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  1. Looking forward to seeing this project in beta!
  2. I get a namespace error when trying to warm up the OPCache - was the PW3 namespace issue not resolved?
  3. Deleting the dev.zip file seemed to work for me.
  4. I know this has been around awhile - just wanted to say thanks - its working well for me.
  5. Interestingly, this doesn't seem to work for AdminThemeUIKit. Never mind! I had already consolidated my modules under a base installation rather than a shared location.
  6. I'm currently having this problem on siteground. Running multisite pw the .well-known directory and files are not created, let alone accessible. If I create the directories in the pw/ directory and try accessing them directly I can browse to them, but if I use one of the multisite domains it will not find the directory in pw/ - should it be looking somewhere else? Do I need to alter the base directory for each multisite? They are currently all pointing at the pw/ directory. Thanks!
  7. Yeah so there needs to be better access to the support forum, which I believe there was a link to on the page when you first purchase the module but if you don't save it - poof it is gone. I've tried emailing but haven't gotten any response regarding the forum. A little frustrating. Even the invoice email doesn't include a link to the forum, which to me seems like a logical place to put it.
  8. Hi! I've been working over a number of sites into processwire, but I have come across a strange bug I cannot wrap my head around. I'm using method #1. Single wire directory, multiple site- directories with index.config.php and config.php set up properly. I've had no problem setting domains in the configs up until this point. www and root domains are loading perfectly. However I tried to add a subdomain value 'new.domain.com' and I have put the bits in all the right spots. I get a 500 Internal Server Error. If I change the subdomain to something else, same deal. Only domain.tdl and www.domain.tdl entries are working. Any thoughts? I'm using the latest stable 3.X branch.
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