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  1. @neosin Hi, maybe this discussion can give you some ideas how to handle "default images":
  2. Great idea! Thanks for sharing! Are you thinking of maintaining and further developing this module into the de facto "form helper for developers"? That would be awesome
  3. @teppo seemed to be working on it recently too, but I'm not aware of him making his changes public. See: "This week we don't have a poll section. This is mainly due to some additional tweaks to the Pollino module that we're making in preparation for next week's poll..."
  4. Thanks! Hope you will have time for Dropbox too.
  5. This might be used as a general term to refer to your admin login page which can be specified during the installation process – or later on in the admin itself – so probably you should replace it with your own. Eg. in other general terms: What is "login to admin", btw? Can you please specify?
  6. I also always create custom fields for a published date for being used on the frontend. PW's created/modified/published dates are more for "auditing" than for public display, I think. However, for the record you can do things like this:
  7. I think it is always worth treating data modeling in ProcessWire as if it was an Object Relational Database out of the box. Meaning: think abstract first You can even implement your code thinking in OOP if you want to.
  8. What if you use import? Write your common rules in the imported file, import the this file first in each file assigned to a CKEditor, and write the custom rules following the import. If you try it out, please report the result. I've never tested it with CKEditor in ProcessWire but I hope it works.
  9. I guess it cannot be changed because it is coming from the browser, eg this is my output in the page source: <input id="Inputfield_example_textfield" class="InputfieldMaxWidth" name="expense_example_textfield" value="2018-01" type="text" maxlength="7" pattern="^(20\d{2}|19\d{2}|0(?!0)\d|[1-9]\d)-(1[0-2]|0[1-9]|\d)$" data-minlength="6" tabindex="5"> So I wrote short instructions into the Notes property (that appears beneath the input) of the Field. Eg: Date fomat (year-month): 2018-01
  10. I'm not quite sure how the original shuffling masonry gallery needs the css classes to be applied, but you probably need nested loops, something like: Note that in your original sample code I see this: data-filter=".cat4" meaning there is prefixing a dot there but not in your code. I also recommend storing the result of the page find selectors in variables, so that you can test easily what you really have. Assigning them to variables also makes it possible to reuse them, which will be needed if you need nested loops. I'm not saying the above code is what you need, because I do not get how the masonry should be assembled in the first place. Can you provide a working demo by any chance?
  11. I just use a Text field with a regex pattern for validation: ^(20\d{2}|19\d{2}|0(?!0)\d|[1-9]\d)-(1[0-2]|0[1-9]|\d)$ for dates like 2018-01 I think pressing 7 keys to specify the month is a lot faster than fiddling with a datepicker.
  12. Most probably:
  13. Thanks for the code. First of all it is missing the word "php" from the second loop's end: instead of <? endforeach; ?> it should be: <?php endforeach; ?> Next, your second loop variable is $single, but you have a <?= $item->title ?> in the code, it might be possible that it should be <?= $item->single ?> but maybe not, because you also have <h4><?= $single->title ?></h4> in the loop so what is that title you are trying to output in the second loop? You cannot simply reference the previous loop's variable like this, because that value is already discarded by the time the code execution gets here (that is: we have two different variable scopes). Where is this category in your code? I cannot see it being used.
  14. Could you please post your current ("cleaned up?") code? When you post it, you might want to put long blocks of code in a "spoiler" (eye icon in the toolbar) so that the whole thread is easier to follow.
  15. These days rarely but one never knows