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  1. Thank you all for your tipps. These are all interesting options. I am not sure, which opiton I will choose at the end, but now I have some ways to go on further.
  2. Hello @ all, I have a some templates which will be loaded via AJAX. They are located in a separate folder under site/ajax/ so they are not in the PW template folder. I have bootstraped these templates via "include("../../index.php");" so I can query PW fields via API calls. It works quite well and I get all values from my PW fields. Unfortunately if I switch the language from German to English, all values will stay in the default language (German). So the language change will not be taken into account, because there are no different urls for each language (no PW pages). Has someone dealed with the same problem and could give me a hint how to take the language change into account? My idea was to add a query string with the id of the language at the end of the AJAX href (like "path/to/myajaxtemplatefile?id=1008) but maybe someone has a better idea. I dont want to create a real PW page for such small piece of information. Best regards
  3. Yep, that was the problem! Now it works.... I only use it for testing purposes at the moment..... so this is not a problem. Thanks for your quick help and response!!
  4. Thanks @bernhard but the problem is only there by installing or upgrading Handson tables. I did a lot of other updates (PW, some field types and modules,...) - without any problems. I guess you mean how, because I did it to get the latest version? I made it with the default PW update - like all others. After the update failed, I deinstalled and deleted the module. Afterwards a fresh install of the module was done from the PW module directory. There are no other error messages than the one I have posted above. I have Tracy running beside - but no error message. Best regards
  5. Hello @bernhard, I have tried to update Handson tables but I always get this error: It also happens after uninstall and deletion of the older version and a fresh install. Best regards Jürgen
  6. I use it on the latest PW 3 DEV without any problems.
  7. @szabesz I can confirm this behaviour.
  8. I also had some troubles with sessions and form data sometimes ago. In my case I wanted to store multiple infos (fe first name, last name, email,...) inside a session. I have tried it with an array, but this didnt work. So I ended up to put my form data into an array and convert this array into a json array before storing it into a session and this works. After that I have outputed the form data by converting back the json array to a standard array (so jsonencode, jsondecode) was the key of success for me to work with multiple data and sessions. Best regards
  9. Wow! I like that effect!
  10. Issue will be fixed by Ryan in the next update https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/344#issuecomment-324061230
  11. Thanks @abdus, I know about this possibility, but I would prevent this. Another solution would be to load the forms via Ajax. For the moment I will leave the template cache disabled.
  12. Hi @Zeka thanks for your response, but it is the same behavior independent if I add "submit" or "*" in the GET or/and POST field.
  13. Hello @all, I have a problem by using the template cache on a template with a form. On a page I have a contact form, and I have defined cache deactivating variables to prevent loading the page from cache after form submission. I use query strings after the url: ?submit=success or ?submit=error (depending on the form validation). If I push the submit button, the page will be reloaded always with the same query string (in my case ?submit=error, because this is my default query string after submission). After the page reload the template cache is disabled, but the form values will not be sent to my email address. If I fill out the form once more (remember template cache is disabled at the moment) and I push the submit button everything works fine. So it seems that the template cache prevents values from beeing submitted. Does anyone have a working strategy to use template cache with forms? Thanks in advance
  14. Hello, today I want to introduce you to a php honeypot class that I have implemented to my forms to prevent form submissions via spam bots: https://github.com/dominiquevienne/honeypot The class creates a honeypot and a token field. It checks for time from page rendering to form submission correct token filled in honepot field failure attempts All settings can be changed via a config array (fe set min time until form submission to 5 seconds, if the form will be submitted faster it must be a spam bot,...). Just take a look at the documentation and maybe its interesting for you. Best regards
  15. Only as an information: I have opened a new github issue at https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/344