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  1. diogo

    Thanks @pwired Well spotted! I was planning to delay the opening of the overlay slider until the images were loaded, but then decided to not go that way. I removed the script already
  2. I'd like to share with you guys our latest published project. This time a website for a German Food Photographer based in Cologne: http://www.elaruether.de/ Ela is an interesting case. Her relation with food started as a chef and evolved to blogging and later photography. She's now a professional food photographer. The only 3rd party modules that we installed were Admin on steroids and Tracy debugger (thanks to @tpr and @adrian for the continuous great work). Admin on steroids was particularly handy to invert the order of the blog posts and to add thumbnails to the portfolio pages on the admin: For the slideshows and project pages we used a heavy customised version of the excellent Owl Caroussel
  3. Thanks for this! I had forgotten how to do this
  4. diogo

    @dragan that's so true! I still struggle to unmount some long words Obrigado @Sergio!
  5. diogo

    Yes that's an easy fix, thanks for spotting it @dragan!
  6. diogo

    Thanks @LostKobrakai, I'll look into the popup button.
  7. diogo

    Hi Guys, Here's is our most recent website built in collaboration with the Design studio DITHO from Cologne, who designed and coordinated all the process. For now the website is only in German, but there will be a English version soon. https://bedrohte-ordnungen.de/ "Bedrohte Ordnungen" (Threatened Orders) is the display of an ongoing research by the University of Tübingen. Best described on their own words. Here on a hopefully accurate translation Here's a nice showcase video made by DITHO: This is a quite complex website. It's also quite heavy on images, videos and CSS animations, so old computers might struggle a bit to process it. All the website is dynamic and inside PW, including those animations. This is probably the most interesting part of how the website was built, since all the animations were created by DITHO themselves in ProcessWire thanks to a system that I created for them using a repeater field. You can have an idea through these screenshots: The content blocks of each case represent a question each and repeat throughout all the presented cases. Each question has a main content and most have also a hidden block that can be opened by clicking a button. They are created in PW using the very recent FieldGroups https://processwire.com/blog/posts/processwire-3.0.73-and-new-fieldset-types/: The only two third party modules used were AdminOnSteroids by @tpr and the very useful ColorPicker by @Soma. There would be more to talk about, but I don't want to extend myself too much. Hope you guys like it! Just a shout out to DITHO to say again how much fun this collaboration has been
  8. diogo

    You have two good answers here Soma's answer on Adrian's link does more or less what you propose in your last pseudo-code.
  9. What's good humor for you? No humor? Give it a break guys... I think the "Finally" in the beginning of the sentence reveals it all immediately. @bernhard I liked the irony of adding the <ironic> tags
  10. diogo

    @nickngqs most of what's described on this thread you can also achieve by using my Dynamic Page Fields module It's still experimental, and I didn't have much time to continue working on it, but it worked pretty well on my tests
  11. diogo

    Thanks! And Merry Christmas for you!
  12. diogo

    Can you give some examples? We might be able to help you understand why.
  13. diogo

    You should have the credentials on the config.php file. From there you can for sure grab a copy easily with a tool like https://www.adminer.org/ or a small script like this https://github.com/2createStudio/shuttle-export. You don't even need that, PW is already connected with the db and can make a backup for you with this module https://modules.processwire.com/modules/process-database-backups/.
  14. Soma has the délicatesse of Captain Hook when he gets annoyed
  15. diogo

    @bernhard thanks! 1. Good idea! I'll ask the client if they want this change. 2. I think we'll skip this one. I'm not a big fan of too many things happening on hover.