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  1. Looks great! Quick question: Is there any reason why "Branding" is the only text in english on https://supertiny.agency/en/about/ (under what we do)?
  2. I assume you are using the namespace in your util.php file? <?php namespace ProcessWire;
  3. As much as I like the idea of including more with the site profiles, I feel like a lot of these are user specific. I rather like the fact I can quickly add in what I need based on the project scope. I actually have a folder with a few dependencies (slideshows, data tables, grids) that I just copy over to a new install and can get up and running quite quickly.
  4. This might have something to do with the fact that ProcessWire by default block access to files in the templates directory. @BitPoet pointed this out here: You might need to move this files etc outside the template directory. However, I have not gone through ALL the code yet as there is a ton. I'll keep digging through it. Someone please correct me if I am wrong, as I have not worked much with assets that dont run through the processwire environment.
  5. As mr-fan suggested, why not just use the great power of processwire? It might take you a few minutes to get the fields/templates set up (though I know you say you dont need it), the advantages I think would greatly outweigh the headache of trying to get this .rar to run reliably on a page that is already in the processwire environment. Using some simple php, a calendar (or even just a check box in the backend etc) you could get this set up quickly.
  6. I used to use Forklift 2 (and 3) quite extensively a few years ago. However, I fell in love with "Flow" for the Mac. It is very similar to Forklift as well. My only concern is the last time version 2 was updated, which was in 2015. Though, you cant argue with free.
  7. I personally like slick.js . However, unheap.com is a good resource (some paid, some free).
  8. As far as the content not displaying until it loads, it might be due to your apear.js file. It appears that modernizer is not defined (since you removed it), and your plugins.js file is depending on modernizer.
  9. Good call on that Zeka. I forgot about that (as it is now just part of my workflow).
  10. Hey Roland_Juno, when you click on the ">" next to Move you should get the following options: However, if the page is locked, it should have a lock icon next to it.
  11. That is strange, <?php echo $page->template->name; ?> seems to work for me. Did you try using "echo" in yours?
  12. Thanks @kongondo, I have updated my response to reflect your revision. I knew I missed something.
  13. <?php $a = $pages->find("template=yourtemplatename, fieldname=search_criteria"); foreach ($a as $b) { $b->title = "New Name Here"; $b->save('fieldname); } ?> Its untested, but this should do the trick (for updating a title). However, someone please chime in if I have missed something.
  14. Hey desbest, what version of processwire are you currently using? If you are using 3.x.x, you will probably need to incorporate <?php namespace ProcessWire; ?> into your template files. However, there might be a few other things needed as this profile was introduced 5 years ago and has been removed from the Site Profiles currently in the modules directory. There is though an updated version by @dadish that updates it to v3.x.x, and it can be found here.
  15. Welcome to the forums and to processwire @Eljeff! Currently, processwire does not have ready made templates to drop in, or a marketplace for such things. However, when you install a fresh copy of processwire, you get several site profiles to use, and there is a bootstrap profile out there. One of my favorite things of processwire, is that is is very simple to get a basic site up and running. With just a few if/foreach loops and echo's, you can get a simple site going very quickly. This makes it super easy to integrate your own framework/css into the mix. @flydev has shared these videos which will help out in the start of your templating: