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  1. It would even be easier if the css "framework" was built upon css variables, eg: https://www.gethalfmoon.com ("easy dark mode" is also built in). That's what I call a few lines of code: https://www.gethalfmoon.com/docs/customize/ No setup, no build process, only a few lines of code, and there is no need to talk about color preferences in that case 😉 It has been an optional setting of the UIkit theme right from the beginning. It is easy "not to use it" 😉 Anyway, I add the client logo and client colors so that I can tell apart the admins I have to work with... so "branding it" is not just for the client's sake but my own, too.
  2. I was also thinking of mentioning it, however, Unipoly seems to implement a lot "more features" and its more advanced, soon to be released new version can be expected in weeks: http://triskweline.de/unpoly2-slides/#1 Note, that while these libraries are similar, but they are far from being the "same". Unipoly is opinionated while HTMX "is not" (at least not that much...), which is a big difference. However, Unipoly offers a lot more out of the box, so I'm myself thinking of using Unipoly v2 in the future. Unipoly v2 also – optionally – supports Bootstrap which is good for even more rapid development. I'm not a big fun of Bootstrap, but Bootstrap 5 and Unipoly 2 looks like a good combo, so I will definitely find some time to test them together in the near future.
  3. Is it in the requests repo yet? If not, if you add it I'm happy to give it a thumbs-up 🙂 From now on, GitHub thumbs-ups are the way to go: Ryan says: "Please use the thumbs-up votes on GitHub for issue reports and feature requests that you value the most, and going forward, that will help us to cover them in a useful order." I guess it also means we should not use the heart or any other positive looking reaction as GitHub seems to be able to sort on one reaction only, that is why it is only useful to stick to thumbs-up.
  4. Interesting approach. It deserves further investigation, I think. If I understand it correctly, you propose another set of children – separated from the current set – which is used for layout only perhaps? Reading other's comments, I think most of us do not ask for a "Gutemberg only like" feature, instead, most of us need a way to implement a builder which is similar to the current repeater(matrix) based solutions others have presented in the forum, but geared towards layout + building. Editor.js could simply be another fieldtype, just an alternative to CKEditor. You and/or your client could decide which one to build upon your "RTE editing needs".
  5. We sort of have this already - take a look at the Custom Links section of the settings for the Processwire Info panel. You can add links to any page on the site, including items under Admin > Setup. Of course this doesn't allow for external links. For external links, I could add an additional settings field for storing these, or we could go with a separate Shortcuts Panel. Semantically it would be strange having external links under the PW Info panel, but maybe that's OK? Any thoughts? I use the Custom PHP code panel for such a thing 😛 eg.: return ' <a href="/admin/module/edit?name=ProcessPageAdd&collapse_info=1" target="_blank">Disable automatic publishing conf</a><br> <a href="/admin/module/edit?name=ProcessPageEditImageSelect&collapse_info=1" target="_blank">Image handling conf</a><br> <a href="/admin/module/edit?name=ProcessPageEditLink&collapse_info=1" target="_blank">Link generation of InputFields conf</a><br> <a href="/admin/module/edit?name=FieldtypePage&collapse_info=1" target="_blank">Orphaned page references check</a> ';
  6. How did you fix the "paragraph turning into a header" issue? I cannot seem to spot it in the screencast. BTW, such an issue is a prime example when a non-tech-savvy editor gets stuck.
  7. Another, somewhat similar story: https://medium.com/vimeo-engineering-blog/its-not-legacy-code-it-s-php-1f0ee0462580
  8. I do not want to pollute this thread with my silly issues with Tampermonkey. Enough to say, I got stuck again.... I will read its docs and watch its tutos when I have time to do so. Certianly looks powerful...
  9. Thanks, I do not know why I overlooked it. It is a relatively recent feature? I have not installed new extensions for a long time, so I did not bother looking for things like these... And Firefox has been my main browser for development for quite a while as I prefer its dev tools over Chrome's.
  10. I installed Tampermonkey but its icon does not show up so I cannot use it. I also googled a bit for some info on why it does not show up but could not find any useful guidance.
  11. This is probably because the module's defaults are mainly your preferences 🙂 which is quite OK, but I do venture further. Sure, I do not change to much either but my "favorite" options are scattered "all over the place". I was not clear when mentioning AOS, sorry. I like his column layout and the blocks in it – except for that the jump-links themselves are cogwheels which is a bit strange – as opposed to a simple list. Hiding the sections is unnecessary. Back to Tracy's settings: I like the fact that all the settings are on one long page, I just wish for some well organized jump-links section, and maybe a quick search filter with suggestions built in (something more advanced than the bowser's built-in page content search).
  12. Drag and drop is only easy as long as the target is in the visible viewport. As soon as one needs to scroll while dragging, it becomes a really challenging thing to do, even in native applications running in modern operating systems, not to mention JavaScript based GUI apps. Providing both means of reordering should be the "solution", if possible. At first sight, my clients think they can deal with it as it does look familiar indeed. However, it has rather quirky behaviors when adding/removing list items, adding/removing line-breaks, and last but not least the horrid feature of injecting styles when pasting (which can be partially dealt with but never properly). So in the end my clients are always confused by the quirky way of using CKEditor. And we should go beyond the basics, so currently personally I prefer Berhard's approach, simply beause it looks like that it is a more realistic project in the long run.
  13. +1 Maybe @tpr's solution in AOS can be implemented? I like his "jump links section" a lot.
  14. I guess you meant "copied over to" instead of "uploaded to", correct? Anyway, I like this idea. If there was a central and configurable image browser (the image sources could be defined by the developer), so that admin users can re-use images by copying over images of a page to another page than that would help. Such a feature has its cons of duplicating the image, but on the positive side there would be no need to manage dependencies.
  15. Thanks for the great write-up, Ivan! Good point! We totally forgot about our long standing portability shortcomings. The current "manual" import/export feature of fields and templates is a basic one, I rarely use it for this reason. Maybe Ryan should start this builder project by designing and implementing our sought-after migrating subsystem, which would also be the bases of portable builder components (components which can be managed by version control). See: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/21212-rockmigrations-easy-migrations-from-devstaging-to-live-server/?do=findComment&comment=183572
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