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  1. Thanks @adrian! I found my issue, I wrote it correctly in my question, but I failed to spot that I a simple misspelling in my set up.
  2. I have been using the wiresmtpmail module in a few installs for sending out automated emails etc etc, and it works flawlessly. However, I now need to send an email when a user submits a form, and for the life of me I can not figure out how to get the form to submit. if(isset($_POST['Submit'])) { $mail = wireMail(); // calling an empty wireMail() returns a wireMail object $toName = $sanitizer->text($input->post->fullname); $toEmail = $sanitizer->email($input->post->email); $phone = $sanitizer->text($input->post->phone); $comments = $sanitizer->text($input->post->comments); $subject = $page->store_name . $page->title; $numSent = wireMail($toName, '', $subject, $textBody, $options); } If I remove the if statement, the form submits just fine, however you can just refresh the page (without adding anything to the fields), and it will submit a blank email every refresh. Has anyone gotten this working with a submit button?
  3. Just wanted to say thanks horst for the awesome work on the module! It has truly been a life saver!
  4. As a lover of FORTRAN, I am going to have to start using this immediately! I have been waiting on a framework that ticks all of my requirement boxes, and finally it has been found.
  5. Sorry about the confusion on my part @OllieMackJames, this should work for a repeater: <?php if( $page->id == 1 ) { foreach($page->name_of_repeater as $item) { echo $item->page2use4homepage; } } else { //do something here } ?> However, what type of field is page2use4homepage (inside the repeater).
  6. Not tested out, but it should work right for you. <?php if( $page->id == 1 ) { echo $page->page2use4homepage; } else { //do something here } ?>
  7. Merely curious, but I was wondering why you don't handle the request with the same page (action="./") ?
  8. Thanks for the module! I will have to give it a try this week. In the past I have just use the Pro Fields: Textarea module to create "fields" for each day, which was quite convenient. However, this looks promising and quite straight forward. ** Just in case, I added a screenshot of the layout using dummy times.
  9. Well, I went and unchecked "Use Tags" and rechecked it, now it works.
  10. I have a "strange" issue with my dev set up, that I just noticed today. I set up an image field named "dev_gallery" and checked the "use tags" option when setting it up. I went to add a couple image to the field, and noticed that the tags option is not displaying at all for the image. Currently, the description field is the only current field on image edit. Have I missed a basic setting to enable this? I am currently using PW 3.0.62 as well.
  11. Thanks @gmclelland, I had the "how", but I guess I was confusing myself on how the rendering would actually work. I was just assuming that they would display in the order of the if statements and not the way they were ordered. Ill go to my dev environment and test it all out. I appreciate the insight!
  12. @elabx, I know this is an older post (by a couple months), but how to you set up your template to handle if a user moves a section around (ie, moves the feature card above the intro)?
  13. Not tested, but you could search by template(s) and doing something like: <?php $replies = $pages->find("template=your_template"); foreach ($repliess as $reply ) { foreach ($reply->comments as $message) { # code... } } ?>
  14. A quick/dirty method would be to add a class of "something-$counter" and use display none except on the last element with css. $counter = 0; foreach ($page->flexible_content as $content) { if ($content->type === 'text') { <div class="something-$counter"> //share button </div> $counter++; } elseif ($content->type === 'images') { // } } Sorry, it is really rough.
  15. Unfortunately, I do not. I have done a super simple check-box/image page which I check against a date/time field to take down/put up ads. However, are you looking for something that uses impressions?