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  1. @desbest The answers to your questions are on that very same post: and
  2. As an alternative to the image tags, you could use the new image custom fieds https://processwire.com/blog/posts/pw-3.0.142/
  3. Hi @dr Dogma, welcome to the forum! Head to the tutorials page, and read and try as much as you can there. https://processwire.com/docs/tutorials/ Then, you can come back here and post the doubts that you still have. Later, I'm afraid, you'll also need to make an effort to write in a more organized way, so people will be able to understand you. Good learning and good luck!
  4. It's working nicely for me on the newest dev version of PW. Did you change the process on the admin page from "ProcessHome" to "ProcessHomeReplace"?
  5. @EyeDentify I think @JeevanisM was referring to this:
  6. diogo

    ED works new site

    Thanks Jonatan! It's so great to receive such compliment 🙂
  7. Maybe you should have a look at this module http://www.99lime.com/modules/recurme/. I've never needed to use it, but always kept an eye on it in case one day I would. Seems very well put up. Also check the new Login Register Pro by Ryan https://processwire.com/store/login-register-pro/. Might help you a lot i n case you decide to build all the user interaction in the frontend.
  8. Ok, my bad. Still, reporting post serves a completely different purpose. Hopefully this will be picked up by someone that can address the issue, but the best is to post the issue on github. You would have to create an account there, and of course that's up to you, but you don't need to use git to do it, only fill a form on the site.
  9. I didn't ask you to not post in the forum, you should feel free to do so. I asked you to not report your own posts to the moderators.
  10. Please abstain from reporting your own post to call for attention. If you have an issue that you want resolved, report in on github and it will be addressed just as all other issues. https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues
  11. For some reason the instructions above were not working for me. After some googling I found this tool https://instagram.pixelunion.net/. f you're comfortable with trusting them, it works perfectly.
  12. I use mostly google keep for taking notes because it's really convenient, but I use Typora for writing on my mac. If all you want is to have your notes on a directory and have them searchable, Typora is actually perfect. I can also attest that nvALT is a great option, especially if you use it with simplenote to keep the notes synchronized through devices.
  13. diogo

    ED works new site

    Thanks @Macaco (very funny name by the way)! Makes us even happier that this is one of your two only posts 🙂
  14. It's in the context menu. Just right click the password input field and you'll see it.
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