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Found 20 results

  1. "Permission “page-sort” for template “ ... ” not allowed (requires “page-edit” permission)" – This lovely error message is thrown at me, if, as implied by it, I try to add (to my "editor" role) the permission "page-sort" for a specific template, without the permission "page-edit" enabled for the same template. Seems like it's been mentioned a few times before but never properly answered, by e.g. @Robin S ... : "Allow the granting of page-sort permission independent of page-edit": https://github.com/processwire/processwire-requests/issues/29 Why do I wanna do this?: I have a page tree structure ? as so: ________________________ Category [C1] – Page a [C1_p] – Page b [C1_p] Different category [C2] – Page c [C2_p] – Page d [C2_p] ________________________ The page "Category" has the page-template "C1", the pages "Page a" and "Page b" both have the page-template "C1_p". The page "Different category" has the page-template "C2" the pages "Page c" and "Page d" both have the page-template "C2_p". The two pages called "Category" and "Different category" do not have any content, they only serve as containers for pages belonging to that category. I want my "editor" role not to be able to do anything at all with these pages "Category" and "Different category"; i.e. I do not want my editor to be able to edit, move, unpublish, hide, lock, delete (or do anything else to) these category pages. – So, I want my "editor" role to have the "page-edit" permission for pages with the templates "C1_p" and "C2_p", but not for the pages with the category templates "C1" and "C2", Also, I want my "editor" role to be able to move the pages with the templates "C1_p" and "C2_p" within their parent-pages. Problem: But if I just simply add the "page-edit" and the "page-move" permissions for the "C1_p" and "C2_p" templates, then, using the "editor" role, I am not able to move these "C1_p" (and "C2_p") -template-based pages. I can actually click "MOVE" next to them and then move them, but... then I will be met by the error message "You do not have permission to sort pages using this parent - /Category/". – So, I try to add the "page-sort" (description: "permission to sort child pages") permission to the "C1" and "C2" templates... but then trying to do so I am met by the initially mentioned error message ! Permission “page-sort” for template “C1” not allowed (requires “page-edit” permission) . And, as mentioned, I do not want my editor role users to be able to edit these category ("C1" and "C2") pages... – what to do about this? ? All the best, Jonatan
  2. Hello, I have a user role employee with the permission page-edit-created. This user role has access to add new pages to the template posts with the template post. The template posts should have children with the template post. The template post should have the parent with the template posts. Now every time I try to add a new page with the template post, an exception throws: You don't have access to the template required to add pages here Is this a bug in this permission or have I not configured the permissions correct? Is there a hook to allow to add pages to the template posts for the role employee? I would appreciate some help. ? Regards, Andreas
  3. Hi! I am new to processwire and really like working with it so far. For a relaunch project, some editors of our website need the permission to add redirect URLs while migrating the content. I already created a role "site-manager" so only a few team members have access to certain features. There is also the option to add redirect URLs in the page settings, but it seems to be restricted only to superusers. Does anyone know of a way to grant permission for this option to another user role? Since this is the first PW-Project I did not dive in too deep with the permissions yet. I also tried to add a "page-edit-redirect"-permission, but I am somehow stuck on what to do with it. Thanks
  4. Hi, I've put in a support request (as a followup on an existing one) for this but it's nearly 10pm Ryan's time, so I thought I'd ask on here just in case someone can help... Yesterday we purchased ProDrafts, but I couldn't get the key to validate. Every time I hit submit on the module settings screen the key would be removed from the field I entered it in, and then it would complain about the missing value. I put in a support request and Ryan responded last night. It turned out it was because we're behind a proxy/firewall. He gave me a fix to get around that issue - some code to go into admin.php. I put that code in and saved admin.php, but now I can't even get into our admin anymore! (Just to clarify, I took the code back out and saved admin.php but that made no difference. It's definitely not the new code causing the error.) The errors relate to a lack of permission on the ProDrafts module (see attached screenshot). We do have a key, but evidently the code Ryan gave me to add the key in via admin.php isn't taking effect before the error is thrown...? I tried removing the ProDrafts directory from the modules directory, but that hasn't helped. Is there a hook I can put in somewhere to tell it not to load ProDrafts at all, or not check the permissions? Or is there some way to manually uninstall it from the file system? Thanks! Margaret
