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  1. You might want to read my tutorial, in which I explain how I did it and why.
  2. Some more links you might also find useful: Multiple templates or parents for users front-end system to handle logins, password resets and changing passwords (old but should still help you a lot if you wan to implement it on your own without Front-End User module) @adrian's Some User related actions @adrian' Tracy Debugger with loooots of developer tools, such as User Switcher Panel lots of other info in the forum Hope this helps too.
  3. "The main hook of interest is one that makes all posts look like they live off the root "/" level rather than "/posts/" (where they actually live)."
  4. @neonwired When debugging AJAX, I do recommend:
  5. Maybe @kixe is talkign about somthing like this (but let's ask him to clarify...): To tell the truth, I've never had to implement a use case like you describe, but you should check out the following hooks to learn more: ProcessLogin::executeLogout Session::loginSuccess Session::logoutSuccess
  6. ImageOptim is great, I use it every day!
  7. Welcome Slav! You might also be interested in this one: Or this one: Hope this helps.
  8. Maybe its unrelated, but you can give it a try: Meaning form 5.6 and above you must have: always_populate_raw_post_data = -1
  9. Welcome to the forums! What sort of "News section" is that? Are you talking about a particular site profile? We surely need more info to help.
  10. I do not have the time to present an exact solution, but I think it is worth to mention that @Robin S came up with something similar using Hanna Codes (it uses the description field for such purposes, but should work in any admin themes):
  11. I've been also thinking about the topics raised above by @abdus and @rick coming up with similar ideas. We do not know how well the current business model performs currently, but I also suspect that lowering the license fees might boost sales "a bit" somehow. I'm also having trouble finding the way to justify the price of these "bundles" and I'm also interested in parts of them or better yet in a "life time" developer license which should cost more, but would be worth it in the long run. As of @rick's idea: those developers who give most to the community should be rewarded this way. For example @adrian (probably among others, he is just one prime example) should get all these licenses for free I think, being the most active free module developer, and he is also one of the most active "forum support personnel", so to speak. Such valuable community members should be rewarded somehow, I think. I also like the idea of contests so that others can contribute too when they have the time. Edit: I forgot to mention that I do already have a license of ProDevTools, which I don't use too much just yet, but it was a way of "donation" I can afford currently.
  12. Hi, Similar discussion with some tips and pointers:
  13. Hi, It can definitely be crafted with ProcessWire, but your requirements are a bit tough for a starter, I guess. Anyway, if you have the time and take the challenge, I would start by taking a look at this: As far as I know most of its UI features are implemented for the admin area, but it is possible to "let regular members" work in the admin, rather than implementing "custom frontend" interface for them. Lots of PW developers opted for this path already. I recommend searching the forum for more info, like: One more tip: ImageMagick. You will probably need a server with this as GD chokes on big files.
  14. Thank you for this quite useful "changelog"! It should be turned into a "custom"
  15. Guys, if you have a lot of time to spare, you can kill some by checking out this list: