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  1. It was fixed today, see:
  2. szabesz

    Hello @Michael and welcome to ProcessWire, What you are aiming for is not a pretty easy project but if you really want to learn and have the time to spend on it then you can start learning by doing it especially if it's a family project which means all your users should be patient, cooperative and help you by testing Read up on permissions and roles. Beside the docs I also recommend a google search in the Blog posts, something like this: You probably want to stick to backend – that is the PW's administration area – for user management features and do not want to implement front-end user management features because that is not something for complete beginners, at least there is a lot more to learn before I can recommend for you to do that. This is sort of provided by the admin but I guess you are talking about the frontend. To make things easier, you might want to install ProcessWire by also installing this site profile: by @flydev This way you can rely on Bootstrap 4 which can help a lot if you are new to CSS and SASS. For showcasing images on the front-end, here are some libraries to pick from: Hope this helps! Happy developing
  3. szabesz

    Sure, implementing a complex module and maintaining it requires a lot more time than "simply" wiring things together in ProcessWire. However, you might want to share a site profile with dummy data if that is ok with you (and if you have the time to prepare it...). What do you think? BTW, thanks for the showcase and the insight!
  4. szabesz

    What do you mean by this? Is this a website from 2014 which has not been updated since then? What happens if you manually import the SQL file (with the help of phpMyAdmin, for example) and put back all the files/directories to the site root directory? If I understand you correctly, your files/directories are from a backup but the database file (install.sql) is a leftover from a site profile export operation. Have you read this one?
  5. szabesz

    Depending on the actual contents of /site and /wire it might be possible that you have all the files in them. Do you also happen to have a copy of the database? In your opening post you stated that: "I had a copy but only of the templates folder" The question is: what do you actually still have? What are the possible missing files/directories and what about the database? What exactly did you delete accidentally?
  6. szabesz

    just for cross reference: and
  7. szabesz

    In addition to this, I can also recommend @flydev's Duplicator module: it is not just for cloning a site but for creating full backups (files + database). For example, before performing actions to the site you are not really comfortable with or you just want to make sure you have a current backup then Duplicator can be very useful.
  8. szabesz

    Sorry for the OT question but are you referring to GDPR?
  9. szabesz

    It should be optional/temporary so that there is no extra markup generated when it is not needed. Tracy already outputs a lot... Anyway, I like the idea
  10. I do not have too much extra time these days so I postponed testing it, also because you mentioned possible idrive support and I thought I would wait for that too, I was thinking about testing both "parallel".
  11. An interesting read about the dumb way autoplay restrictions are implemented in mayor browser these days:
  12. szabesz

    BTW, Priority Nav will be part of UIkit 3: "We are now on the homestretch for the final UIkit 3 Stable release. Masonry Grid and Priority Nav are next, which will complete UIkit 3."
  13. szabesz

    It cannot hurt for sure (that is why I also put it there whenever I can) but on small mobile viewports it might be problematic to also use the word "menu", however if the hamburger menu is prominent then people will find and use it as they have gotten used to it by now. Sure, there are alternatives but I do not think the hamburger icon is that bad and the alternatives are not better either. It just depends on the design context what works best. It is funny that in the "5 smart alternatives to the hamburger menu" article the hamburger icons are still used.
  14. szabesz

    +1 For example it is good for pages containing not too sensitive data, such as work in progress – soon to be made public – pages some people need access to, etc...
  15. I guess it depends on the file size of the ZIP file. Big files cannot be downloaded for example if not enough memory is allocated for the process. I always download the ZIP files via FTP which is reliable in my case.