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  1. Hi all. We're a small web firm out of Pennsylvania, USA. We're seeking a reliable web developer to collaborate with in the completion of a project built on Processwire. We'll need to team up with someone that is: US-based, preferably on the east coast (same timezone) Responsive and reliable - will respond to questions in a timely manor A frontend developer - can take existing HTML/CSS/JS and built on them to complete required front end specs A backend/Processwire developer - can take existing PW templates and build on them to complete required back end specs Some key features that need to be implemented are: Build listing and detail pages for 3 collections of records (e.g. blog, products, companies) Implement ajax driven filtering and sorting on the listed records User registration - Users can manage profile and mark specific records (products) as favorite Some additional details: This project contains products but is not a transactionall website. It is not an eCommerce site, no cart, checkout, etc. The design work is complete. The records are already being populated by the client using PW The PW edit pages and structure are in place although additional work will be required to support registered users We would like to complete the website by mid- November, 2017. We can certainly provide additional details to those that are interested. Please send us an email.
  2. Thanks. It worked. What's this ready.php file do? I suppose I need to create this?
  3. Hi all. I setup a repeater. I'd like to use a unique label for each repeater item. I opted to use the repeater's index number. Perfect, but it's adding the pound (#) sign in the label. Can I include the repeater index number without the pound sign? How? See my repeater item below (screen shot)
  4. Thanks for the response. I need the width so I can set the max-width css property of the img tag. I need the value of the width. Is there a Processwire method/function for that which I can use when coding my Hanna Code?
  5. Hi all, I created a Hanna Code that allows a client to embed a image. First they upload an image to the page (using the images field). Then they use Hanna Code to embed it. The Hanna Code looks like the following. [[image file='myimage.jpg' caption="my image" align='center']] I'd like to set a max-width on the generated HTML img tag. I need the width of the image. How can I get it? So I need a way to get the image width based on the name of the image? Any ideas?
  6. This is exactly what I needed. Exactly! Thanks. And I should thank you for pretty much co-developing this module.
  7. Gotcha. Thanks. I found this article for those in the same boat as me.
  8. "tpr", I do appreciate that resource. Thank you. That would in fact get me to where I want to be but it's a bit much. I like to keep it light and tidy. I only need about 1% of what that module offers. "louisstephens", Thanks. I'm using a Markdown formatter on a textarea field. I suppose 'Auto Grow' won't fit the bill for that?
  9. Hi all, I'm interested in making a small enhancement to the textarea fields that display in the panel/backend (when a user is editing a page). I want the textarea fields to expand automatically based on the content within the field. To do this I want to apply 'Autosize', a small stand alone js script. I don't know how to make this happen. Before I begin an epic journey through PW's less than awesome docs can you good folks point me in the right direction?
  10. Hello. I was excited about the latest admin uikit . I was assuming there would be some unveiling of a stable admin theme. News of the new uikit seemed to fade away. Is there any news regarding a new default admin theme?
  11. Hi all. I'd like to use the "Page Autocomplete" field to allow the user to select pages (categories in my case). I have sub levels of categories. I'd like to allow the user to create a new category directly from the field. I can do this. This is an option of the "Page Autocomplete" field, but the user will not be able to choose the parent category (if any). So this means they can't add sub categories. Is there a way to allow a user to create a page at any level from an edit screen with "Page Autocomplete" or any other field type? Thanks.
  12. Awesome. Thank you greatly. Just for the record you mean... $v->column_name
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