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  1. @markus_blue_tomato I assume job_group is a page field. Page fields in GraphQL return Page interface that has only built-in fields (id. name, url...). If you want to get custom fields like (title, job_group_id...) you need to use fragments. { jobDetail { list { id job_name job_group { list { id name ... on JobGroupPage { // <== you need to use the actual type name here title job_group_id } } } } } }
  2. Make sure you have rights to see it in insomnia. You probably not authenticated in insomnia, which means you're a guest user and those fields are not configured to be accessible by the guest user. Can you check if my assumptions are correct?
  3. Hi @markus_blue_tomato. Do you see your fields in PW admin? At Setup -> GraphQL page?
  4. New Release v1.3.0 Adds support for Page interface. Updates webonyx/graphql-php to the latest version. Adds hook that enables to modify the GraphQL schema. (#26 @sebastiandittrich) Fixes error when creating/updating a page with DateTime field. (#28 @sebastiandittrich) @sodesign Not sure if you still need this but this release brings support for interfaces that I previously talked about. Hope you'll find it helpful.
  5. You can add support for Repeater Matrix Fieldtypes via custom third-party modules. Refer to documentation on how you can create one. https://github.com/dadish/ProcessGraphQL#third-party-fieldtypes-support
  6. You need to use the language field. In your graphql endpoint there is a language field. So it will look like { language(name:"<language_name_here>") test { list { testtext } } }
  7. For some reason this is an issue only with this module. You're not the first one to stumble on it. I updated the Readme to add Troubleshooting section that explains this issue in details.
  8. @Miguel Scaramozzino Also, just wanted to confirm with you that you're making request to the correct url. In default PW settings "/graphql" and "/graphql/" are different. If you happen to make a request to "/graphql" (without forward slash at the end) it will be redirected to "/graphql/" and the content of your POST request gets lost in the middle.
  9. In your graphql template file. Try manually extracting the query and variables and passing them to ProcessGraphQL. Should looks something like this. <?php namespace ProcessWire; header('Content-Type: application/json'); $query = $input->post->query; $variables = $input->post->variables || []; echo json_encode($modules->get('ProcessGraphQL')->executeGraphQL($query, $variables), true); It might be slightly different how you extract the query but the bottom line is make sure you're getting it in your graphql template file and passing it to ProcessGraphQL.
  10. Can you post the code in your graphql.php template file. My only guess is that something happening in that file.
  11. I understand why you are asking for this feature. You're not the first one. But it's not as obvious as it seems. The 'title' field is not the same as all other built-in fields. You can't modify the behavior of the built-in fields per template basis. Which means they all behave the same no matter what template the page has. That's why we have a generic type 'Page' that has all the built-in fields. No matter what template the page we can confidently serve those fields for every page. The 'title' field's behavior could change depending on the template. I understand that it is almost never th
  12. @sodesign Ok, I think I found the problem. I was able to get the same error as yours and patched the module to fix it, just now. Try the latest version and let me know if the issue is resolved for you. New Release 1.1.4 - Fix FieldtypePage bug when FieldtypePage:derefAsPageOrNullPage option is enabled.
  13. @sodesign First, I want to clarify some stuff. You are saying that you want to create a page and using a mutation field "createConfiguratorQuote" but supplying it with "ConfiguratorQuoteUpdateInput" which is an incorrect input type. You should supply "ConfiguratorQuoteCreateInput" for creating and "ConfiguratorQuoteUpdateInput" for updating a page. The "add" and "remove" for page references always expects an array of ids. So your latest format for variables is correct for creating a page. Just change UpdateInput type to CreateInput type. But, if you're trying to update a page th
  14. Hello @Brett. Thank you for your feedback! I was able to reproduce your issue and hopefully tracked down the bug. Please, install the latest version and give it a try. Let me know if the issue is resolved for you. New Release 1.1.3 - Fixed bug with FieldtypePage returning only single value.
  15. The children results only have with built-in page fields. They don't have template fields. You have to make sure the field title exists in GraphiQL before querying it. When you go to Setup -> GraphQL and enter the above query it will tell you that there is no "title" field for children list. If the field is not in your GraphQL schema you cannot query it. If you want to query your task pages with template fields like title, you can set them as a Page field like you do with your job_client field. That way your tasks will have all the template fields you enabled.
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