx-xxxx-xxxx... Due to the @ in the link EMO tries to encode it, which of course fails. For now I excluded the page with those links in EMO settings.
  2. This is the ProModule Textareas amd it is supposed to be there. Maybe a failed upload of files during the update?
  3. @ryan You should add UIKIT Theme to the list of requirements. As I just discovered, Reno doesn't agree with Combo, unfortunately. While it can be installed, field creation doesn't work.
  4. Klenkes

    Get ready to party!

    Uih... there is an image missing... https://www.aaronsamusements.com.au/jumping-castles/lil-bratz-jumping-castle/
  5. Oh, you are right! Then you would go to Microsoft jail, and during shower, if you drop the soap you might find out where the PowerPoints... 😁
  6. Seems to be part of Win-10, inclusive Corbel Light. An Online converter should provide woff and eot. Or not?
  7. It's not a Processwire problem but a error in CSS. Your CSS class .owl-carousel is set to display:none; which makes the slider disappear. The culprit is in owl.min.css. Someone must have changed it...
  8. Tested 0.0.2 on 2 sites with ProcessWire < 3.0.139(no toggle) and it works like a charm!
  9. Yep! That's it! Thanks. Or you should add this to the system requirements.
  10. I am a huge Fathom fan myself and I was happy when I read that a module exists. But I hate it when I am the first to complain... After the the module install I get the following screen: I am unable to configure the module 😢 What can I do? PW 3.0.123 | PHP 7.3.18
  11. I usually hide some pages because the user has no business snooping around them. Put in ready.php: if(!$this->user->hasRole('superuser')){ /* hide pages on their ID: 1026 FormBuilder 1000 Search */ $wire->addHookAfter('Page(id=1026|1000)::listable', function($event) { $event->return = false; }); } You have ro refine the condition fo the user though... In case you have more users or have to do this dynamically you are better off with permissions or a module to do this.
  12. You could install this module: https://modules.processwire.com/modules/textformatter-video-embed/ and probably this one too for more options: https://modules.processwire.com/modules/textformatter-video-embed-options/
  13. Funny thing is if I connect first to a VPN in USA everything worked fast. Had to do it this way since monday.
  14. Oh yes, of course, you are right. It's a setting! I was so caught up in removing plugins on this template and removing buttons on toolbars on another template. Usually I wouldn't disable security features that but in this case the editors are trustworthy and it's only on 1 page. Thank you for this extraordinary module!
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