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  1. @bernhard RPB seems to need at least PW 3.0.232 when the Version Module was introduced. I updated to RPB 5.4.0 and it now runs without errors.
  2. @bernhard, sorry but after the update to RPB 5.4.0 the site is broken... I had to revert back. A missing dependancy? PW 3.0.226 | RMig 3.35.5 | RockFrontend 3.11 | PHP 8.2
  3. Hello @bernhard Since yesterday I am unable to login to download the latest release. Endless loading... (different browsers)
  4. I like it too. Helps to unclutter the backend.
  5. Yeah! It works! In my case there were 6 RPB fields on one page in the backend. I'm sorry I couldn't be of much help in finding the culprit...
  6. Hi @bernhard Sorry, but commenting out these functions had no effect... ๐Ÿ˜ข (I did a module refresh and cleared compiled files, just to be sure)
  7. RockFrontend loads uikit.theme.less and default.less in /site/templates/_init.php via $rockfrontend->styles() Probably from installing the UiKit profile? I commented it all out and now it's fine. Took me long enough... sometimes you just have to wait a day or two and have a nice cup of tea(like the British do) ๐Ÿ˜€
  8. @bernhard Any news on this? Funny thing... on a new project it only happens when a block is opened(uncollapsed) and then you do a reload. If you don't open a block the javascript message isn't shown, and everything is okay.
  9. Sorry to UNSOLVE this... but for me it doesn't work at all. When adding a new block in the frontend and the modal is closed immediately an orphaned block exists. No saving in the backend resolves this. Am I missing something? PW 3.0.229 RPB 5.2.0
  10. Other than in another website, in this one uikit.css ist always included in main.css, and it screws up my own css. Especially headings and it's anoying... I couldn't find where it is included, I certainly didn't do it. Is this an action of RockFrontend or RPB? PW 3.0.29 RF 3.11.0 RPB 5.2.0 PHP 8.2
  11. Exactly. It has nothing to do with hideTitle, it's removing the title field from a block. With RM 3.35.5 the error is shown.
  12. Nothing special about it, twice leave the page the third time I did a F5
  13. Again, even more relieved... I set all blocks to hideTitle => false but no change.
  14. Oh my god... I am relieved that this time it's not only me (Stirnabwisch) I will report back!
  15. Unfortunately, no luck. (with module refresh, delete compiled files and the whole shebang)
  16. I have a few RPB blocks in _main.php. Nowhere else. When editing HOME and I make no changes, PW warns me about loosing changes all the time. Although no changes have been made. At first it all worked fine, but somewhere during the last few days, it started. I disabled RockMigrations and LiveReload temporarily, but no change. I am not sure how to troubleshoot this...
  17. Thanks. Ich will check this out. No GUI, I am using RockMigration with the complete migration code in all the blocks. For an easy reusing blocks in other projects.
  18. After reviewing RPB for a long time(and having a few issues) I now decided to use it in projects. But now... problems show up and I don't know how to approach this. Setup: A Onepager, SPA A few RPB fields like rockpagebuilder_events or rockpagebuilder_news ... with blocks assigned. RPB 5.0.3 PW 3.0.229 In this setup I don't need the title field in my blocks, so I sett them all to 'hideTitle' => true It worked. Some time after that I noticed that when adding a new PW page with no RPB blocks, just a simple PW for imprint or privacy ploicy, only the name field shows up, no title field: Even when creating a new template no default title is added. After generating a name and saving the new page no error about the required title is thrown. The page will be created with an empty title! After that the title fie3ld is shown. I commented out //hideTitle => true in a all blocks, but the problem remains. I manually deleted all cached and compiled files and now I am puzzled with this. No additional hooks or anything. Where do I look? What to do? How do I go about this? Could be connected to another problem I will post next.
  19. @JerryDi What happens if you ask directly for the matches of 2023: $countymatch = $pages->find("template=county-match-result, year=2023");
  20. Is the only row returned(2023 Yorkshire) by any chance data from the current viewed page? Perhaps your $match gets overwritten by the current page? If count($countymatch) is 0, then your selector is wrong. But hard to tell for anyone else...
  21. Better would be: <?php $countymatch = $pages->find("template=county-match-result, year=$page"); echo '<caption>'.count($countymatch).'</caption'; ?> Neither the curly brackets nor the ->id are necessary.
  22. I assume your are not familiar with TracyDebugger? Lets check how many matches your selector returns: <?php $countymatch = $pages->find("template=county-match-result, year={$page->id} "); echo '<caption>'.count($countymatch).'</caption'; ?> What number does this count show? And.... are you sure that the current watched page with its ID is a value in the field year? Because you ask for example a 1284 in a field named year?
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