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  1. I'm not aware of any additional work on this. Please give it a thumbs up at my GitHub request and you might also want to express why. New features are often added to ProcessWire when it is asked by lots of us...
  2. Maybe not the best solution but you might want to export a profile and reinstall the system.
  3. It would not be explicit but another thing I forgot to note is that there is no /product-categories/ nor /skin-concerns/ pages accessible by design, so what would happen if someone tried to go there? Thanks, not yet done just happens to be live
  4. There you go: There are two parent categories: product-categories and skin-concerns but the tree is: - products - categories (not this one nor children are frontend accessible directly) - product-categories - cat 1 - cat 2 - skin-concerns - cat 1 - cat 2 I did not want to do product-categories/body-care because there would also be skin-concerns/body-care but those two body-care categories are not the same, even though they are called the same (client's request...). So I explode and implode parent_child in order to create these "combo categories" on the fly by using URL segments. But this is just one example, any kind of tags an categories are good candidates for URL segments.
  5. "If using returned value for front-end output, be sure to run it through $sanitizer->entities() first." So it depends, if you do not trust your email client then use entities() too. It cannot hurt I think to use it, but you can experiment, of course.
  6. "Please note the default 255 character max length setting." Maybe?
  7. They spend too much time on social media The two "P"s are not even close, not to mention the rest. As for placing the emblem in front of the logotype: that is the most common way to produce a horizontal logo, naturally.
  8. +1 Along with a hard to miss notification maybe?
  9. If your project's budget permits: Unfortunately, I do not have ProDrafts (yet) but it seems to save with AJAX (and not just when AutoSaving) so you might wan to investigate how it actually works.
  10. One more module I forgot but I also use @teppo's ProcessChangelog module along with Activity Log: I keep an eye on the RSS feed so that I get notified when someone makes changes. Quite handy too.
  11. @flydev Here come my findings: I installed Duplicator on my shared hosting account and also on a VPS and there are no timeout issues but I have noticed the following: - Package Manager's Support button is not liked to - Similarly, lots of module developers also link to the support forum thread and the Module Directory page in the modules's More Information block. Currently it links to which is not too useful - Package Manager has two buttons: Settings, Support. What about a "Clear Log" button as well? It would clear the Duplicator log file. - until DropBox support is back once more, you might want to update the first post of this thread where it says "Implemented" I use the built in cron.php and it works for me.
  12. @androbey May be you can use this or learn from it source code: @renobird's Activity Log module Even though I use it on one site, I have not had much time to checkout this module properly so I only use its basic features and it appears to me that changes made to image fields are not logged but it could be possible to extend it. Also, this module keeps generating PHP warnings when a non-superuser is the one to make changes but seems to work otherwise, even on ProcessWire 3.x too. (I did not have the time to check why I have the warnings...)
  13. FYI ForkLift 3 Winter Sale This is the season of gifting, so we've decided to surprise you with a huge winter sale as a thank you for such a great year with ForkLift 3. All licenses are 50% off for a limited time.
  14. Currently I'm lucky enough to be able to pick whatever technology I want in order to deliver the end results and that is why my goals regarding web development are not learning something specific but to focus on the tasks I'm "assigned to". As long as everybody is happy with my work, I'm happy too There is always room for improvement but that's what keeps me interested anyway...
  15. I'm in the same boat but I set out fixed and achievable goals for myself. As log as I can reach my goals I do not care too much what other options are out there. I try to keep an open eye on the ever evolving technology but I also have 24 hours a day so we need to take it easy as much as possible. I do not know either but I'm sure I keep improving. Do not think they would surely not be happy to employ you, they just list whatever they think would be perfect for them. However, when there is no one in sight fulfilling those requirements then they are happy to employ the first one who can at least help them out