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Found 11 results

  1. I have the following page structure Continents Countries Regions I then have pages "walks" which has a multi-select Page Reference field Regions (I've tried using dynamic fields for this but it wasn't accomplishing what I needed) which has the regions listed by country and then the region (continent is more for searching later on so doesn't need to be seen here). I'm trying to get a count of firstly all the walks within a continent, then country, then region but can't seem to figure out the selector for this. Thanks, Heather
  2. I want the admin to select one of the child of a parent in "page reference" as radio buttons, but it comes out empty here is my hook in site/ready.php $wire->addHookAfter('InputfieldPage::getSelectablePages', function($event) { if ($event->object->hasField == 'childLinks') { $page = $event->arguments('page'); $parent = "parent=" . $page->path; $event->return = $event->pages->find($parent); } });
  3. Hi, I'm sure this is simple but I just can't seem to get my head around it. I have a template walk_segments which has two page reference fields start_town and end_town. Both of those fields reference walk_towns which has a Maps Marker field called marker. I would like to get a map in the Walk Segments which has markers for both the start_town and end_town. I can't figure out what to put in the selector to get that. $items = $pages->find("template=walk_towns, marker!='', $page->start_town, sort=title"); $map = $modules->get('MarkupGoogleMap'); echo $map->render($items, 'marker'); Any help would be most appreciated! Heather
  4. This is the first collaborative project that my wife and myself have worked together on. The goal was simple --- Create a public online experience that showed off the "Custom Artisan" jewelry that she has made for years. The website is built around an e-commerce platform. Through ongoing work with a new client of mine, I had gotten to know about Ecwid as an e-commerce solution that was tied in closely in with Square (a financial services, merchant services aggregator and mobile payment company). My work with Ecwid for the past few months afforded me with the opportunity to get this web project up and online in no time. Let me be clear, while this e-commerce solution works fine, our long term goal is to use Padloper for the online store. That long term goal is more about controlling where our data resides and being able to freely enhance the total shopping experience. I already know that a solution based on ProcessWire will give us the ultimate e-commerce flexibility. The great thing about the ProcessWire platform is that there are numerous tools that enable you to get things done. To my delight, I discovered that using the Hanna Code module allowed me to easily integrate Ecwid (which actually means e-commerce widget) code into a ProcessWire website. I will write a separate article about how that works at a later time. The website makes use of the UnSemantic Responsive CSS grid with Zurb Foundation components added/mixed in. This is an unconventional combination to use, but it works for us. On the ProcessWire side, there were a few critical modules that contributed to gettng this website online: TextformatterHannaCode ProcessDatabaseBackups CronjobDatabaseBackup AdminLinksInFrontend ProCache FormBuilder PrevNextTabs WireMailSmtp ImportPagesCSV ProcessEmailToPage MarkupProcesswirePhotoswipe Hanna Code snippets were used throughout to populate the Ecwid Online Shopping Bag, the Ecwid Main Online Store, different Ecwid Product Category Listings, the green Foundation Buttons in the website sidebar and some other webiste features. ProcessWire Page Table and Page Reference fields were instrumental in generating the product descriptions that are used on the Ecwid Online Store. Each jewelry item has it's own page within ProcessWire that can be later used with the Padloper e-commerce solution. On the backend side, we were able to create a repository page that keeps track of each product, SKU, pricing and their current disposition status related to the Online Store. This has been a fun and fascinating project to work on. It took us a few weeks to get everything worked out. As I have said before, ProcessWire makes projects of this type possible because you are not limited by the front-end framework you can use. Even when there are not dedicated modules to incorporate a feature that you like, this platform and it's openness allows you to do things that are impossible to do on other systems. It just takes a little ingenuity, planning and time on your part to make things work.
