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  1. Fresh from the oven
  2. @codelearner Listen my friend, everyone is tired of trolls. If you don't have anything to say, just don't. Consider this an absolutely last warning.
  3. Damn! I've been away from writing in the forum for so long, and now I'm being pulled in by another stupid discussion... @codelearner If you like Django so much, I can't honestly think of a reason why you're not at their forum instead... can you explain? Are you here because you're seriously interested in PW? Than open your mind, people at this forum have a lot of knowledge to share and they will do it in the most friendly way you've experienced on the internet. If you just want to pick a fight please go somewhere else, Reddit would be a great place to start.
  4. You came to some pretty solid conclusions in less than a week
  5. Thanks guys! Yeah, the site is a bit heavy on the images, but I think in this case it makes sense, since they are there to present their work. @rick, we are aware that there's no scrollbar. Can you scroll with the wheel or the pad, or you can't scroll at all?
  6. Hi guys! I've been a bit away from the forums lately but I didn't forget you all (well, I'm not writing much, but visit all the time) Here is our latest site http://www.plateau.studio The design is by Plateau themselves. Some of you will probably recognize "The Weekender" magazine from their portfolio, since we also did their site some time ago https://www.the-weekender.com
  7. Hi Louis, I suspect that this might have to do with the user himself. Can you indicate the user and post in question?
  8. We're developing the site for a Swiss architect, and meanwhile we prepared a very simple temporary page: http://gamisch.ch/ It's powered by PW, so I thought I should post anyway
  9. On the subject: https://blog.toggl.com/how-does-music-affect-work-infographic/
  10. Are you getting any error message? Can you try this and see if it works? $user->of(false); // this disables output formatting $user->my_planet = "mars"; $user->save('my_planet');
  11. Since a few days I'm completely addicted to listening to this while working https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5FUNVH36ebM6ffQd3rvz8g
  12. @PWaddict I think you can add icons only to templates, and not individual pages. On the instructions I tell you to give the "admin" template to the pages, but I guess you could create a new template for it as long as it has you assign the "process" field to it. Be aware that this field won't appear on the select when assigning fields to templates, so you will have to create the template and then go to the fields list — show built-in fields — edit the "process" field — from there, add it to your new template.
  13. Hey! My pull request with an integration for PW for the Toggl Chrome button was just accepted, yay! https://github.com/toggl/toggl-button/pull/788 For those who don't know, Toggl is a really great time tracker, and they have a handy Chrome extension that integrates with web apps by adding Toggl buttons to tasks and projects. Generally, these integrations are with task manager apps and CRMs, but I thought I could develop an integration for the PW admin. Although I did it mostly for the fun of it, I think this can be useful in some cases, and definitely it's great to see PW featured on their extension and github page!. They also seem to be quite picky with these integrations, so I'm glad they accepted the pull request. Here are some images to give you a taste of it
  14. @Sérgio just to let you know. I did a small test, and without making any change, the module already has kind of multilanguage support because the value will be set in the language of the user visiting the page. So, if you set the TRUE parameter to force the value and visit the page with another language, it will actually set the values in that language to the values that are currently set in the value parameter. Not sure if that's more useful than editing the page in the admin though.
  15. Thanks @Sérgio! Just some minutes ago I added the possibility to create multi language fields and uploaded a new zip file. This doesn't let you add the language values, it only allows you to define the field as multi language. I'm not sure how useful it would be to add the possibility to add the language values, since it can get really complicated in sites with lots of languages and I thought of this as a fast development tool. I would check how to support all major field types first, and then think of multi language.