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  1. Looks great! Love the design! Nice to see a webshop where some effort has obviously been put into making a custom design 🙂
  2. jonatan

    ProcessWire on the web

    @teppo Really great to get a lot of different perspectives on it! 😄 Really nice and well-argumented opinion! It's always funny to once again discover how differently we all perceive the world and how aesthetics comes down to being something so very subjective, as you also write yourself! 🙂 I will agree with you in fact on a lot of things that you point out about the Kirby UI, but I still think it could be really interesting to have the discussion here on the forum about the PW UI. Maybe some cool redesign ideas could pop up? And maybe it could be really interesting to hear some feedback on the UI from clients of PW designers / developers 🙂
  3. jonatan

    ProcessWire on the web

    Oh yeah, And let's also add some vote love right here: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/processwire @diogo has already done his part with some amazingly great reviews! I think the Processwire images both on producthunt and on Slant could perhaps be a bit more interesting though right?
  4. jonatan

    ProcessWire on the web

    Well now we're suddenly number 2.... We've been overhauled by Kirby! Kirby does seem super duper sexy though. The high level of flexibility and easy customization does seem quite PW like... But Kirby costs 99 euro per website... Some big guys like Harvard, NYT, Smaszhing mag, Philips and Mercedes Benz are using it... I think one of the main reasons people would go with it over PW is its very very sleek and sexy looking design. It's very appealing to the creative designer types (like myself). PW looks more old-school, developer oriented and technical, branding and UI-wise, compared to Kirby. I think we could really win a lot of new PW users if the design was more appealing. What do you guys think? Personally I really really don't like the PW CMS UI colour scheme. It seems outdated and not contemporary enough. I always use AdminThemeBoss and in my opinion it makes PW look sooooooo much more sexy, appealing, user friendly and gives a better overview. Should it be on the PW roadmap looking at Kirby and alike and make the PW UI more sexy / more contemporary looking per default? Oh yeah, and also it's flatfile making switching between dev and production so much easier. Maybe a flatfile db option should also be a future key sales point for PW? Best, Jonatan
  5. So.. after trial and error, and trial, and error, and more trial, and.. fails and fails and fails... stupidly tumbling around in the dark.. because my js skills / understanding are about as good as my russian skills (limited to "da" that is). But... yay! I discovered something brilliant. So.. just in case anyone's intereste in barba.js and the Instagram Basic Display API combo cocktail 🍸, (and perhaps isn't any properly js sufficient...), here goes how: I found out after confusingly and hopingly staring at the barba.js docs for any miracles, I finally discovered this https://barba.js.org/docs/advanced/strategies/#Cache : barba.init({ cacheIgnore: ['/instagram'], }); And that does the trick! But again, thank you @nbcommunication once again, for being such an awesome and so helpfu Processwirian ! ❤️ Have a great weekend! 🍻 Jonatan
  6. @nbcommunication Thanks a million Chris! 🏆 And thank you for the tip. You're the best :) I'll try and see if I can get it working. All the best, Jonatan
  7. Hi @nbcommunication / Criss ! I've gotten myself out into some barba.js fading page transitions. Which means.. the DOM isn't fully reloaded.. Which means.. using the fabulous module of yours, when the instagram page is shown, the pagination script runs, but, when I then go to another page, and then back to the instagram page, the pagination is not reset, so instagram.init() starts out again, but, not all fresh, it loads the second batch of media and not the first batch again – as it would have done on a proper page refresh and new HTTP request. So, can you think of some smart way to reset the pagination? ...a.k.a this: (ehh.. I think?.. maybe? right? maybe?) $this->wire("session")->remove($this, $this->getNextKey()); – using a javascript function? My idea is that then I would run that function every time the Instagram page is faux-DOM-loaded (js-barba-magic-replaced-without-proper-DOM-reload-and-hence-no-HTTP-requests), right before the instagram.init() function 🙂 Does it make any sense at all..? 😅 All the best, Jonatan
  8. jonatan

    ProcessWire on the web

    Awesome if it's gained new members!
  9. jonatan

    ProcessWire on the web

    @Pixrael Agreed! 😄
  10. jonatan

    ProcessWire on the web

    It's number 1 now! 🥇🏆🏅🎖️✨
  11. jonatan

    ProcessWire on the web

    Nice! Thx @Jan Romero!
  12. jonatan

    ProcessWire on the web

    Wohoooo! So cool guys! Now it's #2!!!!!! Right after Joomla! 😄🎉🏆🔥❤️🤩😍
  13. jonatan

    ProcessWire on the web

    Great points @szabesz! I think it's well written and very honest 🍺
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