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  1. Really liked how Calipio dealt with app window resizing - love the autoscaling to fit. I will definitely use this in the future.
  2. I saw this video pop up in my feed, and I was really happy to see it as there are folks who are comfortable with this way of managing content. Very exciting project!
  3. Curious if there is a use case for this module in conjunction with ProDrafts. Is there still utility in being able to callback past version of field values outside the realm of full page drafts? Is it redundant to have both Version Control and ProDrafts on a site? Does having drafts enabled for a template/field make things more confusing for VC?
  4. This is a very interesting project. I pulled the module from the message on this thread, but if there is a gh repo, please let us know. Thanks!
  5. There are three areas I would plan to explore personally, depending on the hooks/API calls available. These are three areas that, aside from payment processing, represent the logistic challenges of most e-commerce platforms on the market today - external logistics integration (third party warehousing), order shipment boxing, sales tax calculation. None of these are dealbreakers, and most solutions have contingencies for shipping and taxes. I think what you already have in place should work really well. However, these are areas I will personally look into as optional extensions to the system. 1) Support for external order ID field - this would allow me to wire up an external Amazon FBA transmission/status workflow to a post-payment-success hook. I'm guessing I could add a text field to the order page type, and it would also need to be able to generate shipment pages for a given order that include status. 2) Allow for a postage calculation/package tracking bypass - An external hook for shipped order products prior to the internal process, that could get wired to a service like Shipstation. In the past I have used systems that include case freight tables, where if a person is buying both pick/pack items and casebound items, the case freight can have box dimensions and weights set in place in advance - a case acts like a variant in this case, but unlike single items, the dimensions are important as they go straight to the postage calc api. Unless you are going to pull a CS-Cart where they let you put in box dimensions and it calculates how many boxes you will need to ship an order - but that gets pretty crazy. In our case, we used the weight of single pick pack and general dimensions to develop a calculation for the shipping box sizes we'd likely use. 3) Allow for a tax calculation bypass - An external pre-shipping/post-shipping hook could connect to a tax calculation service api. I realize some locales charge sales taxes on shipping costs as well as the product (ugh, sorry) so it would make sense to toggle pre- or post- shipping calculation. That being said, I can't wait to start working with this. I had just started digging a little bit into padloper integration but I think padloper 2 is going to be a lot easier to manage for end users.
  6. Congratulations... This looks fantastic. I've run a lot of stores and I feel like you really captured a lot of must-have features that are often neglected elsewhere.
  7. Although this is super late - sorry. Dry ice blocks for the fridge/freezer. Way easier than trying to pack coolers with regular ice.
  8. This! Someone on another thread was working on an integration of this in a PW module... I've been trying to find it again for a few weeks, I came across the thread by accident before and forgot to bookmark it... I'm not a huge fan of page builders but I like the aesthetic and functionality of this.
  9. This is really interesting, does this work like nesting markup regions inside each other? Does this sortof daisychain the region content into the _main region? Oh never mind I see - so you can assign multiple markup region areas to a single region defined in _main. What happens if you happen to define both regions in your template file? I'm guessing the last one created takes precedence unless you do an append/prepend or something?
  10. That's good. I was early on with cloudflare and have only recently gotten back into it to see how incredible their platform has grown to. I had a pull the levers push the buttons fire drill prior to core updates but it looks like this may help that situation a lot! Thanks.
  11. I will give it a try. I don't know (again) what happened, but after a few hours trying it again resolved the issue. I'm not entirely sure what caused the original issue or why it was resolved. Perhaps cloudflare said I was logged in and had toggles activated on their UI even though I wasn't logged in? I am not entirely sure. Not great for debugging when the problem solves itself 😕 The inconsistency with how Tracy dumps said one thing but some other calls provdided errors - not a lot made sense (which seems much of the time to be caching somewhere). It doesn't look like the host made any significant config changes anyplace I have access to. UPDATE: Regardless, the fix provided consistent results.
  12. I ran into an unusual situation, I've tried a number of things to remedy it but have had no luck. When using an InputfieldPageAutocomplete, I have the following setup: { "name":"header_font", "label":"Header Font", "type":"InputfieldPageAutocomplete", "width":"100", "parent_id":1305, "maxSelectedItem":1, "description":"Page List Select Test Description", "collapsed":0, "value":"0", "columnWidth":20 }, I am able to type fields, get results and all is good. For some reason that I cannot explain, the single page item that gets saved there started out as being stored in the index [0] for the output array, but after saving the control value with a blank entry and then selecting an entry, now for some reason the index is shifted to [1]. There are things I can do to check for this and use the value, but I am really trying to understand the shift. If I do a tracy dump, it shows the index in the array should be 0, there is only one item in the PageArray. But when I try to extract the settings and call the header_font[0] item, I get an undefined index: 0 error and if I change it to header_font[1] item, the only selected item works as usual. The weird thing is that it was working fine when I first added the field and saved a value - did a bunch of testing with it, no problem. After I cleared the value, saved, and then inserted a new value I started running into the weird index reset. I'm not really sure where to go next, when the tracy d() output suggests there is only one item in the PageArray and it somehow is not at the 0 index marker.
  13. I hope we are getting closer - code keeps lockdown hands busy. 😄
  14. So for some reason I regularly get the warning that a page I am working on is being edited in another window and that I started editing that version the last time I opened the page. So it will be a few minutes off usually. I also noticed that it took a lot of massaging to get the timezone it was showing to match the timezone on the server and the times on the site. All looks good in php_info and the site config file in terms of the set timezone. No one else is editing, I've got no other open tabs with the page editor on. Any idea what could be causing it? I will likely just turn the feature off for now, but it only started recently.
  15. I get a php notice undefined offset in line 110 on the main module.php file - it doesn't break anything but folks have asked about seeing it in tracy debug.
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