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  1. Hi ppl. I'm not sure the best way to formulate my question.... I'm building a e-com for a coffee roaster, with products and subscription plans. We start small but ready for a potential growth (very good coffee) :) I've seen here the padloper and snipcart option. (love this comunity) here the trouble. I'm a designer slowly diving in webdev. I've been happy to use PW, and dislike WP. The options I understand so far are: - Shopify (apparently full of hidden costs, but extremely easy) - Magento (need to dedicate on learning, good for scaling up) - WooCommerce (full of hidden costs and WP....hmmmm nope) And of course the two options first mentioned which keep me in the PW ecosystem and probably also require a lot of learning. I feel quite lost at the moment. Considering to start with Shopify to gain some education time and later migrate to PW or Magento. So I guess this is not a question, but maybe someone want to share experiences?
  2. Hi gentle ppl. I have a website online that I would like to make some substantial updates for 2020. In my ideal world I'd make it Site Profile Exporter, download and install on my WAMP. Make a bunch of changes and once finished update the existing online version with the new changes. Is there any possible way i could just upload an update patch to change both the back end and the front? Do I need to erase the existing site and upload the new version from scratch? I'm a Designer. Most of web dev is still a bit abstract for me. kindly.....
  3. Thanks Arjen, I thought the idea of "Page Reference" was to the same. Do "Page Reference" and "connect page..." work together or it's either one or...?
  4. It's a bilingual site. There are two pages: "Artists" and "Events" each with a "Page Reference" field connecting each other. - Artists has a field where one can choose events available. - Events has a field where you can either choose artists available or create new ones. The problems: - When I create an "Artist" page and select events from the list, it doesn't update the collection of participating artists on the "Event" page. - When I create an artist from the "Event" page. The field 'artist page > settings > language' is not "Active" for the second language. When the artist page is created manually,"Active" is on by default. I know this all have to do with hooks, but I'm don't fully understand the logics.
  5. Ah! You are right, when I create a new page"manually", it comes as "active" by default. But when the page is created from page-reference it doesn't. I'm gonna look into the hook. Thank you Dragan, PS. apologies for using the wrong thread, I guess it should be in multi-language.
  6. Hi Dragan, I started working from the multi-language profile. the field is "Title (multi-language)" and it has "Inherit value from default language" on. Although the page's children can be created from another page using a field (page reference). which seems to only populate the english field. I'm not sure I understand the alt lang version.
  7. Hi guys, I'm having a problem with multiple-languages. I want to make a list of all the children of one page even if the title field has been only populated in one of the languages, yet the link should point to the page in the currently selected language. Didn't figure out yet :(....
  8. Thank you for the prompt reply @dragan. Page Reference worked exactly as I wanted. (and opened up new challenges)
  9. Great design, minimal, clean. I guess I have been following your work since I started using PW. :)
  10. Hi there, I have two templates that should talk to each other. One is for events which should access a list of artists (eventually add a new artist) and their images related to that event; the second is the artist page, which the user should be able to add or remove events that they participated, also mentioning which images are related to each event. Some sort of feedback loop between the two. I have tried searching around the community and google, but maybe I'm not formulating the question properly. Thank you all for the amazing work with Processwire and the community support. I have made a few websites with PCW yet I'm still quite between beginner and intermediate.
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