  5. Hi PW Community, I have a problem where a page is loading up fine on my local dev machine + 1 of the test sites, but not on another test site. They have identical PW (2.8.35?) and codebase installed. The 2 sites are hosted on the same hosting provider, as well as our other sites. 1) Error Logs. There is nothing particularly strange logged on the PW Error log for all the sites. I am getting a "You must assign a template to the page before setting custom field values (title__data) [pageClass=Page, template=] (WireLog)" error, but I'm getting this error on working pages as well. However, there are some errors in our Hosting Provider's log. The error seems to point at some sort of permissioning issue regarding reading the image files? 1.a) File / Dir permissions of Images - I've checked file permissions on the normal and problematic sites. They are all identical 2) .htaccess - I've tried running the .htaccess file from the working site on the problematic site - No Luck 3) codebase - I've done 3 comparisons. They are identical on all sites. 4) wire directory - See above 5) Behaviour - So the problematic site loads up most of its page as expected without problems. It's just a couple that it has issues with. Problematic URL Example : http://kinder-reime.com/kindergedichte/kategorien/gedichte-fuer-kindergarten-und-schule/ Working URL : http://finger-spiele.com/kindergedichte/kategorien/gedichte-fuer-kindergarten-und-schule/ I've also attached the KIS Error Logs. Has anyone come across behaviour like this before and what would be the way forward to fix this? KIS.Error.Logs
  6. I've created a Process Module, and its execute() function renders the HTML response to an AJAX request. The AJAX request is being made outside of the admin panel, and in all likelihood will be made by "guest" users. Within my ModuleName.info.json file, I have added these lines: "permission": "generate-thumbnails", "permissions": { "generate-thumbnails": "Generate Thumbnails" }, Then within the Admin panel, I gave guests access to run that module. Unless logged in, the response to the AJAX request is always the login form's HTML, rather than the HTML my execute() function creates. So two questions: Is it possible to give non-logged-in users the ability to run that function via the AJAX request, or Is there a better ProcessWire way to create HTML to use as an AJAX response? Thank you!
  7. Hi all! I've got Tags which are pages in my project. Also I have a field (type Page) with autocomplete and auto create the tag. Everything is works supergood until I add the permission page-edit-created to the role editor. This permission should reduce the permission page-edit. As a result editor can create page tag as earlier but can't edit tags created by another editors. The problem is that autocreate of page tag through the field (type Page) does not work now. Whereas the editor still can add tag page manually. So when I remove reducing permission page-edit-created everything works fine. Any suggestions? Thank you!
  8. Hi All, I developed a module for ProcessWire for a project I've been working on for a School's Football Association. It's a website for them to list all of the competitions, rounds, fixtures and results etc. All of these are separated into yearly seasons, and each season is to contain a standard page structure, which the module creates. This module creates a page in the Admin for the seasons to be added from. Now, that's fine, it works, but now we're creating the client accounts with minimal permissions, it seems that only super users can access the page that was created by the module upon install. This page is created from the module's info array, like so: public static function getModuleInfo() { return [ ... 'page' => [ 'name' => 'season', 'title' => 'Add Season', 'permission' => 'season-add' // This did not work ] ... ]; } What I'd like to know, is how I can set the permissions for that page, and allow non-super users to see it in the admin nav and access the page. The page created is of the template 'admin', which I tried applying permissions to for the role created by the module, but that also did not work. The method I tried on the line with the "this did not work" comment was from the comments in the code in /wire/core/Process.php.
  9. Hi, I installed my new site with processwire with classic theme. My site is: http://www.permaculturaorganica.info and the photos-files don't appearing! If you click on image on right top, appear this page: http://www.permaculturaorganica.info/site/assets/files/1/westin_interior2.jpg It's normal? How can I to correct this? My permission that I put when I installed processwire is: 700 - 600. It's correct?
  10. Hi, I've created an Options field and it keeps crashing by saving. I get the following message: "Forbidden. You don't have permission to access /admin/setup/field/save on this server." I activated the debug mode in the config file, but I don't see any error message. The options are from 1 to 20, with a standard value of 20. It's a "select (single value)". Nothing fancy otherwise. Has anyone encountered this before? Thanks.
  11. Hello, I have setup multiple templates for users on a 2.6.17 install. My user template is "therapeut". I added a new role "admin" with following permissions set Now when I login with user role "admin", I cannot edit the userpage "harald-roeder" with template "therapeut" through the page tree. But I can edit the same userpage through Access->Users->harald-roeder. Is this a bug?
