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  1. Theo_gg had a really solid take that I believe is applicable to many disciplines being threatened by the AI incursion. If you need an excuse to stop coding, Devin is more than willing to provide you with that excuse. If you don't want to stop coding, Devin will absolutely not take away the need for you to provide innovative and custom solutions. AGI may be more of a threat, but still - we are at a point where AI is able to teach and perform things for people that someone already knows how to do. And you can get really far with this, but it is not the endless threat. Think about how valuable it will be as part of the singularity to be exposed to every post on Twitter. There's a lot more junk than AI knows what to do with at this time. Once that changes, life is going to get interesting. It will be different. I don't think people will be interested in having their freedom curbed because a machine is better at determining their motives and endgame than they are. I say this as someone who has worked in business intelligence, where this comic ABSOLUTELY indicates how interested people are in giving authority to numbers and facts:
  2. I have a site structure with repeaters that contain page select fields, and then I am outputting the content of those page fields in a hierarchical layout. I'd like to allow users to edit the content on the front-end, and for general text editing this works fine. The changes are saved to the original page, and wherever that page is inserted elsewhere in other layouts the changes are reflected. When I try to insert an image into that page where no images exist, the system tries to use the layout page where the repeater is, rather than the page selected whose tinymce is being edited. So I have to navigate the page tree down to the original page being entered into the tree. In most cases it would be redundant to pass an id to the page image select process because you are likely editing the content from the page url - so the url test works. But could that ID also get either passed or tested so that pages rendered as parts of other pages can have their images added to/edited without navigating through the tree to the original?
  3. Yes. You can use php to output all sorts of content and processwire allows you to submit headers as well. But in your case, yes, you can use php and the API to output a json-ld structured data block. There's a module someone built already if you want to see examples, plus I think maybe RockFrontend includes a structured data option too?
  4. Yes. I actually tie this in with custom page classes, because often the page class matches a structured content type. When I am building a site that is using a repeater block system, there are three 'tracks' of data that get pulled in: structured data, page data and presentation data. Usually structured data is a php file that outputs json. Page data is a php file that does whatever calculations I need for a content block and passes a special latte variable into the latte variable array. Presentation data ties together the structured data and bring in a special computed variable from the latte variables I have set. This way the structured data logic, data cleaning prep logic and presentation logic remain separate.
  5. Hello all, I was running into an issue where a particular repeater matrix structure failed to index properly. In a structure like this: Template Repeater Matrix Field Matrix Type Page Field Page Id Name Title Headline Body Summary So where you have a page template with 'zones' that allow you to place a matrix type that acts like a block with a page selection field in it to insert a piece of content, that deeper piece of content was not getting properly indexed no matter what indexed fields you set in place. In SearchEngine/lib/Index.php within the function __getFieldIndex there is a section that overrides the $indexed_fields array with a hard-coded array. In the version below I have commented it out and restored the $indexed_fields array and the referenced child page content for Repeater Matrix Types now indexes properly: /** * Get index for a single field * * @param \ProcessWire\Field $field * @param \ProcessWire\WireData $object * @param array $indexed_fields * @param string $prefix * @param array $args * @return array */ protected function ___getFieldIndex(\ProcessWire\Field $field, \ProcessWire\WireData $object, array $indexed_fields = [], string $prefix = '', array $args = []): array { $index = []; if ($this->isRepeatableField($field)) { $index = $this->getRepeatableIndexValue($object, $field, $indexed_fields, $prefix); } else if ($field->type->className() == 'FieldtypeFieldsetPage') { $index = $this->getPageIndex( $this->getUnformattedFieldValue($object, $field->name), $indexed_fields, $prefix . $field->name . '.', $args ); } else if ($field->type instanceof \ProcessWire\FieldtypePage) { // Note: unlike with FieldtypeFieldsetPage above, here we want to check for both FieldtypePage // AND any class that might potentially extend it, which is why we're using instanceof. /** $index = $this->getPageReferenceIndexValue($object, $field, [ 'id', 'name', 'title', ], $prefix); */ $index = $this->getPageReferenceIndexValue($object, $field, $indexed_fields, $prefix); } else { $index_value = $this->getIndexValue($object, $field, $indexed_fields); $index[$prefix . $field->name] = $index_value->getValue(); foreach ($index_value->getMeta(true) as $meta_key => $meta_value) { $meta_value = explode(':', $meta_value); $index[self::META_PREFIX . $meta_key . '.' . $field->name . '.' . array_shift($meta_value) . ':'] = implode(':', $meta_value); } } return array_filter($index); } I don't know if this was set in place for performance reasons, but if you are using a page template structure with page fields you may have run into this problem where in some cases only the content titles is included in the search_index output.. This change does extend the indexing timeframe, but pages are indexed fully.
  6. I will add it to the pile for more testing. I don't see the original problem stated in the question, just my weird related one? And I have been running the snippet in createField from our first discussion - so quite some time now.
  7. I'm not sure. The only time I get a Field returned sometimes is if I run a setMatrixItems call from ready.php and I'll get a Field::setMatrixItems does not exist or is not callable in this context error.
  8. Hey @gebeer remember this code that we added in our DMs? // this will auto-generate the repeater matrix template if ($field->type instanceof FieldtypeRepeaterMatrix) { $field->type->getMatrixTemplate($field); } elseif ($field->type instanceof FieldtypeRepeater) { $field->type->getRepeaterTemplate($field); } It didn't make it into the final PR I don't think. We inserted this at the end of createField. The original (and currently live version) only works for returning a FieldtypeRepeater I think. https://github.com/baumrock/RockMigrations/blob/be40ee6ae51a9f9f3ab9a9622d3acc12e069df5e/RockMigrations.module.php#L1092
  9. I believe SearchEngine is able to index content within repeaters and add it to the searchindex field it creates. https://processwire.com/modules/search-engine/ It can also return JSON so it may be a drop in alternative or work side-by-side with the FieldtypeCache? Regarding repeater detection and indexing:
  10. So my cap is set to 2.44MB/s right now for I/o But I feel like I hit that a lot! My hosting is supposed to provide 15 MB/s for the service tier I have. These sets of numbers don't add up! I put in a ticket. What I/o disk throughput is typical for a production install with caching?
  11. I'm trying to troubleshoot a rough bottleneck I haven't dealt with before. I've got extreme i/o spikes coming from pw/index.php and ajax calls are unusably slow. I've been building out a template system that makes heavy use of RepeaterMatrix. I've spent the last few days loading a pretty large number of matrixtypes that have a few fields each. I've turned off prodrafts and rockmigrations, trying to strip things down to a point where I can get reasonable speed out of it. I thought it might have been some of the plugins I installed recently (Media Lister, Dynamic Selects) but removing them didn't help too much. I'm used to dealing with CPU issues, not i/o I am not entirely sure how to go about it. The slowdown seems to be mostly on the backend.
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