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  1. @bernhard I know about that and drew a lot of inspiration from it in some ways, but in other ways it doesn't play by ProcessWire's rules. It also doesn't have dynamic content loading yet (although YooTheme is working on it). Also, it's using WordPress's "old" customizer which will ultimately be replaced with Gutenberg. Also, YooTheme comes in as a THEME, not a plugin, which is somewhat strange. What I showed you on our call a few months ago has gone through a big transformation and evolving. Still lots to do before I make a peep about it.
  2. I need to run the PW's FileCompiler in a script to rebuild the entirety of the FileCompiler contents folder. While I can do this by simply visiting a page on my site, I need to automate it as part of a cleanup script I have. What is the correct way to approach this?
  3. Very elegant. Can you tell us about the frontend approach?
  4. Tis the season to clean out the mechanical keyboard (first time in 7 years)...
  5. I just ran into this issue which occurred as a result of some server upgrades not going smoothly. The fix in our case was to run: apt-get install php-mysql If you end up getting this error, it wouldn't hurt to try installing PW from scratch in a separate directory. PW's installer identifies where potential issues are, such as missing packages, which is very helpful. Sometimes it is not so apparent from php.ini, phpinfo() or error logs.
  6. I have a spare computer laying around so I did a fresh install of Windows and installed Laragon. I must say, it is very slick, feature rich and I can understand the appeal... it just works and has a lot of useful magic (such as auto virtual hosts and easy SSL setup).
  7. With the default settings, running this: echo $page->image->render(["srcset" => true, "uk-img" => true]); Outputs this: <img src='/myprocesswire/site/assets/files/1/la1.jpg' alt='' data-uk-img data-srcset='/myprocesswire/site/assets/files/1/la1.320x569-srcset-hidpi.jpg 320w, /myprocesswire/site/assets/files/1/la1.640x1138-srcset-hidpi.jpg 640w, /myprocesswire/site/assets/files/1/la1.768x1365-srcset-hidpi.jpg 768w, /myprocesswire/site/assets/files/1/la1.1024x557-srcset.jpg 1024w, /myprocesswire/site/assets/files/1/la1.2048x1115-srcset.jpg 2x' sizes='(orientation: portrait) and (max-width: 768px) 50vw'> Notice how "src" is not "data-src" as per UIkit's documentation: https://getuikit.com/docs/image#srcset As a result, according to Chrome DevTools network graph, 2 images are loaded as in the attached screenshot. Shouldn't 'data-' be added to 'src' in UIkit mode?
  8. The weekly blog had it here: https://processwire.com/blog/posts/processwire-2.6.18-updates-pagination-and-seo/#new-http-prefix-available-for-all-config-gt-urls-properties In the API: https://processwire.com/api/ref/paths/ Easy to miss this one.
  9. I just found this developer oriented browser which has me excited: https://sizzy.co/ I'm about to play around with it but wow, it looks like it could increase my productivity quite a bit!
  10. That code seems correct. Are any of the post pages in-fact published, because if not, you'll need to add 'include=all' to your selector: $pages->find('template=lvl04-post, limit=5, include=all');
  11. I was literally suggesting FullCalendar as you replied. It's a great option. You just need to provide it with the JSON it needs and it works quite well.
  12. Excellent update. One minor nitpick about the overrides tab. When a field has been added to a RepeaterMatrix, can you have it show the Matrix Type Name (such as "gallery") instead of (or in addition to) the Matrix Type ID ("matrix4"). It would be much clearer that way.
  13. I want to prevent the creation of a field named 'fake'. What would be the correct hook in ProcessWire to do this?
  14. @NoremPload ProcessWire 3.0.142 (which is a dev version and very recently released) brings in the ability to have custom fields for images. I personally had some issues with this ImageExtra plugin and stopped using it a while ago (it's been a few years). Also the author is no longer working with ProcessWire so there's also that. I'd recommend putting in the extra work to do it the new, native way: https://processwire.com/blog/posts/pw-3.0.142/
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