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  1. Most of the time I use Combo for settings in my MatrixFields to build sections of content. Like this: Or like that: All the fields are in one place and showif works great within Combo. Not so great if you have a dependancy in a parent field.
  2. @fruidShort question: What fieldtype should stack_prices be?
  3. You are executing infiniteScroll in the HEAD before you load Jquery(bottom of page)
  4. Thank you again for this great module. It's a huge time saver. No website of mine without it! V 0.2.0 seems to work fine!
  5. The warning banner seems to be gone now. The cut off iframe results from iframeSizer.contentWindow.min.js not being loaded by Fathom. I hope they are aware and working on it.
  6. @CraigHave you noticed recently that Fathom inserts a warning banner if Fathom is embedded via your module? And the iframe is cut off at the bottom. Screenshot: I couldn't figure out what to do.
  7. Don't get me wrong, but these hours would have been better spent on 74€ for a single licence of FormBuilder. No coding required. I own a DEV licence since 2016 and I never think twice about the yearly payment, not even a second! FormBuilder slogan should be: Forms made easy!
  8. what about the module SimpleContactForm. https://processwire.com/modules/simple-contact-form/ Wouldn‘t do that what you want?
  9. I did. I checked 3.0.190 and it worked. I checked 3.0.197 and it doesn't work anymore. Somewhere in between it happened.
  10. Tried your copy on my local dev server and it shows the same behavior like in the video. Both languages are there until I save or publish. Then additional langs vanish.
  11. Sorry, at the moment I only have PW 3.0.184 multilang availabe, and there it works as it should. I will try later with a more recent version.
  12. Or if you want to jump right into it, you can always read about HannaCode. It's like Shortcodes in WP. Just don't forget to add the TextFormatter to your field!
  13. I just tried with PW 3.0.191 and kept everything default. Seems to work for me with a dot as a separator but not with a comma. Comma leaves the field empty afer save.
  14. You probably have to convert each field from singlelanguage to a multilanguage field in the fields settings. Not a big deal! i.E. Textarea to Textarea(Multilanguage)
  15. Good idea. I try that as well for my client.
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