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  1. szabesz

    I wonder what "valid" mean in this context: $page->hasField() => "Returns whether or not $field is valid for this Page" Anyone can shed light on this for me?
  2. szabesz

    Plain text in YAML "Use YAML for configuration files since YAML is really human-readable." And we could use a diff tool to compare (my favorite is Beyond Compare, btw ).
  3. If I was Ryan – which I'm not – I would create a short intro for newcomers (I do not use the word "beginners" on purpose because a pro PHP developer can still be new to ProcessWire) and even this short intro should be clearly divided into two sections: one for frontend development recommended best practices and one for module development recommended best practices. At the end of this introductory article, I would link to this verbose one we currently have.
  4. szabesz

    Introduced in ProcessWire 3.0.117
  5. szabesz

    I recommend @arjen's fork instead: as @sforsman seems to have abandoned his module.
  6. szabesz

    Hi, if you can tell me how to test this quickly (eg. by using some online service) without any convoluted software installation requirements then I'm happy to test it for you. Otherwise I am not using their service all the time, only for certain occasions. So far I cannot complain.
  7. szabesz

    Me too. I also think that "mixing it up" for a newcomer the various ways to use the API is not a good idea, even the tabbed interface idea (which is great) feels a bit too much to present to a beginner. If the function API is the preferable one on the frontend, then all frontend examples should use that one only and only module related docs should use another one (which one is preferable in that case). There should be an article explaining all the other ways to do the very similar, and only in the "advanced" category. BTW, some docs tag pages/tutorials as beginner/intermediate/advanced. I think ProcessWire docs could use those too.
  8. szabesz

    Yeah, the only concern of mine is just this, so that I (we) can search google like "Admin Actions" and "Admin Tools" separately Haha it would be okay for an application or a module since it is a made up word but not so good for something descriptive as much as possible like a panel's name.
  9. szabesz

    Quick Actions Utility Actions Shortcut Actions Tracy Shortcuts Utilities
  10. szabesz

    Thanks as always, the new panel does sound useful indeed. However, you already have a module called Admin Actions. It might be confusing in some circumstances that these share the same name, don't you think?
  11. szabesz

    Hi @benbyf See this comment: and the related docs: Does this help?
  12. szabesz

    At least he spawned a fruitful discussion this time by accident... Otherwise his/her posts are kinda strange, I agree.
  13. szabesz

    I forgot to mention that I also use the free "window-size manager" application. In the case of the Finder I use it in a semi-automatic way to quickly setup a "two-pane layout" for the Finder. I create a new window with half of the vertical size of the desktop ('cos I prefer landscape/horizontal windows for column view) and right away following that I create a new window because the Finder clones the last not-yet-resized window's dimensions, and I only need to reposition the two, similarly sized windows. Since I rarely move Finder windows around I do not need to do it too often.
  14. szabesz

    Happy and productive new year! I opt for this one: Please do not try to take on too much work before the initial release regarding the GUI. I think one layout is just enough to start with. Besides, if we have two layouts then it will make creating docs an tutorials more complex as we need to account for both. Configurable layout is less desirable than and easy to use one right from the beginning. I would not like to see an app like behaviour as that implies mobile only experience which can never be as productive as a well tailored desktop GUI. Sure, it should be usable on mobiles without any irritating issues but that is of second concern to me.
  15. szabesz

    True, but it can "free you up from Woocommerce eventually" and freedom in development means great possibilities to earn you money in the long run