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  1. I have been using tabnine and it has been great. They seem very similar, but I will check out copilot for sure.
  2. I have been avoiding developing this section of our website for a day now as it looks horrendous in my opinion. The general layout of the section is to have our 4 main services with their titles on the left hand side. When you click on one, an entire blocks swings in from the top (animate.css) with the title, brief snippet, cta, and a youtube video "explaining" the service with plenty of buzz words. The entire section is quite tall and the video sticks out like a sore thumb. I have been racking my brain on perhaps a "better solution", but I am all out of ideas. I was tasked to revamp the site (was on processwire, now in gridsome/graphcms just to try out something new), but the mockup is a bit out of date (just feels old tech for a marketing agency). Thankfully, I have a bit of wiggle room to make changes, as long as I can show something interesting. I was just wanting to hear some of your feedback/ideas on how you would go about tackling this section to make it feel a bit more interesting/clean. I have included a very basic "mockup" of the section in question (left = service titles | right = content regarding service => title, snippet, cta, video). The section is also the full width of the browser, so in my dev enviornment atm it is 1825px x 850px.
  3. I know you are trying to stay away from js, but https://github.com/kenwheeler/slick is the easiest solution i have used.
  4. Windows defender? ..I am sorry, I shouldnt carry this thread to a place it didnt need to go. Thank you Ryan for working on PW and modules!
  5. I dont think that is possible as a page needs to be saved once created for the id. However, you can change the name before you first create it.
  6. I can confirm on my end with v2. We really didnt get much spam for a while, but probably about mid 2020 it started to ramp up. Since then, I have moved everything to v3.
  7. I have not really done any hooks on page load, but from my understanding there are 2 that might suit your needs: Page::render (before) of ProcessPageView::execute . However, someone please correct me if I have my information mixed up.
  8. Sure thing! Here you go: var gulp = require("gulp"); var sass = require("gulp-sass"); var browserSync = require("browser-sync").create(); var autoprefixer = require("autoprefixer"); var rename = require("gulp-rename"); var cssnano = require("cssnano"); var postcss = require("gulp-postcss"); var minify = require("gulp-minify"); //var bourbon = require("bourbon").includePaths; //var neat = require("bourbon-neat").includePaths; // Put this after including our dependencies var paths = { styles: { // By using styles/**/*.sass we're telling gulp to check all folders for any sass file src: "./src/scss/*.scss", // Compiled files will end up in whichever folder it's found in (partials are not compiled) dest: "./dist/css/" },php: { src: './*.html', }, scripts: { src: "./src/js/*.js", dest: "./dist/js/" } // Easily add additional paths // ,html: { // src: '...', // dest: '...' // } }; function style() { return gulp .src(paths.styles.src) .pipe(sass({ outputStyle: "expanded" })) .pipe(gulp.dest(paths.styles.dest)) .pipe(rename({ suffix: ".min" })) .pipe(postcss([autoprefixer({ browsers: ['> 1%', 'last 3 versions', 'Firefox >= 20', 'iOS >=7'] }), cssnano()])) .pipe(gulp.dest(paths.styles.dest)) .pipe(browserSync.stream()) } exports.style = style; function php() { return gulp .src(paths.php.src) .pipe(browserSync.stream()) } exports.php = php; function script() { return gulp .src(paths.scripts.src) .pipe(minify({noSource: true})) .pipe(gulp.dest(paths.scripts.dest)) .pipe(rename({ suffix: ".min" })) } exports.script = script; function watch() { browserSync.init({ // You can tell browserSync to use this directory and serve it as a mini-server port: 8181, proxy: "http://localhost:8888/project-folder/" // If you are already serving your website locally using something like apache // You can use the proxy setting to proxy that instead // proxy: "yourlocal.dev" }); //I usually run the compile task when the watch task starts as well style(); script(); gulp.watch(paths.styles.src, style); gulp.watch(paths.scripts.src, script); gulp.watch(paths.php.src, php); } exports.watch = watch
  9. To be honest, it also took me a while to get it all working. Apparently I started using it with an outdated syntax of gulp (1 version behind) and when I went to add some new node modules, everything just blew up in my face. If you are interested, I would be more than happy to share my gulp file with you or anyone.
  10. I use gulp with browser-sync in my current workflow. I really like it as I can specify what files extensions (php, css, etc etc) to watch for changes and once it detects a file change, it automatically reloads the page. I also will be using gulp-cache for cache busting (for changes with my scss/css). So far I have been very happy with the results.
  11. Is the title and menu bar contained within a wrapping div? You could do this for the individual elements, but have you tried bumping up the z-index of the wrapping div or the ind. elements to bring them on top of the background image.
  12. I found it here: https://github.com/carlitoselmago/FieldtypeGridSpace just for anyone interested.
  13. Just curious, how are your other templates set up (like blog etc etc)? I take it you are appending the _main.php to your other templates?
  14. After a whiIe of not using the module I recently ran into an issue when I reinstalled the hanna code module. I tried uninstalling the module and reinstalling it, but then I run into the issue of: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1813 Tablespace '`revamp`.`hanna_code`' exists. I checked the database with adminer and searched for "hanna_code", but I am not seeing any tablespace in the database. Is there a way of clearing this out so I can do a fresh install? Also, I was going to use this module to allow people to define the form fields they would like to use in a setup I am currently developing (one per line). For example, they could type in [[form-firstname]] and the output would be: <input type="text" name="firstname" id="firstname" required> <label for="firstname" class="is-required">First Name</label> In my infinite wisdom, I thought I could explode by the line and wrap each input into a column/row. Obviously this doesnt work as the output is actually two lines (and some of my hanna codes would output up to 6 lines). Is there a good way to go about adding in rows/columns to the actual inputs?
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