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  1. Ok, this is a bit puzzling. The string is there, but empty. If you add more items to the repeater, you get an empty string on all of them? Maybe you could also create a new tinymce field and add it to the repeater to see if it behaves in the same way.
  2. And, according to your screenshot, you didn't. The text formatters selector is empty. Since you have Tracy installed, What do you get in the tracy dumps if you bd() the body? <div id="content"> <?php foreach($page->sections as $x) : ?> <?php bd($x->body)?> <?= $x->body ?> <?php endforeach ?> </div>
  3. Hm, the content is being striped by a text formatter or by some setting in TinyMCE. Do you have any text formatter added in the body field? You could also create a new item in the repeater and write only "test" in the body to see if works with the simplest content possible.
  4. Do you get any result when you output the body unformatted? <div id="content"> <?php foreach($page->sections as $x) : ?> <?= $x->getUnformatted('body') ?> <?php endforeach ?> </div>
  5. Every repeater item is given an ID that you can access inside a foreach with $item->id (or $x->id, in the case of your foreach). You can see on the screenshot that you posted, that the ID of your single repeater item is 1110. This would be just to see if your foreach is correct, but as I pointed out before, the most important is to understand why the body isn't even appearing in the array. You are sure you added the body to the repeater field, and not to the home template itself?
  6. You say you created the field body in the repeater, but in that case, I would expect it to appear here besides the image field: To test the foreach, can you change your code to $x->id instead of $x->body to see if the IDs show up?
  7. Here you go πŸ˜‰ https://codingpad.maryspad.com/2013/07/19/interview-with-ryan-cramer-processwire-cms-founder-and-lead-developer/ Here are the interesting bits for this particular topic: Edit: I knew there was another one https://www.cloudways.com/blog/processwire-ryan-cramer-interview/
  8. @wbmnfktr I edited your post to remove the automatic embedding of the twitter feed and replaced it by the link only. It was huge πŸ˜„ @Pete Should we deactivate it? Doesn't even make sense to embed the whole feed when you link to it 🀨
  9. On a less positive note, this is a very interesting, and a bit scary, talk https://www.humanetech.com/podcast/the-ai-dilemma
  10. Gone! The best spam is the one that starts nice discussions πŸ˜‰
  11. Moderator note: @ngrmm I understand that this thread is aimed at German speaking developers, but to keep the moderation manageable, we only allow English in the forum. Could you please edit the content of your post to be in English?
  12. You can also use the selector with the children() method: $page->children("children.count=0, sort=-date");
  13. This is exactly what creates the upgrading problem that Ryan is trying to avoid, since data is in HTML already in all processwire installs.
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