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  1. It would be great if an optional text field will be added to the inputfield integer to add additional text next to the integer field (fe. weeks, days,..). Multilanguage support would be nice .
  2. Hello @Robin S Thanks for this information. I have set the width of the last 2 cols to 17% and now it works. It doesn`t seem very logical to me, because I have thought that the width of the non visible col will be automatically set to 0%, but dividing it by two solves the problem. Thousand thanks, you have made my day!! Would be great if this info will be added to the docs.
  3. Thanks @ryan I have downloaded the uikit admin template from the dev branche, but unfortunately the problem is still there. Now it is not in the last column but in the second one. Afterward I will try to show you what happens. These are the column widths in my template settings for the 4 fields. Remember the last 2 fields changes depending on the option selected in the second field. So the field named "repeatuntilmonthtype" is a select option field. Depending on its settings the field "repeatuntilmonthnumber" or "repeatuntilmonthdate" will be displayed. Both field have a length of 34% to fit 100% at all. On the first view everything looks ok: Here are the corresponding CSS-classes for each column (from first to last) which were added to the li-tag: First row: Inputfield InputfieldInteger Inputfield_repeatmonthsnumber InputfieldStateRequired InputfieldStateRequiredIf InputfieldColumnWidth InputfieldColumnWidthFirst uk-first-column uk-width-1-3@m InputfieldRowFirst Second row: Inputfield InputfieldSelect Inputfield_repeatuntilmonthtype InputfieldStateRequired InputfieldColumnWidth InputfieldStateChanged uk-width-1-3@m InputfieldRowFirst Third row: Inputfield InputfieldInteger Inputfield_repeatuntilmonthnumber InputfieldStateShowIf InputfieldStateRequiredIf InputfieldColumnWidth uk-width-1-3@m InputfieldColumnWidthLast InputfieldStateRequired InputfieldRowFirst After changing the option in the select field (field in column 2) it looks like this: So this looks like the same problem like in my post before: Here are the CSS-classes: First row: Inputfield InputfieldInteger Inputfield_repeatmonthsnumber InputfieldStateRequired InputfieldStateRequiredIf InputfieldColumnWidth InputfieldColumnWidthFirst uk-first-column uk-width-1-3@m InputfieldRowFirst Second row: Inputfield InputfieldSelect Inputfield_repeatuntilmonthtype InputfieldStateRequired InputfieldColumnWidth uk-width-2-3@m InputfieldStateChanged InputfieldRowFirst Third row: Inputfield InputfieldDatetime Inputfield_repeatuntilmonthdate InputfieldStateShowIf InputfieldStateRequiredIf InputfieldColumnWidth InputfieldColumnWidthFirst uk-first-column InputfieldNoFocus InputfieldColumnWidthLast uk-width-expand InputfieldStateRequired uk-grid-margin Please notice the CSS-class of the second field has changed to "uk-width-2-3@m" which should be "uk-width-1-3@m". The CSS class of the last column is now correct with "uk-width-expand", but "uk-width-1-3@m" should be better. So the main problem is now in the CSS class of the second column. Previously the problem was located in the third (last) column. Only to mention: All these fields will only be displayed if a checkbox is set to true (another dependency). I dont know if this is important to know or not. Best regards Jürgen
  4. Hello @adrian, I have implemented your fix and for the moment everthing seems to work fine. If I discover any issues I will post it. Thanks
  5. Hello @adrian I am not sure if I am doing the check right: I added the bd function on line 193 on ProcessCustomUploadNames.module file (remember the notice message points to line 194) I check the variables by using bd($file), bd($repeater) and bd($rf) on that line. The results are: 1) bd($file): 2) bd($repeater): 3) bd($rf): I hope this could be helpful to you - but maybe I have done something wrong during the check. Best regards
  6. Its late here in Austria. I will take a look tomorrow.
  7. Hello @adrian, sorry for the long delay, but I was 12 hours at work. I am sorry, but I dont know how to check which triggers that.The strange thing is that the notice disappears if I refresh the same page. After a while the error appears again. This happens on different pages with one or more pictures.
  8. Hello @adrian could you please check this notice: PHP Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in .../ProcessCustomUploadNames.module:194 Thanks
  9. Thanks @Robin S I havent seen this.
  10. Hello I want to know if others have discovered the same issue with the UIKit admin theme. If you want fe 3 cols in a line and if you have a "show if condition" the grid will not be added correctly. Take a look at the following images. 1) Everything is ok. Each column width was set to 33%. The last field in the column has a dependency to the field in the second column. After changing the select value of the second field the following happens: As you can see the third field which should be 33% float to the next line and has the UIKit class "uk-width-2-3@m" instead of "uk-width-1-3@m" or "uk-width-expand". Can someone confirm this behaviour?
  11. Sorry, there was a mistake!!!!!! It affects pages which are under the Setup section!!
  12. The problem is that the hook will not be triggered after pressing the save button. This doesnt work too $pages->addHookAfter('saveReady', function($event) { $this->message('Save button pressed on an admin page'); }); If I press the save button of a page outside of the admin page it works. It affects only pages under the admin page.
  13. Hello, I am struggeling with a problem to run a hook after the save button of a specific setup page was pressed. I thought that I can use a default "saveReady" hook inside the ready.php to run a specific logic, but it doesnt work. I use the id of the admin page to run this hook only if the save button on this page was pressed. This is the test hook that i run inside ready.php on an admin page with the id 39407 $pages->addHookAfter('saveReady', function($event) { $page = $event->arguments(0); if($page->id == 39407){ $this->message('Save button pressed on an admin page'); } }); If the hook was triggered the message should appear after saving, but nothing will be displayed. So it seems the hook will not be triggered. Tracy didnt display the hook too. What is the correct way of triggering hooks on admin pages? I hope someone can help me out.
  14. Thanks to all for their contributions! Finally I ended up with the solution from @Robin S and a hook in the ready.php. In my case I only need to search the title and body fields in the hidden children. The reference field is located in the parent template. Instead of adding the pages manually to the reference field i use a hook to add a child page after save to the reference field. The reason behind this is if there will be added a new child page, by default you have to add the new page manually to the page reference field. This makes it a little bit complicated. So I decided to add the following hook inside the ready.php to add the newly created page automatically after save to the page reference field. $pages->addHookAfter('saveReady', function($event) { $page = $event->arguments(0); $page->of(false); if($page->template->name == 'privacy-policy-item'){ $page->parent->of(false); if($page->parent->hasField('privacyref')) { $page->parent->privacyref->add($page->id); $page->parent->save('privacyref'); $this->message('Page reference was added to parent template'); } } }); The child template in my case is called "privacy-policy-item". The page reference field in the parent template is called "privacyref". So if a new child page was created and the save button was clicked the new page will be added automatically to the reference field. Therefore the new page is fully searchable without doing something manually. Best regards
  15. It would be nice if a description field will also be added to the templates. At the moment only a label field is included. In my case I use a custom dashboard on the frontend with links to the different content types. On the frontend the description field could be used as a title attribute for the links. So the editor could see if it is the right content type he is looking for by hovering over the links. On the backend side the description could be displayed under the title of the template. This could be a useful addition to give users a little more information about the template itself. Example for a description: Template for creating an event with start and endpoint and the possibility to enter prices, locations, number of participants and more.