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  1. Juergen


    Put this code inside your ready.php which you will find inside your site/templates/ folder. If there is no such a file then create one (site/templates/ready.php)
  2. Juergen


    @tires This is the hook to remove the unwanted generator meta tag. Best regards
  3. Only to mention: Using $page->children() will also show all pages independent of release status.
  4. Hello @LostKobrakai I have written a class for creating tables. The first class is the table class itself. The second class is a class for creating table-cells (the content of the table of course). Both class extends from the same parent class (a wrapper class). So both use the same methods from the wrapper class (in this case methods for setting attributes like class, id,...) My aim was to chain methods from the table-cell class inside the table class. My OOP-code of creating a table looks like this in this case: $table = ( new \UikitClass\Table(3))->setCaption('Beschreibung'); //thead $table->addHeaderCell()->setModifier('expand')->setText('Spalte 1')->setClass('thclass'); $table->addHeaderCell()->setText('Spalte 2')->setClass('custom'); $table->addHeaderCell()->setText('Spalte 3')->setClass('custom'); //tbody $table->addCell()->setText('Text 1'); $table->addCell()->setText('Text 1')->setClass('custom'); $table->addCell()->setText('Text 1')->setClass('custom'); $table->addCell()->setText('Text 1')->setClass('custom'); $table->addCell()->setText('')->setClass('custom'); //tfoot $table->addFooterCell()->setText('Footer')->setClass('uk-text-center')->setAttribute(['colspan' => '3']); echo $table->render(); So every chaining starts from $table for easier writing. Therefore I wanted to include the class of the table-cells inside the table class. In this case addHeaderCell(), addCell() and addFooterCell holding an object of the table-cell class and all methods after this affect the table-cell object. So I start with $table (table-class object), switch to the table-cell object (fe addHeaderCell() method), use methods to the table-cell object and add this to the table class. Maybe a little bit difficult to explain, but the idea behind was to make writing easier for the developer.
  5. Thanks @Edison so I was very close to the solution 🙂. This works !! Have a nice weekend too!
  6. Hello @all, I know how to use chaining with pipe within one class, but I want to know if it is possible to use chaining of methods of 2 different classes. Here is a simple code example: class A() { protected $text = ''; public function setText(string $value = null) { $this->text = trim($value); return $this; } } class B() { public function addText() { //instantiate class A return new class A(); return $this; ?????????? } } Use it: $test = new B(); $test->addText->setText(); addText is method of class A setText is method of class B As you can see there are 2 different classes (A and B). A has the method setText() and B has the method addText(). My goal is to create a new instance of class B, then I want to use the method addText(), which is a method of class B and this method should instantiate an object of class A. After that I want to go on with methods of class A in the chaining. So it will be a mix of class A and B. Is this possible? I have tried to find useful information via Google but without success. Can someone give me a hint, how this can be implemented. Thanks for your help!
  7. Here is another snippet that I use to get rid of unwanted table properties: // Remove unwanted attributes from tables CKEDITOR.on('dialogDefinition', function(ev) { var dialogName = ev.data.name; var dialogDefinition = ev.data.definition; if (dialogName == 'table') { var info = dialogDefinition.getContents('info'); info.remove('txtWidth'); info.remove('txtHeight'); info.remove('txtBorder'); info.remove('txtCellPad'); info.remove('txtSummary'); info.remove('txtCellSpace'); info.remove('cmbAlign'); var advanced = dialogDefinition.getContents('advanced'); advanced.remove('advStyles'); advanced.remove('advId'); //Id attribute advanced.remove('advLangDir'); // writing direction advanced.get('advCSSClasses')['default'] = 'uk-table'; //set default class for table } Put this code inside your custom config.js Best regards
  8. I have opened a new issue on Github: https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/929
  9. Thanks for this!! I think this is one thing that is much more important today because you have to add image credits to the site. So this should be part of the core.
  10. Now this works: $module = wire('modules')->getModule('ProcessPageAdd'); $test = ($module->executeNavJSON()); return $test; This gives me the following json-output: {"url":"\/processwire\/processwire\/page\/add\/","label":"Modules","icon":"plus-circle","add":null,"list":[{"url":"?parent_id=1016&template_id=57","label":"Eine neue Leistung erstellen","icon":"plus-circle","parent_id":1016,"template_id":57},{"url":"?parent_id=1048&template_id=51","label":"Neuigkeit erstellen","icon":"plus-circle","parent_id":1048,"template_id":51},{"url":"bookmarks\/?role=0","label":"Lesezeichen","icon":"bookmark-o","className":"separator separator"}]} And these are the pages I was looking for: list":[ {"url":"?parent_id=1016&template_id=57","label":"Eine neue Leistung erstellen","icon":"plus-circle","parent_id":1016,"template_id":57},/n{"url":"?parent_id=1048&template_id=51","label":"Neuigkeit erstellen","icon":"plus-circle","parent_id":1048,"template_id":51}........ So I get: parent_id: 1016, template_id:57 and parent_id:1048, template_id:51 These are the 2 pages that I have in the shortcut menu and the IDs that I need😃 So for the moment my new dashboard has the same functionality as the add-new navigation of PW, but a little more userfriendly than the small navigation in the left corner. New shortcut items can be added via the bookmark button, so every user can add his own favorites shortcuts to make his dashboard individually (if he has the rights of course ;-).
  11. Really complicated, but I will give this a try. I thought that it must be really simple to get the IDs of the pages in the shortcut navigation, but it isnt. Thanks for the tipp!!!
  12. Yes the folder is under site and if I look into the source code I can see that the correct config.js is there. "stylesSet": "customstyles:/processwire/site/templates/scripts/customstyles.js?nc=1563189734", "customConfig": "/processwire/site/modules/InputfieldCKEditor/config-body.js?nc=1563175984" Inside the config-body.js I have the following code: CKEDITOR.editorConfig = function( config ) { config.contentsCss = 'https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/uikit/3.1.6/css/uikit.min.css'; }; But the CSS from the CDN will not be loaded. Instead the one from the wire-folder will be loaded. "baseHref": "/processwire/", "contentsCss": "/processwire/wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldCKEditor/contents.css", "extraPlugins": "pwimage,pwlink,sourcedialog", 🙄
  13. Same result, but I have checked the database (table 'modules') and the data column is empty. So I am wondering where the shortcuts pages are stored🙄 Inside the module file of this module you can find following lines: $configData = $this->wire('modules')->getModuleConfigData($this); // because admin theme calls with noInit option $shortcutSort = isset($configData['shortcutSort']) ? $configData['shortcutSort'] : array(); So there must be an index 'shortcutSort' inside the configuration array. Very strange?!?
  14. Hello, I have tried to get the config data of the ProcessPageAdd module because I need the pages which are inside the ASM-Select for the 'Add new' shortcuts. This is what I have tried according to the docs: $data = wire('modules')->getConfig('ProcessPageAdd'); print_r($data); But the only output I get is 1(true). Is there something I am missing or is this the wrong way? Maybe someone can help me out. Thanks
  15. Thanks @dragan I use a custom style set for special UIKit markup classes. Including the code inside this file does not work too. BTW this file should be used to add custom styles to the dropdown not for configuration of the stylesheets. The docs of PW says that the configuration changes should be written inside /site/modules/InputfieldCKEditor/config.js I have tried it but without success. 🙄
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