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  1. I have a client who fights with his logouts as well. I am almost sure(98%) his Avira Antivir deletes or blocks something during his session.
  2. With Formbuilder you can save your submitted data either as entries or normal pages. You may then query those entries or pages and output them as you see fit. Thoroughly sanitized I don't see why this wouldn't work. Depends on your Processwire skills. But I am sure there are people in the forum with more experience in that matter.
  3. This is weird. I set up a clean installation as well, single language with shipped blank profile, and cannot create a new page with template basic-page. However... I can create a new template and create exactly 1 new page with it. A second page redirects me to the edit screen of the former created page... what's going on here?
  4. @ryan I am unable to create pages with 3.0.191 I wanted to use the quiet days to set up a small website for a friend. DEV 3.0.191, multilanguage German and English with German as the default, as I did countless times. The website was pretty basic with only AOS and Combo modules. When I wanted to setup a basic page structure I noticed that I cannot create pages, as PW redirected me to Admin - Access - Users, with the warnings that the page name is already in use, the page has been created, and has been renamend to xxxx-100, which wasn't the case. No page was created. A downgrade to 3.0.190 solved the problem and everything works as it should. Screenshot: Translations: The page /de/bio/test-100, using template Standardseite(basic-page) has been created.(not true) Warning! the page name test is already in use and has been changed to test-100(not true)
  5. Unfortunately not. The thing is that it works just perfectly for me, but not the client in his home. I will check on other machines and browsers tomorrow, but I think it's an issue with the clients setup.
  6. @wbmnfktr Thanks for the pointers! The hoster is All-Inkl. in Germany, so no fancy cloud service. PW logs don't say much, just: this request was aborted because it appears to be forged Unfortunately the client doesn't live nearby, so no chance of dropping by and checking myself. At some point he will get frustrated and eventually agrees to use some sort of Teamviewer with me. My gut feeling says inhouse routing, AntiVirus program or VPN, but my guts are old now...
  7. I always thought this is a problem that only other people have... An unhappy Wordpress user asked me to replicate everything in ProcessWire and I was happy. Today was the day it went online and he gets logged out after a few minutes. Not me. Only him! I read a lot of forum posts. They almost all deal with permissions and loggouts for all users. But in this case it's only him! Since he used Edge to edit the old WP site, I told him to change to Firefox but not much change. Session seems to last longer... but I'm afraid that's only wishful thinking on my side. It can't be serverside because it works fine for me since the last three weeks. In config.php I always set $config->sessionFingerprint = 0; I am out of ideas... (and coffee)
  8. You are right! If you add some gibberish, the server has to respond with a Error 500. If it doesn't, the htaccess is not read by the server, and therefore URLs like /about-me/ won't work, aka as rewriting. This should be your first task. Get the htaccess to work.
  9. @Craig The dashboard doesn't work anymore 😟 I think due to security changes in browsers they refuse to show the Iframe, at least Chrome and Firefox. This is what shows in the console: Refused to display 'https://app.usefathom.com/' in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'sameorigin'. (index):7374 crbug/1173575, non-JS module files deprecated. (anonymous) @ (index):7374 DevTools failed to load source map: Could not load content for https://www.xxxxxxx.de/site/modules/WayFathomAnalytics/iframeResizer.map: HTTP error: status code 404, net::ERR_HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE_FAILURE iframeResizer.min.js:8 [iFrameSizer][Host page: fathom-stats-iframe] IFrame has not responded within 5 seconds. Check iFrameResizer.contentWindow.js has been loaded in iFrame. This message can be ignored if everything is working, or you can set the warningTimeout option to a higher value or zero to suppress this warning.
  10. No big thing, but since the upgrade I noticed gaps on my iPad mini. It's not only visible via screensize, it has to be the device.
  11. On the DETAILS tab, at the botton marked: Markup/HTML Options(Content Type) (Your Content Type in the setting above has to be Markup/HTML)
  12. aaand... not to forget, in the CKE field you can set: Update image alt attributes (Replace blank alt attribute with image description) If an image description is set, it will be used automatically.
  13. "Are you tired of your URLs being just too darn short? Worry no further!" https://aaa.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.com/ "Your date will be impressed with the sheer size of your URLs" 😄
  14. @kixe Thank you for this module! It saved me countless hours(probably days) of pain.
  15. Just for your information, there are almost no images visible in iPad with Ios 12, like on my iPad Mini.
  16. @Erik for the sake of simplicity lets assume you have only a field for price. Your filter would be in a category/listing template, that lists your products(like in my example) /* The general outline would be: 1. Check if a filter was set by checking GET-parameter in URL 2. Read the parameter and build your selector for the $pages->find(""); 3. Execute the $pages->find with your selector 4. In case no filter was set execute your standard pages->find 5. List the result */ // 1. and 2. Check for GET-parameter in your URL if($input->get->price != ''){ $price = $sanitizer->int($input->get->price);// in my case price is integer not float $selector .= ', price<='.$price; $value_price = $price;// save the value for use in the filter input } // ...more parameter/filter to check here // ... // Very simplified... if($input->get){ // 3. execute the find on your products $allpages = $pages->find("parent=$page, $selector"); $log->save('filter', $selector);// write the build selector to a log, so you can check it }else{ // 4. on input->get so list all unfiltered pages $allpages = $pages->find("parent=$page"); } // 5. List your products foreach($allpages as $one){ // your list of products, filtered or not... } This would be the first step. The second step would be to build the form with the filter input field: // in my case I use delayed output, but you may not... $filterform .= '<form id="filter" action="'.$page->url.'" method="get">'; $filterform .= "<label for='price'>Max Price</label>"; $filterform .= "<input type='number' name='price' id='price' placeholder='input max price...' value='$value_price'>"; // ... $content .= $filterform; The rest is pretty much fine tuning...
  17. Mhh... no. There is only one template for all categories. The editors switch on/off filters how they please with checkboxes, and I check for those in the category template. The editors are quite educated in using this functionality, for example a lamp has no width attributes, or at least it doesn't make sense, and they know it.
  18. Just tested with PW 3.0.165 and Matrix 0.0.5 and it seems to work fine for me. Tested on Reno and UiKit themes. I tried all the option for the page reference field, single, multiple, PageTree, autocomplete and Select. What do your developer tools say? Any errors?
  19. And not just the doors. The guys have more than 1000 lamps of all the electrified ages 😉 They are clients of mine since 2004. The website design is a little bit outdated but the priority is to keep everything rolling... according to the owner 😟
  20. Something like here? https://www.historische-baustoffe-ostalb.de/baustoffe/tueren/haustueren/ Sorry, website only in german, but I could give you some tips to get you started.
  21. @Roope Nice module! This is an standard install on all the websites I control. Lately I had to insert al lot of MSTeams chat links on school websites, that look like this: https://teams.microsoft.com/l/meetup-join/19:cf8e53b5711b487@thread.tacv2/123456789012342540?context=%7b%22Tid%22%3a%22e957100c-9b8a-4b7f-b945-fbxx-xxxx-xxxx... Due to the @ in the link EMO tries to encode it, which of course fails. For now I excluded the page with those links in EMO settings.
  22. This is the ProModule Textareas amd it is supposed to be there. Maybe a failed upload of files during the update?
  23. @ryan You should add UIKIT Theme to the list of requirements. As I just discovered, Reno doesn't agree with Combo, unfortunately. While it can be installed, field creation doesn't work.
  24. Uih... there is an image missing... https://www.aaronsamusements.com.au/jumping-castles/lil-bratz-jumping-castle/
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