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  1. Hello, In /site/config.php look for: /** * Installer: Unix timestamp of date/time installed * * This is used to detect which when certain behaviors must be backwards compatible. * Please leave this value as-is. * */ $config->installed = INSTALLED_TIME_TIMESTAMP_SHOULD_BE_HERE You can find converters online eg.: https://www.epochconverter.com/ As for the core version of ProcessWire, you can find it at the beginning of this file: /wire/core/ProcessWire.php
  2. Not stated on each product page but this seems to apply to each product of Ryan: "7 days of purchase and we will refund your money in full." see: https://processwire.com/store/pro-drafts/#warranty-support-refunds I'd recommend purchasing it on Thursday, and spending the weekend on evaluating it. Also note that usually Ryan has time to promptly reply to support questions around weekends (form Friday to Sunday), which is worth taking into account if you also want to ask questions while evaluating.
  3. You might want to ask @kongondo what the requirements are to join his project: https://processwireshop.pw/ There are similar threads too, like:
  4. When done, please share ( you always do that anyway )
  5. Are you sure all those IDs were necessary? A lot can be done without IDs all over the markup, for example: https://www.jsviews.com/#samples/form-els/visible-binding BTW, VueJS would be next thing I would pick if JsViews was not around but as JsViews is still being maintained I am not planning to switch to anything just yet. Also, those who seem to have experience with VueJS have issues with it too, eg.: https://vuejsdevelopers.com/2017/09/17/vue-js-avoid-dom-templates/ Looks like nothing is perfect
  6. As long as the language switcher is concerned: if you only have two languages, then you can do this in your template file: <a href="<?= $page->localUrl($languages->findOther()->first()) ?>"><?= $user->language->name == "default" ? "EN" : "HU" ?></a> Regarding translatable strings, I recommend this method (but in the forum you can certainly find other methods too in order to get inspiration from) :
  7. Thanks for the quick reply with clarifications. Tabs could help either with "custom" fields or with "inventory dash table" too, as you could separate them from the main products edit page. Especially for custom fields, tabs based separation would be great and that way you might be able to separate the two worlds of Padloper 2's GUI from PW's inputfield type based GUI.
  8. Thanks for the report on the progress you are making! I have a few observations and questions. I know that at this stage of development it is not top priority and hopefully things can be fine tuned later on, but I would like to mention that excessive usage of whitespace – i.e. uselessly big padding – is against good UX. The more one has to scroll up and down, the more tedious it becomes to work in the admin, especially on laptop screens. I made a quick mockup to show what I mean. I moved the action GUI bits in line with other action like features. I also marked areas where whitespace could be made smaller: My questions: Are you planning to utilize tabs (for example) on the Product page? Variants section is a good candidate to be separated under a tab, for example. Are we going to be able to add "custom" PW fields to products? I already have sites with product catalogues waiting for Padloper 2 to be added in order to implement shop features. However, all custom data should be kept somehow. For example, I use repeaters for simple variations and each repeater – among a few other fields – has an SKU and also an EAN-13 barcode field. Also, a product itself has various other fields, such as Option Select fields and page reference fields with ASM select. In the video, Inventory management seems to apply to the product and not its individual variations. Is that correct? What fieldtype will Padloper 2 use for prices? When supporting currencies, it is quite common that a product can have a price in the 10000.00 - 100000000.00 price range, which is not something PW's FieldtypeFloat can handle (maximum is 9999.99 with FieldtypeFloat). This is why this request is so popular https://github.com/processwire/processwire-requests/issues/126 but unfortunately the is no sign of Ryan adding it to the core Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!
  9. What I meant was that we could be allowed to pick one of those listed here: https://validator.github.io/validator/ and not any other out there.
  10. I do not know about that, but it works well with BBC's iPlayer.
  11. BTW, I was not suggesting doing it in the panel, but in the module's settings. Isn't that possible either? Am I misunderstanding something?
  12. I see. Thanks for updating the module!
  13. I would probably need to spend 2 or 3 days on it. I guess it is not comparable to the time-frame Adrian needs to do it.
  14. Is it just me who is upset by not being able to validate "real-time"? Anyway, in Tracy's source code I read: "what about switching to: https://checker.html5.org ?" So I just manually changed it to : $this->validatorUrl = 'https://checker.html5.org/'; Seems to work. @adrian Any chance of adding options to the Settings so that we can provide a working ULR without changing the source code? I am thinking of a text inputbox, so that any working service can be provided, just in case. As far as I can see, currently we have three options: https://validator.github.io/validator/ of which html5.validator.nu/validator.nu does not work at the moment.
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