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  1. Hi, you should edit your other post by removing the content and inserting an explanation instead.
  2. Soma's module is what I normally use to clear cache: It works well.
  3. Regarding "33554432 bytes exhausted": 32MB is not too much. Since you are on VPS, you should be able to enable more for your site.
  4. I recommend showing us the errors to track things down more easily. If you have long error output strings, you might want to use the forum's "spoiler" feature to make your post shorter.
  5. Great to see that you pick up this project. Nice teaser too! I will definitely give it a try.
  6. I'm no expert at all but they should be able to switch back should anything go awry. I do not have any issue with it... I guess there is a typo: 7.0 or 7.1 I would start with 7.0 and you should see improvement. Afterwards you might want to try 7.1 too, of course,
  7. Well Well, no comment.... I looked up the conversation with my VPS team and that's all the "depth" we talked about the matter: "I did however make some performance optimizations to your server to improve overall performance, such as switching the site to use PHP-FPM as the PHP handler, which is much faster than the default handler." It's a managed VPS and as long as it is speedy and works without issues, I am happy. Switching to PHP 7.0.x should be okay even if you have 3rd party modules installed which work with ProcessWire 3.x. I'm using it too for all my sites.
  8. Hi, "How I could avoid to duplicate data in case 2 (since address details are already found in organizer's page)?" You can create an Address template and assign addresses to both Organizers and Locations via PageReference Fields. I do not really follow your second question. Can you give us a step-by-step example?
  9. That's a strange argument. I did not explicitly state it but of course I was thinking of a "bug-free" implementation
  10. I always put all my sites in a subdirectory so I do not think it should matter regarding the performance of the site. I also have a site on a managed VPS (WHM) and originally Tracy reported about 500ms execution time for its 10 product listing page. I asked the support to optimize the VPS – originally it was in its default setup state – and they managed to speed it up so right now the same page renders in about 130ms. They changed php settings, etc... We did not discuss in detail what they had done, I was just happy to see the result I'm not saying fine tuning your VPS will surely solve your problem but it might help too.
  11. @tpr's AdminOnSteroids can fix it along with a useful related tweak: "Disable filename truncation for File fields: filenames displayed are cut to 20 characters by default. This tweak removes this limitation and shows the full name. If enabled, the delete button is not positioned to the right but right after the filename to avoid display issues when the filename spans to multiple rows."
  12. Wow - I totally agree - they are beautiful. Lots of the FA ones really are pretty poor. This is OT but +1
  13. +1 fa-industry would be a viable option in this case
  14. Great news @abdus! I think the ProcessWire community is really missing a full featured newsletter module, that is a module which supports out of the box (but hookable and modifiable) subscription forms, subscriber listings and sending emails via SMPT and popular service providers. Sounds like you are on the right track
  15. Hi @Macrura Finally I had the time to actually install the module and make changes to the website in order to use it as the "selector" of the slides. It works well, I'm just wondering why the "type" bit gave me "Undefined property" notice when using your example above. Since I do not really think displaying type is useful – if it is always "image" just as the user expects it to be... - I just simply replaced with another property of the slide page and that is the "url" where the slide is linked to. All in all, I think this module is really great! Thanks a lot!