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  1. Ah, good idea. For now it report "No issues found" but then again I added the columns manually. I will it check on a cloned site.
  2. I just encountered a weird problem with an installation. I have some sort of a poor man's mediapool, which consists of a template with fields of type files(and a second with images) to upload PDFs and images which will be linked to from other pages. This worked well for the last months. This morning an editor called me and sent me this screenshot: All files were gone in the backend but still accessable in the frontend and present in /assets/files/ True, there were no columns in the database table named filedata for the fields mediendateien and medienbilder: I created them manually and the files were back again and the error messages gone. But what happened? What is filedata used for? It is of type mediumtext.(I checked other image and file fields) All the other image fields didn't show the missing column. Only those two... I did an update from PW 3.0.62 to 3.0.98 last week. Edit: Just discovered that filedata is used for focus information: {"focus":{"top":33,"left":37.5,"zoom":0}} I kinda fixed it for now, but it makes me nervous... Anyone an idea?
  3. Klenkes

    To give you another option: I almost always use Reno and add an admin stylesheet to it via a hook in init.php $this->addHookAfter('ProcessController::execute', function (HookEvent $event) { $this->config->styles->append("/site/templates/css/adminstyles.css"); }); and CSS to style stuff like Repeater: .Inputfields .Inputfield_auswahl404.InputfieldRepeater>.InputfieldContent .InputfieldRepeaterItem>.InputfieldHeader, .Inputfields .Inputfield_auswahl404.InputfieldRepeater>.InputfieldContent .InputfieldRepeaterItem>.InputfieldHeader span {background:#59261E;} .Inputfields .Inputfield_auswahl404.InputfieldRepeater>.InputfieldContent .InputfieldRepeaterItem>.InputfieldHeader:hover, .Inputfields .Inputfield_auswahl404.InputfieldRepeater>.InputfieldContent .InputfieldRepeaterItem>.InputfieldHeader:hover span {background:#F5B92C;} where .Inputfield_auswahl404 your fieldname is. Like Robin S said, inspect with your DEV tools..
  4. Klenkes

    I usually use a simple checkbox and an adjacent Markup field with all the text and links and other BS(sorry). Works great and everybody can edit the text if necessary.
  5. I know this may sound strange, but when it comes to https and redirects browsers become very "cachehappy"! When running into problems with this I use the browsers incognito/private mode, have to empty cache, restart browser, use different browser, use a VPN, and so on. Tiresome sometimes...
  6. Klenkes

    Okay, my first attempt with a screencast as animated gif. This is how the problem looks. Made with CKE's demo on their website:
  7. Klenkes

    FF 58? That's interesting! The "girls" said that the problem started about 10-14 days ago. Perhap the problem was introduced to FF with V 59? Doesn't matter. It also happens on CKE's own demo. https://ckeditor.com/ckeditor-4/
  8. Klenkes

    I know. But the content editors are women in their end thirties and who am I to argue with them? I don't have a death wish I filed a bug report with CKE and it was closed with a note that it is FF issue. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1452906
  9. Klenkes

    Thanks. I didn't find anything either. I will file a new one. There are a few ways to avoid the error but for now I recommended to use Chrome instead of FF. These are professional texters and they are used to work in a certain way(we all know the feeling). But they will have to adapt for now. Thanks for testing.
  10. Klenkes

    Really? I tried with Firefox Quantum 59.0.2 32Bit and 64Bit on https://ckeditor.com/ckeditor-4/ and can reproduce it... But what does it mean? I will read through the issues first.
  11. Klenkes

    This morning a client contacted me with a strange problem. At first I couldn't reproduce it because I use Chrome but then I realized that it only affects Firefox and CKE fields. If you type some text and then press SHIFT+ENTER to insert a <br> then wirte some text in the second line and then place the cursor at the start of the second line and hit backspace, the cursor jumps to the wrong position. The clients content editors are extremely frustrated by this because they have to search for the cursor I can reproduce this behavior in almost all PW versions, even a clean install witout any CKE plugins. This whole behavior seems somehow familiar, like I have heard it before, but I can't remenber... Anyone knows a solution except using Chrome?
  12. Klenkes

    Long thread made short: On most of the websites I maintain I had to put this in init.php: setlocale(LC_ALL, "de_DE");
  13. Field level access only protects the field from being shown on the frontend. The file is still accessable through an URL.
  14. Klenkes

    You are the man! Tomaten auf den Augen! Is there an english expression for it?
  15. Klenkes

    Emailaddresses in CC array keep being encoded I have a small module with a function that sends emails to me(Admin) and users who act as moderators. What I want to do is basically this:(from first post here) $options = array( 'sendSingle' => true, 'cc' => array('person1@example.com', 'person2@example.com', 'person3@example.com') ); $numSent = wireMail($to, '', $subject, $textBody, $options); But I want to CC to users of a certain role, and retrieve the users like that: $address_rev = wire('users')->find("roles=revisor"); Now I have to build the array for the $options: foreach($address_rev as $one){ $emailcc .= "'" . $one->email . "',"; } $emailcc = rtrim($emailcc, ',');// remove the last comma $options = array( 'sendSingle' => true, 'cc' => array("$emailcc") ); But sending fails with the quotes being encoded by PWs sanitizer(I assume) Invalid email address (&#039;person1@example.com&#039;, &#039;person2@example.com&#039;) (in path_to....\wire\core\WireMail.php line 105) Why? It doesn't happen when I hardcode the array like in the example, and when I echo my array it looks just fine. How do I build the array to populate the cc array? Or what am I doing wrong? PW 3.0.84 WireMailSMTP 0.2.3