  5. I have a PageReference field called related_random where my client selects a particular parent page in the tree. On the front end I then need to get a random child page of that page based on some selector values. At the moment I'm using a Matrix field and this outputs the page ID (1090) on the front end <?php foreach($page->related_products as $item) { if($item->type == 'related_product') echo " {$item->related_random->title} "; } ?> What I can't get my head around (and what I really want to do to echo some values of that page IDs children Essentially I want to get a maximum 1 random child page of 1090 with a template of product. The shoddy selector below is clearly wrong but correct in explaining what I want to do. $related_random->child->getRandom("template=product,limit=1") Don't know if that makes any sense?
  6. Hello, This is my first post here, I've been using processwire for a while now and having a great time with it! Quick question regarding the Pages field: I am using a multiple-select pages field on the User template, so that a dealer can be associated with each user of certain roles. This works flawlessly without any conditions being set, but if I set 'Show this field only if' to roles=dealer|dealer-admin the field shows and hides as desired, but revert to null when saved. Is there anything I'm missing here? Thanks, Tom
  7. Hello, on a fresh 3.0.62 install I have a page reference field 'mypages' with these settings for selectable pages: In my site/ready.php I have this hook: /** * custom page select */ wire()->addHookAfter('InputfieldPage::getSelectablePages', function($event) { if($event->object->name != 'mypages') return; $pages = new PageArray(); $pages->add($this->pages->get(1)); $ids = $pages->explode('id'); $event->return = $event->pages->getById($ids); }); On a normal page, the hook is working and the mypages field has only 'Home' in the select dropdown . But when I put the mypages field inside a repeater, it is not working. I have this problem on a project that is in development right now and have spent quite some time to try and find the reason. Then I made a fresh PW install to verify the behavior. No matter if repeater dynamic loading is on or off, the page reference field always returns the set of pages defined by the settings in the page reference field. The hook is ignored. Can anyone please verify this and let me know so I can file a bug report. Also if you have an idea how to fix this, I would be happy.
  8. Hi Guys, i've got a page reference field "mh_lstg" with a specific selector in it: template=lstg_mainTmpl|mh_mainTmpl, This will give me no results. If i set the ""-part to "=1070", i'll get the result as expected. The "mh_bautraeger" is also a page reference. This field is located in both templates (lstg_mainTmpl|mh_mainTmpl ). I will achieve, that i only get the data from lstg_mainTmpl, if i select in the mh_mainTmpl the mh_bautraeger-ID, that belongs to the record from "lstg_mainTmpl". Can anybody give me a tip ( assumed you know what i mean ;-) )? Many Thanks!!!
  9. I am embarrassed that I have to ask this question, but I cannot get my selector to work. I want to output a list of players that are assigned to their specific team. Each Player has a team_name field which references their team as a page field select drop down. $players = $pages->find("template=player, team_name=$page->id"); foreach ($players as $player) { echo "<li><a href='{$player->url}'>{$player->title}</a></li>"; } $page->id is referencing the team page. I have tried multiple variations using both find/get but I am missing something. Any kick in the head is appreciated. My structure is like so Players -- Player 1 Teams -- Team 1
  10. Hello, Im using the following structure Location 1 - Employee -- John Doe --Jane Doe - Department -- Confused Department --Even More Confused Each employee is assigned a department which I am using a select page reference field. I need to be able to print the title of the department. I am using the following to output my fields, but for the "department" field, I can only get it to print the id. I am assuming this is because its only a page reference field as to why it will not print the title. Any tips are appreciated $employees = $page->find("template=profile"); foreach ($employees as $employee) { echo '<tr>'; echo "<td>{$employee->first_name}</td>"; echo "<td>{$employee->last_name}</td>"; echo "<td>{$employee->job_title}</td>"; echo "<td>{$employee->department}</td>"; echo "<td><a href='{$employee->url}'>Profile</a></td>"; echo '</tr>'; I have tried echo "<td>{$employee->department->title}</td>"; with no luck
  11. The Page Reference-field seems to create a one-way link from one page to one/many other pages. This means that the related pages will only display on the referring page while not on the referred pages. Is it possible to make a two-way link that can be displayed both on the referring page and the referred pages? My Page Reference field is configured as follows: Deference in API as: Multiple pages (PageArray). Input field type: PageListSelectMultiple (Perhaps it is necessary to use another field type?)