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  1. I think if you make it absolutely clear that the Donate button is for supporting the development of your Mozilla Public License 2.0 licensed module, then it is ok. Currently it is not quite clear that the "button" in your signature is for that thing only. Anyways, as soon as I have time, I will test and donate.
  2. Hello @AndZyk We have a brief discussion on this issue over here: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/15270-session-storage-and-lifetime/?do=findComment&comment=168200 You can also google something like: GDPR cookie "legitimate interest"
  3. Thanks for the update! I am thinking of giving it a test drive in the near future, I just do not have the time right now. One more thought regarding taxes: would it be possible to implement some basics here first and later on concentrating on something "ideal", so that at least those who do not need more than the "basics" can start relying on them. May be this idea does not make any sense, so I am just brainstorming here...
  4. Yep, now I get it 🙂 Thanks for the tip!
  5. Thanks for the info, however, I find your explanation a bit confusing and I'm not sure I follow... Thanks for supporting the idea!
  6. Thanks, it was turned off. Never needed it so far. However, I turned in on just in case I need to reload a file. 🙂
  7. Upper left corner of what? I cannot find it. This topic says it is obsolete and removed: https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/207066455-Where-is-Reload-from-Disk-option- ??? yeah it's about IntelliJ but such things are usually the same in Jetbrains apps. However, I do have "File > Invalidate Caches / Restart..." menu. BTW, in may experiences, any external changes are detected by PhpStorm.
  8. I did not. How can one do that? 🙂 Anyways, I have just figured out what the issue might have been: my workflow is that I install modules on the production site, configure it and afterwards clone the db and sync files to my local environment. However, I did not clone the AutoTemplateStubs folder from production to local because the cache folder is excluded in that case too. So storing AutoTemplateStubs in /site/assets/cache makes it a pain for me to use the module 😞
  9. At first I set the prefix to "stub_" and no(!) AutoTemplateStubs folder was created at all. Afterwards I uninstalled the module and installed it again. This time I left the prefix at the default "tpl_" setting and now I have the AutoTemplateStubs with the php files in it. So now it works. However, AutoTemplateStubs being in the cache folder, I cannot set the whole cache folder to be excluded, which I have been setting so far so I do not accidentally start editing a template cache file, for example. I do a lot of global search so excluding the cache folder is a must. Can't you make it optional where the AutoTemplateStubs folder is created? EDIT: actually I usually mark /site/assets folder to be excluded, not just /site/assets/cache
  10. Thanks for sharing the module @Robin S I have just installed it and followed the instructions but it does not appear to do anything. What sould I do to troubleshoot? I'm on a Mac using PhpStorm.
  11. I would never call these "discussion boards" a forum though. I am glad we have a proper forum and not something like these.
  12. szabesz

    State of JS 2016

    https://2019.stateofjs.com/ TL;DR summary: https://www.i-programmer.info/news/167-javascript/13360-javascript-still-popular-.html "So we can see that the use of React (which is the most used technology in the survey with 16,099 users) has increased while it popularity has been pretty steady while Angular's popularity reduced as its adoption grew and over the last year people became more even negative towards it." My comment on this is that it looks like Vue.js is the second most popular frontend one these days. ""JavaScript is moving in the right direction" with over 80% agreeing and only 4% disagreeing. So all is well in the land of JavaScript."
  13. I think it is ok to ask Ryan in the ProFields/RepeaterMatrix forum.
  14. It's hard to tell. PageTable is in the core and does not get any attention so it's been in its initial state ever since its introduction. Table received some extra features during the years and Ryan has plans to improve it.
  15. Are you referring to Vanilla Forums? Looks like it is being maintained and in constant development: https://open.vanillaforums.com/categories/blog https://success.vanillaforums.com/kb/docs
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