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  1. Jonathan Lahijani

    @horst I filed this bug report a few weeks ago (includes a video of the bug). Any insight as to why it may be re-generating already generated images?
  2. Jonathan Lahijani

    In regards to API Variables in the documentation, is there a reason why the $notices variable is not listed with all the other API variables? It does have its own documentation page: Also, same for $options, which I got a mixed response about here (2015):
  3. Jonathan Lahijani

    This is great life advice!
  4. Jonathan Lahijani

    Going here causes internal server error:
  5. Jonathan Lahijani

    How about a new favicon of the ProcessWire logo instead of being lost in the clouds? I attached two 512x512 PNG files (PNGs can be used for Favicons by the way and all browsers support it; worth ditching .ico).
  6. Jonathan Lahijani

    I'm not a Mac user, but for Windows, Xyplorer is freaking amazing. It's like the ProcessWire of file managers.
  7. Jonathan Lahijani

    Working on this, which I hope to finish off at some point in a couple weeks after the main site launch: It will be 2 minutes and 11 seconds long, which is the length of the audio (full audio here). I will try to make it show off the power of ProcessWire as much as possible (tree, fields, matrix, front-end editing, api, docs, formbuilder, procache, github activity). I may need to extend the music a bit for it all to fit. Anyway, this is happening!
  8. Jonathan Lahijani

    When scrolling down the home page, the animations of the 8 callouts cause a horizontal scrollbar to temporarily appear while they animate in. Adding the 'uk-overflow-hidden' class to the #content-container div should fix that.
  9. Jonathan Lahijani

    The offcanvas toggle icon is using the slightly older approach (the markup got updated at some point during UIkit 3's development): Replace: <a id=offcanvas-toggle class=uk-hidden@m href=#offcanvas-nav uk-toggle> <span uk-icon='icon: menu; ratio: 1.3'></span></a> With: <a id='offcanvas-toggle' class="uk-navbar-toggle uk-hidden@m" uk-navbar-toggle-icon href="#offcanvas-nav" uk-toggle></a>
  10. Jonathan Lahijani

    Tampermonkey will let you modify the code of a page: You could create your own CSS file, and then establish a setting in TM to load that file (other's would have to do it on their browsers as well however).
  11. Jonathan Lahijani

    One nitpick about the server in general. You can access it (the home page for example) without https. Ideally http should redirect to https.
  12. Jonathan Lahijani

    Never used Craft professionally... just tried the demo a couple years ago.
  13. Jonathan Lahijani

    I put this feature request in a couple months ago which relates to this conversation about migrating structural changes:
  14. Jonathan Lahijani

    If you run multiple PW under the same hostname, then setting $config->sessionName to something unique is recommended as well as it prevents one installations logged in state from clashing with another (and other weird admin caching things). I usually set its value to $config->dbName since that's easily unique enough. $config->sessionName = $config->dbName; $config->sessionFingerprint = 2;
  15. Jonathan Lahijani

    Note: whether I use Page(template=mytemplate)::added or Pages(template=mytemplate)::added does not make a difference.