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  1. I guess there are other PageTable issues in the old repo as well but this one would be a great addition as well:
  2. Me too
  3. @ryan As far as I can understand PageTable will be updated next week in order to support pages export/import. While you are at it, can you please consider adding a second "Add new" button to top the PageTable? I did it with this JS hack: The actual issue is demonstrated here:
  4. Great news, looks nice!
  5. It is just a workaround, isn't it?
  6. I guess it is normal. IDs "cannot be edited". They get deleted first and afterwards new record is created.
  7. Module

    Thanks for the quick update! I didn't even had time to blink
  8. According to the docs there should be no issue with it: "While we recommend letting the Options Fieldtype assign unique ID numbers for you, you may optionally assign your own. To do this, specify 123=title when adding a new option, where 123 is the ID number you wish to assign and title is the title text for your option." Also in the fieldtype_options table of database, option_id is int(10), so your numbers should work. Maybe a bug?
  9. Maybe I did not have the exact same issue, sorry for being misleading. I could "uninstall" the module by clicking on the button in the admin, but after that I deleted the module files too and I got something very similar as explained by @houseofdeadleg. I just did not have time to investigate so I reverted to my backup.
  10. Thanks for the quick update! However, I use PHP 5.6.31.
  11. Once I tried to uninstall the module and I had the same result as you had. Luckily the module works so I reverted to database backup which I always perform before upgrades and I reinstalled the files. I am also interested in how to solve it even though currently I do not have to....
  12. Module

    Hi @tpr Has this been reported yet? FileFieldTweaks icons cover the trash icon making it "impossible" (for a client...) to delete. Turning off the options temporarily fixed the delete issue, but the download icon is a good feature, we are missing it...
  13. +1 I have products/product (-> parent/children in the tree) and separate categories/sub-categoies/.../category, tags/tag-group/tag, etc. parent/children in the tree and Page references + URLsegments to do the routing. Otherwise one faces the issues @OLSA is facing.
  14. WordPress guys have already "invented" the idea of integrating a 3rd party plugin into the core of the next major release. If developers can nominate and vote for the next such plugin/module then it is a very effective way to boost the system with features most people need.
  15. I read "I need to output data for a table" so input did not occurred to me, but I might be totally wrong. Sorry for that. Besides, I forgot the name of this other table module of yours (Handsontable). Thanks for reminding us