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  1. szabesz

    Hi, have you solved it yet? I'm asking this because if not, can you please clarify what you are after? I'm not following you...
  2. szabesz

    What if that required image one day becomes non-required? Usually I try not to rely on such settings.
  3. szabesz

    If I'n not wrong, @kongondo's VisualPageSelector module (commercial) should solve such an issue as it uses lister and its filters to select the related page: quote: "electable pages as per page field settings + Lister filters" see more: Or you might want to implement your own InputField which also uses ProcessWire's Lister and its user customizable page filter to select the page.
  4. I am yet to check out this module so I am for sure not the best person to answer this questions, however I think if you just write a short manual migration guide and prevent accidental upgrading then it should be enough for us developers.
  5. szabesz

    Sure, the example does not cover "everything" but some part of the screen. On a PW edit page, the most important bits of information are usually at the very top, so anything covering that area "automatically" is not something I prefer. Sure, when we start typing results start to cover that area but I'm not fond of covering anything just by getting the focus into the search box.
  6. szabesz

    What about a command AND the icon too? Maybe optionally. I do not like panels automatically covering anything.
  7. szabesz

    You linked to two completely different codebases: The "original" looks ProcessWire based: while this one is a table based – just look at the htlm source – oldschool site:
  8. szabesz

    Let's say you have custom "non-pw" db tables. +1 This sprung into my mind too when reading the post. What about being configurable? For example, I would prefer: --?
  9. szabesz

    Slightly OT but worth a read: Open Source GraphQL Engine Launched quotes: "The GraphQL community can harness our lightweight GraphQL-as-a-Service engine and turbocharge any of their new or existing Postgres applications." "While this release focuses on Postgres, the plan is to add support for other databases in the future."
  10. some highlights for TL;DR readers: "...if it was a free market, then Apple would not have made more than an estimated $100 billion over the time, but programmers would be that much better off." "No right of appeal and if you talk to journalists then Apple has no intention of helping you at all. That this is an authoritarian regime isn't a point that you can argue against." "Windows Apps are almost as locked down as iOS apps. Only Google made the stupid mistake of letting Android go open source and it has been working steadily to take control back ever since. Assuming Android is still around in ten years time, my bet would be that the Play store will be just as much a walled garden as the others." "The App Store is mostly full of small apps that do frivolous things - it's a trinket store. Let's get back to real computing."
  11. szabesz

    A short but good summary on isset() / empty() / is_null():
  12. This sounds awesome! I can offer my humble testing skills even though I'm not having too much free time these days but this project is more important than ever (thinking of GDPR compliant backups, ie. encryption for backups). Last time Flydev could not reach out to too many active testers, so now I encourage anyone reading these lines to join in and offer testing – maybe even development – help to Flydev in advance if you can really do it when he needs it. Also, please do not just hit the like button but reply with suggestions too BTW, my first suggestions is: besides being GUI friendly, the new module could also be cli friendly: meaning wireshell integration.
  13. szabesz

    Featured in ProcessWire Weekly #215. Thanks a lot for sharing @bernhard!
  14. szabesz

    Hello, I'm just kinda shooting in the dark, but your issue sounds like it is being cookie related. For example, you might want to check things like: "I could not log in because the session.refere r_check in php.ini was set to the wrong domain." [source] Maybe both PW instances create the same cookie somehow? [source]
  15. szabesz

    In that case you have two options: client-side image resizing ImageMagick if supported by already or can be added to PHP as your php is probably using GD currently, right?