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  1. The multi-step form option is already in the module, so it can definitely be used for implementing surveys with relative ease.
  2. Couple of other notes: Quote: "All $config->ajax does is checking for the request header "X-Requested-With", which is not even a real standard. It is included in jquery's ajax tools by default, but most modern ajax libraries don't do that anymore. There's nothing more to it." Quotes: "Make sure your post url ends with a slash." "Otherwise the .htaccess (or php not sure) will do a redirect, which essentially strips all the headers sent with the request." Also, use $this->halt() instead of exit() or die(), read more on it here. (such as: note that return $this->halt(); must be called from directly within the template file, outside of any function or class scope) Use Tracy Debugger to ease the pain 🙂 https://processwire.com/talk/topic/12208-tracy-debugger/page/31/?tab=comments#comment-135558
  3. @MoritzLost "Don't Panic Ipsum" is pretty cool. Nice work!
  4. szabesz

    My code

    More about the "happy" side of coding 🙂
  5. WTF this actually works! I've been hit by this bug the very first time, also in Firefox (v78.0.1 in my case) which I rarely use for working in the admin, so properly that is why I have not yet experienced this issue before, though as far as I understand others experienced this in Chrome too. I can confirm that opening a new admin page in Firefox does indeed fixed the issue.
  6. @MadeMyDay Thanks for the showcase. Note that the contact form in the English version is 404.
  7. That sounds like a powerful feature for sure. Thanks four these nice additions anyway.
  8. Hello, I do not have much experience with site profile exports, I tried it out when I first started using ProcessWire but I have not used it ever since. So I cannot help you in that regard but you might want to consider different approaches as well, see: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/17302-working-on-a-webproject-with-pw/ I hope this helps.
  9. Note that currently there is a know issue with image custom fieds: Custom fields for files/images – does not save in repeater context
  10. Hi devs, Only personal annual plans are eligible. Details: https://blog.jetbrains.com/phpstorm/2020/06/php-turns-25/ And don't foget: https://sales.jetbrains.com/hc/en-gb/articles/207240845-What-is-a-perpetual-fallback-license-
  11. @Peter Falkenberg Brown Thank you Peter, personally I appreciate that you shared your script and experience.
  12. Alpine.js & Vue.js & Tabulator but it would also be a use case for any other JSON powered solution out there, of course.
  13. @ryan Thank you for your insight, it was an interesting read to learn more about your current refactoring efforts. I am wondering if it is the right time for you to also start working on the Javascript API perhaps? I don't remember since when it is on the roadmap, but in this post from 2017 you wrote: "...so I'm going to continue to keep this in our roadmap."
  14. If you pick ProcessWire as the bases of your PHP CMS based sites, you get the best tool for "easy" introduction to this world for sure!
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