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  1. I know you are trying to stay away from js, but https://github.com/kenwheeler/slick is the easiest solution i have used.
  2. Windows defender? ..I am sorry, I shouldnt carry this thread to a place it didnt need to go. Thank you Ryan for working on PW and modules!
  3. I dont think that is possible as a page needs to be saved once created for the id. However, you can change the name before you first create it.
  4. I can confirm on my end with v2. We really didnt get much spam for a while, but probably about mid 2020 it started to ramp up. Since then, I have moved everything to v3.
  5. I have not really done any hooks on page load, but from my understanding there are 2 that might suit your needs: Page::render (before) of ProcessPageView::execute . However, someone please correct me if I have my information mixed up.
  6. Sure thing! Here you go: var gulp = require("gulp"); var sass = require("gulp-sass"); var browserSync = require("browser-sync").create(); var autoprefixer = require("autoprefixer"); var rename = require("gulp-rename"); var cssnano = require("cssnano"); var postcss = require("gulp-postcss"); var minify = require("gulp-minify"); //var bourbon = require("bourbon").includePaths; //var neat = require("bourbon-neat").includePaths; // Put this after including our dependencies var paths = { styles: { // By using styles/**/*.sass we're telling gulp to check all folders for any sass file src: "./src/scss/*.scss", // Compiled files will end up in whichever folder it's found in (partials are not compiled) dest: "./dist/css/" },php: { src: './*.html', }, scripts: { src: "./src/js/*.js", dest: "./dist/js/" } // Easily add additional paths // ,html: { // src: '...', // dest: '...' // } }; function style() { return gulp .src(paths.styles.src) .pipe(sass({ outputStyle: "expanded" })) .pipe(gulp.dest(paths.styles.dest)) .pipe(rename({ suffix: ".min" })) .pipe(postcss([autoprefixer({ browsers: ['> 1%', 'last 3 versions', 'Firefox >= 20', 'iOS >=7'] }), cssnano()])) .pipe(gulp.dest(paths.styles.dest)) .pipe(browserSync.stream()) } exports.style = style; function php() { return gulp .src(paths.php.src) .pipe(browserSync.stream()) } exports.php = php; function script() { return gulp .src(paths.scripts.src) .pipe(minify({noSource: true})) .pipe(gulp.dest(paths.scripts.dest)) .pipe(rename({ suffix: ".min" })) } exports.script = script; function watch() { browserSync.init({ // You can tell browserSync to use this directory and serve it as a mini-server port: 8181, proxy: "http://localhost:8888/project-folder/" // If you are already serving your website locally using something like apache // You can use the proxy setting to proxy that instead // proxy: "yourlocal.dev" }); //I usually run the compile task when the watch task starts as well style(); script(); gulp.watch(paths.styles.src, style); gulp.watch(paths.scripts.src, script); gulp.watch(paths.php.src, php); } exports.watch = watch
  7. To be honest, it also took me a while to get it all working. Apparently I started using it with an outdated syntax of gulp (1 version behind) and when I went to add some new node modules, everything just blew up in my face. If you are interested, I would be more than happy to share my gulp file with you or anyone.
  8. I use gulp with browser-sync in my current workflow. I really like it as I can specify what files extensions (php, css, etc etc) to watch for changes and once it detects a file change, it automatically reloads the page. I also will be using gulp-cache for cache busting (for changes with my scss/css). So far I have been very happy with the results.
  9. Is the title and menu bar contained within a wrapping div? You could do this for the individual elements, but have you tried bumping up the z-index of the wrapping div or the ind. elements to bring them on top of the background image.
  10. I found it here: https://github.com/carlitoselmago/FieldtypeGridSpace just for anyone interested.
  11. Just curious, how are your other templates set up (like blog etc etc)? I take it you are appending the _main.php to your other templates?
  12. After a whiIe of not using the module I recently ran into an issue when I reinstalled the hanna code module. I tried uninstalling the module and reinstalling it, but then I run into the issue of: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1813 Tablespace '`revamp`.`hanna_code`' exists. I checked the database with adminer and searched for "hanna_code", but I am not seeing any tablespace in the database. Is there a way of clearing this out so I can do a fresh install? Also, I was going to use this module to allow people to define the form fields they would like to use in a setup I am currently developing (one per line). For example, they could type in [[form-firstname]] and the output would be: <input type="text" name="firstname" id="firstname" required> <label for="firstname" class="is-required">First Name</label> In my infinite wisdom, I thought I could explode by the line and wrap each input into a column/row. Obviously this doesnt work as the output is actually two lines (and some of my hanna codes would output up to 6 lines). Is there a good way to go about adding in rows/columns to the actual inputs?
  13. Have you looked into plugins for ckeditor like this one?
  14. I wasn't quite sure where to put this as this not really a firm question but more of a discussion (if this needs to be moved, I do apologize). I am remaking an internal app for work and most of the users log into the admin to create pages etc etc. With the old app, I have noticed a lot of unpublished pages, duplicated pages, abuse of the system (my fault as I didn't do anything to set guidelines of maintenance etc etc) and was wondering how some of you "post" notes for the user. I was going to send out an automated email once I create their user account with all of useful documentation, but I feel that they will either read it once and delete it or just skip right over it. In my mind it would be nice to have a place where this information was always available, but I have a feeling that it would just be ignored after a while. Unfortunately, I dont have the time to watch the backend like a hawk for any wrong doings, but lately the old app has become the unlawful wild wild west (the page tree is getting out of hand).
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