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  1. I don't use a Mac but I've heard great things about Quiver: https://happenapps.com/
  2. I'm using this now on a site that needs that extra level of metadata. It's working great. Thank you.
  3. https://craigmod.com/essays/fast_software/
  4. https://blog.theodo.com/2019/07/vscode-php-development/
  5. I'm looking to improve my editor (VSCode) in a way whereby it will tell me the value of a ProcessWire setting() value that's been defined in another file as I write an override setting. Let's say I have a file called /site/templates/settings-default.php with the following: setting("my-div", "my-default-class"); And I have another file called /site/templates/settings-override.php with the following: setting("my-div", "my-override-class"); As I'm writing that specific line in "settings-override.php", is it possible through some sort of auto-suggest / intellisense for it to tell me the value of the setting in "settings-default.php" so that it provides context in realtime as I write the override setting? This would prevent me from having to switch between the two files in my editor and improve my workflow. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. A sneak preview of a new page builder concept that I'm close to completing. I'll write more about this in coming weeks, but this video demonstrates a lot of unique things going on:
  7. Yes but that doesn't work for some reason. I believe it may have to do with partials being involved.
  8. One little hackish way around this is to redirect to the same page with "?livepreview=1" appended to the URL: <?php namespace ProcessWire; if(!$_GET['livepreview']) { $session->redirect($page->url."?livepreview=1"); } Good enough for my use-case.
  9. I have PageFrontEdit enabled. I have a template that includes a bunch of partials. Those partials contain the PageFrontEdit tags in the following format: <edit field="body" page="<?php echo $page->id; ?>">...</edit> This is all working well, however I have a particular template whereby I don't want Frontend Page Editing to be activated at all, as if you were logged out. https://processwire.com/docs/front-end/front-end-editing/ What's the best way to disable it for a particular template? Is there a proper hook for this perhaps? Or some hackish JS approach?
  10. I follow Linux desktop trends quite a bit. This post has got me thinking if it's time for Linux on the desktop for me despite MS innovations. I gave it a bit of thought and I think I can make it happen, even if I have to run Adobe CS through a VM. I'm much more comfortable with the idea now that I've been using WSL funny enough (also since I install Linux for customers every now and then... Ubuntu, RHEL, CENTOS, Suse). I'm thinking Arch w/ i3, VSCode, ranger and a bunch of text user interface apps, bash scripts, etc. Minimalism as much as possible, kind of like ProcessWire.
  11. @apeisa Would you consider merging this PR? https://github.com/apeisa/ProcessRedirects/pull/17
  12. How about deleting thousands of pages using the API? Right now I'm using this hackish approach, but it's only when syncing my live db to my dev db, so even though it's not clean and may leave orphan records (which aren't causing any problems if they are even there), it's ok for my purposes: Github Request: https://github.com/processwire/processwire-requests/issues/131
  13. One big reason: Adobe CC doesn't run on Linux 😞 https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1057800 https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2444095
  14. Is there a reason why you guys use Laragon instead of WSL? I used WampServer for years, but like Laragon, its using the Windows version of Apache, MySQL and PHP. While that works, I feel the Windows versions of those will always be second class. Add in things like node and Windows' character limits for file paths (which I think has now been resolved) and it gets more dicey. Also, it's probably slower. I don't use a Mac or Linux, so when WSL came out, Microsoft basically fixed a huge problem for people like us (Windows users doing non-Windows development... that is, LAMP stuff). Why not just use WSL? You get rsync and all the Linux utilities that I don't know how I lived without. There's a little bit of initial setup, but I've boiled that down into 10 minutes with a set of commands that'll make ProcessWire run perfectly.
  15. I discovered indent-rainbow today: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=oderwat.indent-rainbow I don't like visual distractions when coding, and I thought this might contribute to that, but the colors are very very subtle so I'm keeping this one installed.
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