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  1. You have two good answers here Soma's answer on Adrian's link does more or less what you propose in your last pseudo-code.
  2. What's good humor for you? No humor? Give it a break guys... I think the "Finally" in the beginning of the sentence reveals it all immediately. @bernhard I liked the irony of adding the <ironic> tags
  3. @nickngqs most of what's described on this thread you can also achieve by using my Dynamic Page Fields module It's still experimental, and I didn't have much time to continue working on it, but it worked pretty well on my tests
  4. Thanks! And Merry Christmas for you!
  5. Can you give some examples? We might be able to help you understand why.
  6. You should have the credentials on the config.php file. From there you can for sure grab a copy easily with a tool like https://www.adminer.org/ or a small script like this https://github.com/2createStudio/shuttle-export. You don't even need that, PW is already connected with the db and can make a backup for you with this module https://modules.processwire.com/modules/process-database-backups/.
  7. Soma has the délicatesse of Captain Hook when he gets annoyed
  8. @bernhard thanks! 1. Good idea! I'll ask the client if they want this change. 2. I think we'll skip this one. I'm not a big fan of too many things happening on hover.
  9. We're loading only the @ from Hind Madurai, notice the import line: @import url("https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Hind+Madurai&text=@"); I know we're being picky, but we really really dislike the @ from Woodford Bourne. Anyway, thanks for digging in and telling me what you found. I appreciate it.
  10. @Robin S thanks for reporting! I tried to do this, but for what I've seen, that's not possible. To catch the scroll event, it can't be deactivated... unfortunately there's no way to capture the user action (rotate mouse wheel or swipe on the pad), only the scrolling itself, so there's no way of preventing that first movement. I'll continue looking into this. For now, I just added an animation that repositions the content in the place that it should be. In my chrome the movement is quite elegant and in the ipad is so-so. I'm not sure how it will look in other devices, but it should at least solve it in your case. @SamC thanks, that's great!
  11. Hi guys, here is our most recent website http://patina-store.de/ Patina is a really nice vintage objects and furniture store here in Wuppertal. Pay a visit if you pass by We are aware of some flickering and strange scrolling (seems to happen with Safari on desktop and iOS) on the homepage initial transition. I'm looking into it, but if you guys could report how it's behaving with you, it would be a great help! A point of interest is the Lookbook page. For this we used the Image Marker module by @kongondo and @heldercervantes, which worked flawlessly. Thanks guys! Although the site is very simple, PW has a very important role, since we transitioned all the shop organization (mainly the products) from excel spreadsheets to it. We could say PW is acting as a small CRM, and Lister Pro is doing a great job at it.
  12. Welcome to the forum @planetmarrs23 It's actually not an easy fix, and it's also not advisable because the slashes in the urls represent a new document. Not only in ProcessWire, but in the web in general. In your case this would mean that "all" would represent a document, "about" would represent a document below it and abcd even another. It's also not advisable depending on how long this document exists already. Changing it's name would break the links that might be directing to it from external pages. Is there any special reason why you want to do this?
  13. Hi @tcrocks, I edited your post to remove the link. It's our policy to not let first posters link to urls not related to ProcessWire. @Alex is asking this question here in the forum because he's looking for an answer from someone that already used these tools alongside with ProcessWire, and I suspect you haven't. We'll gladly put your link back there if you prove me wrong.
  14. Fresh from the oven
  15. @codelearner Listen my friend, everyone is tired of trolls. If you don't have anything to say, just don't. Consider this an absolutely last warning.