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  1. Or just use Tracy Debugger's (by @adrian) Mail Interceptor feature: https://adrianbj.github.io/TracyDebugger/#/debug-bar?id=mail-interceptor I always rely on it, it has never let me down so far 🙂
  2. Welcome to the forums! There is no such thing unfortunately, but the tutorials section of the doc pages is a good start: https://processwire.com/docs/tutorials/ Also worth noting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6eQGGk9xOA&list=PLjfImzZuFeJ-iZ0K7WVDwSeTrQQHmt7a8 https://mauricius.dev/basic-processwire-website-workflow-part-one/ (Step-by-step guide, 4 part tutorial) https://processwire.com/talk/topic/3579-tutorial-approaches-to-categorising-site-content/ Hope this helps. Edit: +1 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSLhay7msTI&list=PLOrdUWNK38ibz8U_5Vq4zSPZfvFKzUuiT
  3. Worth noting: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/19912-future-of-padloper-new-project-lead-announcement/ TL;DR: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/19912-future-of-padloper-new-project-lead-announcement/?do=findComment&comment=187487
  4. Your proposal of adding toggle to the bar can take up lots of space too, if there are lots of languages in the system, so perhaps another way of solving the issue would be more feasible. Anyway, I get your point and the feature itself would be welcome, of course. BTW, while we are talking about the horizontal bar of a repeater matrix item, I find it annoying that the open-close toggle (the arrow icon) is not on the far right, because there is the case of the "Show settings?" cog icon appearing between the "arrow" and the "duplicate page" icons, and when that happens the arrow of the open-close toggle moves upon clicking on it. So in that case it is not possible to quickly open and close a repeater item, one has to reposition the mouse pointer all the time.
  5. Hi, There is a similar thread over here: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/19180-error-loading-github-branches/ Maybe it is related, maybe it is not, I do not know, however I also use MAMP Pro without issues, but I am running 5.5.1. Maybe try upgrading MAMP Pro if not yet running 5.5.1, or try using an older version of PHP. I use 7.1.x as it is still supported till 1 Dec 2019 😉 Anyway, I always play safe and only upgrade whenever there is real need for it.
  6. I see. Thanks for clarifying! Side-note: I did have a strong feeling that the module would not see too much maintenance, if any. That is why two years ago – when it was released – my first reaction to it was asking for adding it to the core. However, I did not know that the codebase in its current state just does not cut it...
  7. My experience with google searches is that they do not care about keywords. What matters the most is CONTENT: one or two regular authentic posts a week (or even more) presented in semantic HTML will lead to good search result postitions in the long run. Anything else can be considered to be fine tunig.
  8. Could you please share it via Github? If you were to maintain it publicly that would be graceful to say the least. It would probably be a good idea to rename it first, though. Thanks for considering!
  9. szabesz

    State of JS 2016

    Another survey I stumbled upon yesterday: https://www.gwhitworth.com/surveys/controls-components/
  10. szabesz

    other CMSs

    Looks interesting, thanks for sharing! I put it on my todo list to take a closer look. Interestingly, I have just recently set up a workflow based on CodeKit and its "Kit" file compiling capabilities (Kit == HTML + import features + variables) in order to craft my own site. I boosted the whole thing by also adding Fat-Free PHP to the mix. I use Beyond Compare for syncing to the server. All this is about producing "flat files". Since I also sprinkle PHP here-and-there, I actually invented my own Semi Flat File website approach 🙂 My whole setup is all about using desktop GUI apps, as opposed to (say) npm based cli stuff which can be quite unreliable at times (actually, unreliable too frequently to my liking). All in all, what I like about Publii is that it is a "technically minded" / developer oriented solution, still, components are integrated as a desktop app, so there is no need to experience the pain of npm/webpack/and-similar as all the burden of such things are on the developers of Publiit, and not on the developer of the website(s). After all, I'm a creative guy who likes to create, but I dislike dealing with fixing CLI tools, fighting incompatibility issues and such. That is why I chose ProcessWire in the first place, btw. 🙂
  11. szabesz

    State of JS 2016

    Updates 🙂 https://2017.stateofjs.com https://2018.stateofjs.com/ https://2019.stateofcss.com/
  12. article: The perils of functional CSS (sometimes referred to as atomic CSS) https://www.browserlondon.com/blog/2019/06/10/functional-css-perils/ Quote: "...if you don’t have a dedicated front-end team to handle this end of things, I can see how functional CSS would be useful. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that back-end developers have written most functional CSS libraries."
  13. +1 I did something similar recently, which was surely easier than learning a system I was not really interested in. My trick was to inject the "old record ids" of the old system into its markup (so I only had to understand a little bit its templating), afterwards complete page contents were grabbed and were saved into PW's CKEditor fields and from then on I performed some careful planning and PW template/field works – based on the required relations – and lastly I used php-html-parser to turn the static CKEditor field markups into relations.
  14. Currently I stick to 3.0.138, looks like that is the last DEV version safe to update to.
  15. Hello @kongondo Any news on this issue? I also run into it when trying to export a textarea field via the standard field export feature of the admin. I don't really need Runtime Markup, maybe you can give me a quick guide on how to remove it manually (inluding how to clean up the db if needed?). Has this version been version published yet? Thanks in advance.
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