  12. Hi all, friends. Still here to fight against problems I can't figure out (yet ). I've looked for a solution into the forum but seems I'm not able to find the solution, still. I'm finding myself to fight with this weird issue where I've users with (finally) correct permissions to access and edit the pages they created, then I've have some fields in my template (which I want my users are able to create from the field directly) where parent and template (and selectors for having ordered items to choose from) are correctly set up (I think), but for some weird reason I can't create pages (the link doesn't appear as it should) from these fields. Already tried to adjust permissions for roles and fields, but with no positive results. Hope in your help (as usual )
  13. The triumvirate of user, role and permission with endless configuration possibilities is one of many features that I appreciate about ProcessWire. Unfortunately, this system is not really consistent. In a pilot project, a private carsharing page I use ProcessWire exclusively with the backend. All features (calendar, parking marker, dialog) are modules (processes). It was a bit tedious to control the accessibility of certain areas in the Admin. e.g. page search, ProcessPageList SettingsTab, Show/ Hide page tree. I managed most with hooks. It would be much easier if every feature (process class) has its own permission. To obtain maximum configuration options, while keeping clarity, each process module should have an intrinsically Permission. Permissions can be grouped, for example, as parent / child permission (pages) or via wildcards page- * (implements page-edit-*, page-delete), page-edit-* (implements page-edit-access page-edit), page-edit-access etc. This would be an important step towards Application Framework.
  14. Hello, I've tried to search the forum for this but so far no luck so I decided to post this in wishlist section. Under the Templates/Permissions, there is an option to redirect the user to a certain URL when he is not permitted to view the page. However, this is a pure text input and it's really difficult in the case where I would like to choose to redirect user to a certain page. The page might have multiple URL (multiple languages) or the url might be changed later by the user so a static URL redirection here is no good. Have a nice day.
  15. Is it possible to hide available templates that i use in my PageTable from my clients? Let me explain... I'm setting up a PageTable to allow my client to select blocks of content to build out their web pages (see attached pic). In order for me to really give them the flexibility they need I added a new template called Magic. the magic template only holds one field - it's a drop down menu that allows them to cast spells (functions) such as 'Render staff list'. This allows the client to build pages such as... Header Image Text Magic - render staff list Header Text ... I would prefer that the client did not have access to the Magic block. Is it possible to hide the Magic template/button from my clients? Perhaps with permissions? I can see using the Hanna Code module as workaround, but i'm curious just the same. Any insight would be appreciated.
  16. Hi everybody, I just ran into a quite pressing problem: I don't see a possiblity to allow a user group from deleting a page but grant them access to edit it. Did I look over something here or is there already a module to add this functionality that I didn't find? With kind regards, Marc Edit: Sorry, I missed the most crucial point in my initial question... What I want to do is grant a group permission to delete pages of one template but not another one: delete permissions on a per template basis. I still want to grant the edit right for templates, that can't be deleted. I hope this is more understandable now...
  17. I need advice on page&field access/permissions setup that I haven't tried in PW yet. Possibly it will save me few days of own experiments. My site has order pages that contain tons of fields. For convenience, these fields are placed in several tabs. One of these tabs is "Supply" tab. I want to give access to this tab for some types of users - "suppliers". Supplier - is a role assigned to specific users. Here story begins: - specific supplier (e.g. user page) is set in the order by admin beforehand - this supplier should be able to see only "Supply" tab. Other tabs should be hidden for him. Other suppliers shouldn't be able to see anything. - there should be several visible but not editable fields for supplier in the "Supplier" tab - other fields should be editable by supplier - there is also "semi-editable" field - repeater. Repeater has "visible but not editable" fields (like item name, q-ty which is set beforehand) and "editable field" where supplier enters such things as price, delivery date, etc. In sum: I need template-fields visibility and template-fields editability per role, plus dependency checks (that user is pre-selected supplier). Please advice - is it possible to do in PW admin? What modules should I use?
  18. Hi! I´m trying to edit the ProcessPageEdit for hide the tabs "Childrens, Setup, Delete, View" if user dont have X permission. My client doesn´t need these tabs. Any ideas?.
  19. Hi, As a superuser, I created sample_user and assigned sample_user role which include editing pages. I don't know why when I test sample_user in the admin, I can't edit the pages. I can only view them. I went far that I granted sample_user all the roles including administering users, but still, it can only view pages. What could the problem be? Maybe I missed a step? Thanks.
  20. Hello, beginner here. First, Processwire is amazing. I try it from yesterday and already made so much progress! A field allow me to unzip an archive in assets/. Now I would like to include in my template a stylesheet.css extracted from the archive. I think I meet some permission issue because nothing is included. Can you confirm and help me? $fontlist = $pages->get("/fonts/"); foreach($fontlist->children as $child){ $stylesheet = $child->webfont_archive->url.'stylesheet.css'; echo "<a href='".$stylesheet."'>".$stylesheet."</a>"; // This link is ok include($stylesheet); // Nothing here }
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