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  1. Also, if you are interested in great international mixes and DJs, this channel has some great guests with intriguing taste:
  2. I have to say that in general, having PlexPass and using their sonic analysis has been the biggest boon to my background programming music setup - the sonic adventure and automated DJ features are phenomenal. When all that matters is consistency of tone and mood, the sonic analysis that the Plex server does on my collection makes it so I don't even have to think about what I want to listen to next - the mood just flows regardless of who it picks. The cool thing is it often pulls a bunch of b-sides or obscure artists songs that I never would think of linking together in a playlist, but the songs mesh like magic.
  3. This seems to through namespace related errors in the latest dev version (3.0.219) Perhaps something related to the modules rework?
  4. Yes, the input value with or without alpha is important in different contexts, but when I am trying to read the value from the fieldtype I can't directly pass the value to the wikimedia LESS parser as it isn't caught up to the JS version and so if I send a raw 32bit integer to get included in the admin.less process it throws and error as an unacceptable format. The strPos( $color, 3) solution works fine - I add a # and the LESS parser is happy. I didn't know if any of the output formatting methods from the fieldtype were exposed on the admin side. Not a big deal either way. For my purposes I've got it working.
  5. Yes I copied from elsewhere in this thread but realized after I posted that it wasn't an actual solution. I was under the impression the field always stored values in the db as a 32-bit hex regardless of the output method?
  6. I'm using this as a module configuration inputfield in this case, not as a site facing Fieldtype. An admin theming module. So the LESS is being applied on the admin side.
  7. Hi, I'm using this in a module config and want to call the value up and pass it through to LESS within the module, but the default format doesn't comply with LESS formatting so - since I don't need alpha for my application is the best method to do as suggested above: $color_out = '#' . ltrim( $color_in, '#ff' ); Or is there a more elegant way to handle this? EDIT Okay obviously not that exactly but pulling the rightmost 6 chars and prefixing a #.
  8. A humorous stackexchange question page that has collected many answers over the years on stacking ternary operators is here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5235632/stacking-multiple-ternary-operators-in-php I agree this may be a good candidate for switch, but it's funny to see how many ways this cat got skinned over the years.
  9. I have been digging into the oembed fields/essence and this as well. First exposure to this feature and so cool to see where it is used. If you run Plex, for example, and you use youtube-dl to grab audio from a music video, the comment on the exported audio file includes the youtube URL and when you load the music file into Plex, Plex pulls the oembed data and shows you the video description for the song! I don't know if this is still being worked on, but I like this implementation for youtube so I will fork and add lite-vimeo-embed support if necessary.
  10. Just curious if this module is still active/stable? It doesn't appear in the modules directory - I only found it through searching the forum. Thanks, J
  11. I will be using this hopefully going forward instead of the typical import/export process for my baseline profile, which takes into account workflows that are more familiar to desktop publishers and allows for traditional task delegation - photo, content, layout, section editors, etc. If there is interest in this, I will provide at least the basic core structure and page classes - might be a good advanced example of how things can be done for publishing projects. I don't have an exact ETA, I'm still working on AdminStyleChroma which is my admin theme color manager and I'm also working on a Color Thief image field implementation - both of which will have official threads and releases and when they are ready.
  12. I think his fork is still being run through - the last issue he was addressing was nested repeater matrices and including the RTE fields in repeaters - which I believe was resolved. I haven't run into any issues with his fork in my testing.
  13. Cool, yes adding the empty parameter was 👍
  14. Small thing, I was getting an error without any custom options defined. As is, the line where you set up the arguments: public function ___addFootnotes($str, $options = [], $field = "") { This results in an error if you do not pass an additional options array - e.g. just a $str and $field. An error on line 83 array_merge results - second argument is not an array. I didn't pull the repo via git so I can't do a PR handily, but reversing the parameter order resolves it. public function ___addFootnotes($str, $field = "", $options = []) {
  15. Yes I just noticed it also - the columns are correct and Tracy picks up the entries, but when I click a log page name I get the error message. Can confirm all files exist. PW 3.0.214 PHP 8.1
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