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  1. As far as I can see, it is set in Session.php: ... if(ini_get('session.save_handler') == 'files') { if(ini_get('session.gc_probability') == 0) { // Some debian distros replace PHP's gc without fully implementing it, // which results in broken garbage collection if the save_path is set. // As a result, we avoid setting the save_path when this is detected. } else { ini_set("session.save_path", rtrim($this->config->paths->sessions, '/')); } } @session_start(); ... So I guess it is possible to set it in config.php with $config->paths->sessions, see I tried it with absolute path and it works for me, e.g.: $config->paths->sessions = "/Users/user/MAMP/siteroot/site/assets/mysessions"; I think "/tmp" can be the system default which gets purged so that is why you have issues with it. But I'm just guessing, I'm not a Linux admin kind
  2. Hi, Did you check where session files are actually saved? Eg.:
  3. Hi, As far as I know, since ProcessWire 3.0.29 we have RewriteRule "(^|/)\.(?!well-known)" - [F] there by default. See:
  4. Hi, related discussion and hints here:
  5. ==
  6. I'm glad you got it working. Just a hint: by duplicating code we make it harder for ourselves to maintain it: I always try to avoid it whenever I have the time to do so (sometimes we just don't...).
  7. Oh, sorry for the early morning typo, I left <?php endif; ?> in the example, but <?php endforeach; ?> is needed instead, of course. I'm not good at writing code in the browser, I'm missing my IDE's help
  8. Hi, FYI, Adrian is still away for a few weeks, see:
  9. Hi, not tested, but the issue with your code is that you check for empty link before the for loop and not inside of it, so something like this should do: <?php foreach($page->Slides as $Slides): ?> <?php $image = $Slides->images->first(); if ($Slides->Link) { $link = 'data-link="' . $Slides->Link .'"'; } else { $link = ""; } ?> <li data-transition="<?php echo $page->Slide_Effect; ?>" data-slotamount="7" <?= $link ?> data-target="_blank" > <img src="<?php echo $image->url; ?>" alt="<?php echo $image->description; ?>"> <div class="tp-caption" data-x="100" data-y="115" data-speed="700" data-start="1000" data-easing="easeOutBack"><h2><?=$Slides->title ?></h2></div> </li> <?php endforeach; ?> BTW, templates and fields should be named lowercase in the admin, so that you can use lowercase identifiers for your attributes/properties in your code which is a convention for such entities.
  10. If you want to confuse beginners, why not I push it a bit further: the "simplest" creature which can be said to be alive is a single cell. It IS life. In order to boost the chances of survival cells unite, live and die (disintegrate) "together". The fundamental unit of life, the cell, is alive when it first begins to move against gravity and the path of least resistance.
  11. Also, you can use @adrian's Tracy Debugger module to use different template files temporarily:
  12. What needs to be checked depends on the field's Formatted value setting: So when there is the possibility of getting null the code must account for it, you cannot just call first() "first"
  13. +1 Thanks in advance!
  14. Yep, cPanel does provide access to the user's root directory which means "access outside of the web-root", and with enough extras/plugins enabled/installed for it a cPanel account can be highly configurable.
  15. It is still confusing to have this feature nonetheless as we are required to post our Pro module support requests in the appropriate forum topic – which is a reasonable requirement –, so this support tab thingy (whether it is integrated part of the forum software or not) is still misleading, in my understanding.