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  1. Same for me 🙂 Issue solved, thank you.
  2. Hi @kongondo, I'm encountering the same problem as @Stefanowitsch on the latest Media Manager: Multiple image uploads not working, exactly how he described it. Did you find a solution? I do *not* experience this problem, so it may be unrelated... Thank you 🙂
  3. Converting relative URLs to page IDs doesn't seem to work if there is more than 1 URL segment (/page1/subpage/) AND the application is NOT running in a subdirectory. I had to replace line 86 from FieldtypeAssistedURL.module $urlPage = "/" . str_replace($this->wire('config')->urls->root, "", $urlParts[0]); with if($this->wire('config')->urls->root !== '/') { $urlPage = "/" . str_replace($this->wire('config')->urls->root, "", $urlParts[0]); } else { $urlPage = $urlParts[0]; } to make it work. Am I missing something?
  4. dynweb


    Just replace in FieldtypeSeoMaestro.module.php, line 119: // return null; return $this->wire(new Fieldtypes()); This works for me...
  5. Thank you ! I applied the fix from that post to VPS, and everything is fine 🙂
  6. Very strange display issue here... Images display correctly in list view... ... but some images fail in thumbnail view: Any ideas?
  7. $config->urls->templates $config->paths->templates in your config.php can do that.
  8. You will find a page's basename in the "name" column of the "pages" table.
  9. https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/767
  10. I think that means that existing keys will not be overwritten, cf WireArray class: public function import($items) { if(!is_array($items) && !self::iterable($items)) throw new WireException('WireArray cannot import non arrays or non-iterable objects'); foreach($items as $key => $value) { if(($k = $this->getItemKey($value)) !== null) $key = $k; if(isset($this->data[$key])) continue; // won't overwrite existing keys $this->set($key, $value); } return $this; } It seems that the line above if(($k = $this->getItemKey($value)) !== null) $key = $k; causes the problem. getItemKey() uses array_search and returns the key of the first value found, so the second, identical value is missed...
  11. I put the following code in my template: $a = WireArray([ WireArray([ 'template' => 'basic', 'key' => 'animals', ]), WireArray([ 'template' => 'default', 'key' => 'default', ]), ]); print_r($a); Output: ProcessWire\WireArray Object ( [count] => 2 [items] => Array ( [0] => ProcessWire\WireArray Object ( [count] => 2 [items] => Array ( [template] => basic [key] => animals ) ) [1] => ProcessWire\WireArray Object ( [count] => 1 [items] => Array ( [template] => default ) ) ) ) So... where is the "key" of the 2nd array element? It only happens if the value is "default". Any ideas ? Thank you. Edit: Newest Processwire 3.0.121
  12. I remember doing it by hooking before ProcessPageView::pageNotFound(). Not sure if you can hook earlier... HTH 😉
  13. My favorite: http://martinfowler.com/bliki/TwoHardThings.html
  14. Please use (as you did) "related_category" as field name (with no subfield), and it will display the titles of all related items. Use of FieldtypePage.anysubfield is possible, but only the first related item is displayed (as in the Core module). I'll try to find a solution for the next version... To avoid the error, please use this version.
  15. @Soma: You are right, the naming does not really matter in this case, but I still prefer to comply with PW naming conventions. I also added a callback to delete the thumbs generated from cropimages if the parent image is deleted. And added the module to the modules directory Thank you everybody for their feedback!
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