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  1. Normally this is what you should do: make sure templates are set to "HTTP or HTTPS" – which is the default – on the URLs tab and certainly not to "HTTP only" in .htaccess, uncomment the rules under "9. If you only want to allow HTTPS, uncomment the RewriteCond and RewriteRule lines below." and yes, a properly installed SSL is a must recommended: also make sure you do not have any hardwired or third party http URLs
  2. szabesz

    AOS also has this tweak:
  3. szabesz

    More on Gutenberg (it is a bird's-eye view article, and as such just a quick read) TL;DR:
  4. szabesz

    I also used Arvixe for a about a year three years ago, but I moved to SiteGround. I never regretted it If you go with GoGeek or some even more expensive options then SiteGround'a ticketing support is very-very responsive (first reply is between 5 and 20 minutes, with responsive follow ups), also, mostly they can help right out of the box, but if not, problems can be solved with a relatively short conversation. Their servers are fast too. If you pick shared hosting like GoGeek, then keep in mind that there are resource limits but with a properly implemented ProcessWire site it should not be a problem at all. Their backup system is good, they even have full account custom snapshot support.
  5. szabesz

    Hello @breezer, welcome to the PW forums, If you do a quick google search like this: then you can see that there is interest in a forum module for ProcessWire, for sure. Whether you can earn "enough" by making it commercial is a different matter. Keep in mind that PW has a relatively low user base, at least compared to other more popular systems out there. Still, paying for a complex module instead of implementing it can be a great timesaver if the given module comes with proper support.
  6. szabesz

    related discussion:
  7. szabesz

    What kind of drug are they on, I wonder...?
  8. I still think there is no "best" answer, at least we will not have Ryan and a team of "pro devs" at our disposal to decide what is best... Even if someone knowledgeable in the given topic provides a really good answer, that might not be the best approach in all cases. In short: seeking for the best or even just using the word "best" is not a good idea. I would list "solutions" instead, a list of replies under the opening post, linking to the available solutions. Also note that it often happens that the person providing a working solution revisits it, and later on provides a better one BTW, not all topics are about solving issues, we have quick tips, tutorials, etc... and even in those cases, some "very useful" comments could be listed under the first post. We also have module support topics. Those would also benefit from such a list whereby module authors could list further feature announcements and such.
  9. There are already various requests to streamline the fragmented blog posts into an integrated doc, and Ryan hinted that he is actually working on that: "...But because so much important stuff ends up in these blog posts, I wanted to have a way to categorize them so that they could be automatically connected with the relevant documentation pages." I just wanted to make sure Tracy will not get left out and takes the prominent position it deserves after all, it is the best developer tool for ProcessWire (magnitudes more useful than any other out there), so it is not just an ordinary module.
  10. Sorry for not being clear, I used the word "documentation" but I was actually thinking of the very closely related tutorials for newcomers. I do believe that there should be a place to showcase the best and most useful 3rd party modules used by lots of us, especially when they are maintained.
  11. szabesz

    This is ok after the order has reach the end on its lifecycle, ie. it is shipped or in the case of digital only product/services a given state is reached. However, orders should be editable based on special conditions (eg.: being in predefined – better yet configurable – states) so that shop managers can adjust orders before shipping based on customer's request (in case that request is not too late, ie.: order is not yet shipped, for example) and/or after a failed delivery when there is a need to ship it again. Related question: it will be possible for shop managers to create an order for registered customers on their behalf, won't it?
  12. @ryan Could you please dedicate a page or two in the new documentation to Adrian's Tracy Debugger module? His module has become so powerful that it would be a big oversight not to highlight it in the docs. Just look at this brand new feature: ProcessWire + Adrian's Tracy Debugger combo is second to none!
  13. szabesz

    All those points sound ok to me. I just request a simple addition (maybe you just forgot to add but still...): Since I maintain a webshop which is set to "guest only checkout", I'm pretty sure there is a need for that too
  14. I love debates Jokes aside, some simple features would do I think: a button to prefix the topic's title with either [open], [solved], [closed], etc... a button to highlight replies which – a forum users thinks – SOLVE the issue, rather than being "the best". What is "best" anyway? Ask the guys at Apple, they'll tell you what best is...