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  1. szabesz

    FYI. Well worth the read: "It doesn't matter if Google hands AMP over to an entirely benevolent foundation, as long as Google is adjusting its search and hosting the cache, it has too much control. The web served by Google isn't an open and free web, it is a walled garden in waiting."
  2. szabesz

    Reminds me of MorphOS: which is still a 250MG disk image full of all sorts of GUI apps we are used to today and runs quite fast on a G4 PPC processor (more info: Last year I installed the demo of MorphOS on my G4 PPC and I really liked what I saw. I want to buy a silent power supply for he G4 so that its noise drops to a level where using it becomes enjoyable. I plan doing it next year, together with my son, just for fun. After all, he wants to become a programmer, so he needs be aware of efficient pieces of software out there. BTW, the author mentioned how shoddy browser based apps can be. Talented and dedicated programmers can do a lot better than that, of course, a very good example is:
  3. szabesz

    "There are some bright spots indicating that improving over state-of-the-art is not impossible." The author is probably not aware of another excellent piece of high quality software which should also be listed: ProcessWire
  4. szabesz

    @josua118 Shooting in the dark: are you maybe doing something like <p><?php echo $page->body ?></p> ? You do not have to surround it with a p tag, simply use <?php echo $page->body; ?> instead.
  5. szabesz

    Just turn on "Show system templates" in the template list. Edit the template level field settings as usual: If you have the great Custom Inputfield Dependencies module by @Robin S installed, you can easily implement any sort of custom visibility (even by using PHP and the PW API).
  6. szabesz

    The admin theme selection should be configurable with admin_theme. Anyway, another trick is to edit the Fields settings of User temple and on the Input tab of the given field set the visibility to Hidden (not shown in the editor).
  7. szabesz

    If I understand it correctly, you can do it by adjusting the settings of the core User Profile module: "What fields can a user edit in their own profile?" which also removes them from the user's profile page.
  8. szabesz

    I see. I'm still on Reno, and get white text when LightWire is being used.
  9. szabesz

    It happens if the CKEditor skin is set to default. Probably @tpr always sets it to LightWire that is why he has not yet noticed it, I guess....
  10. szabesz

    Are you kidding? Thanks a million, btw!
  11. szabesz

    As far as I can see, they can migrate ANYTHING to WordPress, probably one's old Z80 and/or MOS6510 code too
  12. szabesz

    Thanks. I'll have a look. +1
  13. szabesz

    Great discussion, thanks for the link! Another comment: Google is certainly trying to do something immoral... maybe it is high time for me to switch to Firefox as my main browser? I manually update Chrome so I am still on v67 but in the light of this, it is highly probable I will not update to a version playing dirty tricks with the domain name system.
  14. "... in the latest Chrome 69 the http:// and the https:// have been removed from the start of the URL as have other irrelevancies such as www., m. and other things that they haven't bothered to list. This is a mistake, as changing URLs is what scammers do and Google has now disconnected what you type in from what it shows. In addition, the scope for getting it wrong is quite high. ?What if a site shows different content on and What if it has www in the middle of a longer URL? ...." Good article, I recommend reading it completely.
  15. The WordPress plugin directory moved from download counts to active installs instead, since downloading does not mean it is actually being used. The problem with "active installs" is that the system needs to report it, which is both data leak to a third party and unnecessary requests to "some servers". I still think some sort of indicator of the "willingness / ability" of continued support would be good. By ability I mean the plugin is not abandoned, actively maintained, etc...