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  1. The guilty party is a rule in the middle of layout.less in the custom/theme/components folder.
  2. Please point me to some examples, thanks. Hi Kongondo... So I'm not sure if this is what B3ta is referring to - one solid piece that has gone through a bit of a wringer in terms of testing and configuration/transformation over the years is CS-Cart, which was originally in itself an offshoot of X-Cart. I believe both carts now have multishop setups. I am more familiar with the CS-Cart edition. Its a bit tricky, because on some level the owner needs to be able to decide if they want to have one unified database in the backend for various shops (the 'food court') model where you have multiple shops for different types of food but they all share one big common kitchen in the back and also share the credit card processing. Or the subcontract model where each store on the back end has its own unique instance in place with a universal dashboard that allows an admin to oversee everything. My advice, do not touch it with a 10-foot pole. As much as I love the idea, in practice the coding and debugging required has been a real nightmare/evolution for other products. How deep will admin go? Will customers be shared? Will customers use different logins for each storefront? Do cart contents carry over from one store to another? Do all storefronts have the same shipping and tax rules? Is there a shared pool of inventory that only the admin sees and that sub-storefront admins can pull from? Are products added by sub-storefront owners shareable? There are just a ton of variables laid on top of the shopping cart platform which already has a tendency to become super bloaty and confusing. CS-Cart made some serious errors during the evolution of their product, it has taken many years for them to iron own the kinks and hurt feelings that multi-vendor has created. I'd love to see a step up from padloper in terms of interface-in-place. Looking forward to the alphabetagamma.
  3. Looking forward to seeing this project in beta!
  4. I get a namespace error when trying to warm up the OPCache - was the PW3 namespace issue not resolved?
  5. Deleting the dev.zip file seemed to work for me.
  6. I know this has been around awhile - just wanted to say thanks - its working well for me.
  7. Interestingly, this doesn't seem to work for AdminThemeUIKit. Never mind! I had already consolidated my modules under a base installation rather than a shared location.
  8. I'm currently having this problem on siteground. Running multisite pw the .well-known directory and files are not created, let alone accessible. If I create the directories in the pw/ directory and try accessing them directly I can browse to them, but if I use one of the multisite domains it will not find the directory in pw/ - should it be looking somewhere else? Do I need to alter the base directory for each multisite? They are currently all pointing at the pw/ directory. Thanks!
  9. Yeah so there needs to be better access to the support forum, which I believe there was a link to on the page when you first purchase the module but if you don't save it - poof it is gone. I've tried emailing but haven't gotten any response regarding the forum. A little frustrating. Even the invoice email doesn't include a link to the forum, which to me seems like a logical place to put it.
  10. Hi! I've been working over a number of sites into processwire, but I have come across a strange bug I cannot wrap my head around. I'm using method #1. Single wire directory, multiple site- directories with index.config.php and config.php set up properly. I've had no problem setting domains in the configs up until this point. www and root domains are loading perfectly. However I tried to add a subdomain value 'new.domain.com' and I have put the bits in all the right spots. I get a 500 Internal Server Error. If I change the subdomain to something else, same deal. Only domain.tdl and www.domain.tdl entries are working. Any thoughts? I'm using the latest stable 3.X branch.
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